Interview With MADMONQ Founder Michal Noga

by in General | Mar, 19th 2021

Last month, we did a piece on nutrition and supplementation in esports. Among other info, we mentioned MADMONQ, a WADA-safe gaming performance enhancement product. Today, we’re going to have another look at the promising gaming supplement but from a slightly different perspective.

Michal Noga, MADMONQ founder, will be joining us today. He agreed to answer a few questions about MADMONQ and share his thoughts on supplementation and health risks in the gaming/esports industry. 

What made you leave the pharma industry and focus on helping gamers improve their performance?

When I went for my master’s degree, I studied innovation in healthcare because I felt a pull to focus my life’s work on health in some form. I have two main interests in life: a healthy lifestyle and gaming. Unfortunately, a healthy lifestyle seemed incompatible with the gaming lifestyle and figuring out a way to bridge this gap kept me up at night. In the past, health has been a neglected topic in gaming, and I wanted to create change. 

It wasn’t until I realized the amount of prescription drug abuse in the esports industry that I felt compelled to act in an impactful way. I had a unique insight into the health trends in gaming due to my education and work background, and this made me qualified to work toward changing the direction of the industry in the area of health. I combined my unique experience in healthcare innovations, my commitment to health, and my love for gaming to found MADMONQ.

Can MADMONQ benefit casual gamers, or is it primarily meant for the pros?

MADMONQ is a health and performance supplement crafted for all gamers to help them perform at their best and take care of their health. The MADMONQ supplement provides better immediate performance benefits in terms of focus and energy, boosts long-term health by improving memory and eye health, and provides a better ability to adapt to stress. Although we primarily focus on gamers, MADMONQ can be used by anybody who wants to fuel their bodies with proper nutrients that improve performance, balance energy levels, and increase mental clarity. 

Gamers must optimize their bodies, diets, and routines. The brain is our super-weapon, and it’s important to realize that it can only go as far as the body allows. MADMONQ is much more than a supplement, and, as a company, we are also helping gamers develop habits, tools, and routines that will push them towards being the best. 

Is substance abuse going to be a major problem for esports in the foreseeable future?

I founded MADMONQ in 2017 after being spurred into action hearing the news about CSGO pros routinely abusing prescription medications. With large prize pools on the line, I can understand why players look to drugs like Adderall to give them a competitive edge, if they are not aware of the detrimental effects of these drugs on the long-term health of the body. My hope is that as healthier alternatives are brought to the market, substance abuse will begin to decrease. That said, we are facing an uphill battle when it comes to combating performance-enhancing drugs largely due to the majority of leagues not banning doping explicitly, the challenge of drug testing for a digital sport, and the ability for players to access legitimate prescriptions. 

What are your thoughts on ESL’s anti-doping efforts?

I appreciate that ESL has made a public commitment to safeguarding the integrity of competitions and providing a fair playground for professional players. Ideally, other leagues would follow suit and implement mandatory drug testing at tournaments, but this still doesn’t address those who have a legal prescription, which is quite easy to get. We are making progress as an industry, but there’s still a long way to go, and a huge part component is increasing awareness. Also, it is critical to remember that amateur and hobby players are just as impacted by prescription drug use too.

What are your thoughts about professional esports athletes’ training regime and potential career-ending health risks (both physical and psychological)?

Pros on the very top are getting high-level care which optimizes their short and long-term performance and can extend the longevity of their careers. The elite gamers are able to access adequate nutrition, mental health resources, physical training, and expert guidance, especially those living in gaming houses.  

However, for the majority of gamers, it’s their responsibility to take care of their health. Similar to taking care of hardware, you don’t always see the immediate benefits of taking care of your health. It is a long-term game, and many people neglect their health and hardware until it’s too late. 

Some career-ending health risks are back, wrist, and elbow injuries; and mental health concerns, including anxiety, depression, and burnout. All of these risks can be alleviated by focusing on mental and physical health early on. 

Are you an active gamer? If yes, which genre/games you prefer?

During my youth, I played Unreal Tournament, Warcraft 3, and Dota. During my high school and university years, I decided I wanted to play more with my friends as a team instead of as opposed to crushing them all the time, and I began to play Dota semi-competitively. My schedule today doesn’t allow for the same level of gaming as in the past, but my favorite games right now are Warcraft 3 and God of War. I love to play them as a way to relax after work. I also try to get my coworkers to play. Even though I can’t dedicate the same amount of time to playing as I used to, it is still the number one way I spend my spare time. 

Are you an esports fan? If yes, what are your favorite esports titles?

My absolute favorites are still Dota and Warcraft 3, even though it is rare today. I also enjoy all top-level competitive gameplay like CSGO, Valorant, and League of Legends.

That’s all from our interview with the MADMONQ founder Michal Noga.

Once again, we want to express our gratitude to him for taking his time and answering our question. Fingers crossed, Michal Noga succeeds in his intention to make MADMONQ a global brand! Fingers crossed, my good sir!


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