Here Are the Hyper Scape Changes Needed to Make It a Good Battle Royale Game

by in General | Oct, 10th 2020

Ubisoft tried to enter the battle royale space this year with the release of Hyper Scape, a game announced and released soon after that this summer. It was a similar situation at the start of Call of Duty Warzone and Apex Legends, but the outcome was much different. Some Hyper Scape changes need to happen for the game.

Hyper Scape Is in Desperate Need of Some Changes

In all honesty, Hyper Scape isn’t a good game at all, let alone a good battle royale game. This is the truth that is prevalent not just in the community for the game but for those who have just checked it out and reviewed it. Sure, there is an audience for this game, but it is in dire need of some changes.

The Hyper Scape changes will ensure that the game can rise through the ranks to compete with the other titles in the battle royale space. If someone wanted to check out a new battle royale game and asked me for a recommendation, I would never mention this game once.

Simply put, Hyper Scape isn’t where it needs to be. It has a long way to get there. However, I believe that there is something good lying underneath the surface. Many of the systems and unique parts of the game have a lot of potential to them.

After all, this is one of the fastest and fluid battle royale games in the entire genre, with everyone leaping and sliding around a massive map built with verticality in mind. It is unique and stunning to look at, but the actual gameplay of it is lacking.

If Ubisoft can hone in on the right Hyper Scape changes that need to happen, this title could easily become a good game, if not even a great one that would be worthy of being on our top 10 battle royale games of the year list that we update each year.

As such, I will go over some Hyper Scape changes that I would like to see for the game soon to expand to a broader audience and benefit those who have stuck with it since the beginning of the closed beta.

Hyper Scape Changes Needed: More Welcoming to New Players

Kicking things off is a simple one. The game needs to be more welcoming to newcomers. With every battle royale game, there is the tough nature of balancing, offering something interesting to new players while also ensuring that the veterans aren’t getting bored with it.

While the solution to this problem varies from player to player, there is no doubt that Hyper Scape doesn’t handle new players well. The gameplay’s somewhat steep learning curve makes it so that if you are up against someone who knows what they’re doing and you don’t, it’s over.

This is standard in most multiplayer games. The problem is that Hyper Scape never gives the player the chance to learn how to play this title. There need to be more training areas, modes, etc., where players can dig deep into the mechanics, hacking abilities, etc.

There should also be bot matches that you can do alone or with friends against bot opponents to practice with them in a closed environment until you are ready to take on other real players. It would also be great if there were some way to protect the brand new players.

Perhaps there is some system where the first 10 levels or so. You are sure to match up with other players around your level. And then after that, the matchmaking is more random. It depends on whether Hyper Scape wants to stick with the skill-based matchmaking that other battle royale games are controversially known for.

Major Gameplay and Weapon Changes

While fixing the system to help newcomers be more welcomed, some inherent gameplay and balancing issues need to be addressed to better the title. Starting with gameplay, there are some legitimate issues with Hyper Scape.

Overall, the skill needed for Hyper Scape is pretty insane when compared to other games in the space. This might be nice to the veterans who dominate the game. It is counterproductive for them, and everyone else in the long run since this isn’t a Quake or anything like that.

Above all else, Hyper Scape is a battle royale game. That means that it needs a large enough audience to support the massive matches and lobbies. If there aren’t enough players playing it, then the game will effectively die, unlike other niche titles that can survive with only a couple of hundred players.

As such, it is important for everyone that the skill level needed to play Hyper Scape goes down. This will be hard to fix since it is about leaping and moving fast outdoors, making aiming and shooting difficult. And it doesn’t help that some of the weapons are borderline broken.

The metagame in Hyper Scape is pretty rigid, with a few weapons, categories, and abilities dominating the scene. If you aren’t a sniper, explosives-user, or a fan of one or two other weapons, you will have a hard time getting kills, let alone wins, in this game. Again, this is an inherent design problem of the game, so it will be challenging to fix, but here’s hoping it can be.

More Game Modes and Changes to Crown Rush

At the time of writing this post, there is only one game mode available in Hyper Scape. That isn’t too big of a problem since popular games like Apex Legends are thriving with only one mode to its name permanently. That said, the one game mode, Crown Rush, has some issues with it.

Hyper Scape made the interesting decision to make its main mode one that is battle royale but with a twist. Sure, you need to survive until the end of the match. However, you don’t need to be the final player or team standing to win since there is another option.

You need to hold onto the crown for a certain time. You can win the match this way, instead of killing everyone. This is great for those who are great at mobility but maybe not taking out other players in the match.

But Crown Rush doesn’t help the gameplay and weapon issues; it only makes them worse. The game mode feels like one that should come after or with a standard battle royale experience. There are still other game modes that will help the title out.

For instance, I would like to see an objective-based game mode where it isn’t necessarily about taking out players but rather maneuvering around the map to capture points for your team. Then maybe the team with the most points at the end will win it all.

Of course, it would also be great to see a Team Rumble-like experience in Hyper Scape where it is a massive Team Deathmatch game mode. These game modes would allow for those who like running around the map and those who like eliminating to get their fix easily.

Ranking System and Better Progression

Another of the Hyper Scape issues with the progression of the game. Sure, it is still early on, but it didn’t take this long for some games to develop standard progression systems. Hyper Scape needs to give players more reason to keep coming back to the game and playing matches.

Part of this problem could be solved with a ranking system. Many other issues mentioned about the balance of the game and welcoming newcomers could be solved with this. Ranking isn’t in the game yet, so the hardcore players don’t have that experience right now.

Doing so would allow those looking for a more hardcore experience to try the ranked matches. The more casual players could stick with the normal matchmaking. Again, whether the normal matchmaking should be skill-based is a tough one to answer.

But regardless, giving an out for the dedicated audience would pave the way for more balanced normal matches. This would give players a chance to learn and play the game since not every player will do normal matches anymore.

Map Design Changes

This one might be bold, but I would like to see some major map design changes to Hyper Scape. While most of this post has been issues with the game, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t good parts. One of the best parts of the game is how stunning it is.

While it might not feel good to play, it at least looks good while playing it, which is a bonus over other games in the genre. It fills the beautiful and colorful hyper sci-fi niche that other futuristic games like Apex Legends don’t accomplish.

That said, there are some problems with the Hyper Scape map that needs addressing in the future. Before we can get into a new map, the original one needs fixing. Since the game is so focused on verticality and moving around quickly, it neglects its aspects.

For one, despite having such a massive map, there aren’t many indoor spaces for you to explore. Exploring the insides of buildings and locations is an important aspect of battle royale games. It is seen in literally every single one out there except maybe Spellbreak.

I would like to see more of the buildings in Hyper Scape open up and allow players to loot and explore its interiors. Beyond that, I would also like to see more variation in the environments that you explore. Sure, it is a big and beautiful map but a highly sterile one at the same time.

While there are named locations and somewhat different areas, most everything looks the same. You might think you are running in circles. There needs to be more diversity on the map and the locations to differentiate themselves from each other.

Crossplay and General Console Changes

Last but not least, we come to the issue of crossplay and general console changes. A lot of the issues that I mentioned above will require fixes centered around the playerbase. If there aren’t enough players playing the game, the above fixes won’t work.

The best way to address that, outside of making the game better, is to open it up to everyone. Hyper Scape needs crossplay. Getting it sooner will help the audience since they will have many players to hang out with.

This brings some more issues, though, like aim assist and console players playing with PC. These need addressing, too, and they aren’t easy issues either. Another way is to expand the number of consoles and platforms that Hyper Scape is available on.

Hyper Scape should come to the next generation of consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, either at launch or soon after. It should take advantage of those platforms. It would also be nice to see it come to Nintendo Switch. The more platforms, the better, as has been seen in the past for other games like Fortnite.

Hyper Scape can be a good game. However, it will take changes like these and more to get to that place. Here’s hoping that Ubisoft is willing to put in the work to make those changes happen. We could see another battle royale dud soon, which would be unfortunate.


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