How to Use Call of Duty Mobile Controller Support

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 13th 2019

Activision has finally released the official Call of Duty Mobile controller support for the game. After fans requesting the feature for months, you can now use your favorite controller to play in the mobile-centric entry in the series.

Call of Duty Mobile Controller Support Arrives in Major Update

Call of Duty Mobile released out of beta and into its full release in early October 2019. The game immediately had record-breaking downloads and financial success. It accomplished so much in such little time and became a hit in the mobile gaming community.

Players praised the fact that the game had everything you would expect from a mainline Call of Duty game on consoles and PC but without the unnecessary charges of a full-price game. It had the multiplayer you expected, the battle royale that players love, and much more.

It even got a Zombies mode recently that puts it on par, content-wise, with recent entry in the series Black Ops 4 from last year. This is all available free to play with optional microtransactions contained within. The best part is that the package runs well and looks great, too, for a mobile game.

However, one thing missing with the console and PC versions is Call of Duty Mobile controller support. Players have requested the feature for some time now because not everyone wants to use the touch controls.

The game does a great job of having standard touch controls that generally work well within the confines of the game. There is an auto-attack that helps with the fact that this is a mobile game where players are limited in how fast they can move the camera and their input selections.

This is where Call of Duty Mobile controller support would be extremely welcome. Players can play the game as if it were the most recent game, Modern Warfare, since the touchscreen controls don’t limit them. Thankfully, players can do just that.

A major update in November released the controller support, new content and more. The arrival of this feature comes after months of strange occurrences within the game.

History of Controller Support in Call of Duty Mobile

The history of Call of Duty Mobile controller support is a strange one. It all started when the game first launched. In early October, players downloaded this free-to-play title on both Google Play and the App Store for Android and iOS mobile devices.

It became the biggest game launch in the history of the App Store and Google Play, beating out other juggernauts like the also recently released Mario Kart Tour and even genre giants PUBG Mobile and Fortnite.

The game featured a lot of things to do like participate in battle royale and traditional multiplayer matches. It didn’t take long for players to figure out that you could already use a controller in multiplayer if you wanted to.

However, it made the easy game even easier for players because they had the advantage of using a controller against slower players who had only the touchscreen to use. It was a very unfair experience. Since the support didn’t seem official, players were matched up with everyone.

You would have players who were using a controller playing against those with only the touchscreen. Wins were easier than before in multiplayer and in battle royale matches likely because Apple released iOS 13 recently.

The latest major update for the operating system brought with it the long-awaited release of controller support. Players can use PS4 and Xbox One controllers for various mobile games so long as the game itself added the feature in there.

For some reason, though, Call of Duty Mobile allowed for players to use controllers in the game at launch. It could have been added by accident or earlier than initially. Regardless, it was removed shortly in one of the first updates for the game.

But, thankfully, you can now use Call of Duty Mobile controller support in the game right now. It only took a month for the company to announce that the feature would be added later and then several more weeks before an update brought controllers to the game.

All Controllers That Are Supported in the Game Right Now

With the release of official controller support in the game now available, players are looking forward to checking it out in the game. Of course, you can’t enjoy the controller support feature unless you already have a controller that is compatible with the game.

Currently, two main controller types are available for use in the game. They are the same controllers that were previously available in the game during the first couple of days of launch. The only two controllers that you can use in the game right now are the PS4 and Xbox One controllers.

At least for the launch of controller support, you are only able to use official PS4 and Xbox One controllers. So, if you don’t have one of those, you are likely sore out of luck for now. It is possible that other mobile controllers designed for mobile devices could work, but we don’t know at this time.

It is also unlikely that the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller or any other peripheral for that system will work with the game. Because only the PS4 and Xbox One controllers are available, it doesn’t mean that you can use any mobile-supported controller in the mobile game.

There is another catch, too, regarding even the two available controllers that you can use. You can use all official versions of the PS4 DualShock 4 controller except the first generation of controllers. For some reason, the game doesn’t support that generation of controllers.

To make sure that you don’t have the first generation of PS4 controllers is the light bar at the top of your controller. It is a new feature for PS4 controllers that changes lights, depending on certain scenarios.

Originally, the light bar was only on the front of the controller that is facing the TV and console. Later generations of the controller added a smaller, extra light bar at the top of your touchpad so that you could see the current color of your controller without having to move it around into strange positions.

That is the only stipulation that Activision announced in the blog post revealing the feature. However, we do have to wonder about the Xbox One controllers. Whereas there is only one main type of DualShock 4 controller, there are several different Xbox One controllers.

There is the first generation, of course, the slimmer and redesigned version of the controller, and then the Elite Series of controllers. Those latter, more expensive controllers are some of the best in gaming history with such excellent features and more.

Presumably, those controllers are available in the game for use, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t since they are a different model. For now, we have to see if players end up using it or not. Some additional controllers could be supported in the future.

You can try using non-supported controllers in the game anyways using our connection methods below. Still, you could easily experience some issues with the functionality, so do this at your own risk.

How to Connect Your Controller to Call of Duty Mobile

Once you have one of the two official controllers for the game, you can connect it to your mobile device. You can pair your controller using Bluetooth. However, some phones may allow for a direct-wired connection.

If your phone is left idle for too long, you may lose your Bluetooth connection and must reconnect again. You can enable pairing on your controller by holding down the Share and PlayStation buttons at the same time on the PS4 controller, or the Xbox and sync buttons on the Xbox One controller.

Make sure you have Bluetooth turned on for the mobile device you are using. Go into the Bluetooth settings and find the wireless controller that you are trying to connect to your phone. Select it on your device so that you can connect to the controller.

Once you connect your controller to your mobile device, open the game app. Next, navigate to the main settings for the game and find the controller settings.

Select the “allow use of controller” option in the settings and enable it. From there, you can choose to modify the controller settings if you need to. After that, you are ready to go and use your controller in the game.

Where You Can Use Your Controller and Other Details

Before getting too deep into using your controller for the mobile game, there are some details that you should keep in mind. The first is the most important one and that is that these controllers only work within a match and nowhere else.

What this means is that you can use it in battle royale, multiplayer, Zombies, and the like but only there. When you are outside of a match and are in the lobby or one of the many menus, you can’t use your controller there.

You have to switch back to using the touchscreen menu to navigate through the lobby and various modes. Make sure you are connected before entering a match and that you switch to controller use while you are still in the lobby.

One thing to note about this whole experience is that using a controller alters the players you are matched up with. The game ensures that players using a controller are matched with other controller-wielding players.

This keeps it balanced so that the touchscreen players won’t have to play with someone who has a superior gameplay advantage over them. This also means that playing with a touchscreen matches you with fellow touchscreen players.

The question here is if you team up with one of your friends and one player is using the touchscreen while the other is playing with a controller. To keep everything fair, a situation like this results in the party only playing with other players who are using controllers.

This will make it unfair for the one or two players in the party who are only using the touchscreen controls. But, it is reasonable enough so that the party isn’t able to dominate the touchscreen players in battle. As such, you should keep this in mind when partying up with your friends.


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