In-Depth Valorant Jett Gameplay Guide

by in Valorant | May, 18th 2020

Hello and welcome, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Hello and welcome to our in-depth Jett guide in which we aim to give you an informative, sophisticated and well-detailed look into the tactical and mechanical depths of Valorant’s Jett.

We’re talking about one of four currently available female characters in the game. Her skill set isn’t that of your typical support, though – it’s more of a fast-paced assassin kind of a deal, with fast dashes and massive jumps that can both disorient and confuse your opponents.

This isn’t going to be your typical Valorant Jett guide, either. As you’ll soon realize, our take goes much deeper and brings forth not just a quick look into the agent’s abilities but provide a decent tactical coverage so you know how to act and what to do on each of the three currently available maps.

Yep, this Valorant Jett guide is going to be as complex and comprehensive as they come, so let’s dive right in!

Valorant Agent Guide | Jett Abilities 101

First things first – we’ll start our Valorant Jett guide by checking out all four of its abilities as well as the optimal ways of using them!


This skill is bound to the key C, and it allows Jett to instantly throw an orb that blocks vision for a brief period. You can also make a slight curve by holding the ability key in the direction of your crosshair. It’s the shortest-lasting vision-blocking ability in the game, but it’s just enough to allow Jett seamless movement and passage isolation, especially when combined with her signature ability, Tailwind. Cloudburst is cheap – it costs just 100 credits and you should always buy at least one so you can combine it with the rest of your trickery-packed skillset.

Updraft instantly propels Jett into the air. This skill also has a passive element that works even when you don’t have Updraft available. The passive element allows Jett to float when descending, either after a jump or after jumping off a raised surface. The float is activated by holding the spacebar and does wonders when combined with Jett’s ultimate ability, Blade Storm.


Updraft costs 200 credits and you can purchase two of them each round. You can use one right after the other to propel yourself high into the air and wreak havoc on your enemies with Blade Storm. In addition to that, you can also use Updraft to reach raised surfaces like balconies or stacked boxes. By doing so, you will meet the enemies at an off-angle which, when combined with a good aim, usually means a free kill.

Our Valorant Jett Guide can’t end without saying a thing or two about Tailwind. As some of you already know, Tailwind is Jett’s signature ability which means you get a free charge at the start of every round. It’s an instant dash in the direction Jett’s movement that allows Jett an extra bit of mobility and the ability to confuse and disorient opponents… if used properly, of course.


Tailwind can be used in numerous ways. Heck, you can even combine it with Updraft for spectacular high-rising dashes. If you want more style points, you can use Blade Storm while gliding down after Tailwind+Updraft combo and potentially catch your opponents off-guard for some clean and, most importantly, juicy-looking kills.

The last ability we need to analyze here is Jett’s ultimate, Blade Storm. It’s a unique concept that brings forth Jett’s assassin-like style of play, allowing her to go on an echo and still have a powerful fragging potential that can snowball into an ace pretty quickly.

Blade Storm

By activating Blade Storm (by pressing X), Jett equips several pinpoint accurate daggers that she can throw one by one (left click) or all at the same time (right click). A dagger hit deals 50 damage on a body hit and 150 (instant kill) on a headshot. We’re talking about pinpoint accurate daggers, which means they go right in the center of your crosshair… even when your gliding through the air after using Updraft. Remember that!

Best of all, Jett’s Blade Storm refreshes after killing an enemy, meaning it can be used for multiple kills, even on an echo round. It’s a viable snowballing solution even on full buys, and once activated, it acts just like a regular weapon, meaning you can use it till the end of the round.

Key Skills Jett Players Must Possess

If you want to up your Jett gameplay, here are the two key skills you’ll have to actively work on:

Mechanical Skills

Jett is all about gameplay mechanics! But, what are gameplay mechanics? Well, here’s a community-driven definition – mechanical skills are a set of coordinated movements of fingers for pressing certain keys in certain order and timeframe to achieve specific results.

With Jett, you need to be able to do intermediate-level stuff like precise bunny hopping to confuse your enemies and combine them with your Updraft and Tailwind for some wicked and utmost witty plays. Most importantly, you need to do all these commands on time and with pinpoint accuracy, otherwise, you might end up doing more harm than good to you and your team.

A Pinch of Craziness

It’s true – if you want to main Jett, you need to be a bit crazy. We’re not talking about batsh*t craziness here, but a pinch or two won’t hurt one bit. Use that inner craziness of yours (I know you’re hiding it somewhere) to surprise your enemies with Updraft+Tailwind rushes and potentially catch them off guard in the early stages of rounds.

In late stages, no matter if you’re playing on the defensive or attacking end, Jett’s set of abilities can be crucial for fast flanks and, when combined with simultaneous pushes from your teammates, can result in a straightforward round win.

How to Play Jett on Split

Playing Jett on Split can yield great results… if done properly, of course. As you all probably know by now, the team that has better mid control on Split is most likely going to win the match. As far as Jett attacking gameplay goes, she’s great for singlehandedly isolating one of two defensive angles on mid (tower and drop room) and pushing down the other path. This move can be, in coordination with your teammates, used as a bait or a fully-fledged push.

Another viable situation for Jett on Split is a fast A long push. If you’re playing against aggressive defenders, fast-pushing A with your Q and E can yield one or two quick kills that will result in a quick round win. There’s no need to address Jett’s defensive options on Split since she’s primarily an attacking agent. The only thing you can do with her on the defensive end is to find an off-angle and hope your aim can be the difference!

Playing Jett on Haven | Things You Need to Know

Moving on with our Valorant Jett guide, let’s talk about the thing you need to know when playing Jett on Haven! On the attacking end, you can use Jett’s Tailwind to be the first player pushing C. Pushing C will also give your team plenty of time to organize a post-plant situation and will allow you to jump up on one of the boxes and control the site from higher ground.

Of course, you can use Jett for mid/B-site pushes too. By using Cloudburst on either of the two flanks, you can get control of the B site pretty quickly, or you can use your Tailwind to quickly close down the flanking gaps and hope for the best.

Jett’s ability to defend on Haven is surprisingly good. That’s because all sites have a ton of vertical opportunities, and we all know Jett is the perfect agent to exploit them. You can catch attackers off-guard and grab a quick kill that’ll help you a ton in pre-rotation scenarios.

Valorant Jett Guide for Playing on Bind

Jett can be an awesome addition to every attacking composition on Bind. She can jump on top of the boxes on short and use tailwind to close the gap and make insane plays on mid and either of the sites.

Another effective Valorant Jett guide for Bind relies on a fast-push down mid. More often than not, there will be at least a single lurker aiming down the sights, waiting for a push. The GIF below shows off a good example of how to push down mid following a callout that A is all clear. For an even better approach, you can use Tailwind to dash behind the box right next to the teleporter and catch your enemies off-guard. In that case, you’d need someone like Sage or Brimstone to keep you covered in case of a mid push.

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Valorant Jett | FAQ

How to Unlock Jett in Valorant?

There are two ways you can unlock Jett in Valorant. First, we have the obvious one – level up all Jett agent contracts and you’re good to go. Method number two – purchase Valorant points and unlock all levels one by one. One level will set you back 200 Valorant Points. How much will a full agent contract cost you? Well, you do the match because there are significant discrepancies between currencies.

How to Glide with Jett?

As mentioned earlier, Jett can glide through the air. It doesn’t matter if it’s after Updraft or simply after jumping down from a raised platform. The results are always the same – Jett can glide through the air and negate fall damage. How to Glide with Jett? It’s simple – all you have to do is hold the spacebar!

How to Play Jett?

Playing Jett is easier than playing agents like Omen and Cypher. I’m not trying to belittle Jett’s mains here, but the fact of the matter is the following – Jett doesn’t require such an intricate tactical awareness as the aforementioned duo. However, that doesn’t mean there’s only one right way to play Jett.

Here are the main ways you can play Jett in the current meta.

On the attacking end:

⦁ Fast-paced rushes
⦁ Quick isolation plays with Cloudburst
⦁ Off-angle position setups with Updrafts

On the defensive end:

⦁ Passive on-site plays
⦁ Aggressive pushes
⦁ Fast flanks with Updrafts and Tailwind

How to Refresh Jett’s Ultimate?

Once you activate Jett’s ultimate ability, Blade Storm, it remains active until the end of the round and can be used just like a regular weapon. The only way you can refresh your blade count is by killing another player. Yes – you can do that several times in a round, which is what makes Jett such a tricky agent to play against. Her snowball potential is massive!

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