How to Unlock the Black Ops Cold War ZRG 20mm Sniper Rifle

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 8th 2021

Both Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War are expanding this week with the release of a brand new weapon for players to check out. The new Black Ops Cold War ZRG 20mm sniper rifle is here to stay and offers a new outlet for long-range sniper fans in these games. 

Black Ops Cold War ZRG 20mm Sniper Rifle Is Here

The Black Ops Cold War ZRG 20mm sniper rifle is out now by the time that you are reading this guide for both it and the battle royale counterpart game, Warzone. Both titles will have this new sniper rifle available for use in the online matches that you do from now on. 

A new sniper rifle is pretty exciting, given that most new weapons in these games are for the assault rifle and SMG weapon classes, as those have been the dominant forces for a while now. This is especially the case given that Treyarch is in charge of Cold War.

The Cold War meta is built for the AR and SMG weapon classes, though the sniper rifles have made a bit of a comeback for this entry series. Even still, the release of a new long-range weapon like this one is fairly welcome, especially given how the rifles were treated in the past Call of Duty game. 

The Black Ops Cold War ZRG 20mm sniper rifle comes just after the Reloaded midseason update that we had for Cold War. This Major content addition update was meant to be the halfway point for the current Season 2 and bring some new content. 

That update included some new additions like a couple of new maps for multiplayer, some new game modes to check out, and a new weapon in the form of this sniper rifle. Though it didn’t release simultaneously as the rest of the update, the new ZRG 20mm rifle is finally here for players to get. 

Weapon Stats and Utility Explained

Let’s talk about how this sniper rifle works in combat. The stats for it are pretty simple. This is a bolt-action sniper rifle with fast bullet velocity but a slow fire rate. It is a powerful weapon in general but a pretty traditional, strong rifle that is slow to fire. 

If that is for you, you will likely love the ZRG 20mm. It packs a huge punch, including higher damage to vehicles in general. This doesn’t take away from its damage to players, though, as it has the traditional one-shot kill to the head, shoulders, torso, and stomach. 

So long as you get a shot in above the waist, you are pretty much guaranteed to take out the other player. But it is unique that it is pretty strong against vehicles, so that is worth keeping in mind in some of the other game modes in Cold War and Warzone. 

In terms of firepower, it is pretty much unmatched when it comes to the other weapons in the sniper rifle category, but it does take some hits when it comes to the weapon’s speed overall. Don’t expect to be firing this one that fast, so you need to make sure that every shot counts. 

Furthermore, you only get around three shots per magazine, so you will have to make sure that those three are used well, or else you will be reloading for a good while. It is a strong weapon, indeed, but one that might not be appealing to everyone, even snipers out there. 

It is there for those fans of the traditional bolt-action rifles. If you are an accurate and strong sniper, you will find that this is the best for your class. But if you like those faster shots that you can fire off, you are probably better off sticking to what you already have. 

How to Unlock the ZRG 20mm

Unfortunately, if you are looking to get the Black Ops Cold War ZRG 20mm sniper rifle for your loadout and arsenal in Cold War and Warzone, you will find that it isn’t immediately available. This weapon continues the trend of forcing players to unlock it one way or another to use it. 

As such, you will have to fulfill some tasks first before using the new ZRG 20mm sniper rifle in future matches of Cold War and your loadout for Warzone. There are a couple of ways to unlocking this powerful new long-range weapon, and it just depends on your personal preference. 

But in general, we imagine that most players will want to go about the free way of unlocking this weapon where you don’t have to spend any extra in-game currency or real-world money to unlock it. In that case, you will need to follow the same general formula of some of the other past post-launch weapons. 

There is a single challenge that you will need to complete for this weapon and, while that sounds pretty simple in theory, the challenge that you need to complete is a fairly long one that will take you some time likely. Here is the one challenge that you need to complete for this sniper rifle:

  • Using sniper rifles, earn two long-shot medals in 10 different matches in total

Tips for Completing the Challenge

Though there is only one challenge that you must complete for this mission, it isn’t exactly the easiest one to do. That is where we come in as we have some tips and tricks for completing this and in a good bit of time to boot. Let’s start by breaking down this mission to its core. 

It asks you to play 10 matches and complete a specific task in each of them. If you can do that task in all 10 matches, you can unlock this weapon. That task is to earn the long shot medal twice in each of the 10 matches. 

The long-shot medal is pretty self-explanatory and has to do with simply eliminating another player from pretty far away. If you are using a sniper rifle to eliminate someone with the scope, you will probably be far away enough to get the long shot medal.

And to be fair, you have to be using a sniper rifle to get the long shot medal in this case. You can’t use an assault rifle or any other weapon to complete this mission. If you are an experienced sniper, you will likely already be getting long-shot medals in the matches you are doing. 

Therefore, the task then becomes how fast you can get these long shot medals twice in 10 different matches. For this purpose, there are a couple of recommendations that we have for you. If you are a strong sniper, stick to the stuff you usually do, like League Play, Search & Destroy, etc.

If you can get two long-shot medals in every match you do, stick to what you do best. But if you are someone who struggles with landing those shots, you are better off in modes that are longer and have respawns involved with them. 

They could be the Combined Arms modes where you could stay far away and snipe the enemy team or even Fireteam, where there are huge maps with plenty of enemies and vantage points for those long shot medals. You can also even earn these medals in Warzone. 

So, if you are a Warzone player, you can unlock it there, too, by playing normal matches and earning the medals. But there is something to keep in mind with these longer matches. You need to complete the match from what we can tell for it to count for this challenge. 

So, if you are doing a longer match like battle royale or Fireteam, you could be there for a while, having to do 10 matches in total. This is worth keeping in mind as it could take you longer than someone who is doing quick League Play matches and the like. 

How to Unlock the ZRG 20mm Faster

But what if you are unsatisfied with the challenge you have to do or want to speed up the whole process? Fortunately, there is an instant way of unlocking the Black Ops Cold War ZRG 20mm sniper rifle, but it will take something else from you in the process. 

We understand that some players won’t have the time or patience to dedicate to sniping with the other rifles to get those long shot medals in 10 different matches. Maybe you are busy most of the time or aren’t a fan of the sniper rifles currently in the game. 

In that case, there is a quick way of unlocking this sniper rifle, but it will require you to spend some currency. There is a Jackpot Sniper bundle in the game store right now that you can purchase to unlock this weapon and some other special goodies instantly. 

It costs around 1200 credits, which is around $12, but it does come with the base weapon and four other special items. You will get the Million Dollar weapon charm, Big Spender emblem, Full House sticker, and the special Big Shot weapon blueprint for the sniper rifle. 

That weapon blueprint is what will come in and then unlock the base weapon for you without having to do the in-game challenge. If you don’t mind spending the extra bit of cash or have some in-game currency laying around going to waste, this might be a solid option for you. 

Keep in mind, though, that the Jackpot Sniper bundle won’t likely stick around in the game forever, so you will need to possibly buy it as soon as possible if you want to unlock the Black Ops Cold War ZRG 20mm sniper rifle this way. On the other hand, the in-game challenge will remain for the foreseeable future, so you can unlock it over time. 

So, if you don’t care about unlocking it immediately, you can go about your business and unlock it randomly in the future once you meet the mission requirements. As for how this weapon will affect the meta in the future, it is currently hard to tell. 

For example, in the Call of Duty League, there aren’t too many snipers these days that you will find as most are using the Krig 6 or AK-74u for their weapons of choice. But if this sniper is great, we could see that potentially change in the future. 

Things could change for League Play if the rifle is great, as we could see more and more players start to gravitate towards it. There are already many snipers in the ranked mode, so this could grow if the ZRG is a solid weapon. 

It seems to be a great asset at this time and potentially the strongest sniper rifle in the category, but it is still early on, and that could change over time as players get settled into certain loadouts. Worse, if it is too powerful, we could even see it get nerfed some in the future to make it more balanced. 


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