How to Complete the Secret Fortnite Astronaut Challenge: Repair the Rocket

by in Fortnite | Aug, 3rd 2020

Epic Games has dug deep into the secret Fortnite battle royale challenges this season in Chapter 2, releasing a ton of hidden tasks that players can do in the middle of matches. The latest one is the Fortnite Astronaut challenge that you won’t easily find in the game.

A Secret Challenge Is Now Available in Fortnite

With the release of the new Fortnite Astronaut challenge, players have the latest hidden mission to do. These happen every week this season, where players won’t find these missions in the normal weekly challenges.

Instead, they will have to either somehow stumble upon these crazy specific and hidden missions, or have some help from us. The latest one to join this group of special challenges is the Astronaut mission. It also happens to be the most interesting secret challenge that we have ever seen.

It is available this week and will likely be available for the rest of the third season. It released over the weekend with the introduction of the new named location through the most recent map change.

Over the weekend, the water on the island in Season 3 receded even further, revealing the new named location known as Coral Castle that is home to the Atlantis crossover between Aquaman’s homeland and the Fortnite island in the northwestern corner of the map.

But the Season 3 map change didn’t just do that, as it also fully revealed the new secret Fortnite challenge. We will go over where to start this secret quest, what it asks you to do, and how you can complete it so that you can get its equally secretive reward.

Where to Start the Secret Fortnite Astronaut Challenge

First and foremost, before we can go any further, it is important to know where actually to start the secret Fortnite Astronaut challenge. This is the key part that will ensure that you can do this mission and complete it, as it isn’t something that will show up in the lobby challenges before you head into the game.

What you will want to do as soon as you get into the match is trying to head towards Craggy Cliff in the northern section of the map. This named location was largely hidden for a while as the water had covered it a whole lot for most of the third season thus far.

But now that Craggy Cliff is pretty much completely uncovered now. You can visit it and the surrounding areas fully. It is near this returning named location where you will find the beginning of the Fortnite Astronaut challenge.

When you get to Craggy Cliffs, what you want to do is find the shoreline heading outside of the named location on the beach and go northeast of there. There is a little strip of land that protrudes out from the rest of the shoreline north.

Right next to this strip of land is a small island that is brand new to the game. On this island, you will find the newly discovered spaceship that has somehow crash-landed on the Season 3 map.

What the Fortnite Astronaut Challenge Is

Once you get close enough to the spaceship that has crash-landed on this small island, you will notify you that you have begun the Fortnite Astronaut challenge. This secret challenge will only begin then. You will be notified that you found what the game refers to as the ancient ship.

Though you weren’t aware of this objective, finding the ship is the first part of the entire secret challenge. With that done, it is now time to do the second part, which is to find the three parts that have gone missing from the ancient ship since it landed on the island.

As you can likely see, the ancient ship has seen many better days in its time. The abrupt landing on the Season 3 island has resulted in the ship losing three of its most important parts that you will need to find to complete this mission.

Finding the three missing parts for the ancient ship is the bulk of the secret challenge. Fortunately, they aren’t too hard to find. It is very easy to find these three ancient ship parts, but you will need to take the time out of your mission. Here’s how and where to find all three of them.

Where to Find the Battery Pack

We will go for the three parts, starting with the easiest and closest one that you can find by the crashed ship. Before that, we do highly recommend that you do this challenge in Team Rumble. If you’ve read any of our guides to the weekly battle royale missions, this will be familiar.

Team Rumble is always the best option for challenges, especially this one, for many reasons. For one, there is the fact that you have a lot fewer players overall in this type of match. You could have only up to 40 total, instead of the usual 100 or so.

Plus, there is the fact that you will have a lot more players on your team than usual. You won’t have too many enemies to worry about. This is great for a secret challenge like this that other players will be doing.

Speaking of which, presumably, everyone will be able to find these three missing parts and complete this mission. However, there is the chance that other players can cause mayhem for you, so keep that in mind. This makes Team Rumble even more important because you have respawns if taken out by someone.

With that out of the way, you are ready for the first and easiest part of the three. The battery pack is the first part that we recommend that you find for the ancient ship, located on the same little island near the ship.

On the eastern side of this tiny island, you will find some large rocks in and around the water. You may not have to, but we recommend breaking the rocks near here if you are having a hard time locating this battery pack. Pick it up and that is the first piece that you need.

Where to Find the Heat Shield

From there, we can immediately grab the second part for the ancient ship that we need. Next up, we need the heat shield relatively close by. It shouldn’t take you too long to find. All you need to do is continue onward east from the battery pack and the ancient ship’s island.

When you return to the mainland’s shore, you will find some major cliffs that go along the beach’s side. Hence the name Craggy Cliffs for the named town nearby. You will want to follow these cliffs a little until they come to an end. There will be some large rocks there.

These large rocks have the heat shield right in front of it. Again, like in the case of the battery pack, you could easily miss this. So, it might be best to destroy some of these massive boulders to grab it. Pick up the heat shield, and you will have the second of three items ready to go.

Where to Find the Thruster

Last but not least, we have one more part to find, and then we are done with this main part of the challenge. The last piece that you need to find is the thruster for the ancient ship found near the heat shield sort of.

All you need to do is head southwest of the heat shield location near the beach and the cliffs. You will find that there is a large rock wall facing the beach. If you are approaching from the water, you will find the thruster long before you reach it.

Otherwise, look on the cliffside wall. You will see a glowing green device stuck on the wall about halfway up it. It is high enough that you won’t be able to reach it from the ground, but you will be able to build it up to it.

If you need to, grab some materials from the rocks nearby. Build yourself a ramp-up to the green device that happens to be the thruster for the ancient ship and grab it for the challenge. With this item picked up, you are now able to complete this challenge for good.

The mission’s goal wasn’t just to pick up these items but to repair the ship itself. To do so, you need to go and repair the ship yourself with the three items in hand. Go around the ship to place the heat shield, battery pack, and thruster in their respective locations.

Once you have done so, that is almost it for this mission. Except that there is one more thing you need to do. Placing all three parts in the ancient ship will, spoilers, cause it to wake up and activate again, and a timer will show up on your screen.

It will have a timer of about a minute. While you might be tempted to freak out about whatever you need to do. Fortunately, you don’t have to do anything except maybe stay alive for the minute. After the timer is done, the ship will launch into space once more.

What the Fortnite Astronaut Challenge Means and Reward

Once the ship has launched into space, that will be the end of its story and this challenge. You will get your 25,000 experience towards your level and get those sweet rewards from the battle pass this season.

You may be disappointed with the fact that the reward for this secret mission isn’t that great. The benefit is that you get to be the first to get one of the biggest teasers for what is potentially to come.

This ship is likely a tease for the future of the battle royale game, potentially for the upcoming Season 4. At this time, players can enjoy a season all about the water stuff, cars, and unlock the Aquaman skin.

But it makes sense for Epic Games to go ahead already and tease what is coming next for the game. We had a huge flood of water that overtook the Season 3 island. Now that we have done underwater and land stuff, why not have some space-themed stuff next? This could happen in the coming weeks leading into Season 4. This Fortnite Astronaut challenge could directly hint at that.


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