Hearthstone: Fractured in Alterac Valley Spoilers and Discussion

by in Hearthstone | Nov, 22nd 2021

Now that we know the next expansion for Hearthstone – Fractured in Alterac Valley is coming, it’s time to talk spoilers! There are so many awesome cards coming at the end of this year of content, that’s for sure. As always, we’re going to split them up into class and rarity, to make it easy to find what you’re looking for. So far we’ve only seen one new keyword, in Honorable Kill, which is a cool one. If you have an Honorable Kill card and deal the exact amount of damage to kill a card, you get a useful benefit.  We also have Objective Spells, which persist a little longer on the board, doing potentially game-winning things.

We’re going to keep this as up-to-date as possible, so make sure to stay tuned to Esports Talk for all of the Hearthstone: Fractured in Alterac Valley spoilers!

Demon Hunter


Caria Felsoul (6-Cost Follower): This is definitely an interesting card, that’s for sure. If you’re looking to pick up some abilities from your demons, but want them a little faster, this could be the way. If nothing else, it’s interesting. Maybe they’re trying to make “Big DH” competitive? Caria Felsoul is a 6-cost 6/6, and her Battlecry transforms her into a 6/6 copy of a Demon in your deck. So this way, you can put just one demon in your deck, and you will for sure get what you’re after, just a little bit faster. It’s got possibilities.

Kurtrus, Demon-Render (6-Cost Hero): This Hero can potentially be game-ending. It’s a 6-cost Hero, and it summons a pair of ¼ Demons with Rush. That doesn’t really sound so great on its face. The ¼ Demons power is increased by each time your Hero attacks this game. So these can drop as something truly terrifying, like a pair of 10/4s, for example. Kurtrus’ new Hero Power is devastating, too. Ashfallen’s Fury costs 1 mana, and it grants you +2 Attack this turn. After a friendly minion attacks, refresh this. So if you have lots of annoying Rush demons, you can attack once at a time, and just keep adding +2 Attack until you can just hammer someone down into the ground.


Warden of Chains (4-Cost Follower): Yeah, “Big DH” is being pushed, but will it be good? I like this card if nothing else. A 2/6 for 4, it also has Taunt. If you’re holding a Demon that costs (5) or more mana, this gains +1/+2. For 4 mana? That is a bargain. I would run this card before I ran Caria, at the very least.

Warden of Chains Card
Warden of Chains

Field of Strife (2-Cost Spell – Objective): Our first Objective Spell, it persists for 3 turns. While this is in play, your minions have +1 Attack. For 2 mana, this one is great. You can drop this on Turn 3, with a 1-drop on top of it, and get some value out of it.

Flanking Maneuver (4-Cost Spell): Summon a 4/2 Demon with Rush. If it dies this turn, summon another! Ready to beat down the enemy frontline? Well, this will go a long way towards that, that’s for sure. It also helps with Kurtus, if you’ve got the mana to keep using his Hero Power.


Flag Runner (3-Cost Follower): Whenever a friendly minion dies, gain +1 Attack. So I like this idea, that’s for sure. I don’t foresee it getting huge but if you have some sacrificial, cheap minions to rush in with, this could get out of hand. I’d rather see this in Hunter or something, to be honest.

Dreadprison Glaive (1-Cost Equipment – Weapon): Our first Honorable Kill weapon! Dreadprison Glaive are a ⅓ Weapon. If you trigger Honorable Kill, deal damage to the enemy hero equal to your attack. If you can buff your Demon Hunter enough, this could be a huge way to get damage in, while also eliminating a threat. So I like this idea, as well.

Battleworn Vanguard (2-Cost Follower): A 2/2 follower, it grants a pair of 1/1 Felwings, after your Hero attacks. Incredibly useful, that. We can have a very reliable group of chump creatures that can die for us in a pinch.



Wildheart Guff (5-Cost Hero): This Hero costs 5 mana to cast and has Battlecry: Set your maximum Mana to 20. Gain a Mana Crystal. Draw a card. Good. God. Can you imagine a turn-5 Druid suddenly having 20 mana?! His Hero Power also costs 2 mana and is called Nurture. It’s built around the classic Choose One design. You either Draw a card or Gain a Mana Crystal. You can do potentially a ton with this, with the huge, high-cost neutral legendaries. Can’t wait to see this get used.

Wing Commander Mulverick (4-Cost Follower): Now here’s a familiar face! He’s a ⅖ Rush minion, and he grants all of your minions: Honorable Kill: Summon a 2/2 Wyvern with Rush. If you can keep rushing things down with perfect amounts of damage, you essentially have a non-stop flood of 2/2s. Yeah, big fan of this card.


Frostsaber Matriarch (7-Cost Follower – Beast): Beast Druid? You could potentially drop this ⅘ Taunt for 1 mana, and that would slap. This ⅘ Taunt costs (1) less for each Beast you’ve summoned in this game. So potentially, this has a lot of power. I really like this card.

Frostsaber Matriarch Card
Frostsaber Matriarch

Capture Coldtooth Mine (2-Cost Spell): Oh man, what a bargain for 2 mana. You Choose One: Draw your Lowest Cost Card or your Highest Cost Card. With Wildheart Guff, you could do some positively hilarious things with. Knowing what you have and what you need will determine how powerful this card is.


Frostwolf Kennels (3-Cost Spell – Objective): Druid’s Persistent spell summons a 2/2 Wolf with Stealth at the end of your turn, and it lasts 3 turns. For 3 mana, that is also a really good deal. This one guarantees you get value out of it since it creates the creature at the end of your turn. I really like Beast Druids are going to be a thing, especially when I see Dire Frostwolf. That’s a common card, a 4/4 with Stealth for 4, and its Deathrattle summons a 2/2 Wolf with Stealth.

Pathmaker (3-Cost Follower): This Battlecry helps with your Choose One dilemma.  As the Battlecry triggers, cast the other choice from the last Choose One spell you’ve cast. It doesn’t seem to matter when, as long as it was this game. You can make some excellent combos with this, like in Capture Coldtooth Mine, for example.


Heart of the Wild (3-Cost Spell): A simple, but effective damage dealer. This grants a minion +2/+2, then all of your Beasts gain an additional +1/+1. For 3 mana? With a full board, this can be devastating, potentially.



Wing Commander Ichman (9-Cost Legendary): A 5/4 for 9 doesn’t sound very great when you consider it. It has to do something incredible to make it worthwhile. However, this is created at a time when Hunter Aggro is the name of the game. That’s why I fear this won’t see much use. I want it to though. Why? It summons a Beast from your deck and gives it Rush. If it kills a minion, repeat this. In theory, this could do a ton of stuff. You could also pull your Legendary Beast Monster from the deck, and just start smashing fools. I don’t feel like this is going to be great. We’ll see what else comes from this expansion.

Beaststalker Tavish (6-Cost Hero): What a weird card. It’s not bad, but I don’t know that it goes along with the current Hunter meta. Time will tell though. This Hero Discovers and casts a pair of Improved Secrets when it comes into play, and has a 3-cost Hero Power: Summon Pet. It summons one of three animal companions:

  • Huffer: 4/2 Charge
  • Leokk: 2/4, Your other minions have +1 Attack
  • Misha: 4/4 Taunt

The Traps are all very good, too. For example, Improved Explosive Trap deals 3 to all enemies when your Hero is attacked. We have 6 possible Traps, as well. Improved versions of Ice Trap, Freezing Trap, Open the Cages, Pack Tactics and Snake Trap are possible. So I like this, but I don’t know how viable it’s going to be. Maybe it’s planned for future changes to the Hunter meta?


Ice Trap (2-Cost Secret Spell – Frost): This secret triggers when your opponent casts a spell. Instead, they return it to their hand, and it costs 1 more. A solid way to slow down an early (or late) strategy.


Revive Pet (3-Cost Spell – Nature): A solid spell, it Discovers a friendly Beast that died this game, and summon it. You can get your Legendary Prime back this way, and do it again. So in theory again, I like this. Getting back useful beasts is literally never a bad thing. Since it’s Discover, you pick 1 of 3. So you get a choice! Love this as a potential way to open fire in a big way.

Revive Pet Card
Revive Pet

Dun Baldar Bunker (2-Cost Spell – Objective): A persistent Secret spell? Color me intrigued. At the end of your turn, draw a Secret, and change its cost to (1). For 3 turns, you get your Secrets nice and cheap. Yeah, this is going to get used.


Ram Tamer (3-Cost Follower): Working with Dun Baldar Bunker, Ram Tamer gives itself +1/+1 and Stealth upon entering play, if they enter play and you control a Secret. That’s pretty rad to have a 5/4 with Stealth. That’s free damage.

Bloodseeker (2-Cost Equipment – Weapon): A decent, useful weapon here. A 2/2 weapon for 2, it has Honorable Kill: Gain +1/+1. You can get some quality buffs out of this with well-timed, perfect damage. You have to plan for it, but I certainly like it.



Build a Snowman (3-Cost Spell – Frost): Simple and to the point, this creates a 3/3 Snowman that Freezes. So that’s already incredible. It also adds Build a Snowbrute to your hand. Build a Snowbrute is a 6-cost spell, and it creates a 6/6 Snowbrute that Freezes. Then, you add Build a Snowgre to your hand. What’s that? Build a Snowgre summons a 9/9 Snowgre that Freezes. Do you want to freeze your opponent’s creatures, and batter the stuffing out of them? Here you go!

Arcane Brilliance (4-Cost Spell – Arcane): Add a copy of a 7, 8, 9, and 10-Cost spell in your deck, and put them in your hand. Tons. Of. Spells. For 4 mana, this sets you up for greatness in the late game as well. It’s a copy of those spells, so you can still draw into the other ones!


Siphon Mana (2-Cost Spell – Arcane): Our Honorable Kill for Mage is pretty amazing. It deals 2 damage, and if you trigger that condition, the Cost of spells in your hand is reduced by (1) mana. Absolutely brilliant for mages. If nothing else, it makes your Snowmen so much cheaper.

Amplified Snowflurry (2-Cost Follower – Elemental):  A quality Elemental, it makes your next Hero Power cost (0) and also Freezes the target. Definitely a fan of that. It’s also a ⅔, so it makes a decent early beater.



Lightforged Cariel (7-Cost Hero): The Paladin hero is an absolute banger. Paladin Handbuff Hero is here! She deals 2 damage to all enemies as a Battlecry and equips a ⅖ Immovable Object equipment piece. The Immovable Object doesn’t lose Durability, period. Your hero takes half damage, rounded up, and is a ⅖ baseline. Like Wildheart, she also comes with 5 Armor. So far, this sounds really good, but what about her Hero Power? She has Blessing of Queens, which grants a random ally in your hand +4/+4. My lord, that’s amazing. Especially if you only have one or two allies in hand. You can really direct where to put that power. At two mana, that’s fantastic. Handbuff Pally may see a serious surge into the meta.

Lightforged Cariel Card
Lightforged Cariel

Saidan the Scarlet (3-Cost Follower): My God. With Dun Baldar Bridge or other Libram Buffs, this card is going to get out of control, incredibly fast. This 2/2 has Rush, and whenever this gains Attack or Health, double it WHEREVER THIS CARD IS. So if you have a card that buffs all allies everywhere, he’ll get double. If you pick him with Dun Baldar, he gains +4/+4, instead of +2/+2. My god, I love this card.  Maybe my favorite one in the Hearthstone: Fractured in Alterac Valley spoilers so far.


Stonehearth Vindicator (3-Cost Follower): A 3/1, it has you draw a spell that costs 3 or less, and makes it cost (0) this turn. A great time to pull a free Hold the Bridge, since it grants a minion +2/+1, and Divine Shield. It also gains Lifesteal for the turn. If we pair this with a big Cavalry Horn, this could be devastating. Cavalry Horn is a common piece of equipment (3/2 for 5 mana). Its Deathrattle summons the lowest Cost minion in your hand. So you hold only a Templar Captain (8 mana) in hand, and drop it without paying its cost, then play Stonehearth Vindicator to play a 0-cost Hold the Bridge on him. Now he’s a 10/9 with Rush, summons a 5/5 Defender with Taunt, and the Templar Captain also has Lifesteal for the turn. Love that combo possibility.


Templar Captain (8-Cost Follower): An 8/8 with Rush is great, even at 8 mana. I hate that cost, but I can see it being plausible, especially with Lightforged Cariel. After this ally attacks a minion, summon a 5/5 Defender with Taunt. So the longer this sticks around, the more the game is slowed down in your favor.

Dun Baldar Bridge (4-Cost Spell – Objective): After you summon a minion, give it +2/+2, lasts 3 turns. You can already see how this is going to be wildly powerful. Its first turn will probably stink unless you play it later in the game, but for example, Saidan the Scarlet? Or even later in the game with Templar Captain? A 10/10 Rush? Oh yes. Ohhhh yes.

Protect the Innocent (5-Cost Spell): Summon a 5/5 Defender with Taunt. If your Hero was healed this turn, summon another. You know me – I love Taunt decks.



Shadow Word: Devour (1-Cost Spell – Shadow): What a blessing, this card is. You choose a minion. It steals 1 health from all other minions. Your important minion is about to die? Well, let’s fix that. Zap!

Gift of the Naaru (1-Cost Spell – Holy): Restore 3 Health to all characters. If any are damaged, draw a card. If you can do this when the enemy has no minions on board, even better! As long as something was damaged first, you draw a card.


Stormpike Aid Station (3-Cost Objective Spell): Priest’s Objective Spell lasts 3 turns, and at the end of your turn, your minions all receive +2 Health. I cannot even fathom how this could ever be anything but incredible. The “end of turn” objectives are my favorites, honestly. Lots of buffs in Priest right now.

Stormpike Aid Station

Bless (2-Cost Spell – Holy): Give a minion +2 Health, then set its Attack to be equal to its Health. Suddenly, the Undying Disciple is a 9/9, or the Luminous Geode is a 6/6! Bless is incredible. The Luminous Geode is also a ¼ Elemental for 2, and after a friendly minion is healed, it gains +2 Attack. It can really get out of control. Pairing this with a Stormpike Aid Station is also going to make some big allies.


Spirit Guide (5-Cost Follower): Finally, some Deathrattle Support! This 5/5 Taunt has a Deathrattle, that draws a Holy Spell and Shadow Spell. Xyrella is starting to shape up, that’s for sure.

Deliverance (3-Cost Spell – Holy): Deal 3 damage to a minion. Honorable Kill grants you a new 3/3 copy of it! So you can steal an opponent by destroying it first.



Shadowcrafter Scabbs (7-Cost Hero): If you’ve spent the game whittling someone down to near death, this Hero could seal the deal nicely. He returns all minions to their owner’s hands. Then you summon two 4/2 Shadows with Stealth. So that’s 8 damage on the turn. Now, if only you could sneak out just a tiny bit more damage or drop another useful creature before that attack. But wait! Sleight of Hand is his Hero Power, and it costs 0 mana. The next card you play this turn costs (2) less. This could stack very nicely with Combo cards, that’s for sure. I am a pretty big fan of this, even if I don’t play Rogues much.


Snowfall Graveyard (3-Cost Spell – Objective): Huge fan of this. For 3 turns, your Deathrattles trigger twice. Deathrattle Rogue is going to need this card to make the game as easy as possible. Yup, this card is going to see play if Deathrattle Rogue is remotely played. This will be a must-pick, and at the Rare rarity, no less.

Contraband Stash (5-Cost Spell): I’m sensing a pattern. This replays 5 cards from other classes you’ve played this game. So after Cera’thine Fleetrunner, this and Double Agent are going to be brilliant. It’s also going to help other cards for Rogue. They’re really going to pop off. Since Cera’thine doesn’t replace spells, you’ll still have access to this.

Contraband Stash

Wildpaw Gnoll (5-Cost Follower): You probably want to use this before Cera’thine, so you don’t lose access to it. This is a ⅘ Rush that costs (1) less for each non-Rogue card you’ve added to your hand. It could get much cheaper.


Double Agent (3-Cost Follower): This 3/3 summons another copy of itself if you’re holding a card from another class. Definitely makes me want to do multi-class Rogue.

Coldtooth Yeti (3-Cost Follower): A simple beatstick, it’s a ⅕ that gains +3 Attack if it’s cast as a Combo.

Reconnaissance (2-Cost Spell): This pairs with Wildpaw Gnoll too. This Discovers a Deathrattle minion from another class, and it costs 2 less mana.



Bear’on Gla’shear (7-Cost Follower – Elemental): What. A. Name. Whew. Fantastic. A 6/6 Elemental, and when it hits the field, for each Frost spell you’ve cast this game, summon a ¾ Elemental that Freezes. So a Spell Shaman deck could easily mop someone up with this in the late game. I can see that sudden possible 18 or so damage in one attack – especially if you’ve cleared the board.


Snowball Fight! (3-Cost Spell – Frost): Deal 1 damage to a minion and Freeze it. If it survives, repeat this on another minion! Now, does the opponent get to pick one? I’m not really sure how that works. If it is just you getting to pelt with Snowballs, that’s incredible. If it’s a back and forth? I like it a little less, admittedly. Gonna have to wait and see.


Glaciate (6-Cost Spell – Frost): What a fascinating card. It Discovers an 8-cost minion, summons it, and then freezes it. You get to use it next turn at least. So I kind of like Glaciate. It can also help with Snowfall Guardian, a 5-Cost Common Elemental. Its Battlecry Freezes all other minions and gains +1/+1 for each Frozen minion (baseline 3/3).

Sleetbreaker (2-Cost Follower – Elemental): A 3/2 for 2 is already decent, but it adds a Windchill spell to your hand. That’s a 1-cost spell that Freezes a minion and draws a card. Absolutely love the value we get for this.



Dreadlich Tamsin (6-Cost Hero): Hmm. This is an interesting card at the very least. It can really storm the board with Dread Imps (3/3 Demon) at inopportune moments. This Hero has 5 Armor like all the others. When this comes into play, it deals 3 damage to all minions. Then it shuffles 3 Rifts into your deck. Then, you draw 3 cards. The fewer cards in your deck when this goes down, the better it sounds like. She has a 2-cost Hero Power, Chains of Dread. This shuffles a Rift into your deck and draws you a card. It’s certainly got potential to be infuriating. Perhaps in Handlock?

Dreadlich Tamsin Card
Dreadlich Tamsin

Tamsin’s Phylactery (4-Cost Spell – Shadow): Since we have a Lich, we need a Phylactery to keep it alive. This spell Discovers a friendly Deathrattle minion that died this game. It gives your minions that Deathrattle. So play this with a powerful Deathrattle, with a board full of weak allies. Then play Dreadlich Tamsin, blow them all up, and profit! What a combo!


Felfire in the Hole! (5-Cost Spell – Fel): With Felwalker, this could be amazing. It’s a 5-Cost that draws a spell and deals 2 damage to all enemies. If that’s a Fel spell, deal 1 more. Felwalker on the other hand, is a 6-cost Demon, with Taunt (3/7 stats). It casts the highest Cost Fel spell from your hand. So you can hold this, and drop it for free when you play Felwalker.


Full-Blown Evil (3-Cost Spell – Fel): Another Fel spell, this deals 5 damage randomly split among all enemy minions. Repeatable this turn. This is also great with Felwalker since you can just repeat it afterward. A fantastic way to bombard the enemy field.

Desecrated Graveyard (3-Cost Objective Spell): Warlock’s Objective Spell destroys your lowest Attack minion, to summon a 4/4 Shade. So if we can drop some low-cost nobodies, we can really pull some value out of it. Otherwise, I fear this isn’t going to be worth it, even at 3 mana.

Seeds of Destruction (2-Cost Spell – Fel): Another fun one for the Felwalker! This 2-Cost shuffles four Rifts into your deck. Upon drawing them, they summon a 3/3 Dread Imp. So free minions, for 2 mana! We just have to draw into them, but they immediately cast, which is great.


Hollow Abomination (5-Cost Follower): If your opponent’s allies are down to 1 Health, this could become hilarious. A 2/8, its Battlecry deals 1 damage to all enemy minions. Now, if Honorable Kill triggers as a result of this, gain that minion’s Attack. With proper work and spell usage, you could suddenly have a gigantic Abomination.

Grave Defiler (1-Cost Follower): Remember all those rad Fel spells? This copies a Fel spell in your hand upon playing it! Who cares if it’s a 2/1?! That could work great with Desecrated Graveyard!



Snowed In (3-Cost – Frost): Even Warriors get access to the Freeze status ailment here! You destroy a damaged minion and then Freeze all other minions. A possible tool for control Warrior? It very well could be.


Shield Shatter (10-Cost Spell – Frost): This is too expensive. Until you consider it costs 1 less for each Armor point you have. It deals 5 damage to all minions, and in theory, you could drop this spell for 0, on top of Frozen Buckler. A great way to just demolish an early aggressive board.

Shield Shatter

Iceblood Garrison (2-Cost Objective Spell): A 3-turn Objective spell for Warrior, it deals 1 damage to all minions. If you want to build a self-damage combo deck, this is going to make it easier than ever.

To The Front! (2-Cost Spell): This is a fantastic mid-game spell. It makes your minions cost (2) less, but not less than 1. Suddenly, Scrapsmith is a 1-cost instead of a 3, and still adds those 2/4 Grunts with Taunt to your hand. Now, Axe Berserker is a 2-cost instead of 4, and more. Perhaps best of all, Glory Chaser becomes a 1-cost, and is a 4/3 that draws a card after you play a taunt minion.


Axe Berserker (4-Cost Follower): A Rush ⅗, it also has Honorable Kill. If this deals Honorable Kill damage, you draw a weapon! If you can keep him alive enough, you can get a few weapons out of your deck.



Lokholar, the Ice Lord (10-Cost – Elemental): An 8/8 with Rush/Windfury, but boy is it expensive! That said, it costs (5) less if you have 15 Health or less! Good lord, what a banger if you’re behind in a game – or running a deck where you pay life to get ahead. Just some food for thought, Warlocks.

Ivus, the Forest Lod (1-Cost Follower): A 1/1 for 1, and it’s Legendary?! It spends the rest of your mana, and gains +2/+2, Rush, Divine Shield, or Taunt at random, for each point of mana spent. Please, please, use this in the new Hero Druid deck. Suddenly you’ve got 20 mana crystals. Just sayin’.

Korrak the Bloodrager (4-Cost Follower): Simple and to the point, this is a ⅗ with Deathrattle. If this wasn’t Honorably Killed, resummon Korrak. So potentially, he’s not going anywhere, and in a Deathrattle deck, getting this over and over would be nice.


Abominable Lieutenant (8-Cost Follower): Okay, this is wild. A ⅗ for 8, at the end of your turn, eat a random enemy minion and gain its stats. If you can eliminate the weak enemies, and leave their huge game-winner, you eat it and gain its power. You can easily manipulate this to maximize its growth potential.

Spammy Arcanist (5-Cost Follower): A ⅗ for 5, it deals 1 damage to all other minions. If any die, repeat this. It spams Arcane Explosion, like any good Mage. I can see quite a few uses for this against weak enemies. Just annihilate your foes (and allies), which may be great in a Deathrattle deck.

Grimtotem Bounty Hunter (3-Cost Follower): The Grimtotem Bounty Hunter’s sole purpose, other than being a 4/4 for 3, is it destroys an enemy Legendary minion. You play this when your opponent drops their huge, game-winning monster. That legendary that can spell disaster for you. Then you turn the tables and tell them the numbers don’t lie. They spell disaster for the other player.

Abominable Lieutenant Card
Abominable Lieutenant

Drek’Thar (4-Cost Legendary Follower): A 4/4 with a pretty useful Battlecry, to be honest. If this costs more than every minion in your deck, summon 2 of them. So this pays homage to the Frostwolves that accompany Drek’Thar. It requires you to have a pretty low-cost series of minions in your deck, but it’s got real potential. However, I’m leaning more towards Vanndar Stormpike when it comes to the spoilers for Hearthstone: Fractured in Alterac Valley.

Vanndar Stormpike (4-Cost Legendary Follower): In the classic days of WoW, I always played Horde. I have so many matches won in Alterac Valley. However, this 4/4 Dwarf holds my attention a bit more than Drek’Thar does. Why? His Battlecry reads “If this costs less than every minion in your deck, reduce their Cost by (3).” For decks that rely on heavier, bigger creatures, suddenly they’re not so far out of reach. I respect and appreciate that.


Stormpike Marshall (4-Cost Follower): A 2/6 Taunt, it costs 1 mana if you took 5 or more damage during your opponent’s turn. If you were put behind the 8-ball, so to speak, you can really come back with a couple of these.

Frostwolf Warmaster (4-Cost Follower): I like this in Warrior, to be honest. This costs (1) less for each card you’ve played this turn. With To the Front!, you could easily drop this for 1 or less.

Kobold Taskmaster (3-Cost Follower): Another useful neutral, this adds 2 Armor Scraps to your hand, that gives +2 Health to a minion. For 3 mana, that’s not too bad.

Snowblind Harpy (3-Cost Follower): If you’re holding a Frost spell – not too hard in this meta, gain 5 Armor. Wouldn’t be shocked to see it in some Warrior decks.

Irondeep Troll (1-Cost Follower): This is going to wind up being a target if played, I can feel it. After your opponent casts a spell, summon a copy of this. They can just keep multiplying!


Knight-Captain (5-Cost Follower): Its Battlecry deals 3 damage to any target. However, if it’s an Honorable Kill, he gains +3/+3 (becoming a 6/6). Honestly? Not too bad. Gnome Private (1-Cost Follower): Another Honorable Kill card. If this deals exactly 1 damage to kill something, gain +2 Attack, making it a 3/3. I wonder if you can keep repeating that, in a deck where you can keep healing the Gnome Private

Troll Centurion (8-Cost Follower): This 8/8’s Honorable Kill is going to be hard to hit, given his stats. But if you do, he deals 8 damage to the enemy Hero. I like this, but I don’t see that hitting too often.

Troll Centurion

Humongous Owl (7-Cost Follower – Beast): For 7 mana, this 8/4 is going to be useful in Deathrattle decks. It triggers and deals 8 damage to a random enemy. I imagine if they have no followers on board, it hits the Hero directly.

Icehoof Protector (6-Cost Follower): Oh, I like this. A 2/10, with Taunt, it Freezes any character that it deals damage to. Keep it buffed in a Priest deck for maximum fury. Maybe with Bless?

Legionnaire (6-Cost Follower): A 9/3?! Wow, what a statline for a 6-cost follower! But its Deathrattle gives all the minions in your hand +2/+2.

Frantic Hippogryph (5-Cost Follower – Beast): Now this is an Honorable Kill worth seeking. A Rush 3/7, if it gets an Honorable Kill, it gains Windfury. Huzzah, more damage!

Ice Revenant (4-Cost Follower – Elemental): Hello, Frost spell decks! This gains +2/+2 (baseline: ⅘), whenever you cast a Frost spell. This could also get pretty out of control.

Reflecto Engineer (3-Cost Follower): Not sure how I feel about this one. It could very easily backfire. It’s a 2/4, that swaps the Attack and Health stats of all minions in both players’ hands. So this could be amazing for us, but it could also be much better for your foe.

Gangster (2-Cost Follower): What a great Stealth unit. It’s a 4/2, and whenever an opponent plays a minion, this attacks it. Provided they’re weak enemies, this could be amazing. I just want this in a deck where we can buff their Health.

Corporal (2-Cost Follower): An exceptional Honorable Kill follower, it gives your other minions Divine Shield. Since 2-Health minions are never in short supply, this could be rad.


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