Hearthstone Doom in the Tomb Part 2 Tavern Brawl Guide

by in Hearthstone | Oct, 21st 2019

Blizzard is continuing its onslaught of Halloween 2019 events for the popular card game Hearthstone. Available on both the mobile and PC versions of the game, players are now able to enjoy a new spooky limited time event that is centered around and fits in well with the mythos of this year.

This year has been all about heroes versus villains in the form of the heroic League of Explorers taking on the League of Evil. The League of Evil has been terrorizing the world of Azeroth all year long from having its own dedicated expansion to taking over the floating city of Dalaran and more.

Hearthstone Halloween Limited Time Event Explained

Blizzard has introduced the Doom in the Tomb event as the next part of the fight between the League of Explorers and the League of Evil. After defeating the evil villains in their dastardly schemes, both groups have discovered a haunted temple and are now trying to take advantage of it.

As part of this, the previous week of the limited time event saw players take on several bosses from the haunted tombs while playing as various members of the League of Evil. This was in the form of the first of three Tavern Brawl events that were being offered as part of this Halloween 2019 event.

Alongside the three Tavern Brawl events that will be taking place across the three weeks of the spooky event, players are able to get some cool rewards and partake in other content. This includes the fact that players are able to play in Standard with cards that are being brought back for this event.

There are a total of 23 wildcards that were removed from Standard play previously in the game that are coming back for another chance including Ragnaros the Firelord and Sylvanas Windrunner. Players are able to use them again like they would before in any mode like ranked and so on.

Hearthstone Doom in the Tomb Part 2 Details

While all of the awesome festivities are happening, Blizzard is releasing a new Tavern Brawl each. In this second week of the event, players are able to enjoy the Hearthstone Doom in the Tomb Part 2 Tavern Brawl. This exciting event is available for all players for totally free.

This is the second week of the event, continuing the events of the first week. In week one, players took on the bosses in the Tavern Brawl using members of the League of Evil. In Hearthstone Doom in the Tomb Part 2, players are now able to get some help from the heroic League of Explorers.

The four members of the League of Explorers are joining the Tavern Brawl as the playable characters who you are able to choose from to play as in this week’s Tavern Brawl mode. Once again, it is very similar to the first week where you have to take out a handful of bosses in the event.

As you are exploring the haunted tombs, players are looking to see how fast they can help either the League of Evil or League of Explorers get through the tombs and see what awaits at the end. This requires the player to go through multiple boss battles along the way.

Hearthstone Tavern Brawl Details and Tips


Like the first Doom in the Tomb event, this second week is a PvE-only event where players are simply trying to take out the computer-controlled bosses in various challenging fights. The Tavern Brawl itself has a custom dungeon-style format for progressing throughout the event.

The Hearthstone Doom in the Tomb Part 2 Tavern Brawl allows the player to use any member of the League of Evil as before, if they’d like, or alternatively select one of the four League of Explorers heroes. Those include leader Reno Jackson, Sir Finley, Elise, and Brann Bronzebeard.

Every single one of the playable heroes and villains come with their own unique class, hero power, and preconstructed deck for you to use. If you used a particular character last week and really liked their deck, you might be best off just using that same character once again.

On the other hand, if you weren’t too big of a fan of the villain decks from before, you might want to try out one of the four League of Explorers decks. Our personal recommendations include the Reno Jackson and Elise Starseeker decks, both of which are great overall.

You are free to try out the Tavern Brawl as many times as you need to during the week that it is available so be sure to keep trying to get the fastest time possible. This is important because the rewards and progression of this event is all based around how fast you do during it.

Doom in the Tomb Part 2 Rewards

If you’re looking to pick up some of the rewards from Hearthstone Doom in the Tomb Part 2, you will need to be as fast and strategic as you can. With other Tavern Brawls, Blizzard typically just rewards the player with rewards for completing the event and maybe doing it on a harder difficulty.

But with this particular event, you are being timed the whole time. Not only is the event challenging on its own but you have to meet certain time requirements in order to get the best of the rewards that are being offered. It all starts with the easiest of the time limit rewards.


The first of these requires you to finish Hearthstone Doom in the Tomb Part 2 in under an hour in total. This includes all of the five bosses that you are going to fight during the Tavern Brawl. If you are able to do it in less than an hour in total, you will receive the golden version of the Temple Berserker card.

For those who don’t know this card, Temple Berserker is a simple creature card that costs two mana to summon to the field. It is a neutral creature that arrives on the field with the okay stats of one for attack and two for health. What is interesting about it, though, is that it has the reborn keyword.

Reborn is a relatively new keyword that was introduced from the most recent card set for the card game. What reborn does is allow the card to come back to life. If Temple Berserker dies on the battlefield, it will instantly come back to life again with one health remaining instead of two.

This is great because it ensures that it will likely survive one more turn or so in the match as well as be able to possibly attack again. That last part is the most important part of Temple Berserker since it has another ability attached to it. It has plus two to attack while it is damaged.

If Temple Berserker is hit and goes down to one health, then it will suddenly have the attack of three instead of one. That is relatively solid for the second or third turn of the match. While not a fantastic card overall, this is one that will be a nice collectible in its golden form.

However, that isn’t all for players to collect in this Tavern Brawl. If you are able to complete the entire dungeon and beat all five bosses in the even shorter time of 40 minutes or less, then you will receive yet another golden card for your efforts.


While this is hard to do, it is more than worth it for the golden version of the Generous Mummy card. For those who don’t know this card, Generous Mummy is another mummy-centric neutral creature card. In the case of it, it costs a little more than Temple Berserker at three mana.

What’s surprising about Generous Mummy is that it has the pretty insane stats of five attack and four health. That is very impressive for only the third turn of the match and will allow you to have control of the field. Well, sort of as there is a catch that keeps this card in check.

Though Generous Mummy has some awesome stats to help you out with, it is a little too much to have without any sort of counter to it. While this card is on the field, your opponent’s cards cost one mana less to cast. This means that enemy players are able to play a five-mana costing card rather than a four on their fourth turn.

This makes it much more possible for them to counter this strong turn three creature card. But the story of this card and how strong it is doesn’t end there. It also has the reborn keyword, which allows it to come back from the dead with one health remaining even after dying.

This is great since you are then able to get at least one more hit out there with its strong five attack. But there is an issue with this card that will make it possibly not worth adding to your deck and that is the lower mana cost for your opponent.

Depending on who you are up against, it might not be worth playing this card if it means that you are going to have to deal with someone playing some powerful cards a turn earlier than they normally would be able to.

During this week, players also have a new legendary quest to complete. These take precedence over the normal daily quests you will get and tasks you with playing at least 50 cards in the game. That’s a pretty simple task to do and you should because the reward is great. For doing so, you will receive not one but two card packs for absolutely free.

Doom in the Tomb Part 2 Tavern Brawl End Date

As this is the weekly Tavern Brawl, players don’t have long to enjoy everything that it has to offer. It will only stick around until next Wednesday, October 23, when the third and final Tavern Brawl will begin. As such, there is only a week or so for players to enjoy the limited time content.

As for the rest of the event itself, it will be lasting for one more week even after the end of part two of this Tavern Brawl since there is one more left to go. Beyond that, the 23 wildcards that were brought back into Standard play will stick around for an unspecified amount of time past the end of this Halloween 2019 event.

What’s Next for the Halloween 2019 Event?

As for what’s next for the Halloween 2019 event, players can look forward to the third and final Tavern Brawl next week. It is called the Haunted Carousel and will feature some gameplay that is totally different from players have seen thus far in the Doom in the Tomb two-part section.

Instead of focusing on the factors of time management and the like that the first two Tavern Brawls have been about, it will be all about playing certain types of cards that will be working quite differently than you would expect.

In addition, players can look forward to new rewards that will be released alongside the Haunted Carousel Tavern Brawl. And because it isn’t about time and speed like the first two, the process of unlocking those rewards will be much different as well. Stay tuned for a full analysis of that upcoming Tavern Brawl next week.


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