How to Change Your Twitch Username

by in General | Oct, 26th 2021

A popular question asked is “How to change my Twitch username?” and thankfully, it’s a very easy process. However, there are limits, and there are downsides to doing it. This can be done for any number of reasons. You might want to be a streamer, but your current username wouldn’t fit a streamer. It might also not be advertiser/streamer friendly. It could simply be offensive, or you might have had another idea for a stream name, and someone else took it. Now that person’s username is gone, and you have your chance to scoop it up. But how to change your Twitch username? Don’t worry; we have you covered.

Changing Your Twitch Username and Restrictions

You can only change your username every 60 days/two months, so be aware of that before you go to change your name. All you have to do is go to the Twitch website and click your profile icon (top right corner). From there, click Account Settings (the gear icon). You’ll head into your Profile Settings and look for your username setting. 

If you can change your username, it will display “You may update your username” right below the bar. Then click the pencil icon at the end of the username bar, bringing up the “Change Username” prompt. The update will take place immediately, affecting how your friends and stream followers see you. It’s also important to note that your former username goes back into the username pool after six months.

So if you decide you don’t like the name you took, you’re going to have to wait another two months. Don’t wait too long, or someone could take it. You can also change your Twitch display name without actually changing your Twitch URL. Changing your username does also change the URL. You can change your display name any time by going back to Account Settings.

If you’re on mobile and want to change your Twitch username, it can also be done via the app. Originally this does not appear to have been possible, but it has since been updated. Just launch the app, sign in as normal, and click your icon in the top-left. Click the Settings icon, then click the first option, Profile Settings. You can then click “Change Username” to do this the same way as you could on your browser. 

You’ll also want to go anywhere you have advertised your stream and update this. If someone tries to go to your old URL, it won’t redirect them, so you could potentially lose viewers. That’s a very important thing to be aware of. If you’re a streamer of any size and plan on changing your username, let your audience know. Get the word out that things are updating, so people notice. It won’t make you lose followers or anything, but people may not recognize the name and not join. When asked how to change your Twitch username, it’s just that simple.


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