In-Depth Valorant Cypher Gameplay Guide

by in Valorant | May, 16th 2020

Valorant is a massively hyped game that’s already knocking down records on Twitch. In early April, the game hit a whopping 1.7 million concurrent viewers on Twitch which was an all-new high for a game in such an early stage of development (still in closed beta). True, Riot Games did incentivize the viewership by offering closed beta key drops exclusively on Twitch, but the hype is still real… and massive, too!

The demand for Valorant agent guides is just as massive. A large number of pro CS:GO players have already made the switch to Valorant, and there’s a ton of casual players trying to go pro in an all-new esports IP. Today, we aim to help some of those players with our comprehensive Valorant Cypher guide. As you probably know, Cypher is one of ten currently available agents in Valorant. We’re talking about a proper voyeur here, featuring a skill set based on revealing enemies’ positions through cameras, trapwires and other forms of trickery.

Our Cypher guide isn’t your typical Valorant agent guide. We’ll go much deeper than the typical rundown through the abilities. In addition to that, we’ll also point out the skills you need to develop to become a better Cypher player. That’s not all – we’ll also guide you through the basic tactical setups on all three currently available maps.

Yep, this Valorant Cypher guide is going to be a lengthy one so let’s dig right into it!

Valorant Agent Guide | Cypher Abilities 101

As mentioned earlier, Cypher is a voyeur – a hardcore voyeur! He loves poking around other players and their locations and does that with three out of four available skills. He’s not exactly your typical crowd controller, though… he’s more of a crowd locator. The only form of crowd control is his Cyber Cage that blocks visibility and slows down players who venture inside.

But, enough with the small talk. This section of our Cypher guide is dedicated to his abilities so let’s go through them and see the most effective ways of using them!


This ability stretches a wire, a thin line spanning between two walls. Once a player crosses over it, they will be tethered and revealed for a short time. If they don’t destroy the device in time, they will also be dazed, which brings forth an excellent opportunity to engage.

On the attacking end, they are best used for isolating certain parts of the map to prevent flanks. But enemies can easily destroy them. Yes, that’s true – but you will be notified if one is destroyed, which will give you enough time to prepare for a flank.

On the defensive end, they can be used for preventing surprising pushes on one or two site entrances. They’re not ideal, but they serve the purpose well and will always give you the info so you can prepare to hold the angle.

Cyber Cage

Cyber Cage is the next ability we have to talk about here. It allows you to throw cyber cages on up to two locations and transform them into small zones that block vision and slow players down. The transformation isn’t automatic – you have to press F while hovering on or nearby the device.

That’s what makes this ability so unique. Other vision blocking abilities are triggered instantly or after a short duration. Cyber Cage, however, can be triggered whenever you want, which brings forth that extra level of area control in what’s already a good set of location-revealing skills.

As you’ve probably realized by now, Cypher’s Cyber Cage can be effectively used on both ends. Defensively, you can block narrow passages for site pushes; offensively, you can hide yourself (and your teammates) and create witty plays, especially on mid-portion of any of the three available maps.


Moving on with our Valorant Cypher guide, let’s talk about his signature ability, Spycam. It allows you to place a miniature surveillance camera on walls. By reusing the ability, you can take control of the camera’s view and fire a marking dart. If you hit an enemy with it, it becomes revealed for a short time.

Spycam can be used in all sorts of ways. Typically, players use it at the beginning of each round to peak behind a wall. While that’s a viable use case, Spycam can also be used later in rounds to either clear/check additional angles or confuse the opposing players if you know their whereabouts.

Neural Theft

Slowly but surely, we’ve reached Cypher’s ultimate ability. It requires seven points to charge up and it brings forth a ton of information no matter when you use it. What it does is it reveals the area of all enemy teams for a short time. You have to use it near an enemy corpse, though, but that shouldn’t be difficult, especially if you’re forcing a mid-round push and you’re basing the start around your ult.

Neural Theft is one of the most critical ults in the game since it can make or break pushes in an instance. Use it carefully, though! Solid advice – always check the minimap after using your ultimate. If you’re just looking around without checking the minimap, you might focus on enemies on a certain location and expose yourself to other angles.

Key Skills Cypher Players Must Possess

If you want to up your Cypher gameplay, here are the two key skills you’ll have to hone:


Cypher is all about mind games and trickery! His skillset is based on setting up strategical points that reveal enemy players’ locations and give plenty of information to both you and your team. If used properly, that is.

You have to be witty to be a good Cypher. You need to be able to predict your opponents’ moves – when they’ll push aggressively, when they’ll camp on-site, and when they’ll try to flank you. Wittiness is not something you can sit down and learn. You need to play plenty of matches and recognize both mechanical and behavioral patterns to understand how players react in certain situations. By exploiting those things, you’ll know when and where to place your cameras and Trapwires… and that should be enough to grant you a few free kills every now and then.


Of course, knowing where the opposing players are doesn’t mean anything if you can’t aim even if your life depends on it. Aim isn’t everything in Valorant, but it’s still among the most crucial factors. When you use Neural Theft, all breathing enemies will be revealed on the map and you’ll see their movement behind walls. There’s still one part that needs to be done, and that’s shooting them down.

Aiming in Valorant is the same as aiming in CS:GO. There are some discrepancies, though, mostly in terms of recoil patterns and per-weapon accuracy, but it’s more or less the same thing. The built-in aim session can help you out here, just like other third-party aim-training solutions. The choice is yours!

How to Play Cypher on Split

Split is the first map we’re going to talk about in our Valorant Cypher guide. The special thing about Split is its sheer size and several zip ropes that help players move from one location to another. They add extra vertical depth to the map but do make a sound when used without shift or in mid-jump.

As for Cypher, he can still do wonders on mid with his voyeur approach. Aggressive trapwires are a must, especially if guarding the tower. On top of that, placing an early camera for passive mid control can get your team a long way later in the round.

Playing Cypher on Haven | Things You Need to Know

Haven’s specialty is the extra bomb site on mid, which adds extra complexity and complicates the lives of both defenders and attackers. When B site is the point of contact, usually all hell breaks loose with rotations coming from both ends. In such scenarios, Cypher’s trapwires work like a charm as they are capable of dealing with direct rotations from A and C.

Cyber Cages do a great deal of area control on B site too, both on offense and defense. They’re not the most convenient method of vision blocking, but they serve their purpose and will stop/slow down enemies that want to start rushing on the site.

Valorant Cypher Guide for Playing on Bind

The last portion of our Valorant Cypher guide covers the main gameplay elements and things to do on Bind. The two teleporters play a big role on the map as far as location reveal goes, but Cypher’s skillset still does a fairly good job.

For instance, Bind’s corridor placement works well for Cypher’s trapwires, allowing plenty of reaction time for flanks when you’re on the attacking. The same goes for his spycam – it’s best to use it on mid where you can monitor fast mid or teleport pushes on both attacking and defensive ends.

For more information, check out our in-depth Valorant maps guide.

Valorant Cypher FAQ

Last but not least, let’s take a closer look at some of the most frequently asked questions about Cypher:

How to Unlock Cypher in Valorant?

There are three ways you can unlock Cypher in Valorant’s closed beta. First, you can use your leveling unlocks to obtain Cypher, either at level 5 or level 10. If you’re already past that, you’ll have to level up all five Cypher agent contracts… or you can just swoosh your credit card and unlock him instantly.

Is Cypher a Robot?

I honestly don’t know and Riot Games didn’t exactly release a statement regarding this question. That said, we can only speculate.

Is Cypher Good?

This is a rather short answer – yes, Cypher is good! At least in the current meta, that is. Even though he doesn’t have a ton of area control, his crowd controlling and revealing skills are more than suitable alternatives. It can get boring from time to time, but it’s well worth it if it’s going to increase your rank!

How to Play Cypher in Valorant?

I’d be lying if I said playing Cypher is easy. It takes a lot of wittiness and good aim to be able to dominate enemies. Plus, it can get boring at times, especially when you’re on the defensive end and you’re facing a team that doesn’t like to do on-site rushes. If they isolate you – you’re toast. If they destroy your camera as well as both of your trapwires early into the round, you’re basically out of abilities and in a death trap.

Playing Cypher is tricky, but we’re talking about an agent that’s extremely viable in the current meta. So if you’re already used to his abilities, you might as well make Cypher your main!

How to Give Cypher’s Camera a Gun?

I kid you not – people are Googling this one… This question is absurd, to say the least, but it has to be answered, just like the rest of them!

When playing Cypher, you can’t give your camera a gun. That’s just not how things work in Valorant. Instead, when you place your Spycam on a wall, you can do two things with it. First, by pressing F you can take it off the wall. Second, by pressing E you can take control of its view. Once you’re controlling it, you can press the left mouse button to fire the marking dart.

But, how can players be so naïve to think they could give Cypher’s camera a gun? Well, believe it or not, there was a time when you could give Cypher’s camera a gun! It was a funny bug that was fixed a few updates ago, but you can find videos of it on YouTube.


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