League of Legends Champions to Use to Climb The Ladder

by in League of Legends | Jul, 18th 2018

I’d be lying to you if I said that the ranking system in League of Legends was easy to climb. In fact, in my opinion, League of Legends has one of the hardest systems to climb in the history of video games. There are people who have been stuck on the same level for several seasons now, and for some, that doesn’t seem like it’s going to change in the near future.

The ranking system is so difficult at times that players have quit the game altogether due to frustration and anger over their inability to keep climbing the ladder. Here’s how it works. There are seven levels: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, master, and challenger. The highest ranking is challenger and the lowest is bronze with the other ranks being in between the two listed ranks in that order.

With five sublevels in between each level from bronze to diamond, it can be a little tedious and frustrating to climb to your desired elo (a term for the levels in the game).

Top Lane

Top lane is the loneliest lane out there. Since you’re in the most isolated part of the map, you’re most likely to have the least amount of kill pressure and have more time farming than fighting. Because of this, top lane’s playstyle is much more different from the rest.

I’ll be listing two of the best champions out there to be used if you want to climb. One of them will be used for the lower levels—otherwise called elos—of play (bronze, silver, and gold) and then I’ll be listing one champion to be used for higher elos (platinum, diamond, and master).

Renekton (Bronze, Silver, and Gold)

Renekton is a top pick when it comes to dominating the top lane. He has everything a bruiser needs to succeed: sustain, strong damage, crowd-control, and mobility. In fact, he has possibly one of the best all-in combinations you could hope for.

Renekton League of Legends

Remember when I said that top lane was a lane that was mostly lonely and focused on farm? Renekton does this perfectly. Because he has quite a bit of health, plus strong base damage and high scaling, as well as an almost unmatched one versus one fighting potential, he’s perfect for staying as long as he needs to.

He can farm up, take items that make him tank-like and impossible to kill and dominate his lane. He synergizes almost perfectly with any rune except a select few in the sorcery and inspiration tree. Other than that, Renekton is a versatile champion.

He also has the ability to carry his teammates. When you’re in bronze, silver, or gold, depending on your teammates isn’t something that you can necessarily do since their skill level might not be high enough to function with your playstyle.

He can one-shot the enemy backline or any mage when given the option and still soak in damage from the other sources of damage. Plus, if he gets into a little trouble, all he’ll need to do is pop his ultimate and he’ll gain extra health and damage to help him stay a little longer in the team fights.

In the team fights, it’s all about how long you can outlast the opponent both health-wise and damage-wise. Renekton is perfect for this. His combo ensures that he’ll be able to do the damage necessary to kill the opponent while also having abilities that can keep him alive long enough for his teammates to clean up.

Plus, if you’re team isn’t playing as well as you are hoping, just use his ability to clear waves efficiently to split-push your way to a victory. Renekton can easily take on two opponents at once, meaning that Renekton can help take pressure off different parts of the map to let your team come back into the game.

Overall, Renekton is a great pick for the lower elos since he seems almost unstoppable in his lane unless he gets counter-picked. There are only a select few top laners who can go head-to-head with Renekton, and because these lower elos aren’t as accustomed to dueling and strategy, you’re almost always certain to win with this champion.

Jax (Platinum, Diamond, and Challenger)

The thing that really separates the bronze, silver, and gold from the platinum, diamond, and challenger players is how they play the game. In the higher-tier levels, movement and micromanagement are key components to winning the game while in lower-tier, team-fights and carry champions seem to be the go-to.

Jax League of Legends

This is what makes Jax such a strong toplaner in the higher-tier levels of play. Jax has everything that a toplaner could possibly want at their level. He has high mobility, high base stats in every realm, sufficient damage, almost unrivaled dueling in the late-game, and abilities that help keep him alive.

The only thing that anyone could really complain about on Jax is his lack in sustain for the early game, but there are still items that can aid in that. Other than this one minor setback, Jax is the perfect player to choose.

He has the early-game dueling which is essential in the higher levels of play. When it comes to platinum, diamond, and challenger, all of this matters. The first exchange always matters because it determines which player is going to control the laning phase.

With Jax’s insane early-game, he almost always takes the advantage, allowing him to freeze the lane and slowly drain his opponent of resources. This, in turn, provides his/her teammates the ability to work more freely across the map since they have one less player to worry about.

Moreover, he counters almost every champion that fights him thanks to his counter-strike ability. Plus, with the mobility given from his leap strike, Jax can get out of almost any sticky situation. But what about team-fights? Team-fights can be a hard thing to deal with.

Luckily enough, Jax is also a strong team-fighter. His counter-strike not only blocks all auto-attacks coming in, but it also reduces the damage taken from abilities, meaning that he can soak up a large amount of damage without going full tank build. That’s not the end of it, though. After a given amount of time, the counter-strike stuns all enemies in a given range, meaning that he has the crowd-control necessary to open up opportunities for his teammates.

If that’s not enough to keep Jax alive, his ultimate also provides extra armor and magic resist while also giving extra damage for his auto-attacks. That being said, Jax has the crowd-control, the mobility to get into the fight, the durability, and the damage needed to succeed.

Sure, he can be used at the lower elos, but Jax takes time to master. He may seem like any other champion but the mechanics and micromanagement which Jax uses are perfect whenever teammates can work together, and in the lower divisions, it’s harder to find that unity. You can still play him as a solo-carry, but that isn’t as effective as being a team player.


Jungle is debatably the most important role in the game. As a jungler, you’re tasked with making sure that your team gets ahead and that you can secure the objectives needed to win the game, all the while making sure that you’re getting enough gold from your camps without dying.

As a result, you’ll want to have a jungler that has good early-game presence, skirmishing potential, and sustain so that they can last longer in the jungle. There’s a large arsenal of champions to choose from, but these two are my personal favorites for climbing.

Xin Zhao (Bronze, Silver, and Gold)

Xin Zhao is the perfect pick for anyone looking to solo-carry their way out of the elo dungeons. Why do I say this? Xin Zhao has everything you could ever want from a jungler. He has mobility, sustainability, and strong ganking potential.

Xin Zhao League of Legends

He can do almost any jungle path without being taken too low, and whenever he’s looking to gank a lane, his Three Talon Strike (Q) and Wind Becomes Lightning (W) are perfect abilities to keep his enemy from escaping.

Plus, if he needs to get in range to attack them, his Audacious Charge (E) is perfect for getting there. That being said, he has the components any early-game jungler needs and wants. But it isn’t just the early-game that wins people games, it’s the mid to late game that secures the victory.

To win the game, you need to have the advantage over the other team, and the easiest way to do this is through grabbing objectives. But to grab objectives, you need to be able to win the contest against the enemy.

Yet again, Xin Zhao is the ideal role for this since he has the dueling capabilities that would scare any AD Carry or mage close enough to him. I would even go as far as to say that Xin Zhao is the perfect jungler to pick if you’re looking to be the player that goes for picks during fights.

Xin Zhao’s ultimate, Crescent Guard, makes it so that your enemy can’t run from you while, at the same time, keeping undesired enemies off your back. Because of this, I think that Xin Zhao is an easy to learn, diverse pick that anyone looking to climb should pick.

You can use him for higher elos as well. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m just saying that he is really strong in the lower elos since most players have weaker mechanics and less game knowledge to counteract his abilities.

Graves (Platinum, Diamond, and Challenger)

Graves is the best jungler hyper-carry out there currently. Like Xin Zhao, he has the mobility, gank potential, and skirmishing power that make him the full deal. However, his full power resides in his fighting ability.

Graves League of Legends

Despite the Graves nerfs which got rid of his magic resist increase on his passive, Graves has still been the team-fighting monster he was in Season 6. Thanks to his ability Quickdraw (E), any time he uses the ability, he gains bonus armor that stack on till the duration ends. Staying in combat refreshes the passive.

This means that, despite Graves being a champion that builds mainly damage and bruiser, he can have the stats of a tank. He can have up to two hundred armor if done right and this can result in the AD Carry having virtually no effect on Graves for the remainder of the team-fight.

Why did I not list him as one of the bronze, silver, and gold champions you can use to climb out of those divisions? Graves requires teamwork. Because he can be kind of exposed at times due to his lack of initial armor and magic resist, Graves can be taken down fairly easy without help.

That means that he needs his teammates to work with him before Graves can become the insanely strong jungler that dominates the map. He also has the ability to quickly take down objectives due to the shot-gun like effects of his auto-attacks (the closer he is to the target, the more damage he does).

Overall, Graves is the perfect pick for anyone looking to dominate team-fights and take objectives fast. However, he’ll need to have the whole team behind him otherwise things could go poorly and in the enemy team’s favor.

Mid Lane

Mid lane is the lane where the mages and assassins live. You’ll want to choose from either one of these since they’re both great picks. We’ve listed two of our favorite mid laners to use—one assassin and one mage.

Brand (Bronze, Silver, and Gold)

Brand is a mage which utilizes his strong area-of-effect damage and long-range spells to get things done. What he lacks in mobility, he makes up in damage and team-fighting capability. He’s one of the easiest champions to learn with the simple combos built into his kit from the very start.

Brand League of Legends

In the lower elos, there are more team-fights, and skirmishes and Brand excels in these. After his rework, Brand received a passive which, after a combination of spells, would light the target aflame and after a few seconds, the flame would explode. Anyone nearby would also take damage.

Three of his four abilities give out area-of-effect damage, meaning that he can light aflame multiple targets at once. In team-fights, players usually focus down one or two enemies at a time but Brand, if done right, can take on the whole team by himself.

His laning phase isn’t as bad either. He has sufficient damage and decent scaling, meaning that he can work his way up to becoming a stronger mage during the mid to late game. While he does lack mobility and sustainability, that is easy to ignore whenever he become the late game boss that he is.

Leblanc (Platinum, Diamond, and Challenger)

Leblanc has been a burst mage/assassin that has dominated the mid lane for years. She has the mobility and quick damage to take any squishy (person with low health) from one hundred to zero in under a second if done right.

Leblanc League of Legends

Even after her frustrating rework which made her feel a little clunky and awkward to play, Leblanc has been at the top of the ladder regarding playtime and win-rate. Her Distortion (W) gives her the ability to dash either from or towards an enemy.

She has crowd-control with her Ethereal Chains (E) and decent poke with her Sigil of Malice (Q). This means that she has a fully loaded kit that can take on any opponent in lane with her usually winning. However, with one full combo, she can kill any backline mage or AD Carry, making her a threat in team-fights as well.

Even after her frustrating rework which made her feel a little clunky and awkward to play, Leblanc has been at the top of the ladder regarding playtime and win-rate. Her Distortion (W) gives her the ability to dash either from or towards an enemy.

She has crowd-control with her Ethereal Chains (E) and decent poke with her Sigil of Malice (Q). This means that she has a fully loaded kit that can take on any opponent in lane with her usually winning. However, with one full combo, she can kill any backline mage or AD Carry, making her a threat in team-fights as well.

To top it all off, if Leblanc feels like she’s in trouble, her passive creates a doppelganger of herself and Leblanc becomes invisible for one second, allowing her to get away from her enemies. The higher elos have struggled to face Leblanc every season, and with her loaded kit of abilities, she’s the perfect pick for you.

Bot Lane

Bot lane can either be what breaks the team or what makes it. Because they’re the squishiest of the champions in the game (the champion which dies the easiest), they’re usually the ones that are always targeted first. However, it’s not just because they’re easy to kill that they’re targeted, their potential in the game is unlimited because they’re ninety-percent of the time the main damage source for the team. To climb, you’ll want two champions that can avoid being killed and have the damage needed to carry the team to a victory.

Xayah (Bronze, Silver, and Gold)

Upon her release, Xayah instantly became one of the best marksmen to play largely thanks to her long-range fighting and consistent damage—two things that are always looked for in the ideal AD Carry. Plus, with her Deadly Plumage (W) synergizing with critical strike and attack speed, she seemed like the perfect candidate for the job.

Xayah League of Legends

She has decent poke with her Double Daggers (Q), and if she gets into a sticky situation, she can use her Bladecaller to bring back feathers which she drops using auto-attacks to root her enemies in place if they are hit. It also does a sufficient amount of damage to enemies, meaning that it works both ways and not just as a way to crowd-control or escape.

However, if the situation gets too tight and there’s a chance of Xayah dying, all she needs to do is use her Featherstorm (R), and she’ll be invulnerable for a few seconds while shooting out an array of feathers that can be recalled for a significant amount of damage.

This makes Xayah the perfect combination of damage, utility, and mobility that keeps her from dying. Using her passive to your advantage may be a little troubling though at first, but once you get it down, she’ll be the perfect champion to main.

Kai’Sa (Platinum, Diamond, and Challenger)

There are three reasons why Kai’Sa is such a good champion. She scales better than almost any other AD Carry in the game, she has insane cross-map mobility, and she has mixed damage that is hard to counter.

Kai'Sa League of Legends

Her passive is a five-hit proc which deals a portion of the enemy’s missing health in magic damage. However, her allies can help proc it as well with crowd-control. She has a high-range ultimate which lets her dash to any champion marked with plasma (her passive) and is granted a large shield based off her attack damage and ability power.

Finally, her scaling increases based on how much ability power or attack damage she buys, meaning that she gets stronger and stronger no matter how far along the game goes. She can go as far as becoming a one-man army whenever needed.

She has the mobility to take down champions and can shred tanks once given the ability. Her Supercharge, once granted a Living Weapon upgrade, allows her to become invisible within moments of time, meaning that not only is she a hard champion to counter, she’s a hard champion to kill overall.

While she is a great champion to use, she is one of the hardest to understand. Her playstyle is unlike the others. You have to be willing to take on the entire team at point if you want to kill them all, meaning that you need the skillset of a high-elo player to achieve this.


Support may not seem important, but it’s actually the second most crucial role from my perspective. You’re in charge with getting the AD Carry to a position where they can carry the game, meaning that every move you make is essential and one mistake could cost the early game.

The role of support isn’t an easy one. You’ll need discipline, skill, knowledge of the game, and the ability to perform well under pressure because you’re the person tasked with getting people the kill or keeping your teammates from getting killed.

Our top two champions combine a mix of crowd-control, durability, and sustainability throughout the game to give you the perfect support. While both of these champions can get played at the same elo, they tend to perform better in separate paths.

Leona (Bronze, Silver, and Gold)

Because lower elos don’t necessarily know how to work around crowd-control in the laning phase, it’s usually easier to get away with engage champions who have a lot of abilities that can prevent their targets from getting away.

Leona League of Legends

That’s why Leona is perfect for the role. She has three stuns in her kit with one of them being a very mobile ability that allows her to escape if need be. With an empowered auto-attack that deals bonus damage and stuns the target, a skill-shot that if landed brings her to her opponent and stuns her, and an ultimate that is an area-of-effect stun, you’ll always be the one engaging first on this champion.

She also gives her allied marksman a buffed auto-attack when dealing damage to marked opponents who have been dealt damage by her. That being said, I think that Leona is the perfect fit for anyone looking to work their way up the ladder.

She has the perfect amount of crowd-control in her kit to keep opponents away from her and her allies, whether it be in a team-fight, in the laning phase, or during skirmishes. She’s the perfect role for the lower levels.

Janna (Platinum, Diamond, and Challenger)

Janna may seem like the worst support to pick at first glance, especially since she’s squishy, weak, and has no way to directly engage the opponent. However, she’s actually one of the most sought-after supports currently, being banned several times over in pro play due to her effectiveness.

Janna League of Legends

In fact, during the Mid-Season Invitational finals, it was Royal Never Give Up’s Janna that managed to help them win the title. It’s not the fact that Janna isn’t good at engaging, it’s how good she is at disengaging.

She’s the perfect champion to use when trying to keep a champion safe. Her entire kit is built around making sure that the AD Carry excels in his/her role rather than having them depend on Janna. If things get too tight, however, Janna can still help out and keep her AD Carry safe.

This is all important for the higher elos where the AD Carries know what they’re supposed to do. They just sometimes need a little backup and a person to lean back on if things go awry. Once mastered, Janna can become an elo-gaining machine.


We all have champions that we want to play, but sometimes, these champions aren’t best suited for the ranked environment. Luckily for you, we’ve given you insight into some of the top champions to use in order to help climb.

It doesn’t matter if you’re stuck in bronze or about to get into the diamond. The climb is still the climb, and with the right champion, you can do just that. Each of the champions listed all have their advantages in helping you gain LP and climbing the ladder. Best of luck on the Rift.


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