HyperX Spectre Blue Light Glasses Review

by in General | Sep, 22nd 2020

HyperX/Kingston Technology Company provided the following product for this review.

A few years back, I reviewed a series of Gunnar glasses for MMOHuts, and at first, I enjoyed them. They weren’t wildly comfortable, but the blocking of blue light was nice. I couldn’t get used to the ugly yellow tint they had. It felt like I had stuck the glasses in lemonade. On top of that, I wear headphones all day for work/streaming, so they also pressed against my head in a very uncomfortable manner. As someone who suffers chronic migraines, that wasn’t working for me. So when I received the HyperX Spectre glasses to review, I was relieved to see all these issues addressed!

As a gaming journalist who has worked at home for about six or seven years, comfort is one of the most important things. Anything I can to suffer less chronic pain is a blessing. The particular pair I’m reviewing is the Satin Black frames, with a magnetic attachable sunglasses option.

Coloring My World

Now, I won’t say there’s no tint to these; that would be disingenuous. The tint from the glasses is barely noticeable. When the black lenses are attached, the colors remain solid and visible. I can quickly tell the difference between white and yellow when wearing them, which I couldn’t with some of the other glasses. I love the sunglasses attachment, but there are positives and negatives. As long as I’m doing work at my computer, or watching TV/playing my Switch or Playstation, the colors are just fine. However, the color on my phone feels distorted with the sunglasses attached. The screen is still perfectly reasonable to see, but it feels like a privacy screen covers it.

I also sit right next to a large pair of windows, so being able to attach the sunglasses and work with peace of mind is fantastic. Compared to Gunnars, the color difference from the pairs I reviewed is night and day. All told, I reviewed four pairs at MMOHuts, but these are on a whole different level. I’m glad to have reviewed the HyperX Spectre blue light glasses. Anytime I see glasses like these on offer, I find myself rolling my eyes. I don’t like the world being washed in a weird amber color. Thankfully, the color here is better than any gaming glasses I’ve worn.

Comfort Is King

In the review process, the most important thing for me is comfort when wearing items. I already suffer migraines. To have glasses squished down onto the sides of my head by my headphones (Corsair Void Pro Wireless, for reference) is a serious negative. I’ve been wearing the HyperX Spectre blue light glasses since Friday when they came in, pretty much nonstop. The only time I take them off is to shower, sleep, or cook dinner. I can watch wrestling, play Magic, grind in FFXIV, or stream in them with no issues seeing or reading. As another point of fact, I do have 20/20 vision. For those that have prescriptions, HyperX Eye styles are Rx friendly, with prescription-ready frames from Lensabl.

I have not experienced any pain wearing these glasses due to wearing headphones or anything else. They conform to my head neatly, and I can slide them on and off while wearing my headphones without problems. Plus, I have to say, they look pretty darn cool too. Blue light is a pretty serious threat also. It can cause eye fatigue, blurry vision, and sleep troubles.

Not every pair comes with the optional sunglasses clip, but I absolutely love them, and I’m using them right now as I write this review. I requested a large pair and was worried they’d be too big or fall off my face. So far, they have yet to do so.

Final Thoughts

Frankly, these are amazing. The only negative is that white looks vaguely off white? That’s about it. The price is reasonable ($39.99-$79.99 on average), and they are very comfortable. As someone with a moderately big head, I don’t have any issues wearing them. I can do my job with less eye strain, which is fantastic. I’ve worn something like five or six different pairs of blue light glasses by now, and I ultimately get rid of them because of discomfort or my world turning into an Instagram filter. I don’t have that problem with the HyperX glasses.

It was a pleasure to review the HyperX Spectre blue light glasses, and I would 100% recommend them to anyone who spends long hours in front of a screen for work or play. If you’re interested in looking, you can find them here, and the newest eyewear goes out on Sept. 30. These are genuinely the best blue light blocking glasses. HyperX makes quality products, and this is absolutely no exception.


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