How to Get Free Valorant Points From Riot Games

by in Valorant | Aug, 11th 2020

One of Valorant’s biggest complaints from fans is how expensive skins are in the game. This has made Valorant Points one of the most sought after currencies in gaming currently — and fans have been clamoring for ways to earn it for free without having to whip out their wallet. Well, as it turns out there’s an answer for those of you out there who are creative.

As pointed out in a thread on the Valorant subreddit, there’s long been a program at Riot to award some free RP to artists who send in art to Support in an attempt to get free RP. 

Free Valorant Points for Art?

“I get the feeling of only been a little bit short of VALORANT Points for the weapon skins that you want,” Riot support member Caged Corgi said in response to a plea for help. “Unfortunately, I cannot give out VALORANT Points for free, but that doesn’t mean I cannot help you out. If you can submit to me an original piece of art work that’s in the Valorant universe, I’ll see what I can do to help! It can be done on something as simple as MS Paint or any other application of your choice.”

This program is called Art for RP, a long-running program at Riot. In this case, it’s been done for people looking for Valorant Points, but it seems that the program is going to be held up across games. 

There are some limitations to the program, however:

  • Riot typically only does this about once per account, and only if you’re between 1 and 50 points short of a VP purchase. 
  • It’s possible that Riot will award this multiple times, but they usually won’t reject you if you’ve never done it before.

Previous submissions can be viewed on Riot’s website for RP Art, where they keep the best submissions. There is some debate about whether or not Riot will do this for an account more than once, but it seems to be down to how in depth the particular support agent wants to go. 

In order to claim the free points, you have to navigate to the Support page and open a ticket under  “Purchases and In-Game content” describing that you’re short on Valorant Points. 

“I worked for Riot player support around 2013,” Cerus_freedom said on Reddit. “Policy at that time was once per account, but most policies like that were more like very strong suggestions. It’s also possible the person doing it just didn’t check the account history deeply enough, or that they changed it to something like once per year. Except refunds. Refunds were hard once.”

Many in the thread noted that the drawings don’t have to be very good, but just need to look like there was at least an effort made to make it recognizable. 

The art in question from this particular user was a decent attempt at drawing Sage in MS Paint, but there have been many less than stellar attempts that have been awarded points. 


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