How to Select Minecraft Stage Biomes in Smash Ultimate

by in Fighting Games | Oct, 20th 2020

Minecraft has invaded Super Smash Bros Ultimate, much to the chagrin of pro players and casual fans alike. As part of Steve’s arrival in Smash comes the Minecraft stage, probably one of the most customizable stages Smash has ever seen. 

As part of its Smash debut, there are six different versions of the Minecraft stage, all of which offer unique topography, biomes, and (most importantly) different drop rates for mining if you are playing Steve. These are ultimately very important because many of Steve’s moves depend directly on the type of minerals he’s been able to mine, with Iron being the most used in his entire moveset. Several of his moves, including the Anvil (with its powerful shield braking abilities) and the Minecart both require the mineral. These moves are not only important for his offensive abilities but the Minecart is almost essential for his recovery game, along with the ability to place blocks right underneath himself. 

Indeed, the job of Minecraft Steve players in Smash should be to get to diamond or gold weapons as quickly as possible. That’s more likely on certain Smash Ultimate Minecraft stage biomes than others. This is why it was important for Nintendo to offer a way to select these and not make it completely random. Note that this won’t be important for the stage’s Omega and Battlefield modes as they do not have a modifying based on the ground type where Steve mines, for competitive integrity reasons. 

How to Change Biomes

Nintendo made it very easy with a convenient graphic showing off the various methods of selecting Minecraft stage biomes in Smash Ultimate. Some of these inputs can be a little complex and probably would have been better off with a menu selection, but at least it’s possible at all. 

Of course, that would be up to Nintendo to implement these options on several stages just to cater to competitive fans. While this is something they’ve been resistant to in the past, there’s some hope that Sakurai at least has come around to the idea of having a more pure competitive environment, especially in that he made Steve’s moveset universal on the more competitive format maps, like Omega and Battlefield.

Steve released on Oct. 13, retailing for $5.99 or as part of the $29.99 Fighter’s Pass Volume 2. You can purchase him on the Nintendo eShop


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