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Valorant is back, ladies and gentlemen! This time, for everyone! You no longer have to go through a Twitch marathon for a chance to get closed beta access. Now, Valorant is completely free to play for everyone who wants to go on a highly competitive adventure. Closed beta is no more –the official Valorant launch AKA Patch 1.0 brought forth numerous changes as well as a new map and a new agent. The latter is exactly what we’re focusing on in our Valorant Reyna guide. No worries, though, we’ll tackle Ascent too, but in a separate article.

Valorant Reyna Guide | Abilities 101


Leer is the first ability in Reyna’s kit, and it gives her a much-needed poking potential. Leer is a throwable orb that near sights enemies that look at it. It’s basically the same thing as Omen’s Paranoia and somewhat similar to Breach’s and Phoenix’s flashes. The effect works kind of like a flash; it lasts slightly longer but can be destroyed by the opposing players. You can purchase two Leer orbs at the start of each round, which serve as your engagement tools.


Next up, we have the first of two Reyna abilities that require Soul Orbs to be activated. The name is Devour, and it heals Reyna back to full health in a matter of seconds, but can also yield temporary armor/shield too. In-game, this basically means Reyna has the ability to snowball with the very first kill, and she can take out multiple enemies at once without dropping a single point of health. Who’s ready for 1v5 aces, huh?


Just like Devour, Dismiss also relies on kills. More precisely, Dismiss relies on Soul Orbs that spawn after you kill enemies. You have to be fast, though, Soul Orbs stick around for only a couple of seconds and that’s it. If you miss your shot to use Dismiss or Devour, you’ll have to snatch another kill to get an additional opportunity.

When activated (E by default), Dismiss makes Reyna intangible. What does this mean? Yep, those were my first thoughts too. Basically, Dismiss makes Reyna invulnerable for a couple of seconds, allowing her to engage or disengage more effectively than most other agents. There’s one thing you need to keep in mind, though – you can’t shoot while invisible/invulnerable and there’s a brief post-effect period that makes you extra vulnerable if enemies have a direct vision of you.

When combined with her ultimate ability, Mistress, Dismiss makes Reyna invisible for the duration of her invulnerability. This brings forth even more opportunities for her, and makes her a proper badass with Mistress activated.


Finally, let’s talk about Reyna’s ultimate ability, Mistress! Mistress takes six ultimate charges to become available, which is what we expected considering what her ultimate ability is all about. It’s nothing special, mind you, but it perfectly suits Reyna’s other abilities and nicely rounds her package off.

Mistress is not only an ability with effects of its own, but it also boosts both Devour and Dismiss. Devour is used automatically after each kill, while Dismiss makes Reyna invisible instead of “just” invulnerable. In addition to all that, Mistress also increases Reyna’s rate of fire, reload speed, and improves recoil. Best of all, Mistress’ duration resets on kills, making Reyna’s snowballing potential seemingly infinite.

Key Skills | Valorant Reyna Guide

You need to be crazy to main Reyna! I’m not trying to flame you, I am being realistic here. We’re talking about a difficult agent here. Her skills aren’t all that fancy mechanics-wise, but they require kills… and kills require an overall stellar level of skill and understanding of the core gameplay elements.

Proper Aim

First things first – if you want to main Reyna, you need your aim to be your strong point. There’s no other way around it – you’ll never make it as a Reyna main if you can’t aim even if your life depended on it. In addition to good aim, though, you’ll need the right mindset too! And by mindset, I’m referring to confidence and focus, both of which we’ll cover right down below.

Confidence and Focus

Even if you have good aim, you might not be cut out to play Reyna. What good is S-tier aim if you’re not confident in your peeks and you can’t focus on the action and eliminate all external nuisances. Aim, confidence and focus – those are the three key characteristics of good Reyna mains. By actively working on them, your chances of becoming a squad-annihilating behemoth will be that much higher!

Valorant Gameplay Tips for Playing Reyna

The following part of our Valorant Reyna gameplay guide focuses on per-map tricks. Mind you, though, it was difficult to find smart stuff to say about an agent that’s heavily based on engaging and killing rather than crowd control or mind games. Still, I reckon I’ve done a fairly good job… but I’ll let you be the judge of that:

How to Play Reyna on Split

Playing Reyna, no matter what map we’re talking about, is always bringing forth a lot of risk. I feel like I’m repeating myself but I just have to say it – Reyna is a high-risk high-reward agent. I mean, it’s pretty obvious too, since half her skills can only be activated after getting a kill.

Reyna’s arsenal is lethal on Split, where she can use her Leer on several solid locations to either set up a kill for herself or a teammate peeking from the opposite angle. The perfect example of this would be on A. Reyna can hold ramps effectively and use Leer towards Main for an almost guaranteed kill. The same goes for Top Mid and Vent Room. Both locations serve great for a 2-man combo based around Reyna’s Leer.

Playing Reyna on Haven | Things You Need to Know

Reyna is excellent on Haven because of the sheer number of angles she can guard on the defensive and or push on the offensive. There’s an extra site too, but it bears no real importance for Reyna’s skill set as she’s not your typical crowd controller. What does bear importance is Reyna’s snowballing potential on long A or C. That’s where the typical quick rushes occur on Haven, paving the way for an easy ace for good Reyna mains.

Reyna Guide for Playing on Bind

Once again, these per-map guides don’t really make sense for Reyna and her set of skills. They don’t have a lot to do with the environment or the angles, so I guess we’ll just move on with general map tips instead.

The worst thing you can do with Reyna on Bind is overly focusing on mid when you’re on the attacking end. There are too many peeking locations there and your Leer won’t do much because that area is usually guarded by two players. What you can do, however, is choose a side (either B long or A lobby) and head for a straight push using your Leer. Use two of them, if possible, which ought to prevent more aggressive players.

On the defensive end, it doesn’t really matter where you go as long as you time your Leer properly. That’s basically the only ability you can activate before snatching a kill. Well yeah, technically you can activate your ult too, but that’s not always a smart thing to do…

Is Reyna Effective on Ascent?

As for Ascent, it’s really difficult to draw any concrete conclusions that we can use for our Valorant Reyna guide here. The map’s been live for roughly 48 hours and it’s way too early… But, what we can say is that Reyna is darn good on mid. On the defensive end, she can guard from Pizza, Market, or Bottom, depending on your playstyle and dueling abilities. 

On the offensive end, she can lead the charge through the courtyard with her Leers, and hopefully snatch a kill or two to feed her D&D skills. She’s pretty effective on the other end too – Valorant’s new agents is quite effective on the new map, who would’ve guessed?!

Reyna Gameplay Mechanics | Valorant FAQ

There’s just one more thing we need to touch upon in our Valorant Reyna guide. We’re all done with Reyna abilities explanations and gameplay tricks, all we have left to do is to answer the most frequently asked questions regarding the newest agent in Valorant. 

So, without further ado, let’s kick things off with the following questions:

How to Use Reyna’s Q and E?

If you’ve tried using Q and E at the start of certain rounds, you must’ve been greeted with the notorious “NO SOUL ORB NEARBY” message. Well, that’s because Soul Orbs are necessary for the activation of Dismiss and Devour. Soul Orbs drop when you kill enemies, which means Reyna’s Q and E can only be used in post-kill situations. While this can seem tricky (and it really is), it’s one of those high-risk high-reward things that can sway the round in a surprising way when Reyna is used by focused, confident and mechanically-skilled players.

How to Use Reyna’s Ultimate?

Just press X after getting the required number of charges… and that’s it!

Jokes aside, timing Reyna’s ability is of crucial importance. Luckily, Mistress’ duration is pretty long meaning you don’t have to worry about completely missing the timing. Remember – when you activate it, you’ll see your enemies’ silhouettes even more clearly, and have superior recoil, reload speed, and fire rate. Devour gets automatically activated, but you’ll still have to press E to activate Dismiss. Dismiss is great for disengagement so make sure you don’t forget about it if you’re surrounded by enemies on all fronts.

Is Reyna Any Good for Beginners?

This depends on the beginner’s mechanical skills. If we’re talking about a complete beginner with no history of playing FPS games, then we honestly can’t recommend Reyna. Someone like Phoenix and Jett might be more suitable since most (if not all) of their abilities are pretty straightforward. Reyna abilities, on the other hand, are rather complex. And not just because you need to manually trigger them after getting kills, but because of the sheer fact Reyna’s is pretty much useless if she’s not getting kills relatively consistently.

Thanks for joining us for our guide to playing Reyna in Valorant! Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and guides as we’ll be here keeping you up to date on all of the latest.


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