Opinion: How Activision Blizzard Made $1.2 Billion in MTX in Q3 2021

by in General | Nov, 3rd 2021

Despite the companies’ trials and tribulations, Activision Blizzard’s MTX revenue has been astounding. This came to light during the Q3 2021 financial call, and if you ever wondered why more and more games have questionable MTX, well, here’s your answer: $1.2 billion worth of revenue. Perhaps the most interesting part of this is that this isn’t yearly revenue, either. This is within the past three months across all of Activision Blizzard’s portfolios. Many are shocked by this number, but this writer certainly isn’t.

How Is This Possible?

We can’t be certain, but the most realistic answer is Warzone. World of Warcraft moves along at a snails’ pace, Overwatch doesn’t drop major updates, and there aren’t useful MTX across the Diablo games. So it’s pretty easy to see what the winner was. We can’t take a breath around here without seeing new Warzone skins/MTX, as one Twitter user made clear. “Everyone complains about microtransactions, but then they see Ghostface or Rambo or a**hole guy and they need their mom’s credit card.”

While we don’t know which game is the clear winner, Warzone is the most likely choice. How is it possible for Activision Blizzard to reveal $1.2 billion in MTX revenue? Because no matter what, people are going to buy into whatever Blizzard is doing. People can be outraged about what happened at Activision Blizzard, but as soon as those new Warzone skins or an Overwatch event drops? The wallets open up.

This is something I’ve noticed very much in my personal life. No matter what’s gone on in the real world, Activision Blizzard feels untouchable. There is a bloated mess of microtransactions in Warzone. The number of things you can buy is staggering. There’s always something new, from characters to skins or weapon blueprints. Occasionally, these feel pay-to-win.

Bundles, Operators, you name it, Warzone has it. It has roughly six million active players, on top of that. Overwatch is easy enough to diagnose lootboxes. The less said about those, the better. Overwatch has tedious lootboxes and is a buy-to-play title. Didn’t get the skins you wanted? Just buy more of them! Then we have World of Warcraft, which is a game that has never felt slower. Even World of Warcraft has MTX, from buying the game tokens (worth 30 days of game time), level-up boosts, race changes, mounts, pets, you name it. 

Boosting in WoW can be done by buying/selling the WoW game tokens, which only compounds the MTX possibilities. Even the head of the company is selling boosts in-game. World of Warcraft tried to fight gold sellers by essentially selling their gold. You can buy the game token and sell it on the in-game markets. You can spend money on so much in World of Warcraft. When you see Activision Blizzard has made $1.2 billion in MTX revenue in Q3, that’s why. Microtransactions are the best way for games to make money right now. 


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