Legends of Runeterra 1.0 Patch Notes: Rising Tides

by in Legends of Runeterra | Apr, 27th 2020

With the Legends of Runeterra 1.0 patch notes come quite a few very important things: the official launch of the game, a new expansion, and the official mobile update to the game! However, there are thankfully not a million card changes coming in this update. We imagine that will come pretty soon after we have time to see what the new faction can do. Are you ready to head to Bilgewater, in Legends of Runeterra: Rising Tides?

Either way, we’re pretty excited to see what this full launch of the game brings with Rising Tide. Though this writer was admittedly hoping for Shurima instead of Bilgewater, that’s okay! No doubt, we will see plenty of awesome new content. This expansion will have a full five champions and 120 new cards in the game, so there is a lot to unpack there.

A Special Thank You

Jeff Andrew and the Legends of Runeterra team wanted to start with a “thank you” which is nice of them.

“Wow. The past few months have flown by, and we’d like to express a deep appreciation for everyone who has played Legends of Runeterra during open beta! We’ve learned so much from playing alongside you. With the help of your feedback and playtesting, we’ve iterated our card balance, progression systems, and even our performance settings to try to provide the best possible experience, and we know the game is better for it. Our goal is to continue our exploration of Runeterra, sweet outplays, and awesome champion moments right there beside you for years to come. Thank you for your excitement and passion, we wouldn’t be here without you!

For everyone who is joining us for the official launch, welcome! You’re jumping in at the perfect moment, with full crossplay between your PC and Mobile accounts so Legends of Runeterra is available wherever you are, a progression system that’s rewarding however you want to play, and a ton of awesome cards to collect and play with. We can’t wait for you to start your journey, and we’re committed to making your experience as exciting and enjoyable as possible. We hope you dive in and let us know what you’d like to see next!”

Well, that was certainly nice of them. There are 120 new cards, five Bilgewater champions, and other champs for the various factions in the game already, so this is slated to be a stacked expansion.

What’s New In Rising Tides?

Mobile Launch

Perhaps one of the biggest, best parts of Rising Tides in Legends of Runeterra, is the mobile launch! That’s right, You can officially play Legends of Runeterra on iOS and Android, as of the update to 1.0! It could take anywhere from 4 to 48 hours of seeing it on your applicable store, depending on where you live though.

As of April 30, all regions should have LoR, and the game will be officially launched, so that’s exciting! The only regions that seem to be exempt are China and Vietnam, at least at this time. They also point out you don’t have to have a Riot account to play on mobile, but they do encourage you to have one. A Riot account is required for cross-platform play, and sharing account progress, so you may as well have one!

We also have the minimum specs for your mobile device!

iOS: iOS9, Arm64 processor. They do not recommend 1GB RAM devices (iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPad Air 1). You can use these, but you may see some poor performance.

Android: OS 5.0, 2 GB RAM, GPU Adreno 306 & equivilants or better

It looks like it will be pretty easy to play this on mobile, so if that’s your preference, or want to grind some matches on the go, that’s going to be open to you! Now, you shouldn’t be going out too much right now anyway!


Rising Tides in Legends of Runeterra will feature five new champions just for Bilgewater alone. The locals of Bilgewater live and die by a singular code: Take whatever you can. It’s home to pirates, scoundrels, and monsters of the endless deep of the ocean.

Bilgewater is going to be all about taking their enemies by surprise and shooting holes in the carefully laid plans of their foes. You demolish your foes with overwhelming power, and make them see that it’s “sink or swim,” and they’re the ones taking a long walk off a short pier.

That means we’ll see new keywords, mechanics, and a new champion in every faction. All we know for sure right now is that Miss Fortune is going to be playable in Bilgewater, but there was admittedly some data mining done. In this data mining, there has been some speculation on who else could be joining the faction.

Some audio clips potentially reveal Twisted Fate, Gangplank, Fizz, and Nautilus, so we’ll see if this is true. Fizz. He haunts me even here. There’s no escaping that trickster, I suppose. We do know that Fizz is here though, as we’ve browsed these patch notes further! We can also confirm Twisted Fate! With a bonus Expedition archetype featuring Fizz and Jinx, we know that he will be featured in the game in some manner.


There are six new mechanics, which all do something very interesting. This game is getting pretty wild! We’ll cover each of these below.

  • Attune: When this unit is summoned, refill one spell mana. This will help Bilgewater decks by giving them a little bit more mana in a pinch.
  • Scout: The first time only that a Scout unit attacks each round, ready your attack. This is a great way to get an initial hit in and clear the way for your other units to do something sneaky. I can see this pairing nicely with Miss Fortune, to make sure you whittle someone down quickly.
  • Vulnerable: The enemy can challenge this unit, forcing it to block. It’s challenger but in reverse! This will go very nicely with the next ability.
  • Plunder: A card triggers the Plunder ability if you damaged the enemy Nexus this round. Most archetypes will likely trigger some kind of Plunder ability for them, such as a small amount of random damage to the enemy nexus. It’s a cool ability, that’s for sure.
  • Deep: I have +3/+3 once your deck has 15 cards or fewer in it. This will likely be on the Sea Monster subtype. This will go great with cards like Maokai, that rely on getting rid of cards in your deck (Toss). Then you unleash the Deep creature’s true power and start swinging for serious numbers.
  • Toss: Obliterate X non-champion cards from the bottom of your deck. This is the easiest way to go Deep on your creatures. On its own, it doesn’t do a whole lot, unless you’re gambling on big plays and they pay off. These two abilities should likely be in decks together for maximum impact.

Rewards and Region Road Updates

As a thank-you to players who participated in the beta and who joins at launch, there’s a reward! All accounts who log into Legends of Runeterra by May 7, 11:59 PM (PST), they will receive an exclusive Moonstruck Poro Guardian. They’ll begin distributing them within 24 hours. They also point out if you don’t see it by 48 hours to contact Player Support.

In addition, there’s going to be a week of login rewards to celebrate the launch and to help players get started in Patch 1.0. Here’s what you can expect in the Legends of Runeterra Rising Tides launch:

  • Day 1: 1x Capsule
  • Day 2: 1x Expedition Token
  • Day 3: 1x Golden Chest
  • Day 4: 1x Commander Ledros, 2x Atrocity
  • Day 5: 1x Champion Capsule
  • Day 6: 1x Platinum Chest
  • Day 7: 2x Ashe, 1x Rimetusk Shaman, 1x Icy Yeti, 2x Icevale Archer, 2x Shatter. They will also get a new starter deck (Freeze and Decay) for your collection, based on the 8 cards above, plus others acquired in the Prologue starter decks.

It’s also important to note there is an issue. Players who own duplicate copies of Day 4’s rewards will have them converted into shards without visualization or duplicate protection. Day 7 rewards are covered by duplicated protection though (and fully visualized).

All of the Region Roads have been extended with this update, and Bilgewater also joins them. You can pursue the new cards this way (as well as the regional card backs) as of Rising Tides. For new and returning players, they can earn extra XP for early levels in the original regions.

So, what changed? Region Roads are now 25 levels (up from 20), and new levels for existing regions will only drop the new Rising Tides cards until you lock them all. 1-20 levels can also drop Rising Tides cards. The last level in each region is going to give a regional card back, which is also awesome.

An XP Level Boost system was also added. From Patch 1.0 on, the first 12 levels of the original six Region Roads will multiply XP applied towards them by 50%, making it easier to get through them. This system will, of course, be adjusted over time, including Bilgewater levels, or to make it easier to advance.

Ranked, Major Gameplay Change

With this new expansion and official launch, the beta season has ended and Legends of Runeterra’s post-launch ranked will begin: The Season of Plunder. The beta participants receive an exclusive beta season icon, based on the highest tier they reached. Ranks will be reset partially, and there will be about two months in the Season of Plunder. Here are the details:

  • Beta season will end at approximately 9 AM, April 28 PT: Beta season ranked rewards will be granted with your first login after Patch 1.0.
  • Ranked queue will be disabled for approximately 24 hours, then we’ll start the Season of Plunder around 10 AM, April 29 PT.
  • Ranks partially reset: Master accounts will drop 800LP (8 divisions), Diamond and Platinum accounts will drop 750LP (7 divisions + 50LP), Gold and Silver accounts will drop 675LP (6 divisions + 75LP), Bronze and Iron accounts will reset to Iron IV.

But here is the serious change. The biggest change in Legends of Runeterra: Playing units on a full board! Normally, you’re unable to play them, and if an ability triggers the creation of a unit, it’s obliterated and that’s it. Now, you may play units on full board – sort of. You will be able to select a unit to be Obliterated, with the new unit replacing it. This won’t trigger Last Breath effects though, because that unit doesn’t die.

If the new unit you played makes more units after being summoned, those will still “overflow” though and be immediately Obliterated. So it’s a step in the right direction and doesn’t force you into killing a unit or something to play something else. So instead, you can replace a unit on the board, and choose which one goes away. I wonder how this will work with units that come back anyway from the grave. If they don’t count as “death,” I wonder if it will still trigger. That is unless those Obliterated units don’t hit the graveyard. We’ll have to play with this some!

Also, Expeditions are receiving new Archetypes in Rising Tides, since Legends of Runeterra is receiving the Bilgewater faction. There are eight new Rising Tides archetypes, and creates six new archetypes for every existing region, paired with Bilgewater (and a solo one. There’s also a bonus archetype featuring Jinx and Fizz).

Final, Miscellaneous Updates/Changes

We’re personally very excited for Legends of Runeterra’s launch! The beta was kind of frustrating to grind and put together decks, but we’re hoping it will be less of a task in the update. We also saw that traditional Chinese is now supported, as is Russian and Turkish. Riot offered a few more miscellaneous changes, which are still neat to see. We’ll include those below.


  • Silverwing Scout renamed to Silverwing Diver.
  • Ezreal (Level 2) art flipped. For those who saw the Rising Tides previews, we also flipped Maokai (both levels).
  • Quests adjusted for Rising Tides content.
  • Expedition Trade screen UX adjusted—the swap button will now always swap between options, while “Skip this trade” toggles to “Accept this trade.”
  • Fixed an issue where Epic Capsules from Expeditions rewards incorrectly displayed as an Epic Card (visual bug only, contents were correct).
  • In-game mail system added (for rewards distribution and other uses).
  • Player support can now fully migrate accounts with incorrectly assigned regions of residence (more info here).

How are you feeling about this update? Ready for some awesome card game action from Riot? We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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