How to Unlock the Fortnite Superman and Clark Kent Skins

by in Fortnite | Aug, 10th 2021

Epic Games has finally released the long-awaited Fortnite Superman skin for players to unlock in Season 7. This skin was revealed at the start of the season, 10 weeks ago, and Clark Kent is finally here. Players are now able to unlock the skin for free through certain methods. 

Fortnite Superman Skins Finally Released in Season 7 Week 10

It is crazy to think that Epic has waited the longest possible time to bring in the new “secret” skin for Season 7 in Superman. Previously, the secret skin would at least come out a couple of weeks before now, or even several weeks earlier, in the case of some of the older skins in this chapter. 

But, lo and behold, something kept Epic from bringing out the Fortnite Superman skin until now, and that is pretty insane. We are entering the 10th week of battle royale for Season 7, which is normally the final week for a traditional season, barring extensions and the like. 

Whereas other seasons would be nearing the end now, it looks like Season 7 could just now be getting started with a second wave of what is to come soon. If I had to guess, this would mean that we are unlikely to see a Season 8 for a good while now. 

With the Fortnite Superman skin dropping in Week 10, it is imperative now, though, that players try to unlock it as soon as possible as we are currently unsure how long it will be available in the battle royale game. That is where we come in with the tips and tricks on unlocking Superman as soon as possible.  

How to Unlock the Fortnite Superman Skin: Quests List

First and foremost, it is worth noting that the highly anticipated Fortnite Superman skin is not one of the item shop skins that you can get, like was done previously for other DC Comics characters, including Batman, Harley Quinn, and others. 

Instead, you will only be able to get Superman through the paid battle pass for Season 7. This is not the usual case, either, where you level up the battle pass this season until you reach the right tier to unlock the beloved superhero. 

You need to make sure that you have the paid version of the battle already in your possession, and then you are all set to get the Fortnite Superman skin when it drops, which just so happens to be the same day as we are writing this. 

As such, Superman is likely already available in Fortnite by the time you are reading this. Once you have the paid battle pass, you are ready to go, as all you need to do is complete some steps. You will be able to soar away into the skies as the Kryptonian-turned-Earthling hero. 

Like with the other “secret” battle pass skins that we had in the past, starting with Deadpool many seasons ago and most recently having Neymar Jr. in Season 6, this is one that you need to unlock through quests. These special Superman event quests are now here. We have the full list of them below:

  • Complete one quest from either Clark Kent, Armored Batman, or Beast Boy
  • Complete three quests from either Clark Kent, Armored Batman, or Beast Boy
  • Complete five quests from either Clark Kent, Armored Batman, or Beast Boy
  • Glide through three rings while wearing the Clark Kent skin
  • Use a phone booth while wearing the Clark Kent skin

Those five quests are the main ones that we have to complete this season to unlock the Fortnite Superman skin and all of the other themed items available in this event. Fortunately, this is where we come in as we have the full breakdown of everything you need to know about how to complete these quests. 

Tips for Completing the Superman Quests

You need to know that these five quests are likely required to be done in a certain order, or at least the first three. These quests are very similar to the Neymar Jr. event that we had in Season 6, so much of the tips that we had then will also apply here. 

The first three quests that we have in the Fortnite Superman event in Season 7 are largely the same: complete a quest given to you by one of three NPCs: Clark Kent, Beast Boy, or Armored Batman. As you will find out now, these three NPCs are brand new to the season and have arrived on the island. 

They have all the same trappings as usual NPCs where you can buy items from them, take on little quests that they give you, and so on. For each of the first three quests in the Superman event, you will need to visit one of the three and take on a quest from them in a battle royale match. 

One of the most important elements that you must know about for unlocking the Superman skin is the actual location of the three characters used in these quests. With their relatively new additions to Fortnite, this can be something that most players may not know already. 

For starters, there is Clark Kent, who we are trying to unlock the skin of in Fortnite Season 7. If you want to inquire from the Kansas farm boy himself for the quests you do in the battle royale matches, you can do just that by visiting him at his brand new NPC location at The Orchard area just north of Corny Complex. 

He will be roaming around the fields here, really digging into his farm background, so you will be able to find him there. The second NPC option is Armored Batman. This special version of Bruce Wayne can now be found at Dirty Docks, where he will be roaming around, usually in the southern portion of the named location. 

And last but not least, we have Beast Boy. You can find this Teen Titan in Weeping Woods, usually right around the middle area of the large forest point of interest. Any of these three will do the quests we need in this event, so head to the one you prefer closest to your battle bus path. 

You should keep in mind when completing these quests that everyone and their llamas will be doing these at the same time in Season 7. This means that many players will be heading to these three NPC locations to get their quests done. 

This means that, while there will likely be ghosts of the NPCs that will stick around if someone takes them out early, there are still other players that you need to worry about. For this purpose, I highly recommend Team Rumble as this game mode has far fewer players and more chances of not being taken out early by a trolling player. 

When you arrive at these locations, be sure to talk to them and accept one of the quests that they have for you. These missions can range from simple tasks like visiting an alien biome to reaching 99 speeds in a vehicle to eliminating an alien in a match. 

Those are the three that I have found thus far in the game from the three NPCs that you can visit, but there may be more out there that I did not see. In particular, I did not visit Armored Batman that much, but I found the same three quests between Beast Boy and Clark Kent at least. 

When visiting an alien biome, I recommend doing the mothership alternative for this quest as I had issues with this popping even though I would visit them. The cars one is fine; make sure to find a sports car, and the alien eliminations one is easy as parasites also count for that. 

The quests you will track across the initial three Superman quests, so you can have up to two at a time. While the third quest includes five that you need to do, the previous ones count towards that, so it is just five in total that you must do. 

From there, we have a quest that requires you to use a phone booth to transform into Superman in a match. You must have the Clark Kent skin already for this work. And last but not least, you also need to glide through three rings while wearing the Clark Kent skin. The rings are above the island. There are many of them, so look for them when you jump from the battle bus.

Rewards That You Get From the Quests

Here’s what you need to know about actually unlocking the Fortnite Superman skin. It is one of the rewards from the missions, and the specific one you need to focus on first is the third one: completing five quests from the NPCs. 

That is because the first one will give you the Call to Action emoticon, while the second one will give you the Superman Shield spray. Once you complete the third one to get five missions done from the NPCs, you will receive the Clark Kent outfit. 

After that, if you glide through three rings while wearing the Clark Kent skin, you will then receive the Daily Planet back bling. And last but not least, if you change in a phone booth, you will formally unlock the Secret Identity emote and the Superman skin style. Both will work for switching between the two different versions. 

Furthermore, you will also get the Superman Cape back bling so that you can accurately look the part. But the fun does not stop there if you want to continue unlocking more Superman items in this event. A special Shadow version of Superman gives him a darker feel, both as Clark Kent and Superman. 

To get these, though, you will need to do some more quests, but not in the actual event itself. Once you have unlocked the regular Superman, you can unlock the Shadow version if you have done enough epic quests in Season 7.

You must do many quests for this Shadow Superman outfit, so you will need to dig through the weekly quests that we have received over the past 10 weeks to unlock it. You will get the Shadow cape, glider, banner, loading screen, pickaxe, and the Shadow skins for completing these missions. 

Keep in mind that all of these Fortnite Superman rewards are only available for the duration of the current seventh season. This is worth noting as we do not currently know when the season will end. Presumably, there is a lot more left to this season since we are just now getting Superman in the 10th week. 

If we had to guess, this likely means that there is probably a month or so left in the season at this point to give players an ample amount of time to finish everything off. That is unconfirmed, though, and pure speculation, but we could see Season 7 sticking around through August as that would be plenty of time to unlock Superman and finish off everything else. However, we do not know that for sure at this time, so be sure to unlock Clark as soon as possible to be safe. 


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