How to Beat Hearthstone Tekahn, Plague Lord of Flames in Chapter 5

by in Hearthstone | Oct, 4th 2019

Blizzard has been releasing new chapters for the Tombs of Terror solo adventure week after week and we have officially reached the end this week with the release of chapter four. The Hearthstone Saviors of Uldum Tombs of Terror solo adventure is now complete and players can beat it all right now.

Chapter 5 Unlocks After Tombs of Terror Chapter 4


Now, this is slight spoilers for chapter four but that isn’t actually the final chapter that players will have to play through when you beat it. Though you only have to pay for chapters two through four, four also comes with a nice chapter five that you can beat as well.

Chapter five is much smaller than the other four chapters since it is a single boss fight that players have to beat to truly win the entire solo adventure. Like the other chapters before it, this fifth and final chapter has you go up against one of the plague lords and this is the final one.

Your final boss in chapter five of the Tombs of Terror solo adventure is none other than Hearthstone Tekahn, the Plague Lord of Flames. He is a tough cookie and will test your skills to the max in this insane fight. It is truly different from any other fight or chapter to date for several reasons.

For one, you go straight into this fight in chapter five and this is all there is to the entire extra chapter. Unlike the other four chapters, there is no build up to the final boss fight, no minor fights, nothing. You simply go straight to the final plague lord and have to take him out.

This also means, though, that you don’t have any chance to use those other fights to really fill out your deck and figure out what you want to use in your final fight. And then there is the fight itself that is actually quite different from what we’ve come to know in a solo adventure thus far.

In each of the four chapters, you are introduced to one of the four members of the League of Explorers. You are then able to use that member as one of the playable characters that you take the role of in your attempts to stop the League of Evil.

This whole story all began with the previous solo adventure The Dalaran Heist in the last expansion. There, the League of Evil gathered together, stole the floating city of Dalaran, and began wrecking havoc all over the world. This kept going until the city crashed into the desert areas for the most recent expansion.

Now it is time to finally put an end to the League of Evil once and for all as you team up with the League of Explorers to do so. With the story set and the stage ready for your final confrontation, it is up to you to defeat the final plague lord, Hearthstone Tekahn, in the fifth and final chapter of Tombs of Terror.

With that recap out of the way, we are ready to dive right in and defeat this Plague Lord of Flame once and for all. Because this is the fifth and final chapter, we have all four members of the League of Explorers assembled with Brann Bronzebeard being the final one to rejoin the group in chapter four.

Chapter 5 Tekahn Fight Overview

Since we all have four assembled, you aren’t as limited in this final battle as you were in the previous matches and chapters. You start out with a whopping 200 health in total because you have access to all four heroes in the League of Explorers for this epic battle.

What you are going to do is select one of the four heroes for you to play as first in this battle against the plague lord. They each have a little description but it ultimately is just up to your preferences for who you want to play as first. Have a favorite character? Go ahead and go for them.

After you have selected the character that you will play as first for the final battle against Hearthstone Tekahn, you will need to pick the hero power that you will use. You are limited to only the hero powers that you have already unlocked in the game thus far so choose wisely.

The basic premise of the whole fight is simple: each of the four characters has 50 health for a grand total of 200. Hearthstone Tekahn, on the other hand, has a massive 300 health that you have to contend with. If you lose with one of the heroes (which is likely to happen), it isn’t game over.

Instead, you will simply switch to one of the three remaining heroes and so on and so forth. This same formula will continue until one of two outcomes happens: you defeat Tekahn or he takes out all four of the heroes. It doesn’t matter how many fall in battle so long as you beat him first.

Hearthstone Tekahn Guide: Tips for the Fight

As for the decks that you are going to need to use to defeat the boss, they are chosen for you, of course, but are just about typical on their own. They aren’t really that bad or good in all honesty but you are certainly able to win nonetheless.

Part of this is by collecting all of the signature treasures that you get for each of the four heroes. This will substantially boost the deck that you are given and give you better chances of actually winning in the end. How it works is that any of the treasures that you have collected will be randomly put into your deck.

Then you have the chances of drawing them like any other card while you are battling against the boss. What makes it better, though, is that if you do happen to lose one of your heroes, it is likely that you will receive one of the treasures upon selecting your next one to give you a nice boost.

This is why the signature treasures are so important and it is worth going back through the chapters to unlock all of them for each explorer so that you don’t end up missing out on making this challenging fight the easiest it can possibly be.

Hearthstone Tekahn Guide: Phase 1 Is All About Lackeys

It all begins with the start of the match. In a lot of ways, Tekahn is very much like his card Dark Pharaoh Tekahn in the main game. That card allows you to make all of your lackeys have the stats of four/four for the rest of the game and that is exactly what Tekahn is going to start with in the match.

Couple this with the Golems that are relatively cheap and can fill the field quickly with their impressive six/six, and you have a problematic fight ahead of you. While they do have the limitation of not being able to attack until Tekahn uses his hero power, it doesn’t help much at all.

Worse still, these creatures summon another upon defeat so you need to make sure to take out both as soon as possible. The importance of this fight at the beginning is that you need to make sure to not let yourself get badly outnumbered and overwhelmed by the enemies.

You need to focus your efforts on keeping the field as clear as possible so that you are able to counterattack effectively against the massive health that Tekahn has once it is safer. Keep this up so that you are able to make it to the second phase of this lengthy and arduous match.

Hearthstone Tekahn Guide: Phase 2 Will Use Your Minions Against You

The second phase is noteworthy for Tekahn once he gets down to 200 health for using the Living Bomb power. This is a problematic hero power for a number of reasons. It selects a minion that you have and plants a bomb on it. If the minion doesn’t die by the end of the next turn for Tekahn, it will deal five damage to everyone.

Literally everyone. You will get five damage, your other minions will get five damage, and the same can be said for Tekahn. At this point in the match, you are going to want to conserve as much health as possible since you are likely to have already lost a hero or two but, hopefully, not more than that.

There are two main ways to deal with the bomb in general. The first is the simple task of sending your monster that has been targeted out to die or using some spell or what have you to clear the board. This is the easiest way to deal with the issue if you don’t want to take some serious damage.

The other way is to let yourself get hit by it. If you plan the board right and make sure your health is fine, this is a great way to clear Tekahn’s side of the board as well. If you have any big creatures in your deck, they will be useful, too, if they happen to have more than five health and can survive the bomb.

Hearthstone Tekahn Guide: Phase 3 Is a Ticking Time Bomb

The third and final phase of the match is a timed one… of sorts. What Tekahn is going to do is turn your own deck against you. During this final phase of the match, every turn and card you play matters as you will get damaged for every card that you play in the match.

How much damage? Well, you’re going to get hit by as much damage as the mana cost for that card. If it costs four mana to summon a creature, then you are going to take four damage as well to your hero. With only 200 health and likely much less than that at this point in the match, that isn’t a lot to work with.

It is basically like your own hero is a ticking time bomb forcing you to make the right plays quickly and win before you lose. The best option is to have as many heroes as possible left alive. It is entirely possible to not lose a single one up to this point and still be using your first choice.

If you can do that, you will be in the best position for actually winning this difficult battle. Though you are stuck in this sucky situation, you don’t want to rush things by actually attacking Tekahn directly too much, though. You want to keep taking out his minions as you go.

Hearthstone Tekahn Guide: How to Deal With The Final Plague Card


You will also want to have minions on your side that can defend you and try to whittle down Tekahn as well since any card he uses will damage him, too. But even once you get to this point in time, there is one final move that Tekahn will play that you need to worry about.

Playing The Final Plague card will summon the four old god cards that are all impressive and worrisome. This is the moment that makes or breaks your match entirely. You are going to want to either save your best board wipe cards for this moment or be sure to save the explorer Elise for this.

Elise is great because she has the card Addarah that shuffles all enemy minions into your deck. This is really impressive and will take care of the old gods in one foul swoop. In addition, they will be in your deck for use as well but you don’t really need after this.

If you can survive The Final Plague, you are good from there as it will be rinse and repeat until Tekahn runs out of health and you win the match.


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