Legends of Runeterra Monuments of Power Spoilers – Soraka & More

by in Legends of Runeterra | Oct, 9th 2020

It’s Jason’s favorite time of the year: Spoiler Season! Legends of Runeterra’s next Targon-themed expansion, Monuments of Power is coming, and we’ve got spoilers to discuss for it! This set will have three champions, one of which has already been revealed (Tahm Kench) and two more we will reveal when the time is right. As we revealed in a previous patch notes article, this and the next expansion will be a bit on the smaller side, but be focused on a similar theme. We’re still at or near Mount Targon, and there are some fantastic cards coming in this expansion.

In the interest of creating new and interesting mechanics for an equally-new card game, we now have Landmarks. Think of Landmarks like MTG Arena’s Enchantment cards. They are permanents that stay on the board and use up one of your follow slots. However, they cannot attack or defend. Since there are no cards that can presently target Landmarks, several Call of the Mountain cards are going to be reworked so they can target this new type of permanent. Stay tuned for that!

It also does not appear that you can cast Landmarks using Spell Mana, which is probably for the best. Some of these effects look to be wildly powerful. Landmarks offer a passive bonus while they’re in play, and some of them can even give you an alternate win condition (looking at you, Star Spring, you beautiful beautiful card). Normally, we’d slot the Landmarks in with the other cards of a faction, but it’s a brand-new type of card. So, we’ll put them in their own spot on this list for now. In future expansions, if they continue to produce Landmarks, we’ll change that. They’re new, so they deserve their own spotlight.


The Slaughter Docks (Bilgewater, Epic, 3-Cost): At the start of each Round, Toss 1. If you are Deep, destroy this to summon a random Sea Monster. Now that Toss doesn’t get rid of champions, it’s much better. Once you get down to 15 cards, you summon a Sea Monster at random. There are so many high-cost, powerful Sea Monsters too. So you get to help your Toss/Deep mechanic deck and get essentially a free creature? It’s definitely going to see some play.

The Howling Abyss (Freljord, Epic, 7-Cost): Like everything it seems in Freljord, The Howling Abyss is not cheap. However, they have enough mana ramp and mana ramp adjacent to them; it’ll be fine. The Howling Abyss, at the start of each Round, creates a random level 2 Champion in your hand, that isn’t in your hand, deck, or play. I’m a little iffy on this card. It creates a random level 2 Champion, sure. But it’s pretty restrictive, in that it can’t be in play/hand/deck. This could really create some awesome combos, but remember that it’s fairly random. You could just run this in a deck with no champions in it, and make some truly nasty possibilities. It depends on how much you like chaos. Can it summon champions it’s not possible for you to get in your deck? So could I run Freljord solo and get Tahm Kench? It has possibilities, that’s for sure. I like it, but it’s not my favorite landmark so far.

Vaults of Helia (Shadow Isles, Epic, 5-Cost): Now this has potential. I can see this one being run in a variety of Ephemeral decks. After all, there are decks when we want our allies to die as often as possible. It can make certain triggers much easier to pull off. On Round Start, you kill your most expensive ally to summon an ally from your deck that costs 1 more. What an awesome way to get your biggest, game-winning creatures into play! I love what kind of power this can possibly give the Shadow Isles decks as we head deeper into Monuments of Power spoilers in Legends of Runeterra.

Star Spring (Targon, Epic, 2-Cost): This is the best Landmark so far if you ask me. Do you like win conditions the other player has less of a chance of foiling (like I do)? How about simply winning because you heal a lot? At the end of each Round, you heal your damaged allies for 1 point of damage. Then, once it’s seen you heal 22+ damage from allies, you WIN THE GAME. That’s right. Simply heal damaged allies until you win. Get some nice, sturdy allies and put them into harm’s way. This might be tricky to pull off, but I love it and will be experimenting with it in the near future. I can promise that.

Noxkraya Arena (Epic, 5-Cost, Noxus): The name kind of speaks for itself, right? No big shock who controls this Landmark. So at the end of each Round, your Strongest Ally and your Weakest Ally strike each other. Now that’s interesting. We’re seeing a lot of use for damaged allies right now. You could also use this for a Noxus/Targon deck to keep healing people and dealing damage, to make that Star Spring pop off. I don’t know how double Landmark would work though. That might be a bit too much. But if you want to have a steady supply of injured or possibly defeated minions, this is the way to go about doing it. I’m not sold on it though, because I want to see more tech for what you can do with it. 

The University of Piltover (Epic, 5-Cost, PIltover): I wasn’t at all surprised The University of Piltover showed up as the Landmark here. How about using this as a fun way to level up Jinx? I can see it. This is a 5-Mana Landmark that triggers at the start of Each Round. Discard your hand, and create 3 random cards in your hand, and give them Fleeting (discard them at the end of the round). If you fill your deck with cards that trigger off being discarded, there’s no telling the power you could hold. Plus you know, Jinx. This is very much a card built on Chaos, but I can see it being pretty popular regardless. Some people just love RNG.


Tahm Kench (Legendary Unit, 4-Cost): Un. Bench. The. Kench! That’s right, Tahm Kench, everyone’s favorite Devil of the Bog is here! If you slap Regeneration on Kench, I think he’s going to be absolute misery to deal with. People are already putting together Tahm Kench decks! At the start of the Round, you create a copy of An Acquired Taste. It costs 2 mana, has fleeting, and is Slow Speed. Casting this makes Tahm Kench swallow an enemy unit. This Captures the unit, but they also strike him. That’s why I think Regen will not go amiss, even if he’s a 2/6. He levels up when he’s captured 3+ units. When he levels up, he also Obliterates captured enemies, and releases captured Allies. Level 2 Tahm Kench is a 3/7 and still creates An Acquired Taste every Round. However, now he has Attack: Obliterate my Captured Enemies and release my allies. Whew. I love Tahm Kench. You might be wondering “How does he capture allies?” Well, that’s the next spell!

Bayou Brunch (Common Spell, 3-Cost, Slow): An ally Captures another ally, and gains the captured ally’s stats. There we go! We swallow up something on our side, and gain their stats! I wonder what this does to Ephemeral units. Can we swallow them and keep the stats? Either way, this is a great way to keep Kench on board and hide allies that you want to protect for a while.

Sunk Cost (Rare Spell, 8-Cost, Slow): I was excited to see Bilgewater control, until I saw the cost. Not only is it Slow Speed, but it’s 8 bloody mana! It’s powerful though, so I can see why. But jeez, this would probably be half the cost in Ionia. Sunk Cost’s premise is simple: Shuffle a unit or landmark into its deck. You can use this on yourself to save someone that’s about to die/you want to use an ability for again. Conversely, deny your opponent the win or a powerful proc off of their Landmark card. There’s plenty of use for it, but that 8-mana is rough. Thank God for spell mana, huh?

Wise Fry (Rare Follower, 6-Cost): This card gives me hope for Bilgewater/Targon Lifegain shenanigans. There are so many units in Bilgewater that deal damage to allies. I could also see it going well with Noxus. This is a ⅜ for 6 and gets much bigger potentially. When you play it, deal 1 damage to all other allies, and grant Wise Fry +1/+0 for each of them. However, there’s a catch. Sure, he has Overwhelm (extra damage goes through to the enemy Nexus), it also has Vulnerable. So it can be challenged by any enemy on the board, without having Challenger. It’s going to likely be a target, but so many things can die to the Wise Fry. Honestly? It’s a really interesting card design.

Shakedown (Rare Spell, 1-Cost, Burst): Deal 2 damage to an ally to grant 2 enemies Vulnerable? 100% worth it. You know where I’d use this? On someone like Trundle or Braun. Bilgewater/Freljord Regen/Vulnerability shenanigans? Could be a lot of fun!

There are so many “Deal damage to me” cards in Bilgewater right now, I’m going to sort of give them a brief rundown. There has to be a way to abuse all this self-damage though. I’m still figuring out what to do for these spoilers as they pertain to Legends of Runeterra decks, post Monuments of Power. I know they’ll have a use.

  • Lounging Lizard (Common, 3-Cost): Elusive, and deals 2 damage to itself every Round. As a ⅗ for 3, it’s pretty great. But constant self-damage means it needs constant heals.
  • Fortune Croaker (Common, 2-Cost): A ⅔ that deals 1 damage to it and an ally upon casting. However, you do get to draw a card for it. That’s a pleasant bonus.
  • Boxtopus (Common, 2-Cost): Probably the best-named card in the entire game. ¾ Challenger deals itself 3 damage upon casting. It also has amazing art.
  • Crusty Codger (Common, 1-Cost): A 2/4 that deals itself 2 damage for 1 mana? So it’s essentially a 2/2 for 1.


Shyvana (Legendary Champion, 4-Cost): The final champion to the Monuments of Power expansion spoilers is here for Legends of Runeterra – Shyvana! Yes, this confirms that Dragons are a big deal for Demacia right now. She’s also tagged as a “Dragon”, so maybe she can be drawn by Egghead Researcher? That would be absolutely ludicrous. Shyvana’s a ¾ for 4, and attacking gives her +1/+1 until the end of turn. When she’s seen Dragon allies deal 12+ damage, she levels up. That counts against followers, so it rewards very aggressive gameplay. When she levels up, she becomes Dragon Shyvana, and gains Fury. Now she’s a ⅘, and attacking gives her +2/+2 this round, and creates a Fleeting Strafing Strike in your hand. Strafing STrike is a 3-cost Fast spell, and an ally and enemy strike each other. If the ally is a Dragon, you heal it 2 points. That’s going to be really frustrating to deal with. I’m just glad she doesn’t permanently get bigger and bigger. Her signature spell is Confront, which grants an ally Challenger.

Stony Suppressor (Rare Follower, 2-Cost): Demacia control is on the way? It sure feels like it with this card. Stony Suppressor, as a ⅓ has a very simple, very effective power. ALL Spells cost 1 more! I can see this being a great way to slow down those powerful ramp deck spells, that’s for sure. If you can make the other player’s counters, heals, or buffs cost at least one more? Even better. Since this isn’t unique, you can have say, three out, and make all spells cost 3 more! Why? Because why not?

Stalking Broodmother (Common Follower – Dragon, 7-Cost): A 6/6 Fury/Scout follower? That’s pretty brutal. All it needs now is Challenger. Fury gives it +1/+1 whenever it kills a unit, and it has Scout. Scout’s very powerful. If you attack with just a Scout unit, you get your Attack Token back, so you can fight again on the following turn. That means you get an attack phase on your opponent’s turn. As a baseline 6/6, that’s amazing. It’s also going to synergize with other cards in Demacia – dragons are very useful for the faction right now. Why? Here’s why.

Dragonguard Lieutenant (Common Follower, 2-Cost): When you summon this 2-cost follower, if you Behold (Have in play/in your hand) a Dragon, the Dragonguard Lieutenant gains Challenger. He’s also a 3/2, so that would be pretty useful in the early game. You don’t have to have the Dragon in play, thankfully. This will, once again synergize with another card!

Egghead Researcher (Common Follower, 2-Cost): A ⅓ that goes well with the above two cards? You better believe it! Whenever you summon the Researcher, you create a random Dragon Follower in your hand. It might be that awesome Broodmother, or they could be even more dangerous. Who knows? These three cards all go together nicely, making me think Dragons & Humans is going to be a deck archetype very soon.

Sharpsight (Common Spell, 2-Cost, Burst): Just what Demacia needs – another frustrating buff spell, and one at Burst Speed to boot. This gives an ally +2/+2, and “I can block units with Elusive” this turn. Oh boy! What a great way to give those Fury units a little more spice! Suddenly your Stalking Broodmother is an 8/8 minimum and can block those cheap, annoying little jerks with Elusive. It comes out of nowhere, and as long as they can’t get Barrier going, you’re likely going to gobble them right up. That said, it’s a useful card and will likely see some manner of play. Even if the other player doesn’t have Elusive, +2/+2 for 2? That’s great.

Kadregrin the Infernal (Epic Follower, 9-Cost): A 9-cost 9/6 with Fury? That’s already pretty awesome. However, while it’s a little weak (6 health), when it’s summoned, all other Dragon allies everywhere gain +2/+2. What a great way to set up for a late game bombing run on the other player? Suddenly your Shyvanan is bigger and meaner than ever before. I really like how Demacia’s meta is shaping up for Monuments of Power.


Voices of the Old Ones (Common Spell, 8-Cost, Burst): Here’s a really fascinating Burst-speed spell for mana-ramp decks. This 8-cost spell grants you two empty mana gems, putting you at 10 potentially much faster. You also draw each card that costs 8+ from the top four cards of your deck. The others get shuffled back into your deck. For high-cost mana ramp decks this is amazing. Even if you don’t get much out of it, you bring the other big cards potentially closer to your hand. You can drop this on turn 5 too! Thank goodness for Spell Mana. It won’t put you at 10 that way, but being 7 mana on turn 5 (at least) is a power move. This brings us closer to our Lord and Savior Aurelion Sol in a Target/Freljord deck. Not that I’m plotting anything.


Trevor Snoozebottom (Epic Follower, 3-Cost): Oh goodness. You can really do some insane damage with Trevor Snoozebottom, which is a sentence I never thought would leave my fingertips. So this is a 0/3 Support unit. When it supports a unit, you create an attacking Mumblesprite that has the supported units stats. Ideally, you want to pair it with the biggest, meanest thing you can put on offer. Mumblesprite is an Elusive/Ephemeral unit, with whatever stats your attacker is. The default Mumblesprite is a 3-Cost Elusive/Ephemeral 1/1. We imagine this will be the same. You can do some really outrageous things with this card though. Makes me want to build Noxus/Ionia shenanigans. Definitely worth the 3 mana you invest into this Epic follower. It’s likely you’re only going to get one swing with Trevor Snoozebottom unless you have Barrier, so plan ahead.

Nopeify! (Rare Spell, 2-Cost, Fast): I have a feeling this is going to catch the same nerf as the previous Ionia counterspell. At Fast speed, this can stop a Fast or Slow spell that costs 3 or less. I think 2 mana is probably a bit too low for this, but on the positive side, this is not a Burst Spell. But I do think it’s very good, and will possibly see an upsurge of Ionia decks. There are a ton of useful Fast/Slow spells that don’t cost a lot of mana. I am also grateful that this is not “Any Fast/Slow” spell. That’s the only reason I think this could avoid catching a nerf. It’s not as powerful but can definitely throw a spanner into the works of a strong early-game deck.


Scorched Earth (Common Spell, 3-Cost, Fast): This one’s really easy to explain, and explain why it’s so useful. At Fast speed, for 3 mana, we can kill a damaged unit, or destroy a landmark. Nice, easy, can do it just with your Spell Mana pool. We just have to nick them, no matter how strong they are, and they’ll drop to a good ol’ Scorched Earth policy. Love this one.

Piltover & Zaun

Patched Porobot (Rare Follower – Poro, 2-Cost): Here’s a really fun card. It can have whatever Keyword you want if you’re patient. Each round, this unit, while it’s in your hand, receives a different keyword. They don’t stack, it changes each round. When you play this unit, it keeps whatever keyword it had for that round. Regeneration, Rally, Scout, Elusive, whatever you need, just play patient until you get it! It’s a ⅔, so it’s just durable enough. 


Sneaky Zeebles (Common Follower, 5-Cost): This adorable little guy comes with Elusive, so it can only be blocked by other Elusives. When you play it, it Stuns enemies with 2 or less power! Oh boy, I love it already. As a 3/3 for 5, that’s pretty respectable. Plus it’s Elusive, so it goes neatly into a lot of decks. It can also be used as a counter for other Elusive creatures, as plenty of those ar below power.

Crystal Ibex (Common Follower, 4-Cost): Another nice, simple ally. A 4/4 for 4, that gives an ally Overwhelm. I’d definitely put something like this in my Aurelion Sol/Trundle deck. Let’s give ever-growing Trolls what is essentially Trample from MTG Arena? You know I’m on board with that without even having to ask.

Divergent Paths (Common Spell, 3-Cost, Fast): See?! This Landmark control is not only faster but better! Divergent Paths is a Fast Spell with two options. You can either Draw a Landmark, or you can Destroy a Landmark. Do you not have one, but want one? Then get it! Did the other player play theirs first? Drop that thing in the grave! Quite frankly, this is a very powerful card. It’s going to see play, and I wonder if it will get its cost raised. At least it’s not play a Landmark though. That would be far too powerful. Many decks are going to slot in Landmarks, so I think this will be a commonly-used card. How fitting that its rarity is Common. With that in mind, it’s a very strong Common.

Spring Guardian (Common Follower, 3-Cost): This is the kind of follower you want to bounce back to your hand with something. Why? Because when you play this 3/3 for 3, you create a Spring Gifts in your hand. Spring Gifts is a 1-mana Slow Spell that Fully Heals an ally. Remember that awesome Targon Landmark? See why it’s so impressive for its mana cost? We can fully heal damaged allies with this, and hopefully, get a few more copies of it going. This is going to be a fun expansion, that’s for sure. Out of the spoilers for Monuments of Power in Legends of Runeterra, so far, I’m most hopeful for Targon.

Soraka (Legendary Champion, 3-Cost): Oh God Soraka’s here! It’s true! One of my absolute favorite supports is going to be a must-use in so many decks. Why? Well, let’s look at her. She’s a ⅙ for 3 Mana, and a Support. When Supporting an ally, you heal her and the ally 4 life. She levels up when you’ve healed damaged allies 4+ times. So it doesn’t have to be just her doing the healing. This synergizes perfectly with the new Targon Landmark. But what about level 2 Soraka? The first time you heal a damaged ally each Round, draw 1. She’s still a Support, but now a 2/7 Support for 3 mana. Support: Fully heal me and my supported ally. Good. Lord. I love her, but she’s gonna catch some kind of nerf.

Wish (Unknown Rarity, 3-Cost, Slow): Is this spell really a surprise to anyone? As soon as we saw Soraka last week, we knew this was going to be a thing. At least it’s Slow speed! Wish is another way to make Star Spring go faster. It fully heals all damaged allies. That’s pretty fantastic, even with the possibility of counterplay. You just have to wait for it until the other player has no mana to counter. It’s a 3-cost too, so it pairs nicely against that new Ionia spell, Nopeify! Of course, Wish exists, and yes it’s going to come out when you least expect it and make your day nightmarish.

Astral Protection (Common Spell, 4-Cost, Burst): What a powerful spell! For 4 mana, you get a Burst Spell that heals an ally for 4, and grants it +0/+4! This is fantastic when you have no choice but to block with a unit that your opponent is trying to kill. This includes blocking by your own volition, and when afflicted by Vulnerable. Giving them a 4-point heal, and giving them 4 more health on top of that? Oh yes, this is going to be a lifesaving card, especially as a Common.


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