Legends of Runeterra Beyond the Bandlewood Spoilers Reveal Multi-Region Cards

by in Legends of Runeterra | Aug, 16th 2021

With Beyond the Bandlewood coming to Legends of Runeterra, it’s time to talk about new cards! We have the final region coming to the game in this expansion, and there is an amazing change coming. I’d just like to point out that I correctly guessed what Riot Games was going to do with our current Yordle friends though. Bandle City, as Riot points out in the original announcement, is all about “the magic of multi-region cards, which can be one region or another.” That means we’re going to see quite a few multi-region cards in Beyond the Bandlewood for Legends of Runeterra. That includes champions!

When does the expansion launch? It launches on Aug. 25 with the patch 2.14.0 update! That means we’ve got a few weeks of cards to talk about. We’re very excited about it, that’s for sure. Ten Regions round out the Riot Games card game but don’t worry. We’ll still see champions and entities from other unused regions. They’ll fit into other regions of the game. We have confirmation of a new mechanic now – Impact. When this unit strikes a target while attack, it also deals 1 damage to the enemy Nexus. This was first seen on the 1-cost Proto Poro, which is a 1/1 Impact.

We’ve got our second mechanic over the weekend, for Legends of Runeterra. Beyond the Bandlewood brings the Manifest mechanic. It’s similar to Invoke, it sounds like. With Manifest, you pick from one of three cards and it’s created in your hand. It is similar to LoR’s Invoke, and also Hearthstone’s Discover mechanic. At first, it sounded like it would come into play (which would have been wildly overpowered). Thankfully, it goes into your hand.

Our third new keyword is Prank. It’s built around the 1-cost Focus spell Prank. This is an uncollectable spell and will affect 1 of 2 non-champion cards in your opponent’s hand. Pranking will give you a choice between two cards in your opponent’s hand, and each one has a negative status attached to it. You pick one, and when that card is cast it will have that tag on it in addition to other text. So far, we’ve only seen two negative status ailments but there are surely more:

  • Grant -2 Power
  • Grant -1 Power and “Can’t Block”

There’s no way to see how powerful Pranks are going to be just yet. We’re going to need to see more of the abilities you can possibly get to decide from there. I like the idea behind them, and anything that lets me nerf my opponent deck fills me with joy.

Now we have multi-region cards though! How does a multi-region card work though? On the top right of all cards, you see a symbol that signifies what region the card is. You’ll two of them for a Multi-Region Card. For example, Aloof Travelers is for Bandlewood and Piltover. As long as you have at least a single card from Bandlewood or Piltover (single-region card), you can run this. Your deck’s region is determined by the single-region cards in the deck.

The example Riot Games gives also explains it pretty well, using the Multi-Region Fizz and Lulu. “If your deck is mono-Bilgewater, you can include Fizz. But even though you have Fizz in your deck, you could not include Lulu without first adding a single-region Bandle City or Ionia card, to add a second region to your deck.”

Since the original Yordles of Legends of Runeterra haven’t changed (just have had regions added), we’ll list those for you:

  • Teemo: Piltover/Bandlewood
  • Heimerdinger: Piltover/Bandlewood
  • Fizz: Bilgewater/Bandlewood
  • Lulu: Ionia/Bandlewood

Without further ado, let’s get into the new cards for Beyond the Bandlewood in Legends of Runeterra! We’ll list multi-region cards in their own separate section as we do for MTG Arena.

Bandle City Cards


Tristana (3-Cost Champion – Yordle): Ahh, a singular-region Yordle champion! While Tristana is a ⅓ Quick Attack and only in Bandle City, she’s built to support multi-region allies. That means we’ll still be running all of our favorite Yordle pals. She is one of those champs that can come into play with her Level Two form easily. She just needs you to summon 4+ multi-region allies. That’s child’s play. When she enters play, she has +1/+0 for each multi-region ally you’ve summoned in this game. In addition, when you summon one and she’s in play, they gain +1/+0. She’s nice and low-cost, and her Level Two form is pretty interesting. She has the aforementioned +1/+0 for each multi-region ally you’ve summoned, and when a multi-region ally comes in, they gain +1/+0 and Impact. Whenever these allies with Impact successfully strike while attacking, the enemy Nexus gets 1 point of damage to it. You can be very aggressive that way.

It will be easy to combine her with cards like Yordles in Arms to suddenly have a huge burst-fire of damage. What sort of deck would I want to run her in? Probably the high-pressure of Noxus or Demacia (Demacia is far more likely, in my opinion). It’s also important to point out that she doesn’t gain +1/+0 for each region, it’s each multi-region card. So if you’ve dropped 10-12 multi-region cards before Tristana hits the field, suddenly she comes in as a potential 12/4 with Quick Attack. Absolutely horrifying, that.

Tristana also has her spell, Buster Shot (Tristana’s Buster Shot). This 4-cost Slow Spell costs 2 less if you have a Tristana, or you’ve summoned/cast cards from 4+ regions this game. It deals 3 damage to a unit, which is pretty nice at 2 mana. Don’t worry, either. Bandle City has some ways to reward you for playing multi-region cards. Tristana brings people together and then blows them apart.


The Bandle Tree (5-Cost Landmark): Would you look at that? Another incredibly annoying way to win the game! I’m a complete sucker for alternate win conditions, so though I may detest the Yordles, they got their hooks in me. For 5 mana, this creates a follower from a new region in your hand each turn. Once you’ve summoned units from all 10 regions in the game, you win. It specifies “followers”, so don’t count on getting powerful champs. But this happens on both your turn and your opponents, so that’s a positive. The win trigger pops at the start of the round, so be advised of that. It doesn’t matter if the units stick around, which wouldn’t be possible anyway. You don’t have room for that on the board. If you get two of these out, it could potentially make things quite a bit faster, but one should be enough. Yup, automatically a big fan of this card.

AVA Achiever (6-Cost Follower – Yordle): Oh God. Teemo’s best friend just got revealed in this jerk. A 4/4 for 6, when summoned, and on Round End, he plants 3 Poison Puffcaps on random cards in the enemy deck. It also has a passive that reads: Traps on enemy cards are doubled when activated. So that 3 Poison Puffcaps on that card are now 6. Remember that Level 2 Teemo doubles the Poison Puffcaps in the enemy deck too, upon hitting their Nexus. This combo will be skull-breaking.

Treasured Trash (10-Cost Spell – Slow): Now this is an interesting card that could absolutely win you the game. In theory, anyway. It’s slow and a 10-drop, so make sure it won’t be countered. This spell fills your hand with random cards, and are Fleeting (last only this turn). You can only play 3 more cards this round. So could you drop a trio of insane, overpowered cards? Of course. You could also get pure hot garbage too. But as a meme card, I adore it.

Bandle City Mayor (3-Cost Follower – Yordle): A 2/2 for 3, your multi-region units cost 1 less while he’s in play. Then, you also Manifest a multi-region follower upon playing him. Okay, I love this card, to get those moderately pricey Yordles out for less and less. Since it specifies “units”, cards like Teemo could come into play for 1 less. We have so many cool multi-region cards coming in this expansion, so the Bandle City Mayor is exactly what we need. It’s also not wildly expensive, so we can get it into play earlier.

Curious Shellfolk (6-Cost Follower): Back when Shurima debuted, we started picking cards from among a series of choices. Here, a few expansions down the line, we’ve got Manifest. Curious Shellfolk gives you a copy of a card! Anytime you pick a card from randomly selected options, create a copy of it in hand and reduce its cost by 1. So then you still get the other one too! Excellent power option when you want to flood the board.

Mirror Mage (8-Cost Follower – Yordle): A 4/7 for 8 sounds awful. When you play a created follower (so Curious Shellfolk, etc), summon an exact copy. When you play a created spell, cast it again on the same targets. We can use this in the late game to wrap things up nicely and neat. “Targets” can also likely include the enemy Nexus, just as a bit of food for thought.

The Arsenal (8-Cost Follower – Yordle): Speaking of expensive creatures, an 8/6 for 8 and a Yordle! It’s very interesting. This card has a random keyword for each allied landmark you’ve destroyed this game. The only downside is that you could get Ephemeral, and they will die on this turn. As long as that doesn’t happen, it’s an incredible amount of value for a late-game bomb. They could have Elusive, all kinds of stuff.


Swole Scout (4-Cost Follower – Yordle): When summoned, if you’ve added 2+ cards to your hand this game, it gains +1/+0 and Elusive. As a 3/2, that’s already pretty powerful. It specifies “added”, so it will be interesting to see if drawing cards count, but I think it will. But this would pair nicely with minions that come from other champions, like Heimerdinger. He adds cards to your hand, for example. Plenty of cards add cards to your hand without drawing, and Elusive is pretty annoying. Could be fun!

Lecturing Yordle (4-Cost Follower – Yordle): Oh boy, Teemo’s got a new friend. Lecturing Yordle creates Fleeting Poison Dart cards when summoned, and when it attacks. As a ⅗ for 4, that’s pretty serious value. Poison Dart is a slow spell for 1 mana, and it deals 1 damage to anything and then adds 3 Poison Puffcaps on random cards in the enemy deck. Teemo’s getting a lot of Puffcap ammo in this expansion. It’s not a bad card though, and that Poison Dart can aid you in getting an easy victory. Consider that it says anything, so you can Poison Dart the enemy Nexus, and then still add some Poison Puffcaps to the other player’s deck.

Shell Game (5-Cost Spell – Burst): Speaking of Shark Trainer, here’s a card perfect for it. It’s expensive though so you probably won’t play it on the same turn. Shell Game is a 5-cost Burst Spell and refills your Spell Mana. It also gives an ally Elusive and +1/+1 for the turn, making it a perfect attacker, whatever it is. It’s a solid spell, and you could dump your Spell Mana for it, to make it a potential 2-cost. Then we get the Spell Mana back, an aggressive attacker, and with Shark Trainer, another Short Tooth to swing with.

Kelp Maidens (2-Cost Follower): Oh boy, another frustrating Elusive creature! Just what I was hoping for. A 2/1 for 2, with Elusive, Kelp Maidens also create a Prank card in your hand upon hitting the enemy Nexus (Nexus Strike). What a great way to conjure free cards! What is this Prank card? It’s a Focus 1-cost spell and has you pick 1 of 2 non-champion cards in the enemy’s hand or deck and Prank it. I’m still waiting to see what more of the Prank abilities are, but it could promise to be incredibly disruptive.

Conchologist (2-Cost Follower -Yordle): Time to get more cards out of nowhere! A 2/2 for 2, when you play it, you Manifest a spell from the regions in your deck that cost 3 or less. So far, Manifest tends to lean towards cheaper spells, meaning you can play them faster. Not such a bad card, and you can use it as block/attack fodder after you cast it.

Trinket Trade (1-Cost Spell – Burst): We’re seeing a lot of Manifest support now that it’s a thing. That might sound silly. But sometimes, a new keyword comes to a card game and we only see a few things for it. I’ve seen a ton of cards so far with it. Trinket Trade’s a 1-cost Burst Spell, and it has you Manifest either an Otterpus or one of two spells from your regions that cost 3 or less. An Otterpus is a 1/1 for 1 with Attune and when it’s summoned, you create a Prank in hand. I’d probably take the Otterpus since it’s a bit more reliable. We know exactly what we’re getting.

Heroic Charge (5-Cost Spell – Slow): I’d love to see this for Caitlyn, to be honest. An ally strikes an enemy. If it survives, we stun it. Also great to make sure bigger, stronger creatures we don’t want to be in regular attacks.

Stilted Robemaker (4-Cost Follower – Yordle): Speaking of Darkness, Stilted Robemaker lowers the cost of your Darkness everywhere by 1 when cast. Just some food for thought, copy this card and summon several of it. Make that Darkness 0-cost! Do it! Give in to the power! That’s what I plan on doing.

Minimorph (6-Cost Spell – Burst): Minimorph is much too powerful. The excuse probably is that it’s a 6-cost spell, but it’s Burst speed. It transforms an enemy (champion or follower) into a 3/3 Mini-Minitee and Silences it. No special powers, no fun keywords. You can in essence, completely stop your opponent’s game-winning strategy with one spell. Since it’s Burst-speed, it can’t be stopped. I think this should be Fast, at least. It is too strong. I love it, but it’s ridiculous.

Gruff Grenadier (4-Cost Follower – Yordle): A new Impact card! 4/3 for 4 mana, this Gruff Grenadier has Allegiance. If the top card of your deck shares a region, you summon another Yordle follower that costs 3 or less. That certainly sounds like a good deal to me. I imagine that for multi-region cards, as long as it shares a region, it will be fine. Since it specifies “another Yordle”, it could help us with our Tristana requirements. It simply summons a Yordle with 3 or less cost. That could easily be a multi-region card.

Bandle Gunners (8-Cost Follower – Yordle): This ability really just confuses me. Bandle Gunners come in with Spellshield and are 7/7s for 8. When they are summoned, if you’ve summoned units from 4+ regions this game, grant them Impact 4 times. So is that the next hit does an extra 4 damage? That’s what it sounds like. If they can get damage through unscathed, that’s 10 damage in one attack. Might be a game-winner. Okay, now I understand. Impact can stack, dealing extra damage on top of the initial Impact. So if you summon this 7/7 SPellshield unit, and you’ve had 4+ regions represented on the board, you deal 4 damage onto the enemy Nexus. She’s definitely going to be used in an attack on top of that, as a 7/7.

Yordles in Arms (5-Cost Spell – Slow): Ready for some big Yordles? This Bandle City spell is here to help secure wins for you. This Slow Spell gives all your allies +2/+2 for the round, but if you’ve summoned or cast cards from 4+ regions, give allies +4/+4 instead. That could be absolutely brutal with the right deck. I’m a pretty big fan of this as a way to wrap things up.

Tail-Cloak Matriarch (5-Cost Follower): I really like this as a card for Yasuo decks. Each round, the first time you recall a follower, summon an exact Ephemeral copy of it. So those various buffing units that we recall? Now we get to do it again, and then another time. Lovet hat. It’s a ⅘ for 5, so it’s not an early game move, but it could be a hoot for Katarina.

Safety Inspector (6-Cost Follower – Yordle): This is one big Yordle! A 6/6, creates an Inspection Passed! Card in your hand. A 0-cost spell, Inspection Passed! Destroys an allied landmark to deal 3 to anything. Absolutely love this card, if I can be honest. Destroy a Landmark, trigger other things, and deal 3 to the enemy Nexus? Yes, please.

Mega Inferno Bomb (7-Cost Spell – Slow): Ehhhh. It’s okay. It deals 1 to all enemies, then does it again. If you have triggers based on instances of dealing damage it could be a lot of fun. It could also be great if your opponent has a bunch of weak enemies in play. But 7 mana and Slow? Not sold on that.


Puffcap Pup (2-Cost Follower): Even adorable puppies can plant Poison Puffcaps in your opponent’s deck these days. Nothing is sacred. When this 2/2 Quick Attack strikes, you plant 3 Poison Puffcaps onto random cards in the enemies deck. Bandlewood Teemo looks like it’s going to be very possible.

Yordle Newbie (3-Cost Follower – Yordle): Stop me if you’ve heard this before: This card rewards you for adding 2+ cards to your hand. When this is summoned, if you’ve added 2+ cards to your hands this round, grant it +1/+2. That would make it a 4/4 for 3. Not too bad, but I don’t know how much of a fan I am of it. I can’t see it being immediately included as a must-pick for a deck, but it would be fun in casual games perhaps. We’ll just have to see what other cards synergize with it.

Hidden Pathways (5-Cost Spell -Burst): This is a very expensive spell, but it’s only 3 Mana if you have created 2+ cards this game, and has you Draw 2. Honestly, that’s not too bad, and it’s so easy to get new cards created. Manifest makes this a breeze. You don’t have to cast them, you just have to get them created and put in hand.

Benemone (4-Cost Follower): Simple and to the point, this creates 2 Pranks in hand when summoned, and is a 4/3. Not too shabby, and I appreciate the solid support for the new Pranks mechanic, that’s for sure.

Tricksy Tentacles (2-Cost Spell – Fast): Okay, I love this card. A Fast spell for 2 mana, it makes your opponent discard their lowest cost card. In the early game, this can be a seriously powerful move. If your opponent took a really greedy start, hoping one or two cards could get them by, this can be a real rude awakening. Love it.

Yordle Smith (2-Cost Follower – Yordle): A 2/2, it grants allies with equal or less Power than it Quick Attack for the round when attacking. This could make all those “attack with allies” stints much safer. At the very least, the weaker ones can potentially safely remove threats. Big fan of this card.

Yordle Squire (1-Cost Follower – Yordle): This Squire creates one of two weapons when you play it. They are both 1-cost Focus spells. Tiny Spear grants an ally +1/+0 and Tiny Shield predictably grants an ally +0/+1.

Stress Defense (3-Cost Spell – Burst): Want to buff someone with Poppy, but they’re already big? Stress Defense is a Burst Spell that sets a unit’s stats to ⅙ for the round. You can use it on an opponent, or you could use it to make sure one of your allies receives all the group attack buffs!

Darkbulb Acolyte (2-Cost Follower – Yordle): A 2/2 Augment, it creates a Darkness in hand if you didn’t already have one. So anytime you create a card, it gains +1/+0, which is rad. I’d love to play this before Veigar, to get some sneaky Darkness damage before Veigar even shows up.

Twisted Catalyzer (2-Cost Follower – Yordle): Another way to get your Darkness more power! It’s a 3/2 though, so you’ll probably want to find a way to buff it somehow. When it Strikes a target, grant your Darkness everywhere 1 extra damage. That’s amazing, and so we’re definitely seeing Veigar’s overall strategy be viable.

Wizened Wizard (3-Cost Follower – Yordle): This follower feels like it was designed just to help Veigar too. Each Round Start, it refills 1 of your spell mana. You want this in play for sure. I also like it as a card for Viktor and his pals that create spells each turn.

Bandle Painter (3-Cost Follower – Yordle): We’re seeing a lot of Yordles with keywords today. Bandle Painter is a ⅔ for 3 and has Augment. Whenever we play created cards, it gains +1/+0. When you play the painter, you discard a card and create a multi-region follower in hand. So, not too bad. It’s not bad at all for a Common Yordle, that’s for sure.

Double Tap (6-Cost Spell – Fast): This Fast-speed spell has an ally Strike an enemy. If that ally is multi-region, it strikes the enemy again. What’s interesting about this list of spoilers from today, is none of them is multi-region. But they’re all Bandle City, so there’s still a ton of possibilities for dealing out tons of damage and triggering some Impacts. The only downside is that it’s pretty costly, at 6 mana. With some spell mana tucked away, this can be a very sudden impact on your opponent, dropping an enemy unit, then a second one. If you pick the targets right, you slay two enemies and get more and more Impact (say on Bandle Gunners). Now, if Bandle Gunners keeps the 4x Impact, that could be devastating with Double Tap.

Group Shot (1-Cost Fast Spell): A simple enough spell, this deals 1 damage to an enemy. If you have 4+ allies, deal 2 damage instead. Pew. Pew. Simple, to the point, and I’m always up for free damage. With the right board, you could use this in response to a play, and pick off a card before it becomes a threat.

Purpleberry Shake (1-Cost Spell – Burst): Not seeing quite as many Burst-speed spells, that’s for sure. But this one, for 1 mana, grows an ally to 3/3 for the round. You can combine this with Yordles In Arms to make say, a 0/1 into a 3/3, then grant it another potential +4/+4! Love to see that. It could be certainly useful when defending with a weak card. Suddenly a tiny Elusive card is now a 3/3, then we buff it even more!

Inventive Chemist (1-Cost Follower – Yordle): A simple follower, when it’s summoned, summon a Scrappy Bomb. Scrappy Bomb is a 1-cost card, with Countdown: 3 (or when destroyed). When it ends, you deal 1 to the enemy Nexus. This is yet another way to put out Landmarks we can destroy.

Bomber Twins (2-Cost Follower – Yordle): When this is summoned, create a random landmark that costs 2 or less in hand. This means we have a low-cost, likely low-timer Landmark to drop, so we can easily keep destroying them for our Shurima followers (Xerath, Ziggs).

Multi-Region Cards


Poppy (4-Cost Bandle City/Demacia Champion – Yordle): A new Yordle, and it’s only the tanky Poppy! Though frankly, I’m not convinced of her usefulness right now. A 4/3 for 3, when she attacks, she grants her and all allies with equal/less power than her +1/+1 (permanent). When she’s attacked with allies 3+ times, she levels up. Level Two Poppy is now a 5/4, and also has Impact. When she attacks, all allies with equal or less power than her gain +2/+2 and Impact. She could be good in weak creature decks, or with the Owlcats. Her personal spell is Keeper’s Verdict, which puts an enemy unit on top of their deck. I like her, but I dunno if I can see a deck for her yet. I’m keeping up on it though.

Veigar (4-Cost Bandle City/Shadow Isles Champion – Yordle): Veigar! The Great Master of Evil, Villainous Bringer of Death and Despair! The Almighty Denizen of Darkness! One of the champions of League of Legends that has no damage cap! He keeps that here, and it fills me with intense amounts of joy. A ¼ for 4, and he creates a Darkness card in your hand if you don’t have one already. Each Round Start, you grant your Darkness everywhere 1 extra point of damage. He levels up after Darkness has dealt 12+ damage. That sounds trying and slow, doesn’t it?

Darkness is a Slow Speed, 3-cost spell that deals 2 damage to an enemy. We’ll get more into that shortly. Level Two Veigar/Grand Overseer Veigar is now a ⅖ that create a Darkness in hand each round if you don’t have one, and when summoned. He still grants Darkness everywhere 1 more point of damage too. Now, Darkness can target anything, like a Nexus. There are cards that summon a Darkness if you don’t have one, and a card that reduces the cost of Darkness when summoned. There’s a lot to love about Veigar, and in a control deck, with some patience, you can one-shot an enemy Nexus.

He also has his own spell, Event Horizon (Veigar’s Event Horizon). A 5-cost Fast spell, Stuns an enemy. THen it stuns all enemies with 2 or less power! That could be amazing in the right set-up. His version (if you have Veigar in play) counts as Multi-Region but is normally a Bandle City only spell.

Tenor of Terror (4-Cost Follower – Yordle): This is a pretty interesting uncommon. When this ⅔ for 4 is summoned, if you’ve played a created card or killed a unit with a spell in this game, summon a Bass of Burden, which is a 3/2 Impact. It’s also important to note that the Tenor of Terror also has Impact.

Ziggs (3-Cost Bandle City/Shurima Follower – Yordle): The bomb-wielding maniac, Ziggs has come to Legends of Runeterra! He’s a Bandle City/Shurima card, and he fits in just fine with Xerath. He’s a quality damage dealer as a ¾. When he attacks, he deals 1 damage to his blocker, and to the enemy Nexus. Ziggs always gets damage through. When you’ve destroyed 4+ allied Landmarks in this game, he becomes Level Two Ziggs. Level Two Ziggs just increases the constant flow of damage output, as he should. A ⅘, when he attacks, he deals 2 to his blocker and the enemy Nexus. On top of that, when an allied Landmark is destroyed, he deals 2 damage to the enemy Nexus. Just constant, non-stop damage.

His spell is Bouncing Bomb (Ziggs’ Bouncing Bomb), which is a Yordle-only spell it seems. A slow 3-cost Spell, it deals 2 damage to an enemy or 1 to 2 enemies. I wish it were Fast, but I can see the appeal and reason of it being slow.


Poro Sled (5-Cost Bandle City/Freljord Follower – Yordle): We’ve got some pretty cool Multi-Region cards in Legends of Runeterra right now, for Bandlewood. This is a 5/5 for 5 and has the new ability Impact. Dealing damage with it will also hit the enemy Nexus for 1, which is neat. It also creates more Poros, which is never a bad thing. Especially if you want to build a Poro Aggro deck, which sounds far more viable. When you declare an attack with Poro Sled, it also summons a random 1-cost Poro, that’s also attacking. It’s a pretty aggressive mid-game card, and a 5/5 for 5 isn’t bad. I also really like the Impact ability, just in general.

Yordle Ranger (6-Cost Bandle City/Demacia Follower – Yordle): Similar to Poppy, she’s a 5/5 Scout that grants it and all allies equal or less power than it +0/+1 when attacking. So you could attack with this alone, and trigger Scout (so you can attack again), so that could be a whole lot of fun.


Shark Trainer (7-Cost Bandle City/Bilgewater Follower – Yordle): We have so many multi-region Yordles right now. Not all of them are, at least. This 6/6 for 7 also has Attune, so we receive an extra 1 Spell Mana upon casting him. It’s fitting and we’ll want to attack with him, thanks to the passive it has. When allies attack, spend 1 spell mana to summon an attacking Short Tooth. I wonder if it does this automatically. It feels like it. Short Tooth is a 4/2 Overwhelm for 1 mana so that all tracks. A 4/2 for 1 with Overwhelm is awesome, even better since it’s Spell Mana. Since Shark Trainer also does this every time your allies attack, it’s up to you to keep that Spell Mana there. Could be a lot of fun in decks that cause extra attacks (so Shurima, for example).

Loping Telescope (2-Cost Bandle City/Targon Follower – Fae): First time I’ve noticed a “Fae” follower archetype though. I’ve seen a few in these cards, but maybe I just overlooked them in the past. It’s a 2/1 for 2 though, and it creates some pretty great pressure on the board. It Manifests a random Celestial that costs 3or less, Epic, or multi-region follower. That’s a lot of possibilities. At least it doesn’t come into play this way! That would be too powerful. I like this as a way to get some pretty useful, random cards that you don’t necessarily have in your deck. It’s also less restrictive (not only Celestial cards).

Pompous Cavalier (3-Cost Bandle City/Demacia Follower – Yordle): This is the card you want to run with Poppy. A 1/1 Double Attack for 3? It’s going to grow very quickly between it and Yordle Ranger.


Aloof Travelers (4-Cost Follower – Yordle) (Bandlewood/Piltover): When summoned, both players draw 1 card. Then our opponent has to discard their highest-cost card. That’s why I love this card, to be honest. The drawing I don’t care about. But the notion of forcing my opponent to discard their most expensive card? It could really stop some major plays. That makes me a big fan of it immediately.

Furious Faefolk (7-Cost Bandle City/Piltover – Fae): Okay, this card kind of confuses me. A 5/4 for 7 is fine, that doesn’t bother me. It’s a Quick Attack follower, and when it’s summoned, if you’ve dealt damage to the enemy Nexus 4+ times, grant this card Impact 4 times. Does that mean it Impacts for 4? Is it 4 individual instances of Impact, so 1 damage 4 times? I’m really confused about what this means. It’s an interesting card, but I just want to figure out exactly how this card works before I say Yay or Nay to it.

Noxus Cards


Sion (7-Cost Champion): What an interesting champion. I’m not sold on him yet, considering his level-up requirement. It’s not out of line, but it is kind of high. I’ll have to see. I do see a lot of ways in Noxus to get free units in these spoilers. The more I read, the more I like Sion, and he’s one of my favorite units in League. He’s a 3/6 Overwhelm and has +1/+0 for each card you’ve discarded in this game. Spoiler Warning: There’s a bit of discard in Noxus love here. In addition, when Sion is discarded, grant your strongest ally Overwhelm, and put Sion back into your deck. When you’ve discarded or summoned 35+ power worth of units, he levels up. Level Two Sion is a beast though. He’s a 10/6 with Overwhelm, and has Last Breath: Summon Sion Returned. Sion Returned is a 10/4 with Overwhelm/Ephemeral. So much like the real Sion, he comes back for one more go. If you have enough dominance over the board, you could throw him at your foe. You could use the real Sion as a sacrificial pawn, and then attack with the Sion Returned. I’m curious how that will go down.

Roar of the Slayer is Sion’s spell. To play it, you discard a card. It kills the weakest enemy outright, and as a 3-cost Fast Spell, that’s awesome. Is there really that much discard for Noxus right now? Well, I’ll be looking at that right now.

Nami (3-Cost Follower): A ⅔ with Attune, I’m curious as to why she’s in Noxus. But I’m sure it makes sense to someone. When you cast a spell, you grant +1/+0 to the weakest other ally that doesn’t have Immobile. When you’ve gained 7+ spell mana in this game, Level Two Nami is born. We could have this before she even gets in play. Level Two Nami grants +2/+1 to the weakest other ally that isn’t Immobile also and is now ¾. I can see this being terrifying in Noxus, with all of our awesome buff spells.

Nami kind of has three spells. Ebb (Nami’s Ebb) is a 2-cost Fast spell that deals 2 damage to a random enemy or the enemy Nexus and creates Flow (Nami’s Flow) in hand. Flow is a Fleeting spell and is Burst Speed. It heals an ally or your Nexus for 2 and creates Ebb and Flow in your hand. Finally, Ebb and Flow is a 2-cost Fleeting Spell (Fast Speed). It deals 2 randomly to an enemy or their Nexus and heals an ally or your Nexus 2. I don’t know, that sounds incredibly clunky if it’s a Fleeting spell. You need a lot of mana for that. But it can help with Nami’s buffing passive. But wow, that’s a lot of mana you need.


Lost Soul (8-Cost Follower): Whew, that’s a high cost! It’s a 5/4 on top of that, so the stats aren’t so great. It’s special is amazing though. When Lost Soul is summoned or discarded, create a Twinblade Revenant in hand. The Twinblade Revenant is a 4/3 Challenger for 4, and it has Last Breath: create a Lost Soul in hand. They never go away! They just keep coming back to annoy your foe unless obliterated. Huge fan of this kind of pressure.

The Lady of Blood (4-Cost Follower): All that discard. What if we could keep those cards temporarily? When you discard a non-Fleeting unit with this out, you create a Fleeting copy of it in your hand! That’s honestly amazing. This is going to make all that discard worthwhile, as long as you can keep it in hand.

Avatar of the Tides (6-Cost Follower): Well, now I understand how this all works. If you would get a mana gem, instead refill your spell mana. When you cast a spell, create in hand a random spell that costs 3 or less and give it Fleeting. So at each turn start basically we can get Spell Mana (3x) and just have something we can cast to make Nami a sure thing to level up.

Fleet Admiral Shelly (5-Cost Follower): Shelly’s adorable, and has Attune (+1 Spell Mana) and Elusive. Noxus is really benefitting from Spell casting right now. For every two spells, you play in a round, all of your other allies gain+=1/+1, which is grand. Noxus is getting very aggressive.


Ancient Warmonger (5-Cost Follower): A 5/5 for 5 with Overwhelm, when discarded, you grant your strongest ally +2/+0. Depending on what you need, this is great for two pretty serious uses. You can discard it to buff someone else, or play him, and either way, it enhances Sion (or works towards it, rather).

Fallen Reckoner (5-Cost Follower): The Fallen Reckoner gives some extra special fun for Noxus fans. When it’s summoned, the weakest enemy can’t block. He’s a 4/3 Overwhelm, but when he dies, he triggers Last Breath. His Last Breath creates a Risen Reckoner in hand. Risen Reckoner is a 6/3 Overwhelm/Ephemeral for 3, and also gives your weakest enemy ”can’t block”. Honestly, love that for the sheer value it creates.

Salt and Stitches (3-Cost Spell – Focus): A spell that requires you to discard is exactly what we need right now. When you do, you summon a Reborn Grenadier and give it +2 for the round. It’s a sudden, very aggressive creature, so only play it on your turn. Why? It has Ephemeral!


Fallen Rider (2-Cost Follower): Here’s a unit that offers discard benefits. When this card is discarded, you create a Risen Rider in hand. On its own, it’s a 3/1 Fearsome for 2, but the Risen Rider is a 4/2 Fearsome for 2. It’s better to just discard it if you can, quite honestly.

Noble Rebel (3-Cost Follower): This card gains +2/+1 once you’ve discarded 3+ cards this game, and is a 3/2 on its own. That explains why it has Overwhelm! A 5/3 is way scarier.

Reborn Grenadier (1-Cost Follower): A 1-cost Ephemeral in Noxus? Well, to play it, you discard a card, and when it’s discarded, you still summon an exact copy of it. So it’s a pretty interesting double play. It’s also a part of Salt and Stitches.

Grave Physician (2-Cost Follower): A 2/2 for 2, you discard a card to draw a unit for playing him. You get a unit, discard for Sion, and draw something else to play. Love that for Sion. He deserves it.

Weapons Of The Lost (8-Cost Spell – Slow): I know this is expensive, but it’s got value, I promise. Deal 3 damage to a unit, and summon a Trifarian Shieldbreaker! That means you also get a 6/5 Fearsome follower! It’s still expensive, but it could be useful with Sion to help hit level two.

Abyssal Guard (4-Cost Follower): When you cast a spell, give this creature +2/+0 this round, and is a ⅔ Fearsome. With Nami on board, this could make a really aggressive creature.

Marai Greatmother (4-Cost Follower): We don’t create many spells in our deck in Legends of Runeterra. Marai Greatmother creates 5 random 6+ spells in your deck and also lowers their costs by 3 each. It’s chaotic and random, but there’s almost no bad thing that comes from this. Playing a 6-cost spell for 3? Yeah, we’ll find a use for that, let’s be honest.

Piltover & Zaun Cards


Caitlyn (3-Cost Champion): Here she is, the first non-Yordle Champion of the expansion! I was thinking something like this when I was hypothesizing what she’d do. A 3/3 Quick Attack, when she Strikes, she plants two Flashbomb Traps in your opponent’s deck – within the top 10 cards. When those cards are drawn, it deals 1 damage to a random ally. When 5 of these have triggered, she levels up. Level 2 Caitlyn places 4 of these Flashbomb Traps within the top 10 cards when a successful Strike goes off. Now they deal damage to the enemy Nexus equal to the number of your traps activated this round. With cards like Piltover Peacemaker, you could potentially get big numbers.

Caitlyn’s Piltover Peacemaker deals 2 damage to an enemy and plants two Flashbomb Traps randomly in the top 10 cards of the enemy deck. These aren’t the only way you can get these Flashbomb Traps in the enemy deck either! But now Piltover & Zaun has a neat combat track that fits their archetype.


Corina, Mastermind (6-Cost Follower): A 5/5 for 6, when played, she drops 5 Flashbomb Traps randomly or activates the effects of all traps in the top 5 cards of the enemy deck. Depending on your situation, this could be devastating. Now, if only we could drop her, flicker her out, and reanimate/resummon her. You could get both effects at once! Could be a whole heap of fun.

Justice Rider (4-Cost Follower): Whenever your opponent draws a card, you plant a Flashbomb Trap in their top 10 cards. This is on a ¾ for 4! You want to buff/keep this alive as much as possible. The more cards your opponent draws, the harder it’s going to be for them to win with Level Two Caitlyn out.


Stinky Whump (1-Cost Follower): Something that isn’t a Yordle! But it is a Whump – though Whump is not a specific follower/creature type. A 2/1 with Last Breath, it creates a copy of itself in the enemy deck with 2 Poison Puffcaps attached to it. That’s pretty neat, but that means you’re probably going to get some puffcaps in return when they cast the version in their deck. Hopefully, it’s the game-winning Puffcap damage though.

Officer Squad (5-Cost Follower): Huh, now this leads to some interesting moves. A ⅘ for 5, it creates a Most Wanted spell in your hand when summoned. Most Wanted is a 5-cost spell (Slow). You pick a player (likely you) to discard their lowest cost card to draw 3. I can’t see too many reasons to trigger this on your opponent; unless you have a Justice Rider in play perhaps. Otherwise? Use it on you! Get more cards!

Station Archivist (3-Cost Follower): Amazing for the mid-game. It has you pick a card in your top 5 and creates a Fleeting copy of it in your hand. A 3/3 for 3, that’s pretty amazing. Maybe you’ll pick up an Ambush. That’s a common spell that gives a unit +2/+0 for the round, and if you’ve added 2+ cards to your hand this round, it also gains Elusive for the round. A great way to get Caitlyn damage through.

Coup De Grace (5-Cost Spell – Fast): Place an enemy follower into the enemy deck, then your opponent draws 1. A fun way to get rid of a huge creature that could end the game, I sort of like Coup de Grace. They might get something better, but hopefully not.


Sump Fumes (3-Cost Spell – Fast): Another card that rewards you for having added cards to your hand, Sump Fumes deals 2 damage to a unit on the field. However, if you’ve added 2+ cards to your hand this turn, it deals 3 damage instead. Sounds like Piltover/Bandlewood is shaping up quite nicely.

Advanced Intel (1-Cost Spell – Burst): Quick and to the point, this 1-cost Fast spell plants 2 Flashbomb Traps into your opponent’s top 10 randomly. So yes, there’s plenty of coverage to make Caitlyn’s level up happen!

Insider Knowledge (3-Cost Spell – Fast): Both players draw 2! Great for Justice Rider, that’s for sure.

Shadow Isles Cards


Senna (5-Cost Champion): What an upgrade! Senna goes from being a Demacian Rare card (Senna, Sentinel of Light), to a champion in Shadow Isles! She still triggers off of seeing Lucian die at least. A 5-cost with Quick Attack, she creates a Darkness when summoned, or when she Attacks. This only happens if you don’t have one already. In addition, your damage and kill spells accelerate to Fast. That is a huge boost to some slow damage spells. In addition, she levels up when she’s seen you Slay 3+ units with spells, or an allied Lucian dies.

From here she becomes Level Two Senna, who goes from a 4/4 Quick Attack to a 5/5 Quick Attack. She still creates a Darkness under the same conditions. In addition, your Damage and Kill spells still accelerate to Fast Speed and also cost 1 less. This pairs nicely with her personal spell, Dawning Shadow (Senna’s Dawning Shadow). It’s a 7-cost Slow Spell (that would become Fast). It kills an enemy and gives all enemies -2/-0. If it’s the Senna iteration it also shuffles a Senna into your deck. I love this as an idea for Shadow Isles/Other combo/damage decks. It could be fun with Ezreal aggro/combo decks, that’s for sure.


Dess & Ada (8-Cost Follower): A 7/6 for 8, they create a Darkness in hand if you don’t have one, and also makes your next Darkness this round cost 0 and deals 2 to all enemies. This number could be significantly higher if you have had a Veigar in play to enhance them. This could be the card you need to make that game-winning bomb go off. You combine it with Senna to make your spells become Fast, it’s going to be way easier to suddenly drop a bomb on your opponent’s Nexus with Level Two Veigar.

Catalogue of Regrets (4-Cost Landmark?): I think this is a Landmark or a permanent spell of some sort. It triggers each Round Start. It creates in hand a Fleeting copy of a non-Fleeting spell you cast last round. You can easily manipulate this to constantly flood the board with spells and removal. This also counts for your Darkness, so you can easily get more Darkness damage, or win the game when combined with Ixtali Sentinel and Dess & Ada. If nothing else, a lot of spells are useful the next turn.


Watcher on the Isles (4-Cost Follower): Now this is a fun win condition (potentially) for a control deck. Each round, the first time you slay a unit with a spell, deal 2 damage to the enemy Nexus. Maybe not a win condition, but it will get you closer to your goal and could be so much fun in the right spell deck.

Mistkeepers (5-Cost Follower): My God. Mistwraith support! For those who don’t know, a Mistwraith is a 2/2 for 2 with Fearsome. Anytime you summon a Mistwraith, all Mistwraiths everywhere gain +1/+0. So this card, each round, the first time you slay a unit with a spell, summon an Ephemeral Mistwraith. So you have an attacker/blocker that makes all other Mistwraiths stronger! This counts for defeating your own allies (sacrifices, etc), so don’t be afraid to make sneaky plays. I’m honestly a big fan of this card.

Ixtali Sentinel (6-Cost Follower): More Lifesteal! Don’t see much of that. It’s a ⅘ LIfesteal that creates a Darkness if you don’t have one. When you play your next Darkness this round, you copy it and target the enemy Nexus. Here we go, now we’re seeing Darkness game-winning combos form! You build one up to be absolutely colossal (10 or so damage) and duplicate it!


Piercing Darkness (6-Cost Spell – Slow): This would be way more fun at Fast, so we want Senna. For 6 mana, it drains 5 life from a unit. I imagine this counts as a damage spell, too. It’s not too shabby but feels kind of high as far as cost goes, and the speed.

Buhru Sentinel (3-Cost Follower): An interesting concept for a card. It’s built around the slay mechanic and is a 3/3 Fearsome. The first time you slay a unit with a spell, this unit gains +2/+1, so it becomes a 5/4 Fearsome for 3. Definitely awesome. Don’t know if it’s a must-use, but I like it in a casual play sense at the very least. This concept sticks around with Demacian Sentinel, which is a ½ for 1. It also gains +2/+1 the first time you slay a unit with a spell and also has Fearsome.

Shurima Cards


Xerath (4-Cost Champion – Ascended): As an Ascended Shurima Champion, He can get to Level 3, if you’ve restored the Sun Disc. Is it worth doing? I mean. Yes? It is an incredible amount of sustained damage. But let’s start at the beginning. This 4-cost Champ levels up when you’ve destroyed 4 allied Landmarks this game. So he doesn’t have to witness them. He’s a 3/3 for 4, and when an allied Landmark is destroyed, deal 1 to the weakest enemy. This works amazingly well with the Shurima Countdown Landmarks. When they hit 0, they’re destroyed. Level Two Xerath deals 3 damage to the weakest enemy when an allied landmark is destroyed, so we’re getting a bit better. But then when the Sun Disc is restored, the 4/4 becomes a 5/9!

Level Three Xerath is a game-winner if you keep him on board. Each Round Start, he deals 5 damage to the weakest enemy and the enemy Nexus. If an enemy would die this way, you Obliterate it instead. No coming back from the grave! Looking at you Shadow Isles. This suddenly becomes a bunch of damage in a few turns. But what confused me at first, is his spell: Rite of the Arcane (Xerath’s Rite of the Arcane). Looks like there are just repeated cards shown off to display its various effects. It’s a powerful spell though. It also helps us trigger Xerath’s Level Up. A 3-cost Slow Spell, you destroy an Allied Landmark or one of your Mana Gems to deal 4 damage to an enemy unit. Definitely, you would rather destroy a Landmark to make sure you are triggering effects and getting damage out. Shurima’s getting some interesting love, and I like what Xerath can do. His late-game orbital bombardment is so awesome if you get Level Three Xerath.


Risen Altar (6-Cost Landmark): This appears to be a Landmark, but doesn’t have a Landmark tag on it. It does have a Countdown (or if destroyed), like Sarcophagus. When either happens, you summon Dami’yin the Unbound. They are a 7/6 with Overwhelm/Spellshield.

Sandseer (5-Cost Follower): In theory, this could be a wildly powerful draw creature. A 5/4 with Overwhelm for 5, draw 1 when you play her. If you drew a Landmark, repeat this effect. Then you play the Landmarks, blow them up, and laugh as Xerath grows in power.

Servitude of Desolation (7-Cost Spell – Burst): What a fascinating Burst Spell. This summons a Stasis Statue, and it stores all Allied Units and Landmarks that died or were destroyed this round. It’s interesting that one Stasis Statue stores all of them. Normally it summons a copy of a unit it replaced (that got Obliterated). It’s only a Countdown 1, so you don’t have to wait long on Stasis Statue. If your opponent wipes your board, you can cast this, and get all those things back.


Endless Devout (3-Cost Follower): A follower that helps Xerath? Not a shock! This is a 3/3 for 3, and when it dies, it triggers Last Breath: Summon a Sarcophagus. That is a 1-cost Landmark, which has a Countdown of 3. It also triggers if destroyed (so Rite of the Arcane, Hi!). When this happens, summon a Restored Devout. Restored Devout is a 5/3 Fearsome, so it just gives and gives. Big fan of this chain of events.

Herald of the Magus (5-Cost Follower): If you’ve destroyed 4+ Landmarks this game and it’s summoned, you grant your champions everywhere +2/+2 and Overwhelm. Even if Xerath hasn’t hit the board yet and you’ve triggered this, all your champions come in incredibly powerful. This comes in as a 4/4 as well so it’s worth having in play. But not before you’ve met his requirements. It feels like a waste otherwise.


Waste Walker (3-Cost Follower): Here we have a minion that gains +1/+1 each time an allied Landmark is destroyed. A 3/3 with Overwhelm sounds lame, but after a few turns, it could really start to blow up.

Construct of Desolation (1-Cost Spell – Burst): This Burst Speed spell creates one of two cards in hand. You either get a Ruinous Acolyte or an Obelisk of Power. Ruinous Acolyte is a 2/1 Fearsome for 2, and when it’s played, you destroy an allied landmark to grant Ruinous Acolytes everywhere +1/+1. Obelisk of Power is a Landmark for 1 mana and has Countdown 3 (or until destroyed): Grant the strongest ally +2/+0. For 1 mana? This is an incredibly powerful common.

Unleashed Energy (3-Cost Spell – Burst): A buff spell that can be a bigger buff spell, if you choose to destroy an allied landmark. Normally it grants +2/+1 for the round, but if you blow up a Landmark instead, that ally gets +4/+2 for the turn.


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