How to Unlock Hearthstone Sea of Dunes Card Back

by in Hearthstone | Sep, 3rd 2019

Blizzard is gearing up for more content as we get deeper into the Saviors of Uldum season since the expansion’s release at the beginning of August. Though we still have some time to wait for the solo adventure mode that is coming out of the new expansion, we do have some new rewards to tie us over in the meantime.

What a Hearthstone Card Back Item Is

One of those such rewards from the latest expansion is the Hearthstone Sea of Dunes card back cosmetic item. This is a new cosmetic item that players will be able to collect for their collection. It is a cosmetic item, meaning that you aren’t able to affect gameplay when you have it equipped.

For those who don’t know or might be newer to the popular mobile and PC card game, a card back is a cosmetic item that only affects the appearance of something within the game. In the case of a card back, it only affects how the back of your cards look while you are in matches online.

Being that this is a card game where the other player is going to be looking at the back of your cards the entire time while you are playing, a card back is going to be necessary to many players. Majority of the time, cards are hidden, so the card back is all players will see for most of the match.

As such, it is essential to players in the community how their card back looks. If you have accomplished something in the game that not many other players have or just like the certain look of a card back, it is worth equipping to show off in various matches and modes across the game.

Of course, if you’re looking to get more card backs, you either have to purchase them with real money or in-game currency or unlock them. The Hearthstone Sea of Dunes card back is one such card back that players will need to unlock within the game if they would like to use it in matches.

The Sea of Dunes card back is a newer one that just joined the game this week. It is because it is a new month so Blizzard is adding more rewards this month for players to unlock and receive. If you’ve been around the Hearthstone block for some time, you’ll know that this is pretty common.

How to Unlock Hearthstone Sea of Dunes Card Back

How to Unlock Hearthstone Sea of Dunes Card Back

So, the question is, how do you unlock the new Hearthstone Sea of Dunes card back? Well, this is an easy question to answer, but the actual process of unlocking it can be complicated for some players. You see, every month, Blizzard releases new card backs for players who play ranked mode to unlock.

These ranked card backs aren’t the easiest to get because they do require you to play through the ranked mode where most of the best players are actively playing. The Hearthstone Sea of Dunes card back is one such card back that you can only get through playing in the ranked mode.

The ranked mode is where players are put on a leaderboard of sorts, as well as various tiers you move up and down, depending on how well you do in matches against players of similar skill and tier to your own.

It is the mode that allows players to have the most significant bragging rights and show that they are worthy of the top tier tournaments where there are actual real-world prizes and the like. As such, it can be daunting to many players who are only interested in checking out the regular unranked play.

But if you are interested in receiving the Hearthstone Sea of Dunes card back, you are going to want to give the ranked mode a try. However, you will need to act fast as the card back will only be available for unlocking in September so you will need to play ranked this month.

You don’t just have to play ranked, though, but you are going to need to get some wins as well. Like previous months, this ranked reward requires you to get at least five ranked wins in the mode before you can unlock the Hearthstone Sea of Dunes card back to add to your collection.

Five matches in ranked can seem like a lot, especially if you don’t have a ton of cards in your collection from the new expansion, and you are finding yourself getting destroyed a lot. But, at the same time, five wins isn’t a whole lot considering that you have the entire month to do it.

If you can take the time to try out ranked matches each day or every so often this month, you should be able to get all five required wins in September so long as you know your deck well. Even if you do get a lot of losses, it doesn’t matter as long as you balance it out with at least five wins in ranked play.

The best part is that as you lose, you will be matched with players that are more similar to your skill level, so it will make it easier for you to get those necessary wins in the ranked mode. Thankfully, there is no limit to how many ranked matches that you can do in a single month either.

As such, you should keep battling in the ranked mode as much as you possibly can until you get the five wins. If you usually play ranked, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you to do. Completing the five-match wins will reward you with the Hearthstone Sea of Dunes card back.

When You Will Receive the Hearthstone Sea of Dunes Card Back

However, you may get the five wins, check your collection to equip it, and find that it isn’t there at all. This is because, though you can get the five wins in September, you aren’t going to get the new card back until next month in October when the ranked new card back for that month releases.

This is because the start of a new month of ranked play means that players will start to receive the rewards that they earned from the previous month of ranked. This, of course, means that players who got at least five wins in ranked matches in August are just now getting their respective rewards.

For instance, if you got five ranked wins last month, you should receive a treasure chest full of rewards from August when you logged in for the first time in September. If you haven’t logged in yet, be sure to do that now so you can start receiving your rewards.

Those players who got five ranked wins in August are going to receive the also excellent Year of the Raven ranked card back to show off starting this month. If you missed out on it, that’s okay since you can start working towards earning the new Hearthstone Sea of Dunes card back this month.

It is a nice-looking card back that, as you can see, features a deep, rich red in the center with a detailed border around it. This is an active card back where the red in the middle swirls around and glows just a bit, adding a nice flair that isn’t seen in many card backs.

Being that Hearthstone is based in the same world as World of Warcraft Classic, it is possible that the Sea of Dunes nomenclature could be referring to the sandy areas of Uldum where the latest expansion is set. Here’s hoping that the future card backs will reference the other areas in the classic MMO that just launched last week.

With the release of World of Warcraft Classic last week, it would be awesome to see more collaborations between the card game and the original incarnation of the MMO’s beloved world of Azeroth. This is something that will, hopefully, happen next month as it is understandable that Blizzard likely had the card back set for this month already beforehand.


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