How to Unlock The Mandalorian’s Beskar Armor in Fortnite: All Challenges

by in Fortnite | Dec, 3rd 2020

Fortnite Season 5 is here. One of the biggest parts of the entire season is the battle pass. The paid battle pass is all about bounty hunters, and one of the most important ones is none other than The Mandalorian. Here is how to unlock the Fortnite Beskar armor for this new skin. 

The Mandalorian Is the Latest Crossover Skin

Fortnite Season 5’s bounty hunter theme is an interesting one, and it centers around the Zero Point at the middle of the map. Last season in the Marvel-themed Season 4, the defeat of Galactus ended with more realities meeting up on the Chapter 2 Fortnite island. 

Many hunters converged on the island this season and filled up the battle pass as part of this. The first skin that you will get in the battle pass is The Mandalorian, who is arguably the most hyped character in the pass, to begin with, so that is nice of Epic.

But that said, The Mandalorian might be the first one that you get, but he won’t come complete with everything that you know and love about him from the start. You will need to unlock his special Fortnite Beskar armor and other features about him to get the full Mando experience.

There are other armor styles and even The Child himself, Baby Yoda, that you can add to make the character more like his TV show self, but they are even further along in the battle pass, so it will be some time before you can unlock those. 

In the meantime, if you want to enjoy playing as The Mandalorian with his signature Fortnite Beskar armor look, we will help you out with unlocking that with our full guide on how to do so. Here’s everything that you need to know about this special armor set. 

Full List of Fortnite Beskar Armor Challenges

There is something unique to how the Fortnite Beskar armor is handled in Season 5. For one, you will unlock pieces of the armor at a time, much like how Mando himself had to assemble different pieces of it throughout the first season by acquiring Beskar pieces. 

You won’t be able to unlock the full armor set at once and will, instead, have to work towards one part at a time in a somewhat lengthy multi-part quest line. You will be able to do one challenge at a time. Finishing one will unlock the next one in the quest line. 

What is excellent, though, is that this isn’t like the Wolverine or Aquaman missions from past seasons where you only got one challenge per week as you can do all of them right now at the launch of the new season, so you could be one of the first players to have the full Fortnite Beskar armor. 

Here are all of the challenges that you will have to do to get the full set:

  • Land at the Razor Crest
  • Complete a bounty
  • Earn the weapon specialist accolade five different times
  • Complete a legendary quest
  • Find Beskar steel in the belly of the shark
  • Defeat the Ruckus boss NPC
  • Find Beskar steel where the earth meets the sky
  • Collect 500 bars

As you can see, these eight challenges vary in difficulty and length to complete them as some will only take you a moment to do while others could take you several matches to complete. Thankfully, that is where we come in, as we will give you tips on how to do all eight of these so you can unlock the true Mandalorian skin option. Let’s get started. 

Where to Find the Razor Crest and Bounties

The first Mandolorian skin quest you will have is to land at the Razor Crest in a match online. The Razor Crest is the unique ship that Mando uses in the show, and you need to help him find it. You don’t technically have to have the Mandalorian skin equipped for this, but we did it anyway. 

This is a pretty easy task. Al you need to do is go somewhere in a match, but you need to know the Razor Crest location to do that. You can find his ship on the battle royale island near the center of the entire Season 5 map

His ship is found east of the Zero Point in the middle of the island where The Ruins, The Agency, and so on used to be and directly southeast of the new Colossal Coliseum location. It is right next to the river that runs through here and is pretty hard to miss. Get close enough to it that you see the notification that you have completed this first mission. 

Next up, you will have the task of completing a bounty in Fortnite battle royale. Bounties are new to the game this season and further expand upon the bounty hunter theme. This is a new feature that you can do as a side objective in the middle of your match. 

For this mission, you need to complete one bounty quest, which involves reaching out to the NPCs who are now on the map which won’t attack you but only give you quests. They are typically found at named locations — we’ve had particularly good luck at Pleasant Park — and you can find them with the chat bubble icon above their heads.

Talk with them and accept the bounty, which is the one that asks you to eliminate another player and not the other options as they will not likely count towards this. Eliminate the player and then you will have completed this bounty Mando-style. 

Keep in mind that you only have five minutes to take the other player you are tasked with, so don’t let the time run out. However, keep in mind that the matches aren’t exactly that long anyway, so five minutes is probably plenty of time to find one of these bounties and take them out.

How to Complete a Legendary Quest

Next up is a lengthier mission where you need to earn the weapon specialist accolade five different times in a match. These can be done in separate matches, to be fair, but we think it might need to be done with five different types of weapons. 

In general, you get the weapon specialist accolade in a match for getting 250 damage in total that matches an assault rifle or shotgun and 150 damage with the other weapon types in the game. Five of these is a lot as you are looking at potentially several hundred damage, if not over almost a thousand.  

This is a complicated process that will likely take you several matches unless you are a weapons expert. One way to do it faster is to do this task in the Team Rumble game mode, as we usually recommend for most challenges. You have respawns so you can keep coming back and dealing more damage with different weapons for a while. 

Next up is to complete a legendary quest, which sounds extremely vague from a glance. Legendary quests are meant to be harder ones that take a longer time to do or are just difficult. They vary from week to week this season, so be sure to see which one is currently available.

At the time of writing this, the current legendary quest is to complete five bounties in the game. We’ve already gone over bounties, so you know what they are, but five of them is a lot. You will likely not be able to defeat these five bounties in one match, so be sure to take your time with it. We recommend that you aim for one bounty per match and then you only need five matches for this. 

Where to Find Beskar Steel and Ruckus

For the next mission for The Mandalorian, you need to find the Beskar steel in the belly of the shark. That is pretty vague as you don’t technically get an actual name of a location, but veteran players might already have an idea of what you need for this particular challenge. 

Do you remember The Shark? The named location that was once part of the game as one of the main spots, specifically, in Season 2 of this chapter? Well, that is the spot that you need to head for this particular challenge. And yes, it still exists but no longer as a named location as it once was. 

Instead, it is just a small island that you can visit on the map, largely in the same location as you remember it. It is in the northwestern tip of the island, north of Coral Castle. This landmark location is where you need to head to and then go inside the shark’s mouth to find the Beskar steel inside its belly. 

Now, it is time for the next challenge, which happens to be one of the hardest ones that you have to do. You need to take down the mythic boss NPC Ruckus. He is one of the new boss enemies that you need to defeat on the map, but you must find him first. 

You can find Ruckus east of Slurpy Swamp at the landmark location known as Hydro 16. This is where the waterfall is. The facility here is where you will find Ruckus and his minions. He is a challenging boss, so we recommend bringing some pals to help you out and maybe even agree to complete this mission for one another. 

Where the Earth Meets the Sky Is Found

The penultimate task you need to do is find more Beskar steel, but you have to find it when the earth meets the sky. That is extremely vague and even more difficult to figure out than the shark one that was pretty obvious if you’ve played the last several seasons. 

Thankfully, this one isn’t super hard to do once you know where it is. You need to head to the highest point on the map, and that happens to be the snowy mountain that is south of Catty Corners in the southeastern section of the island. 

Head on top of the mountain. You will find the Beskar steel piece that you need inside of a chest there at the summit of the mountain. With that done, there is only one more challenge left for you to do. It could take you the longest out of all of them. 

Last but certainly not least, it looks like Mando needs some money to get the rest of his armor. You need to collect 500 bars in total. Bars are the special currency added to the game in Season 5 and are earned in the matches when you complete the various quests. 

In this case, you need a total of 500 bars, which sounds like a lot (and it is), but it isn’t that much overall. What you need to do for the bars is head to those NPCs who won’t fight you, chat with them, and complete the quests that they give you.

Each quest will let you know how many bars they give to know what to do ahead of time. In general, you are looking at about eight to 10 quests to get the 500 bars needed for this task, which is a lot. We recommend you spread it out across matches and try to aim for two quests per match to save time, but you can do it in as many matches as you need. Once this is done, you will have the full Beskar armor set.


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