Legends of Runeterra 2.4.0 Patch Notes Discussion

by in Legends of Runeterra | Mar, 16th 2021

The Legends of Runeterra patch notes for 2.4.0 will sadly not feature any nerfs or buffs for cards, nor new features. As Empires of the Ascended just released not too long ago, Legends of Runeterra’s devs are instead focusing on improving the game with some quality-of-life features, bug fixes, and Expeditions adjustments. Since there are no card changes, the decks we’ve discussed should still be nice and relevant. There are many people who mostly just play that mode, so we’re glad to see it continue to be adjusted. As always, you can also read the patch notes here. But what awaits in Legends of Runeterra’s 2.4.0 patch notes?

Expedition Changes

Somehow, a few cards got left out of Expeditions from the Shurima expansion. Some archetypes that have a bit too much are also getting the fat trimmed, and a few other note changes are coming. Empires of the Ascended archetypes are offering bonus are reduced from 4x to 2x. It’s also now possible to be offered the Buried Sun Disc in your Trade Picks if you have enough Ascended Champions. Which archetypes are getting adjusted as of the 2.4.0 patch notes of Legends of Runeterra? We’re glad you asked!

Full List


Added: Aspiring Chronomancer, Emperor’s Dais, Esteemed Hierophant, Ruin Runner

Removed: Destined Poro

Awesome Augments

Added: Startipped Peak

Demacian Steel

Removed: Chain Vest, Mobilize


Added: Sown Seeds


Added: Ancestral Boon


Added: Bloodthirsty Marauder, Dunekeeper

Fluft and Tuft

Added: Destined Poro


Added: Ancient Preparations, Aspiring Chronomancer, Desert Naturalist, Entomb, Khairi the Returned, Khairi the Student, Xenotype Researchers

Luminous Dusk

Offering bonus removed

Added: The Fangs

Mended Touch

Added: Destiny’s Call

Noxian Might

Removed: Noxkraya Arena

Raiding Party

Added: Soils of War


Added: Sandswept Tomb, Sigil of Malice


Added: Soulspinner

Shadows and Dust

Added: Field Musicians, Shadow Apprentice

Removed: Windfarer Hatchling


Added: Quicksand

Suit Up

Added: Battlefield Prowess, Towering Stonehorn

Removed: Plucky Poro

Terrors From The Deep

Added: Lost Riches

Removed: Brash Gambler

Total Recall

Added: Concurrent Timelines, Rummage


There are some very minor miscellaneous changes to Legends of Runeterra with the 2.4.0 patch notes. A bit of visual clarity came to the process for phasing a Moon Weapon for Aphelios, for example. Player vs. AI Matchmaking Rules was also changed to allow for a greater pool of opponents in that mode, so that’s exciting for new players/casual players.

What about the bugfixes? Here’s a comprehensive list for those interested:

  • Ranked Rewards from the Cosmic Creation Season should be properly delivered to all players.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Spellshield from stopping Cataclysm.
  • Fixed a bug where Cataclysm’s forced Challenge could be undone by the defending player.
  • Fixed a bug where a blocking unit under the effect of Cataclysm could be removed to have the attacker incorrectly damage the defending player’s Nexus.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing champion voice lines from being played on mobile.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Spellshield from stopping Captain Arrika’s Play effect.
  • Fixed a bug where having multiple Sun Discs in play resulted in incorrect Countdown effects.
  • Added a Deep counter to Vicious Platewyrm.
  • Fixed a bug where Veiled Temple would allow Thermogenic Beam to deal 2 damage when being cast for 0 mana.
  • Fixed a bug where Zoe’s level 2 effect would occasionally not appear correctly.
  • Fixed a visual bug that occurred when using the Fen Guardian on the Arcade Board.
  • Fixed an issue where the text was overlapping in some languages on the Empires of the Ascended Event Pass.
  • Several text improvements have been made across the game in our continued effort to improve text consistency.

There’s no telling what will change in the next patch, but we can only guess it will focus around the balance of the Ascended cards’ Empires. So far, it’s felt very good to me, with only a few situations feeling genuinely unwinnable. We are looking forward to what’s next in the Legends of Runeterra meta!


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