How the PS5 and Xbox Series X Can Make Next-Gen Battle Royale Games Better

by in General | Sep, 12th 2020

When it comes to the holiday season in 2020, the most exciting thing for many consumers will be the prospects of new video game consoles. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X (plus the S!) will debut this holiday season at varying price points and some next-gen battle royale games.

Next-Gen Battle Royale Games Are Coming Soon

Overall, it won’t be too long to wait for the new hardware to release so long as you can secure one of these consoles’ limited preorders. Production has been limited due to the crazy year that the world is having, but they will be out very soon and bringing some games with them in the process.

Some of these games will be brand new pieces of software like Cyberpunk 2077 that will be available on both the current generation of video game hardware and the next, while others like Fortnite will get their chance to launch on those systems as well.

This does mean that there will be some brand new next-gen battle royale games that will release at some point and ports and remasters of existing games that you already know and love. And the best part is that you won’t have to wait too long for the next generation of battle royale experiences.

Even if there are no new battle royale games at the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S launch, there will be some new ways to experience the already existing battle royale games but in their next-gen formats. We fully expect games like Apex Legends, Fortnite, and more to be there near or at launch.

And the best part is that the launch is just about two months away from us at this current time. Both consoles will launch in November, with at least one of them possibly happening in the first half of the month. This means that we only have a handful of weeks left to go.

And given that both consoles will have some backwards compatibility with the current hardware, PS4 and Xbox One, it is likely to play current-gen battle royale games on those systems right when you pick them up without having to wait for separate versions.

And these new consoles will likely be pretty expensive, with the prices of them circling around the $500 mark at this time. Though no confirmation has been made (at the time of writing this post), you will likely need to shell out a lot of cash to pick one of these up.

This means that you will have limited funds to pick up some of the many games available at the launch of the new hardware. That said, one of the genres that you can rely on is the battle royale genre that has, time and again, released games that are almost always free-to-play.

PS5 and Xbox Series X Can Make Battle Royale Games Better

Given that free battle royale games will likely be at the launch, titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends will be the go-to games for some players who don’t have the money to spend on other titles crazy holiday season.

But this might bring some players down since they are playing older games on some newer systems. However, the new hardware’s great thing is that they can make the newly improved next-gen battle royale games even better than those on the older systems.

With new power comes the chance for even the older games to look and play much better than before. There is the chance for games like PUBG and Call of Duty Warzone to have better performance, look better, and the other usual improvements.

Simultaneously, though, there is even the chance for these next-gen battle royale games to have new experiences that weren’t possible or feasible on the older systems. As such, I will go over the changes and additions I would like to see with the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of various battle royale games.

What We’d Like to See: Better Performance and Graphics

To kick things off, I will go over the most obvious point: the performance and graphics of the next-gen battle royale games. We already know that the new hardware will allow them to look and play better, after all, as that is what always happens with each new generation.

That said, there are some specifics that the new generation can do that will up the visuals and gameplay over the current-gen. There is the opportunity for the higher resolutions with the next generation of consoles like true 4K and even support for 8K.

4K is quickly becoming the standard in the US and other places worldwide, so it is high time for the battle royale genre to support this resolution fully. There is already support for it in some games and on some consoles, but there isn’t true support.

Like the PS4 Pro, unlike the Xbox One X, it isn’t able to truly render games in 4K; upscale them to that resolution. The new PS5 will allow some players to take advantage of their 4K TVs soon truly.

These systems will also look to the future with support up to 8K, allowing these games to look great for years. Then there are additional visual features like the ability to add ray-tracing that will forever change battle royale game styles.

They will be able to look much better on the new hardware without having to let go of the older versions of the game at the same time. The performance can be better, too, which is a point of contention for the genre that has had some poor performance many times.

Maybe the new hardware will allow for games like PUBG to finally run the way they were intended to online. There could be reduced lag and hitching, the textures could load in properly, and the visuals could be constant and not wavering.

There is a chance for reduced loading times so that you can get into the lobby and the match faster than before. The new hardware opens the doorway for so much to change for the various battle royale games that we have, performance and visually-wise.

Larger Maps and Player Counts

But enough about the general improvements that we all expect and know will happen with the next generation of battle royale games. Some additional features and changes aren’t necessarily guaranteed, but I would like to see in the future.

One of these has to do with bigger and better everything. I would like to see larger maps become available in many of the battle royale games for starters. This is a problematic subject. It does take into consideration that some versions of the games could be lacking.

It would be difficult to swallow that Call of Duty Warzone, for instance, has a larger and better map on the new hardware and PC while the other systems can only have the older map. But given that these games are nearly all free to start, it wouldn’t be too bad.

It would be a great way to get Sony and Microsoft on board to promote their new hardware as the only places to play these new maps that are better than anything you could have on the older systems. We could see the biggest battle royale maps of all-time on the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Though this would also allow for larger player counts in the various battle royale modes. A larger map should also mean more players in the map, or else it will get boring too fast. This could allow for Warzone to go even bigger with 200 players or even 250 on the new map.

And then other games like Fortnite could finally reach 150 or 200 for some of its battle royale game modes. Apex Legends could finally get out of the rut of having smaller player counts than the other teams and finally get to 100 at the very least.

These new systems would allow for much larger maps than we have ever seen in the genre to date. Those PC entries in the genre that have up to 1000 players in a single match wouldn’t be a pipe dream for console players to enjoy either, so we could see some truly crazy stuff happen.

Destructible Maps and Better Explosions

When it comes to the new maps and improved older maps, I would like to see some specifics for how they can be better than we currently have. I would like to see more destructible maps that allow for more intense action and gameplay changes that could shape the match’s outcome.

Destruction is something that some battle royale games have, but it is typically in a limited fashion. The most noteworthy game is Fortnite, which has managed to make a whole last player standing game out of the ability to build and destroy everything around you at will.

But even it could benefit quite a lot from the power of the new consoles later this year. Perhaps it could not only help with the speed in which a player can build and tear something down, but it could help the performance of the whole matter, making sure that there aren’t issues with explosions and the like.

This could benefit Fortnite by allowing for even more building in the world to either higher points of interest or lower, expanding the reach of what players can do. How crazy would it be if you could destroy the ground in a match to go down a little bit and hide?

And then beyond Fortnite, destructibility is something that would be a great addition to other battle royale games like Warzone and Apex Legends. They have some limited destruction, but it would be cool to have explosive weapons capable of destroying a building and exposing those pesky campers.

It would be great to see even more explosive weapons capable of massive destruction. How wild would it be if Warzone had a nuke that you could launch and blast away a massive portion of the map? Or if there could even be map changes in the middle of the match like the land shaping and opening up. Natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes would be amazing as well.

New Controller Functions and Better Social Elements

A minor improvement that I would like to see in the new versions of these battle royale games would be taking full advantage of the new controllers. This also ties into the social aspects of the battle royale games and the respective consoles, allowing for more options.

From what we know, the controllers will be even more focused on the social elements like sharing gameplay and clips of what you are doing in the middle of matches. Hopefully, with the sharing features that these consoles will have, these games will take full advantage of that.

It would be nice to see it be even easier to take a clip that you are proud of and share it online to various social media channels with ease. It would be especially great if the consoles were capable of parsing through the footage and finding only the notable moments like victories, eliminations, and crushing defeats for you.

Having those particular moments already be trimmed for immediate sharing online would not only save you some time but make it easy to just share an awesome clip then jump back into the action without having to go through all the processes of editing the clip and making sure it posts, etc.

Cross-Play and Progression at Launch

Last but not least, this one seems simple at a glance, but if the game publishers and developers have taught us anything, it is anything but simple in the legal world. I would like to see cross-play and progression be an expected feature for every battle royale game moving forward next-gen.

From the moment that the next-gen version of Fortnite or PUBG or what have you releases, it needs to have the ability to play with the other platforms immediately available. Preferably, this function would allow for all of the platforms, including PC, older consoles, and mobile (if applicable).

This would be highly welcome since the consoles will have smaller user bases at their launch. So it would be unfortunate to run into an issue where you have to wait for a while for a match, or you keep only competing with the hardcore players who make it less fun.

Having the ability to play with the other platforms also allows you to play with your friends online who might not have the cash to purchase a PS5 at this time. Fortunately, cross-play has become nearly the standard, so I don’t worry too much about this happening.

However, what I do worry about is whether or not we will get cross-progression. You will likely take your Warzone account from PS4 to PS5, but it is time that universal accounts became the standard for online multiplayer games.

Fortnite has almost paved the way for this to be the case, and it is time for other games to follow suit. If I want to play on the Apex Legends Switch version when I’m at a cafe and then come home to play on the same account on my shiny new PS5, it should be possible.

Next-Gen Battle Royale Games We Want to See at Launch

The launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles are looming closer and closer with about two months left to go. While I don’t expect all of these changes and additions to be available at their launches, I do want to see several battle royale games available there right from the start.

Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty Warzone, PUBG, Spellbreak, and Fall Guys should all be there at the new systems’ launch, no questions asked. They could be the same versions of the older games at launch and then have the next-gen improvements added later on.

If those games were available at launch in some form, that would give players several options to choose from for what to play on their new systems at a time when new games aren’t typically too available. If console launches taught us anything in the past, there likely wouldn’t be much to play for the first several months of the new generation. These games being there could help that.


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