How to Unlock Vanguard Weapon Mastery Camo: Atomic, Dark Aether, Diamond

by in Call of Duty | Nov, 9th 2021

Call of Duty Vanguard introduces players to a new take on the World War II setting with four lead characters in the campaign and a more open, free-form style multiplayer segment, as seen in our full review of the game. As players progress through the multiplayer, they will unlock the Vanguard Atomic camo and more.

Call of Duty Vanguard Weapon Mastery Camos Revealed

What is quite impressive about Vanguard is the sheer amount of progression you can enjoy while grinding through the amazing 20 maps and various modes in multiplayer and Zombies. There is so much to progress in, even more than in the past Call of Duty games. 

There are usual components like your overall player level with more than 50 to unlock there, plus the 100 levels of the seasonal battle pass and will be changing every so often. Then there is the new operator progression system where you level up each character you play to unlock more items for them. 

And that is still without including all of the weapons that are in the game at this time. Every single weapon in the game, from the lowly fighting knife to the powerful Automaton assault rifle, has its progression, level, and even some customization that you can enjoy. 

As you level up every single weapon in the game, you will be able to go into the Gunsmith and start adding various attachments and other equipment for you to use there. Better yet, as you level up the weapon and complete various tasks with it, you will also be able to get special camo skins for it. 

These are quite numerous. There are a lot of skins that you can get in the game for just a single weapon, let alone every one of them that are in the game at this time. To make matters more intense, every new weapon that comes to the game after launch will also have the same features available for them. 

The Call of Duty Vanguard weapon mastery camos are one of the most important parts of the progression system as it allows you to show the entire community what you’ve accomplished. Having a cool weapon skin is quite difficult to pull off, but that is where we come in. 

We will break down all of the weapon mastery camos in the game at this time, including the brand new Vanguard Atomic camo and all of the others, so that you know how to unlock them for each weapon in the game. 

How to Unlock the Multiplayer Mastery Camos

When it comes to unlocking the Vanguard Atomic camo for your favorite weapon and all of the other mastery camos, too, it all comes down to some weapon challenges given to you. Every camo in the game that you can unlock for a weapon will require you to complete a task, like getting so many eliminations at point-blank range and many others. 

In total, for multiplayer, there are three main multiplayer weapon mastery camos that you can unlock. These are far different from the other camos available for each weapon as they look much better than the others and are harder to unlock at the same time. 

There are multiple categories of camos that you can unlock, with each category becoming available to you once you reach a certain player account level in Vanguard. The game’s current categories of weapon camos include Pack Tactics, Surgical, Predatory, Ambition, Reptilian, Deadeye, Berserker, Wildcat, Survivalist, Mindgames Death Artist, and Completionist.

That last category, the Completionist one, is the category that we will be mainly focusing on in this post. This is the one that contains the Vanguard Atomic camo, among others that are the best in the game. This category is the hardest to unlock and contains three camo options at this time. 

There is the Vanguard Atomic camo, plus the standard gold and diamond variants of each weapon. These three are the badges of honor that you can show off on your weapons to prove to the world how much time and effort you have put into the game. 

However, the problem here is that unlocking each of the three mastery camos for a weapon is quite difficult. It all starts with the gold camo, which is the easiest of the three to achieve. What it has to do with is the other camos that you have for your weapon.

If you want the gold mastery camo for a weapon, you must unlock every single other camo option for that particular gun. While that sounds simple, it means completing every weapon mission you have for that weapon. Once you have done so, the gold will automatically unlock and become available to you. 

The next mastery camo, the diamond one, ups the ante with a harsher requirement of unlocking the gold camo for every weapon in that particular category. That means if you have an assault rifle, for instance, that you want the diamond camo for, you need to unlock gold for all of the other six AR guns in that group. That, in turn, means completing all of the camo challenges for all seven weapons and then you get the diamond camo for each of them. 

However, we are still not done as this game also introduces the Vanguard Atomic camo skin. This is the final weapon camo at this time, and it is a doozy, requiring players to unlock the diamond skin for every weapon and category in the entire game. 

This means that you will have to complete every single weapon challenge for all of the guns and other Vanguard weapons to get the Vanguard Atomic camo skin. In total, there are nine categories of weapons and more than 35 individual weapons that you have to complete all of their challenges for before you get this weapon mastery camo for each of them.

Tips for Unlocking the Vanguard Atomic Camo

The task of unlocking the Vanguard Atomic camo for every weapon is a daunting one and one that will take quite a bit of time to accomplish. That is where we come in, as we will offer some help for how to unlock the Vanguard Atomic camo skin by giving you tips for the weapon challenges you must do.  

When it comes to the multiplayer challenges in Call of Duty Vanguard, what is worth noting is that most of them are roughly the same across all of the different gun categories that you will do. While stuff like launchers and melee weapons will slightly differ, most weapons are the same. 

You will need to complete various missions that are mostly the same objectives across most weapon categories, while each category will be the same with all of its guns. For instance, all of the assault rifle and SMG weapon challenges are almost the same. 

Each category of the camos that you do will have a different type of challenge that you must complete, with each camo under it is unlocked the more you do that task. For instance, the very first category, the Pack Tactics one, will always require you to get eliminations with the weapon. 

The higher level your weapon is the more categories of camo that you will unlock. The more eliminations you get, the more camo skins you will unlock under the category until you have all of them. When it comes to these challenges, for the most part, they are standard stuff. 

In general, Team Deathmatch is the game mode that we recommend when it comes to these challenges. Just get eliminations, get headshots, get so many kills without dying multiple times, and so on. There are some, though, that are a bit trickier than others, so we have some tips for them. 

Furthermore, we recommend turning on the Blitz combat pacing for Team Deathmatch if you do not mind a jam-packed match of players. The more enemies mean, the more chances to get eliminations, headshots, point blank kills, and so on. However, dial it back to Assault or even the Tactical combat pacing if you are overwhelmed by this many players. 

When it comes to the multikill and eliminations without dying challenges, we also recommend employing some survival techniques. In this case, try to aim to perch up on a sniping point and shoot off from a safe distance, as this will make these easier. 

Also have survival tactics, like the armor plates equipment, perks that protect against grenades and the like, and killstreaks like the guard dog that will keep you in the fight for longer. Long-range kills factor into this as well, as most weapons have this challenge type, so you will want to find good sniping spots where you can safely fire off at far away enemies. 

Point blank is tricky, especially with weapons that are not SMGs or shotguns, so the case with this one is to run into the middle of the fight, enemy spawn point, or try Hardpoint or Domination, where you are likely to run into players at closer ranges.

How to Unlock the Zombies Mastery Camos

However, this is not the end of the story with the mastery camo skins in Call of Duty Vanguard, as there are more beyond just the multiplayer ones. When you play Zombies, there are skins there, too, that you can find and equip on your favorite weapons to show off in battle. 

The system is largely the same as the multiplayer side, with the same categories of camo skins but a few differences here and there. For instance, the weapon challenges are slightly changed for some categories, requiring different objectives that are more fitting for the Zombies experience. 

There is also the fact that the mastery camo skins are different for Zombies mode, including three variations on the Vanguard Atomic camo skin, Diamond, and Gold. The three available in Zombies are the Golden Viper, Plague Diamond, and Dark Aether camo skins. 

Like with the multiplayer mastery skins, the only way to unlock these three is to unlock every camo for the weapon before it. The Golden Viper skin, for instance, requires you to unlock all of the weapon camos from the previous categories for that particular weapon by completing their challenges. 

The Plague Diamond skin then requires you to get the Golden Viper skin for every gun within that particular category. And then, when you have Plague Diamond for every single gun and weapon in the game in Zombies, you will unlock the final mastery camo that is the Dark Aether skin for all of them. 

Tips for Unlocking the Vanguard Dark Aether Camo

As mentioned already, the weapon camo challenges are slightly different in the Zombies version, so we have some tips for completing this as well. Some are the same, like getting eliminations in Zombies or critical kills equivalent to headshots. 

However, it changes to challenges that include getting Pack-a-Punched eliminations, which requires upgrading that particular weapon, rapid kills, and others. Our tips for this category begin with the Deadeye category, where you need to get eliminations due to an equipped Covenant. 

Covenants are a new feature in Vanguard that you can purchase in the middle of a Zombies match using sacrificed hearts. You can only carry three of the 11 Covenants at once and some of them will affect your weapons, which you want to get here. 

You want ones like Dead Accurate that deals more damage as you fire at the same enemy, Death Blow that returns a bullet to the clip with critical kills, Bloodlust that deals more melee damage and heals you, depending on the type of weapon you are using. 

Boom-Schreier and Sturmkrieger eliminations are pretty self-explanatory, as you will need to get plenty of kills on these harder enemy types that show up more often as the match goes on. Rapid critical kills can be difficult, which is why we recommend that you always aim for the head when possible. 

Before the mastery category, Death Artist, the final one requires you to get 20 kills without getting hit by the zombies several times. This is quite difficult and will be possible with longer-range weapons, so it might be best to work together with friends that you can communicate with and take turns protecting someone in the group so that they can receive the camos in this category easily. 


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