In-Depth Valorant Omen Gameplay Guide

by in Valorant | May, 15th 2020

Omen – a dark, shadowy figure that, at the very first sight, looks like something that came straight out of your worst nightmares. Well, if used correctly – that’s exactly what Omen can develop into, all in the course of a single match. If his design catches your attention at first glance and his abilities tingle your competitive imagination, then carefully examine our in-depth Omen guide and you might just get there!

Valorant Agent Guide | Omen Abilities 101

As you probably know already, Valorant has 10 agents and each of them has four unique abilities. Two of them can be purchased for in-game currency at the start of each round, one is gained automatically each round, and the last one (AKA the ultimate ability AKA ult) has to be charged with kills or via collecting dark orbs.

As you’d expect, Omen’s abilities are based around shadows. They offer plenty of area control and mobility, even allowing for a map-wide teleport that can drastically alter a round’s outcome. However, mastering Omen is not an easy task. It takes patience, multitasking, and impeccable map awareness to get the most out of this purple beast. But, we’ll cover all that later on in our in-depth Valorant Omen guide. For now, let’s focus on actual abilities!

Shrouded Step

Shrouded Step is Omen’s Q by default. It’s a short-range teleport that allows Omen to quickly switch angles and climb on top of boxes or other obstacles, just like Jett and Raze.

When combined with Dark Cover, Shrouded Step can be a great way of outplaying your opponents in witty ways. Perfectly aligning Dark Cover and Shrouded Step to avoid on-site detection takes practice, but it’s a great and highly effective way of entering sites and/or handling post-plant situations.


Paranoia is an instant-fire shadow projectile that reduces the vision of all players it goes through. It’s great for rushing on the offensive and, and stopping rushes on the defensive end. Paranoia costs 200 credits and it’s pretty straightforward – nothing more to add.

Dark Cover

Dark Cover is Omen’s signature ability. It can be activated two times and has a 30 seconds cool down and works well when combined with Shrouded Step. This allows Omen to travel between choke points without getting detected by the opposing team’s players. The positioning of the sphere can get a little tricky as its controls aren’t exactly conventional or intuitive, but once you get a hold of it, you’ll realize the true potential of Omen’s arsenal.

From the Shadows

Moving on with our Valorant Omen guide, let’s talk about his ultimate ability. From the Shadows is the name and it requires not six but seven points to fully charge. Why is that so? Well, it’s because From the Shadows has a massive impact on every round it gets activated on. More precisely, it can have a massive impact on a round, if used properly!

The ability does have a short period where you’re revealed before fully teleporting, which is the scary part of Omen gameplay. That brief moment or two during the teleportation’s channeling will scar you for life… if you end up getting killed right afterward. Check the GIF posted below and you’ll understand what I’m talking about here.

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Key Skills Omen Players Must Possess

If you haven’t figured it out by now – Valorant is much more than teamwork and mechanical skill. There’s plenty of that too, but there’s an added layer of opportunities that further increases the skill ceiling. The addition of classes usually does that, but Valorant goes an extra level with the uniqueness of their Agents’ abilities and the different ways they affect the gameplay.

Map Awareness

As far as Omen’s skillset goes, map awareness is of crucial importance. If you’re trying to main Omen, there are two things you should know:

  • Congratulations, you’ve made a great choice – Omen is going to be very viable in the current meta.
  • You have to be aware of your surroundings at all time, while at the same time noticing, predicting and countering the opposing team’s movement.

Let’s check this GIF (it’s pronounced gif, not jiff) out real fast! It perfectly depicts how you shouldn’t use Omen’s ultimate ability, From the Shadows. The occasion was good, that has to be pointed out because post-plant situations bring forth excellent opportunities for Omens. However, I miscalculated the enemy’s position and movement, and used the ult much closer than I should have. The result – a nice, clean kill… for the enemy player. And yeah, we did lose the round… and yeah, my teammates were upset because of that awful play on my end.

Game Sense

In addition to map awareness, good Omens also have impeccable game sense. But, what do I mean by game sense – it’s just another general esports(ish) term that has no meaning, right? Oh boy, that’s wrong on so many levels… I’m not even sure where to start.

Game sense represents a player’s ability to understand the core gameplay mechanics as well as tactical approaches beyond the surface level. While most people think game sense can’t be taught, I’d like to argue otherwise. It requires a ton of talent, that’s for sure, but it also requires a lot of repetition… and as we all know, practice makes perfect!

How to Play Omen on Split

Playing Omen on Split is pretty straightforward. I’d like to argue Split is Omen’s best map in the current meta. He’s viable on both ends and can control the middle portion of the map which is of crucial importance on Split, and can rotate quickly on what’s a pretty massive map.

Feel free to experiment with Omen’s Q and E alignment on mid as it can serve as a great field for mind plays. It’s tricky, no doubt about that, but if you nail the teleport perfectly, you could cut a mid-push in half and surprise your enemies with a chaotic flank.

The same goes for when you’re on the attacking end. Depending on your opponents’ positioning, you could isolate either the tower or vent room and head for a proper push straight to the site. Omen on Split has endless opportunities.

Playing Omen on Haven

Haven is a special map indeed, featuring three plant sites (A, B, and C), and relatively fast post-plant rotations. As usual, Omen is best used for taking plant sites. You can work his Dark Cover magic on all three sites, although it’s best suited for A and C since B rotations can come from multiple locations and are much faster.

He can defend sites on Haven too. Omen is most viable on A site, where he can not only cover both entrances but take up several unconventional positions on top of boxes scattered around the site. I’ve had plenty of success with Paranoia on A short. The attackers usually spend a lot of time in A lobby which is the perfect opportunity to link Paranoia up with something like Raze’s ultimate ability.

Valorant Omen Guide for Playing on Bind

Last but not least, our Valorant Omen guide has to talk about Omen’s viability on Bind, the third and final map during Valorant’s closed beta phase. As most of you know already, Bind is characterized by two one-way teleporters that give both sets of players a wide palette of opportunities, both attacking and defense-wise.

On Bind’s A site defense, use your Dark Cover to block showers and double. On the B site, do the same thing on long and hookah. That’ll prevent fast pushes and will give your teammates more time to set up a proper defensive play. Just make sure you point your orb to the right vertical level otherwise it might be buried underground.

On the attacking end, there’s a whole bunch of “smokes” you can do. Best of all, Omen’s smokes are long-lasting (15 seconds as of the most recent update) and they recharge after 30 seconds, meaning your team has a lot of area control throughout every round you play.

Wrapping Things Up

I’m afraid our Valorant Omen guide has come to a close! After taking a closer look at each of its abilities, inspecting the key skills every good Omen main needs, and carefully analyzing all three maps to find out just how viable Omen is on them, we’re all done.

Hopefully, our Valorant Omen guide has taught you something. If not, but you’re still keen on learning something new about Valorant today, head on over to our Valorant map guide that ought to significantly improve your gameplay.

As always, thank you guys for sticking till the very end!

Until next time. Stay safe!


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