Is CSGO 360 Worth It for Checking Your Stats?

by in CS:GO | May, 13th 2021

Like most in-house multiplayer titles at Valve, CSGO is ever-changing with its new free-to-play model and operations. This time, fans had taken a liking to CSGO’s new stat tracker in Operation Broken Fang. Now, CSGO put out a new stat tracker for players to use. Although, it comes at a price.

CSGO 360 Pricing and Features

Previously the Operation Broken Fang update had a tracker that showcased not only your K/D ratio but the overall stats of the match, other player’s stats, heatmaps, and performance across multiple maps in the game.

While it was removed from CSGO with Operation Broken Fang, a new iteration of the CSGO tracker was put in the game for players to use; however, it comes with a $0.99 monthly subscription. The features included in CSGO 360 are similar to Operation Blood Fang, with the K/D ratio from the whole team and enemy players to average performance across all maps and even the heatmaps for the match. CSGO 360 removes stats and tracking for causal, custom, and bot matches so players can see how well they performed in official scenarios.

This makes CSGO 360 a better option for esports players and players who focus on a more competitive CSGO experience. CSGO 360 gives the stats of all competitive matches and shows the players where they can improve, similar to how football teams will watch their previous games to see how they can get the upper hand the next time they’re on the field. 

While this is a good way to check the stats of a player, it’s certainly not designated for the average consumer of CSGO. CSGO 360 is worth it if the player is a competitive or esports player, as the statistics displayed are for modes that many of the competitive community will play. 

Still, the average player will have a hard time wanting to spend $0.99 a month to check their stats when there are multiple third-party sites that can do it for them. However, by comparing the subscription fee to other monthly-based gaming services out there, $1 a month is not a bad price. However, there are free options for players. Valve also put out a FAQ about CSGO 360 for interested players.


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