How to Play Fortnite on iOS After App Store Removal

by in Fortnite | Aug, 14th 2020

Epic Games and Apple are in the middle of one of the largest feuds that we have seen in recent years with two major tech corporations, but the craziest part is that it happened overnight. Now, the Fortnite iOS version of the game is in shambles, and players are stuck in difficult situations.

Fortnite Was Removed From the App Store

In many ways, the Fortnite and App Store situation is a once happy but somewhat troubled marriage that is now falling apart. And it certainly looks like Epic Games is the one to file the divorce papers in this case, as they have effectively filed legal documents against Apple.

The entire situation began with yesterday’s announcement of the Fortnite Mega Drop event. This event was something that was more like a megaton of news, as the event began with Apple and Android users being able to get a discount on their V-Bucks purchases from now on.

This same discount is available to console and PC players as well. Still, mobile players can only enjoy the discount if they choose to pay Epic Games directly through the game, instead of using the Google Play Store and App Store, respectively.

The decision was made without the express approval of either Google or Apple. Both stores have now taken down Fortnite at this time. While they are likely trying to work with Epic Games, this didn’t stop the company from then turning around and suing Apple.

Like some divorces go, children — the players in this case — are caught in the middle of the fighting parents and suffer from it. If you are on Android and iOS, you will have a hard time playing the game right now.

Not All Hope Is Lost for the Fortnite iOS Version

You will have a really hard time playing the game if you are on the Fortnite iOS version. After all, Apple is notorious for how specific and exclusive its platform is. If you are on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and so on, you are on a platform where Apple’s word is supreme.

Unlike the users on Android who can find rather easy ways around this sudden Fortnite ban, iOS users are in a bit of a bind right now. If something isn’t agreeable to Apple, the platform is one where players will not be able to enjoy that on there.

Such has been the case in the past with emulators, which have been infamously difficult to find and keep on iPad and iPhone. But not all hope is lost for the Fortnite iOS version of the game. There are still some ways that you can play battle royale on your device right now.

Of course, these solutions will come with some caveats. They certainly aren’t the first choices we would pick for playing battle royale on our device. But these are legitimate, law-abiding ways that you can enjoy Fortnite without having to resort to a substitute game that just won’t compare.

But you can certainly check out other games on the platform if you don’t want to deal with the following methods. Some of the recommendations that we have are PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile. Both games have excellent battle royale game modes that will suffice for you for now.

Call of Duty Mobile, in particular, is our personal choice and happens to be one of the best mobile games ever made. If the more gritty take on battle royale isn’t your style, maybe something like Minecraft will be more your thing? It has the building and Fortnite-like aspects that some players love.

How to Play Fortnite iOS

But if you are insistent on playing the Fortnite iOS and no other game will simply do, we are happy to let you know that there is an option for you. You can play Fortnite on your iPad, iPhone, and so on right now without worrying about the issues going on.

There is a simple but only temporary method for the first solution to this problem of the game being removed from the App Store: keep playing the game as you are right now. Though the app has been removed from the store, you can still access it and play through it.

Or, you are at least able to at the time of writing this guide, that is. Right now, we were able to go into the game and log in and get into a match of battle royale, as always. Epic Games has not abandoned the game yet, so existing players on iOS can still keep playing as nothing has changed.

But what about those of you who are new players or lapsed players on the iOS platform? Well, if you are a lapsed player, there is a temporary solution for you as well. What you need to do is head into the App Store and go to your account.

From there, select the purchased apps that you have in your library and search for Fortnite. You should see it come up here. You can still re-download the game at the time of writing this (we tried it ourselves). This way, you will be able to jump in and play the game again.

Unfortunately, the new players on iOS are the ones who are sore out of luck when it comes to this method. If for some reason, you created a new account and got a new device or whatever, you will not be able to find the game in the store and download it for the first time.

Although this is technically a solution right now, it is likely only a temporary method at this time. That is because Fortnite is constantly updated and, though some updates are through the game itself without a download, the App Store is necessary for downloadable patches.

And since Apple is now in a war against Epic Games, the chances of the App Store releasing future updates are zero right now. This solution will only work until a major update releases, which could happen as early as next week. That’s where we come in with the next couple of more permanent solutions.

Rainway Streaming Service

The first permanent solution, for now, is the Rainway streaming service. Both of our other methods for playing Fortnite on iOS are going to be streaming-related. Because of the nature of the Apple platform, there aren’t many other options available to us.

And because Apple is cracking down on services that use streaming like Microsoft’s XCloud service for Xbox games, it is honestly impressive that there are two major streaming options even available to Apple users at this time.

Rainway is the first of the two and is the one that will appeal to many players who like the free-to-play nature of Fortnite. For one, it is free to use this service, so feel free to download the app right now and start connecting it to your various services.

The problem is that it connects to PC services like Steam, EA Origin Store, and so on. You will need access to an account for one of these services and have games on it to play them. Fortunately, there are free PC games that are available through the service.

This, of course, includes Fortnite, but this does mean that you will need an Epic Games Store account (which can just be your battle royale account) and log into the store to download the game on PC. You will likely need access to a PC to make sure it’s in your library first.

But once you have Fortnite in your game library, you will be good to go when it comes to using Rainway as your streaming service on mobile. The app does have touch controls, but they are not as reliable as the original Fortnite iOS app. A controller might be your best option. And you will need a strong internet connection to make this streaming service work.

Shadow Streaming Service

The other possible option is Shadow, a much more premium option that could appeal to some users. Rainway is free to use so long as you already own a game, but Shadow is not free. It is a service that you have to pay every month to use it on iOS.

But what makes Shadow stand out is that it isn’t the usual GeForce Now (another app that Apple doesn’t allow) or Rainway-style service where it simply streams the games you already own a unique mobile interface designed for the device.

Instead, Shadow is quite literally a Windows PC that you have available on your mobile device or Mac or whatever you choose to use it on. When you log in, you are given access to a standard Windows desktop with all of your apps like you would see on a PC.

Through this service, you can download the Epic Games Store app and get Fortnite through the PC version of the game. It is a wonderful service that this author can vouch for and has used for about six months now with lots of appreciation for the open nature of the platform since it is just a PC on your mobile device.

But there are two main problems with this service. For one, it is a paid one, so it will likely not appeal to all consumers reading this. The other problem is that you will be playing the PC version of Fortnite. Your account, skins, V-Bucks, and all that will remain so long as you log into your normal account.

And there are decent touch controls available through Shadow itself, but they aren’t likely going to do you much good here compared to the official iOS version of Fortnite, so you will want to use a controller here like with Rainway.

Will Fortnite Come Back to the App Store?

Rainway and Shadow are excellent services that you can use online on iOS to play Fortnite while waiting to see what happens with Epic Games and Apple. But they are solutions that aren’t the most accessible or user-friendly, which begs the question: will Fortnite ever come back to the App Store?

The answer to this question is a complicated one. Do we think it will ever come back to the store? We honestly can’t answer that question at this time, as we are still so early in the situation. We want to hope that the battle royale game will come back as this is hurting a major portion of the player base.

But the problem is that Epic Games is intent on taking this matter to the court system and has been before even announcing the Mega Drop event. They already had legal documents, the 1980 Fortnite video, and the #FreeFortnite movement prepared beforehand.

None of these things could have likely been thought of and created in a couple of hours this week between the payments system announcement and Apple removing Fortnite from the App Store. Epic Games predicted this and ready to move forward legally with the matter.

Considering that this situation involves two of the largest tech companies in the United States, this is something that won’t likely resolve overnight. This could go on for years and most likely won’t resolve by the end of this year.

The only way that we could see this happen is for Apple to change its ways willingly, but even if that does somehow happen, we expect it to take a long time to get to that point. We are saying that we don’t know if Fortnite will return, but if it does, it could be a very long time until then.


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