League of Legends Pro Chippys: The OCE Will be Dead in 2-3 Years

By Isaac Chandler

December 12, 2019


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One of Oceania’s greatest and most well-known players, Chippys has had a rather successful career in the OCE region, winning three regional titles in as many years and earning a spot as one of the best top laners in the league.

We sat down with him this past weekend at All-Stars in Las Vegas to see what Chippys thinks of the recently announced changes to the OCE, and his plans for 2020 and beyond.

Interview with OCE Pro Chippys

So Chippys how are you doing today?

I’m not too bad man, thanks for asking.

Awesome, glad to hear! So the first question for you, how are you enjoying the states and your time here in Las Vegas?

Yeah, I’m having a really good time, normally when I come to international events it’s like you’re fully focused on scrimming and playing solo queue, and you don’t enjoy the country you’re in. But All-Stars is like a fun event we only play a couple of times a day. I’ve had more time to actually enjoy myself so I quite like it.

I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself! So, I sure as you’re aware of all the changes going on in the OPL next year, with the minimum wage dropping as well as a lot of the players leaving for other regions. How are you feeling about all these big changes, they’re some of the biggest changes that we’ve seen in the region in a long time.

I think the changes are real harmful for the region, and in the next two or three years eventually, the region will like pretty much die out. There won’t be many good players there because, as you saw this year, like a number of pretty good players left, eight or nine maybe and, with the minimum wage droppings, teams are also putting this money in so there’s like three or four teams actually trying to win and four teams are just gonna get like the cheapest roster.

So I feel like the players on those teams are gonna, you know have to quit League because they’re just gonna have such a bad time, so I think if we’re getting new players for most it’s really bad, but OCE already had quite a few good players, so I hope they get overseas office too.

And for you yourself personally, what are your plans for 2020? Are you planning to stay and play in Oceania are you playing to go somewhere else long term? And what are your goals for 2020?

I wanna take 2020 over in OCE, since now there aren’t many good players left so I think it’s quite easy, if you get a good team, to just like 2-0 the splits, so I want to take over OCE 2020 and then in 2021 explore my international options.

So for 2021, going beyond 2020, if you’re going to go international is there any team or any region, in particular, you want to end up in or you want to go to?

You know, pretty standard, the main ones, and I like on you know, looking at like 100 Thieves and C9, you know all the big orgs and cool orgs in NA.

Nice. So we’ve heard rumors going around today that Mammoths top-laner Fudge might be moving on to Cloud9 Academy, though it’s not confirmed yet, but all signs are pointing towards that what are your thoughts on Fudge? Do you think he’s ready to go to NA, or do you think he should spend more time in OCE?

So the thing about Fudge he’s only 17, so I think like for a 17-year old that’s played one split he’s really really good, so I think to move to a better region with better like coaches and players like he’ll be really wild.

As a C9 fan, that’s fantastic to hear, thanks. So going back on the changes going on in OCE, you said you’re worried about OCE collapsing in a few years. If you could improve Oceania, what would you do? What things are you hoping will eventually come or do you wish to come to the region?

I think the thing the main thing is funding right? I hear even in smaller regions like the LJL, who started after us, the players are getting paid like double what we are and there’s like these crowds for their league, stuff like that. I think if you put more funding in, have like crowds, have like cooler houses, bigger salaries, it’ll draw the new generation to like instead of doing uni, they might want to be pro players.

Because I see quite a lot of players these past four years that could have been quite good, but because being a pro player isn’t that enticing in OCE, they just choose to go to uni or like their parents, you know, their like strict Asian parents who won’t be a pro player because the salaries are too low. So I think until it’s enticing to be a pro player in OCE, they won’t be much new talent.

Interesting, I didn’t know the region was making so little. For a bit of a fun question how you’re enjoying the food here in North America? I know it’s a lot of it’s similar but there’s also some different stuff being Vegas and Nevada known for a lot of having a lot of Hispanic food and a lot of different types of food.

I think the best thing about America is fast food, right? I mean a couple of guys got In&Out last night, oh so good man, McDonald’s like a 3 and that was like an 8 or a 9.

In&Out is fantastic if you have you’re looking to try Mexican forever there’s a 24-hour place called Roberto’s I highly recommend it. Finally, I’ve got one last question for you before you go. What teams do you think will be the most successful in Oceania next year?

I think Dire Wolves because I’m feeling the players they’ve put together are quite good, and they’ve always been a successful org. I think Legacy will be good and probably Chiefs, they always seem to do quite well.

Sweet well thank you so much for your time Chippys, I really appreciate it, and enjoy the rest of All-Stars man, thank you.

That’s it for our interview today, thank you all for reading and thank you Chippys for taking time out of your schedule to speak with us. Stay tuned for more interviews from All Stars 2019 as well as our continued coverage of 2020 roster changes.

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