How to Unlock the Black Ops Cold War Amp63 Pistol

by in Call of Duty | Jun, 8th 2021

Treyarch is committed to bringing new content and weapons to Black Ops Cold War during the first year since its launch in late 2020, and that continues to happen with each new season. As part of this, one of the latest additions is the Black Ops Cold War Amp63 pistol. 

First New Pistol Since Launch Is Here

The new addition of the Black Ops Cold War Amp63 pistol is the first new pistol to launch for the game since, well, the actual launch of the title late last year. There are only three pistols available in the base game, and they each serve a very different role in the meta. 

That said, they have been the only three pistols period in the entire game, despite much of the other weapon categories getting new weapons in them with each of the seasons that have been released. That is why it is so awesome that we now have a new entry in the Black Ops Cold War Amp63 pistol. 

It took quite a while since its announcement back at the beginning of the third season, but it is finally here in Cold War and its battle royale companion title Call of Duty Warzone. Instead of launching at the beginning of the third season, it is here much later. 

There are only a couple of weeks left in the season when it has been released. The Black Ops Cold War Amp63 pistol came out even after the release of the midseason update. Though it took a while to get here, it is finally available. We have the lowdown on everything you need to know about it. 

Black Ops Cold War Amp63 Pistol Explained

The Black Ops Cold War Amp63 pistol is a unique pistol that fills a special fourth slot in the handguns department. We already have 1911 that was focused on being the standard semi-auto pistol, the Magnum, the powerful revolver gun, and the Diamatti for a faster, burst-fire weapon.

One type of handgun that is missing is the fully automatic pistol for those who like that faster style of gameplay. Fortunately, the Black Ops Cold War Amp63 pistol is here as the one fully automatic handgun that you can use now.

The Amp63 is also special because it is the first dual-wielding pistol weapon in Black Ops Cold War. Several Call of Duty games have historically had a dual-wield pistol or an option to dual-wield in some way, so the release of this takes care of that missing link.

The Amp63 pistol is powerful and fast, especially in close range, making for an excellent option for players who like fully automatic weapons. A single Amp63 would already be swift on its own, but you can have two weapons that you can use simultaneously. 

This means that you will deal with some limitations because if you choose to dual-wield, your other hand is not free to aim down the sights like you normally would. Then there is the fact that recoil will play a role here, so it may not be as accurate as some players would like.

That said, it is a great choice for a secondary weapon to accompany your main one. This is particularly great for snipers and other long-range players who want something to quickly switch to and use in short-range to counter nearby opponents on short notice.

How to Unlock the Cold War Amp63

When it comes to the Black Ops Cold War Amp63 pistol, it is not available in how the battle pass weapons are. Those weapons can be found in the battle pass for the season and unlocked by simply reaching that tier in the current season. 

However, when it comes to the Amp63, you will need to complete a challenge to unlock it. This goes for both Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty Warzone since the weapon is available in both of the games.

If you would like to put it in your loadout in either game or even take it for a test drive in some matches, you, unfortunately, are going to have to unlock it. Interestingly enough, the challenges are different for both Warzone and Cold War, shaping to fit each game better. 

That said, the great benefit is that if you unlock the Amp63 in Cold War, for example, it will then be available in Warzone and select in loadouts. Vice versa works just as well, with players who unlock it in Warzone then use it in the multiplayer in Cold War.

So, it comes down to the game you prefer to play in or the challenge you think you could do faster and/or more easily. To begin with, let us take a look at the single mission that you must complete if you would like to unlock the Amp63 in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. 

Here is the single challenge that you must complete in that Call of Duty game:

  • Eliminate five enemies in a single match in 20 different matches while using a pistol

As you can see, this will be a somewhat challenging task and requires a lot of matches and time to complete. But there is also the option to unlock it in Zombies if you would like. Here is the single mission that you must complete in the undead horde game mode to unlock this new pistol:

  • Get 400 critical kills with a pistol weapon

Tips for the Pistol Challenge

It will come down to the game mode, game, and challenge that you prefer. If you are a Zombies fan primarily, then you may want to stick to that game mode and try your hands at the rather lengthy challenge there. 

But if you are a Warzone or Black Ops Cold War fan, you may want to do the normal challenge in that case. To begin with, let us start with some tips for how to do the challenge in Zombies. Here, your task is a simple one: get 400 critical kills with a pistol. 

There are no match requirements or anything like that that you must play to reach that number. You can do it in as few or as many matches as you would like. As for how long it will take you, it comes down to you as a player. 

Are you good with a pistol in Zombies? If so, all you need to do is focus on using pistols only in the game mode. You will rack up that many kills in a fair amount of time, so long as you do not use any other type of weapon. Pistols are not the greatest assets, but they can be fairly useful in Zombies. 

That said, if you would like to do the other challenge in either Cold War or Warzone, our recommendation is always going to be in Cold War if you have that game. If you do not, you’ll have to do it in the free Warzone title, but this may take you a considerable amount of time to complete. 

No matter what game you do it in, you have to complete at least 20 matches if you do the required number of kills. You have to make sure that you can get at least five kills in every match that you do and with a pistol, no less. 

That is essentially 100 pistol kills, but you need to make sure they are divided up among 20 matches. It does not matter if you get five kills in one match or 25; that will still only count as a single match to complete this challenge. 

This is why Warzone is not recommended since the matches can be pretty long, depending on the mode. Team Deathmatch is our recommended game mode as you can use a pistol only and keep coming back over and over until you have five kills in each match. 

It is a great way to take care of this challenge in one of the swiftest ways possible. But the problem here is that you must keep in mind that you do have to complete the match itself to progress through the mission. You may want to get your five kills real fast and then leave the match, but that does not work in this case. 

This is why it takes so long to complete this mission. It can be one of the more annoying weapon unlocks that we have seen in Black Ops Cold War to date. 

Alternative Way of Unlocking the Pistol

Since it can be annoying trying to unlock this pistol because of the time commitment, we understand that some players would prefer to do it the fast and easy way. Fortunately, there is a quick alternative for those players who would like to get it over with quickly. 

The other possible way of unlocking this weapon is similar to other guns in that you have to buy the bundle for it in the item shop. There is a single bundle in the shop right now for the weapon. It comes with the first legendary weapon blueprint for the Amp63. 

Fortunately, it is quite affordable compared to other similar bundles we have seen in the past at 1000 points. That is worth around $10, which is not too bad but still a hefty enough amount of money that you might not want to spend in the game at this time.

I, personally, went through this method as I only have so much time to play the game. I wanted to check out the Amp63 pistol without spending the time to do 20 matches that can be 10-20 minutes each. If you’re like me and want to get it as fast as possible, this might be a decent option for you. 

Can It Be Used in League Play?

One of the key parts of the new Black Ops Cold War Amp63 weapon is that some players, like me, would want to use it in the League Play game mode. This begs whether you can use the new pistol in the ranked game mode.

Unfortunately, this is not the case, as you are unable to use the Amp63 in League Play at the time of writing this. This is quite unfortunate since I would like to use it. I imagine that other players feel the same. 

It is a bit odd that the Amp63 is not available since it is a handgun. We do not have many of those. It could have to do with the dual wield attachment, but it does not take much for Activision to ban that attachment from being used in the ranked game mode, as has been done with other parts of weapons. 

Perhaps this will change in the future. I hope it does as an extra handgun would be a great bonus for the ranked mode, especially since you have to pick your loadout wisely. The Lawbreaker perk greed does not work the same way in this mode as in normal multiplayer, where you can equip two primary weapons, for instance. 

You need a primary one and a secondary one, be it a pistol or melee weapon. The new Amp63 pistol could be a great option for that secondary weapon, like as mentioned for sniper loadouts, so here’s hoping that Treyarch adds it to League Play soon. 


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