How to Get Final Fantasy XIV 4-Person Regalia Mount

by in General | Sep, 7th 2021

Final Fantasy XIV is bringing back its Final Fantasy XV collaboration, which means you can soon get the Regalia 4-seater mount again. You have to wait until September 13, when the event starts, and it’s a little bit of a grind. It’s 100% worth it, though. This will take place during the “A Nocturne for Heroes” event, from September 13-October 18. Most collaborations and events in Final Fantasy XIV are pretty brief affairs, but not if you want the Regalia Mount. It’s going to take some time and effort. Fortunately, we’re here to help you out. 

You have a month to unlock the Regalia Type-G in Final Fantasy XIV, and it hasn’t even started yet, so you can get a jump on it right now. Conversely, if you’re still new to Final Fantasy XIV, this guide can help you out.

What Is the Regalia Type-G and How Can You Get It?

The Regalia Type-G is a ground/flying mount from Final Fantasy XV that has made its way into Final Fantasy XIV. The massive appeal is how cool it looks and that it’s a four-person mount. So if you’re adventuring with a few friends, they can all hop in for convenience’s sake. This will only be around for a limited time – about a month. What’s the catch, though? It costs 200,000 MGP. For some players, this isn’t a big deal. Most of the people I know personally obsess over the Gold Saucer. Are there requirements for this undertaking? Yes.


If you’re Level 50 and have completed ARR MSQ (through The Ultimate Weapon), you can head to Ul’dah, Steps of Nald (X: 8.5, Y: 9.7) to grab the “The Man in Black” quest. Completing the next three quests will get you a set of glamour gear that resembles Prince Noctis in Final Fantasy XV. Complete the quest chain (it won’t take long) and head to the Gold Saucer, Ironworks Vendor (X: 9.6, Y: 9.0). Here, you’ll see the purchasable items for MGP – like the Regalia.

Making That Money

If you’ve been doing your Weekly Challenges and Fashion Reports weekly, it won’t be a big deal. If you haven’t, don’t fret. There’s plenty of time if you do a few things each week. You could also get lucky and win big on the Jumbo Cactpot. For those of us who aren’t lucky, there’s a strategy to employ. A huge source of weekly MGP is the Fashion Reports. It’s a weekly challenge where you have to dress up in certain outfits/dyed colors to meet the approval of Masked Rose. This kicks off each Friday and rewards you 10,000 MGP for taking part and 50,000 MGP if you get a rating of 80 or over.

The Fashion Reports are essentially a puzzle to figure out. But luckily, Kaiyoko Star is out here, solving the puzzle for us. Every week, Kaiyoko Star gives easy 80 and 100 point solutions to the Fashion Report. So follow them and thank them for the hard work! As long as you’re Level 15, you can unlock these in the Gold Saucer (once you’ve been there). You go to Lewena (X: 4.8, Y: 6.1) and unlock the Passion for Fashion quest. That will lead you to fashion reports.

Once in Gold Saucer, you can also look in the Logs Menu for the Gold Saucer challenges. If you haven’t unlocked this yet, head back to Limsa Lominsa and complete the quest Call of the Sea. The Weekly Challenges are very easy, reset every week, and you can pick up to 32,500 MGP for doing them. 100% worth the time investment. Plus, Gold Saucer is fun! You can also go to the Jumbo Cacpot, which draws every Saturday. You can play this three times a week, and it is essentially a lottery. 

The rewards are manifold for taking the time to grind MGP. The gorgeous Regalia Type-G Mount in Final Fantasy XIV, several Orchestrion Rolls, a Prince Noctis card for Triple Triad, and Noctis’ awesome clothes. It’s a stylish mount, and there aren’t a lot of multi-seater mounts outside of the real-money shop, so take this chance to get one for free.


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