What’s in a Support: How to Play Yuumi

By Isaac Chandler

September 22, 2019


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Yuumi’s only been out a couple of months, yet she’s already becoming an almost pick-or-ban champion in pro and high elo play.

Her ability to safely poke opponents from afar and ability to quickly escape getting caught out (as long as there’s an ally nearby) makes her a valuable asset in lane, while her strong heal/speed boost and long root make her an effective engage and counter-engager once you begin to move around the map and teamfight.

Whether you’ve ever wanted to play one of the game’s highest skill cap champions or just really like cat champions, this is the Yuumi guide for you.

About the author: I am an eight-and-a-half-year veteran of League of Legends, with over 5500 hours of gameplay under my belt. I mainly play support, with over 800,000 mastery points across the role. My mains are Rakan, Leona, Janna, and Yuumi.

Yuumi Guide: When to Pick and Runes


Are you in a situation where you can communicate with your jungler or ADC? Then Yuumi is one of the best champions you can pick up! Just playing in solo queue? May want to grab someone else as not even our Yuumi guide can make your team play to your strengths.

Yuumi’s a pretty unique champion in that she’s incredibly reliant on the positioning of her teammates more than herself. Her W “You and Me!” allows her to become untargetable and attach to her allies and also makes them the point of origin for her abilities.

This means that if your attached teammate isn’t on the same page as you, you’ll struggle to hit your Q “Prowling Projectile” and ult “Final Chapter.”

That’s not to say you can’t play her if you can’t talk to your teammates; it’s just going to be a lot harder to pull off. I always recommend setting up a Discord server to add your teammates to try and get some communication going.

Outside of your teammates, you also need to watch for what champions your opponent is picking in the bot lane. If they’re picking a lot of heavy engage or burst, you may not want to pick her since she has no way to stop it except for hitting three shots of her ult at level six.

Champions like Leona, Rakan, and Alistar are all hard counters to Yuumi and will take advantage of your time on your ADC to attack.

She does, however, do absolutely fantastic into Enchanters like Lux and Guardians like Tahm Kench, both of whom can be harassed out of lane pretty easily.

For runes, I recommend taking Sorcery and Precision as your first and secondary, respectively. For Sorcery, take Arcane Comet as your keystone to add a little more poke to your Q’s and Manaflow Band to increase your mana pool so that you can poke more and more as the game goes on.

For your last two slots, take Absolute Focus and Scorch to add more kick to your Q, as it is your only reliable source of damage (you do have your ult, but you aren’t using that to kill anyone).

Since you’ll spend most of your time on your ADC, your health should generally be topped off, meaning you’ll gain the maximum benefit from Absolute Focus most of the time.

For Precision, grab Coup de Grace and Presence of Mind to help you out. Coup de Grace will help you finish off low health targets just outside of your ADC’s range, while Presence of Mind will help keep your mana topped off and get your ult back up faster after assists.

Yuumi You and Me! (W)

Combined with Manaflow Band in Sorcery, you should be able to poke almost nonstop in lane, forcing your opponents to either back off or stay around and face certain death.

For your little stat runes, grab Adaptive Force for the first two and Health for the last one. Also of note is your Summoner Spells: unlike other champions, Yuumi doesn’t take Flash, instead running Exhaust and Heal.

This is because you can’t flash while attached to an ally, and if you’re in a position that you need to flash, you’re probably already dead (Yuumi is very slow on her own for someone who floats around).

Yuumi Guide: Early Game and Items

The first thing you’ll put a point into upon starting the game is your Q “Prowling Projectile”, as you already start with a free point in your W at the start of the match. You’ll next want to grab some items, which leads us a crucial part of our Yuumi guide.

I say to start Spellthief’s Edge and Red Potions, as you aren’t a melee for Relic Shield and don’t wander enough to collect coins with Ancient Coin.

More importantly, and the main reason you pick up Spellthiefs, is poke; you’re going to do a lot of it. The really cool feature of her Q is when you attach to your ally as you can then guide the path of the projectile with your cursor, allowing you to guide the blast right into your opponent’s face.

It’s definitely something you’ll need to get used to, and I’d recommend going into practice tool and attaching to a dummy to practice guiding it.

The one major drawback to this guided missile, however, is its range. While it is massive, going beyond the little circle that appears causes the missile to evaporate abruptly. What makes this worse is that the circle can move, and it’s centered on your attached ally.

Yuumi Q “Prowling Projectile”

This is why you need to make sure you’re on the same page or can communicate with your ADC and jungle (both of whom will spend the most time in your lane). Otherwise, they’ll walk away as you try to hit an enemy and cause the missile to fail.

This is also true with your ultimate “Final Chapter” at level six. If your attached teammate moves the wrong way, your ult could end up hitting absolutely no one, with no fault on your part.

This shouldn’t be a problem in duos but be cautious again in solo queue.

Final Chapter is a fantastic ability as well, allowing you to lock down targets after they’re hit by three of the seven blasts from the book, and, even better, it can reset itself if they eat another three while rooted. This means you can set up a three and a half second root on your target — plenty of time to secure the kill.

Your order of leveling abilities should be your Q, followed by your E “Zoomies,” then your W. You won’t be able to effectively take advantage of your W passive ability that lets you and your ally share a bit of your AD/AP until you’ve both built up some items, so it’s best to leave it for last.

For items, start by fully upgrading your Spellthief’s, then go straight for an Athene’s Holy Grail. Since you’re attached to your allies most of the time, don’t worry about boots. After Athene’s, you have two options: if your ADC needs to get off more attacks, go for Ardent Censor.

If your role in your comp is to set up plays with your ult, go with Zeke’s Harbinger, as using it while attached to your front liner will help you chase down targets with the slow field it produces.

However, our Yuumi guide is getting ahead of itself, so let’s focus back on the laning phase.

You’ll want to spend most of your time attached to your ADC using your Q to poke down your opponents from behind your minion wave, occasionally healing with your E if your partner is low. Remember that you gain bonus damage on your Q if it remains in flight for at least a second, so don’t go directly to the target if you have time. Wait for the buff.

Once your opponent’s start getting low, call your jungler down for a gank. Poke at your target with Q before engaging to slow them, then jump to your jungler to help with the chase. Give ‘em an E to speed ‘em up and go for that kill secure.

Once you’ve either gotten the kill or pushed the target off, go take dragon and back to spend some sweet gold. Don’t forget to place your wards as well. Yuumi has little ability to escape, and as such, she really needs proper vision to avoid ganks by the enemy jungler.

If your ADC is backing, remember you will go with them if you’re attached, much like Rakan does with Xayah. If they need to do so, stand in front of them to prevent enemy engages, then jump to them with your W a second or two before the back finishes to travel with them. This also works with Teleport and other cross-map abilities, so you can set up some sick flanks with it.

Yuumi Guide: Mid Game

Once turrets start falling and your team starts to group, it’s time to play a game of cat and mouse. Use your Q to check bushes your team is walking towards (it won’t grant vision but will explode if it hits an enemy) and utilize it to catch an enemy out of position with the slow on it.

Your role at this point in the game is to control vision and remain in a position to push enemies off of an engagement or objective with your ult and E. Stay on your front line for the most part to maximize your impact in fights, though use your W to reposition during fights if anyone starts to get low.

Zoomies is a powerful heal when your ally is low and often will surprise opponents with how big a spike to their health it is.

Yuumi Zoomies

Keep the dragon and baron pits warded for whenever those objectives come up, and feel free to back if you run low on wards. Do remember, however, that you don’t have boots and will be slow, so try to back with an ally to get back to your team faster.

For items, go for a Twin Shadows to gain some AP and help with hunting down targets, as well as the item you didn’t grab from the two earlier. If you haven’t yet, upgrade your Spellthiefs to max level and replace your yellow trinket with a red trinket.

Don’t forget to also get some red wards to dominate the vision game and deny your opponent safe passage, even through their own jungle.

If you can, push hard for the win before the late game rolls around.

Yuumi Guide: Late Game

If you’ve reached this point, congratulations. You’ve won the game! Yuumi’s late-game healing and stat-sharing are so immense that you’re almost guaranteed to win in a late-game comp, as could be seen in the Week 6 Summer Split 2019 game between Echo Fox and Cloud9.

You can shrug off most of the damage your allies take with Zoomies, so keep hopping between allies to keep them in top health, use your Q’s to chase targets, and hit those sweet ults to guide your team to victory.

Don’t ever leave your allies, though, as you will instantly get annihilated by the enemy with your minuscule health bar. If an ally you’re on is about to die, quickly hop to another nearby so that you don’t give up a double kill.

For items, grab a Rabadon’s Deathcap to boost the scaling you get/give from your W and a Mikael’s Crucible to prevent your teammates from getting cc’d. If you hit full build, go for the sorcery pots to add a bit more to your scaling.

That about does it for our Yuumi guide. Thanks again for reading.

Until then, good luck with your Yuumi games, and watch for fish on the ground.

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