Hearthstone Ashes of Outland Spoilers Discussion

by in Hearthstone | Mar, 18th 2020

It’s that time of year, friends: spoiler season! Hearthstone has a new expansion coming on April 7: Ashes of Outland! So, you know what that means, we’re going to talk about all the Hearthstone Ashes of Outland spoilers that we find across the Internet. Perhaps the biggest part of this expansion is the Demon Hunter class! It’s going to be a wild, aggressive class that will likely feel like a fun blend of Warlock and Warrior (at least at my first guess).

So far, we’ve seen two new mechanics. Demon Hunters have the first one, which is an exclusive mechanic/keyword: Outcast. Outcast is a keyword that gives the card a powerful bonus if it’s the left-most or right-most card in your hand. Since you can’t just move cards around in your hand, this requires strategy, planning, and using cards at the right time.

We’ve also seen another keyword, Dormant. These are cards that seem to be flipped down or inaccessible for what appears to be two turns. As we know more about this, we’ll update what we know. But after those turns pass, the card Awakens and will produce an ability. Imprisoned Satyr, for example, reduces the cost of a random minion in your hand by (5) mana.

Several classes seem to have Prime cards too. Prime cards are so far, legendary creatures. These legendaries shuffle a “Prime” version of that card into the deck. An example is Kargath Bladefist that shuffles a Kargath Prime into the deck. These Prime versions of creatures cost more but have incredible, powerful effects. Kargath Prime, for example, is a 10/10 with Rush for 8 Mana. Whenever it attacks and kills a minion, you gain 10 Armor. I imagine all classes will have one of these to employ.

As we get new cards, they will be updated here, so stay tuned!

Major Priest Changes

With Ashes of Outland, Hearthstone is moving six popular Priest cards into the “Hall of Fame,” so they won’t be usable in ranked anymore. That sounds gutting, yeah? Northshire Cleric is going?! Prophet Velen? Oh no! Those are two of my favorite cards! Here’s the list of what’s going away:

  • Auchenai Soulpriest (Rare)
  • Divine Spirit (Basic)
  • Holy Fire (Rare)
  • Shadowform (Epic)
  • Northshire Cleric (Basic)
  • Prophet Velen (Legendary)

What does that mean for Priest? Do they just have to have fewer cards? Of course not! My friends, we know exactly what cards are coming, and we have you covered on what they are. So, let’s talk about those!

Psychic Conjurer (Basic 1-Cost Minion): Psychic Conjurer is a 1/1 for 1, with Battlecry. This card, when it comes into play, copies a card from your opponent’s deck and puts it in your hand. No “wait and see whenever it comes around”, instead, a random card shows up in hand! That’s brilliant. One of the big things in this expansion seems to be built around chaotic nonsense, and I’m here for it.

Power Infusion (Basic 4-Cost Spell): Oh, this is lovely. For 4 mana, Power Infusion gives a minion +2/+6! You could even use this on the new Priest Legendary (Natalie Seline) to keep her around for more than the obvious 1 turn she’ll have, due to being an 8/1. Well, that’s mostly true, because she gains the health of another creature. She could still be very easy to kill. This would make her a 10/7 before other buffs, and that’s even better. This is a card that will offer pretty serious value for what it costs, so I like it.

Scarlet Subjugator (Rare 1-Cost Minion): A 2/1 Minion with Battlecry? That’s right! This minion gives an enemy minion -2 Attack until your next turn. I’d use this on something you really, desperately want to kill, but don’t want to lose a creature in return. So give something 0 attack, and do it in! The Scarlet Subjugator is pretty interesting as a card, but it’s a Scarlet Crusader! Does that mean more demons are going to show up in the Priest collection? We all know that the Scarlet Crusade isn’t what they seem to be, right?

Kul Tiran Chaplain (Rare 2-Cost Minion): Yay, creatures that buff! I love buff units! When Kul Tiran Chaplain comes into play, he gives a friendly minion +2 Health. Plus, he’s a ⅔ for 2, and that’s pretty awesome all on it sown. It sounds like Priest is getting a lot of ways to heal, buff, and keep their creatures around just a bit longer. Gotta love it.

Shadow Word: Ruin (Epic 4-Cost Spell): Are you tired of your opponents playing huge creatures that just get bigger and bigger? Do you want to stop them dead in their tracks? For 4 mana, you can definitely do it. Shadow Word: Ruin destroys all minions with 5 or more Attack. So you board wipe their big creatures, then you play your big creatures! This is very much a card that I would put in a sideboard if the game had them. I’m not really sure how I feel about it, as it’s very situational. This is a “one-of” if you ask me. Just in case your opponent happens to run large things that need to be obliterated, and you do not (or are willing to let them pass on).

Natalie Seline (Legendary 8-Cost Creature): Here’s our replacement for Prophet Velen: Natalie Seline! Her Battlecry destroys a minion and gains its Health instead. So yes, I love this card. In particular, because it doesn’t have to be your minion! It’s a minion! Did your opponent play a 10/10, that you are terrified to deal with? Slay it with Natalie, and now she’s a 8/11, before any other buffs! Oh my goodness, she’s a different way to look at Priests. Sounds to me like Priests are also going to have some pretty mighty tools to deal with opponents. Things are looking bright!

Finally, let’s talk about the cards that are leaving Standard. Blizzard will compensate you for each of these, for the full Arcane Dust value for each card (up to the maximum number that can be in your deck). If you have different versions of cards (RE: Goldens), the golden cards are applied first, until you reach the maximum number of playable copies. I saw someone break it down like this:

  • You get dust for each 1x Legendary you own of the highest quality.
  • You get dust for each 2x Epic, Rare, or Common you own of the highest quality for each set.
  • If you own 1x Golden and 1x Normal Legendary. You will get dust for the 1x Golden Legendary.
  • If you own 1x Golden and 2x Normal Epic, Rare, or Common of a specific card. You will get dust for 1x Golden and 1x Normal.
  • You do NOT have to disenchant the cards to receive the dust.
  • You can disenchant them AFTER you receive the refund for more dust if you want (or keep them).

What I wonder the most though, is if the other classes are going to see re-works on the level of Priest anytime soon. Are there ones you think desperately need it? I think perhaps Mage still feels incredibly weak, and are in dire need of some power.

Priest Cards

Dragonmaw Overseer (Rare 3-Cost Minion): Here’s another really wild card for Hearthstone’s Ashes of Outland spoilers: Dragonmaw Overseer! This is a creature to make sure the right cards stay on the board just a little longer. In a deck where we’re healing allies frequently, this is going to make it all the better. For 3 mana, this 2/2 comes into play. Dragonmaw Overseer gives another friendly minion +2/+2 at the end of your turn, which is incredible. It keeps your taunt creatures taunting, and your aggressive, passive-boosting creatures around. I’d put this on creatures that heal allies each turn for maximum value, myself. Otherwise, I see this going into Priest Galakrond. You want to make those Dragons just keep inflating more and more until nothing is left but ashes.

Sethekk Veilweaver (Epic 2-Cost Minion): We’ve been starved for Priest and Paladin spells! Today, we see a new creature has been revealed for Priests, and it’s all about getting more Priest spells into your hand. Sethekk Veilweaver adds a Priest spell to your hand, anytime you cast a spell on a minion. Sounds like chain-buffing is not going to be impossible. This is going to be very strong for Priest tempo. This is going to go very well with Kael’thas Sunstrider. Sounds like Miracle Priest is going to be a thing! Perhaps the best part of this minion is that it says “any” minion that you target with a spell. Drop stuff like Holy Smite and stuff on your opponent’s minions, and then get spells to keep casting! If you have buffs in hand and Kael’thas in play, play the cheap creature damage first, then play the expensive buffs for free!

Reliquary of Souls (Legendary 1-Cost Minion): Ahhh, Reliquary of Souls. This fight was so frustrating when I first started learning Black Temple. What we have here is the Priest Prime. You know what’s nice about these Primes? That unlike Galakrond, everyone gets one. Reliquary of Souls has Lifesteal on a ⅓, alongside the usual Deathrattle of “Shuffle ‘Reliquary Prime’ into your deck”. It’s a great card, especially if you can create copies of it in your deck or hand. That means more shots at a solid ⅘ among the Primes: Reliquary Prime.

Reliquary Prime (7-Cost Minion): A 6/8 for 7 that has Taunt and Lifesteal, but he comes with so much more. Reliquary Prime can only be targeted by you by spells and Hero Powers! Your opponent can’t use any of their awesome creature removal to target Reliquary Prime. Since he’s a 6/8 with Lifesteal and Taunt, he is guaranteed to give you some life back. If your opponent has no taunt creatures, you can just attack directly and keep yourself in the game.

You know what would go great with this card? Shadowy Figure. Use it to create a 2/2 copy of the ⅓, because it has the Deathrattle. That means you get another shot at drawing into Reliquary Prime, which you definitely want. Reliquary Prime isn’t Legendary, so you can have more than one in play. This is a card I can see being put in every Priest deck, mostly because it’s a 1-mana card with amazing upside.

Soul Mirror (Legendary 7-Cost Spell): Priest can always use more control options, and Soul Mirror is a potentially incredible board wipe for you. Soul Mirror summons copies of all enemy minions, that then attack their copies. Now, if you don’t have enough room on the board you won’t get them all, sure. If you have an empty board and are in a bad spot, this is a great way to clear out aggressive/utility minions your opponent is hiding behind. It’s like a version of Mass Hysteria, only it’s in the current meta. This card saves you from having to use your minions to kill inconvenient ones on the other side.

Skeletal Dragon (Epic 7-Cost Minion – Dragon): Dragon Priest has to be drooling at the sight of this Epic card. This 4/9 for 7 is a Taunt Dragon that adds a Dragon to your hand at the end of your turn, every turn! Want more awesome, mean dragons? The longer Skeletal Dragons, the better it is. “Awaken My Children” has never looked so good! It will give you at least one minion, but more if you have already locked your opponent down. This is a card that, when it gets resurrected, is going to make people seriously angry.

Psyche Split (Rare 5-Cost Spell): Psyche Split is a little on the high-cost side, at 5 Mana. But! But it can do quite a lot. You give a minion +1/+2, and summon a copy of it. Put it on any of your useful, buffing creatures to create another one. In particular, Dragonmaw Overseer is going to see big numbers. That would give you a ¾, and both of them buff a minion +2/+2! You can also put it on Skeletal Dragon, or your Reliquary of Souls/Reliquary Prime. Psyche Split goes along with Faceless Manipulator, only it changes into anything you want and buffs. It’s major downside though is that 5-mana cost. You have to have something in play already to make it worthwhile.

Dragonmaw Sentinel (Rare 2-Cost Minion): Dragon Priests, let out a resounding yell! If you’re holding a Dragon, Dragonmaw Sentinel gains +1 Attack and Lifesteal (making him a 2/4 Lifesteal). It’s not an amazing card by any stretch, but for 2 mana, it’s great, as long as you have a dragon in hand. I think this card will be better in Wild than Standard. This could be a card that was created for later in this year.

Apotheosis (Common 3-Cost Spell): Here’s a fun new buff for Priests: Apotheosis! 3 Mana gets one of your minions +2/+3 and Lifesteal! I’d like to see this in Zoo Priest, or even Resurrection Priest. Any minion that you want to keep in the game as long as possible, put this on them. Skeletal Dragon is my first target so far. That way it becomes a 7/12 with Taunt/Lifesteal and gives you a new dragon every turn. It’s a late-game move for sure, but it can be your game-winner. Hitting someone for 7 damage minimum a turn (and you gaining that in life) is going to keep you safe and sound in some of the worst situations. 3 Mana is not unreasonable for what this brings to the table. It’s even better if you use Apotheosis, then clone the creature, making it even bigger, via Psyche Split! The possibilities are endless.

Imprisoned Homunculus (Common 1-Cost Minion – Demon): In my professional opinion, Dormant minions that don’t have a Battlecry trigger are less valuable than the rest. But this 1-cost Dormant demon comes into play as a ⅖ with Taunt. So it’s not the worst. It’s amazing on turn 1, but if you draw into it late game, it’s going to be miserable to see. But, that’s the risk you take with Dormant minions just in general. I don’t hate the Imprisoned Homunculus, but it’s sure no prize. It’s probably going to see play in Zoo, but I’m not really sold on it just yet. I want to see it in action first.

Renew (Common 1-Cost Spell): Remember when I said Imprisoned Homunculus was mediocre at best? Renew is amazing. You can heal yourself for 3 for 0 mana in Priest, but for 1 extra mana, you get Renew! Renew heals for 3, and also discovers a Spell. You get to pick from 3 spells and put it into your hand, and it doesn’t even require a Priest spell! That’s what’s so great about this. You have no idea what could possibly show up. It’s sure to have value at any stage of the game. Health and a new card? You know I love it.

Demon Hunter Cards

Metamorphosis (5-Cost Legendary Spell): Metamorphosis might be a fun game-winner for Demon Hunters. As a legendary that changes (temporarily) your Hero Ability, that’s awesome. Metamorphosis swaps your Hero Power to “Deal 5 damage”. After 2 uses, you swap back to the normal one. This does not say if the Hero Power changes the casting cost though. The Hero Power is presently 1 Mana, so 5 damage for 1 mana would be bonkers nuts.

Pit Commander (9-Cost Epic Minion – Demon): This is a card that will serve well with lowering the casting cost of creatures. Why you ask? Pit Commander is a whopping 9-cost card! But it comes with an absolute whopper of upside if you’re running heavy creatures. This 7/9 with Taunt summons a Demon from your deck at the end of your turn! That’s right; creatures hit the board without any mana spent on them! That’s brilliant. Sure, you can’t do it if you have too many creatures on board, but that will only cause the Demon Hunter to be far more aggressive, throwing weak minions away with more coming at the end of a turn. Since it’s not a Legendary, you can, in theory, have two of them out at once.

Warglaives of Azzinoth (5-Cost Epic Equipment): I knew this would be there, but it still makes my blood pressure irreversibly rise. I’ve been trying to get those to drop in Black Temple for far too many years. But let’s talk about the card version, which is just as good, if not better! It’s a 5-drop rare (so you can run more than one) with awesome power. “After attacking a minion, your Hero may attack again.” It’s a ¾ so that you can get four attacks out of it at minimum, and that’s before equipping another one afterward. Now, you’ll still take damage from the minions, but with some lifesteal, you can offset that. A terrific way to clear out important creatures with Taunt so that you can send in your aggressive creatures instead.

Furious Felfin (2-Cost Rare Minion – Murloc): Oooh, a non-Shaman Murloc! You know I love it. Plus, it looks like an adorable little demon Murloc! It’s so cute and ferocious, yes, it is! This 2-drop Murloc has a useful Battlecry that goes great with that previous Warglaives of Azzinoth card. If you attacked with your Hero this turn, the Battlecry gives Furious Felfin +1 Attack and Rush (so he can attack creatures this turn). A 4/2 with Rush for 2 is terrific and can be a great way to clear the board so something else can directly batter the other player. Otherwise, you can just not attack, and next turn hit the player directly for 4.

Skull of Gul’dan (5-Cost Rare Spell): “Draw 3 cards” is amazing at any stage of the game, but it’s better if it can be played for 2 mana, instead of 5. How do we do that? Well, that’s what the new Outcast keyword is for! If this card is the Right or Left-most card in your hand, it costs (3) less mana when played. So, you can burn 2 mana for 3 cards with zero downsides. You absolutely cannot beat that kind of value. Sure, it’s still good at 5 mana because card draw is never a bad thing, but if you can manage to abuse that Outcast ability, which leads me to one more Outcast card!

Spectral Sight (2-Cost Common Spell): This is the weaker version of Skull of Gul’dan, quite frankly. But it’s 2 mana right out of the gate! Spectral Sight lets you draw a card for 2 mana, and if it should be an Outcast card, you draw a second. So, you get 2 cards for 2 mana, which isn’t as great as 3 cards for 2. But, it’s still incredibly useful. We always want card draw, so we get more aggressive, mean cards to throw at the other player, so hello to Spectral Sight!

Imprisoned Antaen (Rare 5-Cost Minion – Demon): Now this is a fun demon for Demon Hunter! For 5 mana, this Demon becomes Dormant for two turns. When it awakens, he deals 10 damage randomly split among all enemies. He’s basically a bomb to detonate and wipe your opponents board. Or get it as close to wiped as possible. With good timing and the right cards, you can set him up, and deal some solid damage to wipe the rest of their field, or to set up weak creatures to die when the time is right. If that’s not enough to sell you, this creature is a 10/6 right now! That can change, but wow! That’s some truly mighty damage for 5 mana. The only downside is you have to wait. So cast him when you’re ready to get some work done.

Kayn Sunfury (Legendary 4-Cost Creature): Now this legendary is incredibly useful. This legendary has a power so good, it would be a must-use if it were a Neutral creature. But Kayn Sunfury exists in the land of Demon Hunters, which makes sense. He’s a 4-drop, and a ⅗ with Charge. That in and of itself is pretty good. He also gives all of your friendly attacks the ability to ignore Taunt! That includes your Hero it sounds like! What a brilliant, must-use legendary! Just look at that ability! I would be hesitant to attack with him unless we can deal with their highest-damaging creatures first. He’s an answer to lots of taunt creatures.

Priestess of Fury (Rare 7-Cost Minion – Demon): This is going to be a must-run for Demon Hunters, in my estimation. For 7 mana, you basically get Ragnaros (which was put into the Hall of Fame). A 6/7 for 7, and at the end of your turn, 6 damage is split across your enemies evenly. So my question is if you’ve already board wiped the opponent, does the player take the 6 damage? Now that would be terrifying. The Priestess of Fury is one of the best Demon Hunter cards, but it gives me pause for concern. I’m worried that in order to make the Demon Hunter relevant, it’s got to be powerful. But I’m starting to worry that the Demon Hunter decks are going to be too powerful right out of the gate. This is going to be a card that sees a lot of play.

Fel Summoner (Common 6-Cost Minion): Whew, this is a potentially very powerful minion! Fel Summoner is a newer version of a previous creature (and a stronger one) – Voidcaller. This is a 6-cost 8/3 with a very fun Deathrattle. Summon a random Demon from your hand! Hold that Magtheridon, and use it when Fel Summoner dies! If you only have one demon in hand, then you’re only going to get that. Demon Hunters have quite a few fun demons. Shivarra/Priestess of Fury, Pit Commander, Imprisoned Antaen, are the ones we’ve seen so far. I would love to hold a Pit Commander in hand, and play it for free after throwing away the life of a Fel Summoner! Plus it’s not unique, so I can run a second Fel Summoner if I’d like! It’s slower than Voidcaller (costing 6 mana), and only truly useful if you have a demon in hand to bring forth. I mean, it’s still an 8/3, but if you waste its Deathrattle, why even put it out there? You want to maximize that damage!

Coilfang Warlord (Rare 8-Cost Minion): Right as I was about to forward this to publish it, I caught wind of yet another new card. This one’s a doozy, friends! This one probably ought to be a higher rarity than it is. Coilfang Warlord takes me back to Black Temple, that’s for sure. This creature is a 9/5 for 8 Mana, with Rush. That means it can attack creatures the moment it comes into play. It also has a fun Deathrattle: Summon a 5/9 Warlord with Taunt. The Coilfang Warlord can kill most creatures the moment it comes into play, and has major turn-8 tempo value, with the ability to make a 5/9 Taunt minion upon death. If I had to come up with a downside, it’s that it is not a demon. That could always change though, but traditionally, it’s a big, mean Naga. With that in mind, Coilfang Warlords don’t synergize as well with other creatures in the deck. It still has major value and is a must-answer threat. Boy, do I love this card! It’s only a Rare, so that’s even better.

Crimson Sigil Runner (Common 1-Cost Minion): Outcast is a new mechanic we’ve been seeing in this expansion, and it’s exclusive to Demon Hunters. That means this 1-cost minion may not be able to be played early if you want to maximize its output. The Crimson Sigil Runner, if cast as the left or right-most card in your hand, lets you draw a card. So if you’re going to run this card at all, you want to wait until the time is right. That tells me you want plenty of low-cost cards in your hand at the same time, so you can play around it. I’m not really sold on Outcast quite yet. I like it because it’s unique and different. Only time will tell if this is going to be a busted, broken mechanic or just mediocre at best. You don’t want it to be too strong because only one class has access to it. Plus it’s a 2/1, so it’s not likely going to stick around very long. So if you don’t get that card draw, it serves no other purpose. It doesn’t have a class typing like “Demon” to synergize with.

Ashtongue Battlelord (Common 4-Cost Minion): This card looks incredibly annoying if I can be honest. The only way it could be worse, is if you could somehow heal or give it Divine Shield. For 4 Mana, you receive a Taunt / Lifesteal ⅗ minion! What’s not to like? It’s going to give you some life back, to use in other shenanigans. This has a lot of use for a common. You want your Taunt creatures to be as frustrating as possible. Whether it’s another paired ability, or simply a ton of damage. If only this was a demon, you could do so much more with it. However, the Ashtongue Battlelord does quite enough on its own. I do think it’ll see uses in early Demon Hunter decks. Now if only I could quit typing “Demon Lord” instead of “Demon Hunter”, I’ll be set.

Immolation Aura (Common 2-Cost Spell): This sounds like a “Reborn Killer” to me. The way the card is worded is very careful, and at 2 Mana, it could potentially be very destructive. Not a “game-winning damage bomb”, but more like “Oh goodness, the other player has so many minions, they need to go away but they’re weak”. This is an answer to reborn, or other x/1s that your foe might have. For 2 Mana, Immolation Aura does 1 damage to all minions twice. The way that’s worded means the 1 point damage triggers across the board, other triggers can come into effect, then the next 1 point goes around. The only way this could get better is if +Spell Damage Demon Hunter was a thing. Maybe if that comes to the neutral cards in this expansion.

Netherwalker (Common 2-Cost Minion): Here’s a “must-include” for Demon Hunters, I promise. 2 Mana will net a 2/2 with Battlecry: Discover a Demon! Discover value means you can get Demons you normally either don’t have, or don’t have access to! Plus it’s a common! Someone pointed out it’s basically a 1 Mana “Discover a Demon” from Warlock, without the 2 damage, and a 1 Mana 2/2. That makes sense to me. So with that in mind, Netherwalker is a 100% must-use. We want demons, and we definitely better want this in our deck, and in the opening hand if at all possible. Oh yes, Netherwalker is, as the kids say, #value. I have to say, Demon Hunter is looking quite strong right out of the gate.

Druid Cards

Archspore Msshi’fn (3-Cost Legendary): Here is the first of our “Prime” Legendaries – Archspore Msshi’fn! He costs 3 to play and shuffles “Msshi’fn Prime” into your deck when he dies. On its own, Archspore Msshi’fn is a ¾ Taunt with that important Deathrattle. You don’t want him to stay on the board long so that you can get the Msshi’fn Prime creature into your hand. What’s Msshi’fn Prime though?

Msshi’fn Prime (10-Cost Creature): He is a 9/9 for 10 with Taunt! There’s more though. When he comes into play, choose one: Summon a 9/9 Fungal Giant with Taunt, or Rush. With one of our previous Druid decks, you want this in the deck too so that you can have a 9/9 Fungal Giant with Taunt and Rush.

Archspore Msshi’fn is one of the most interesting Hearthstone spoilers for me so far, for Ashes of Outland. It’s a card that fits the old meta while doing so in a new way. It’s not immediately, “Oh hey, get both of these OP effects!”. Instead, you must draw into it after a creature dies. I like this rebirth of legendaries, though (these specific ones technically being reborn).

Fungal Fortunes (2-Cost Rare Spell): Now here’s an interesting card, that I’m sort of torn on. This is the first card that genuinely makes me feel conflicted. Fungal Fortunes has you draw 3 cards but discard any minions drawn this way. But it’s 3 cards for 2 mana! In a deck that’s mostly spells, this could be incredible. But if you also have a deck that involves bringing creatures back, it could also have value. This is a card ability I’d like to see in Paladin or Priest if I’m 100% honest with you. Card draw is power, but throwing away minions would suck. I’m sure this is going to see a fair amount of use regardless.

Imprisoned Satyr (Common 3-Cost Minion – Demon): Now, from something I’m torn on, to something I god-blessed love. And it’s a common, making it even better! Imprisoned Satyr is a new Dormant creature. When you cast it, it’s Dormant for 2 turns, then it awakens. When it does, this 3/3 demon (for 3 mana) reduces the cost of a random minion in your hand by 5. Now, if you only have one minion in hand, and that minion is Msshi’fn Prime, now it’s a 9/9 for five mana. If you have more than one of these, could Msshi’fn Prime cost 1 or 0 mana? Now that’s a fun concept to consider. You must wait a few turns, but it can bloom into something obnoxious. There are so many high-cost cards you can do fun stuff with. I’d probably consider this card for a Highlander deck, too.

Marsh Hydra (Epic 7-Cost Minion – Beast): Well, now this is an interesting card for a Druid deck to have. As a class that’s well-known for having plenty of mana ramp, this is certainly interesting. Marsh Hydra is a 7/7 with Rush for 7. It has a pretty fascinating, again, chaos-inducing ability. After this minion attacks, you add a random 8-Cost minion to your hand. It doesn’t appear to matter if it’s in your class or deck at all. The longer this creature is around, the more “huge” creatures you could put in hand. I love this card, especially in a deck that’s likely to have plenty of mana ramp to do this faster. On top of that, consider the Imprisoned Satyr, to reduce the cost of these giant creatures by (5) Mana. If those huge 8-cost creatures are the only ones in hand, at least one of them can come out cheaper. Think about it. Plus, it’s a 7/7!

Ysiel Windsinger (Legendary 9-Cost Creature):Remember back in “The Grand Tournament” days? Aviana was quite the popular legendary. Looks like that level of power is coming back in Ashes of Outland, with Ysiel Windsinger! Sure, she costs 9 Mana, but in a Druid deck, how is that an issue? I have a feeling she might also wind up costing 10 mana before too long. For now though, she’s a 9-drop. But what does she do that’s so darn great? “Your spells cost (1)”. She can provide some absolutely devastating end-game combos with this! It’s sounded like Blizzard is really aiming for some spell-heavy decks for Druid.

Ysiel Windsinger is more than up to the task of winning your Druid matches. Making all of your spells cost 1 mana as long as she’s in play can offer some truly devastating combos and game enders. Seeing Ysiel makes me very excited to see what else is going to be in the Druid collection for Ashes of Outland. She’s a 5/5 though, so she can be killed easy enough, so play her when you can make it count. Say, play her on turn 10. Cast her, then Nourish, to gain 2 mana crystals (and draw 3 cards, if you can use both). That will let you perhaps play even a few more spells. What a great time for card games!

Germination (Rare 4-Cost Spell): Clone-Druid is going to be pretty vile, probably led off by Malygos. This is going to play very well with Ysiel Windsinger, that we showed off yesterday. Play Ysiel, then you can use Germination for 1 Mana instead. Then clone Ysiel! Boom, you’re going to be casting spells like there’s no tomorrow. Oooh, here’s a thought: Germination + Archmage Vargoth! You cast it on Archmage Vargoth to make a copy of him. At the end of turn, you cast a spell you cast this turn already (so Germination). If he’s your only minion in play, he’s the target, and you get yet another Archmage Vargoth. Germination makes a clone of a minion you control. It also gains Taunt. This can be to make giant clone taunt monsters, but it can also be used to trigger extra, fun Deathrattle cards. Just consider that too. Germination’s going to be awesome.

Ironbark (Rare 2-Cost Spell): Here’s another fun Embiggen Druid card! Ironbark is a new spell that gives a minion +1/+3 and Taunt. But the best part is that if you have at least 7 Mana Crystals, it costs (0) mana. Even if you cast it for its full mana cost, it’s only 2 mana. What I like the most about it though, is that it has more value in the late game. Some of these low-cost buff spells are the same all game, no matter what. But the idea that it can be free if you pull into it late game won’t make you wrinkle your nose in disgust, hoping desperately for something better. Malygos Druid might have some use for this too since it can easily enable some Kael’thas shenanigans. Late game, cast it for 0 mana, and laugh as you play a second spell for nothing! Not a top-tier card, but it looks fun, while also being useful.

Bogbeam (Common 3-Cost Spell): Ready for yet another card that synergizes nicely with Kael’thas? Enter Bogbeam! Kael’thas and Malygos are really going to love Bogbeam. 3 Damage gives to a Minion. But it costs (0) Mana if you have at least 7 Crystals. In Druid, this is going to be all too easy, and of course, if you play this for 0, then play another card as your third spell for 0, you’ve spent nearly no mana, in theory, of course. Want to Swipe for 0 Mana? They’re going to make it pretty simple to do. Moonfire, Nourish, and other cards are going to tie together with those two legendaries quite nicely.

Overgrowth (Common 4-Cost Spell): This is a card that, in theory, I really like. It’s a bit high on the Mana cost, coming in at 4 Mana. But if we can play this on/by turn 5, we’ll have 7 Mana for Ironbark and Bogbeam. I think that’s going to be the strategy for Druid decks, at least a few of them, going forward. The longer the game goes on, the weaker this seems to me. I believe if you have 10 Crystals, it refills 2 Crystals instead. So that could in theory, still have value if you don’t have to pay mana for it. So, hypothetically, it could be very great in the early to mid-game. I see it being a wasted card in the late game, so I’m not really sure how I feel. I am, however, glad it’s just a Common, and not an Epic with that cost/text. I just wish they were full mana crystals and not empty ones. I think it will see some play, but not in all the decks. Embiggen Druid I think has better options already. Now, Kael’thas Druid will probably have the card, at least one of them anyway.

Hunter Cards

Scavenger’s Ingenuity (Common 2-Cost Spell): Oh. My. Lanta. Just what Hunter needs! Scavenger’s Ingenuity is going to be a colossal card for Hunter Zoo/Highlander, I can feel it in my bones. This 2-drop draws a Beast from your deck and gives it +3/+3. It doesn’t increase the cost of the creature either! Can you think of a handful of Beasts you’d love to see hit the board, be much bigger, and in turn buff other Beasts? I’m sure you can. There are so many creatures that benefit from this. I’d argue that any Beast drawn this way is going to be incredibly valuable.

Zixor, Apex Predator (Legendary 3-Cost Minion – Beast): This is our “Prime” for this class, and it’s a Beast! No, I mean literally, it’s a Beast. The base creature is a 2/4 Rush for 3 Mana, which of course, shuffles a Zixor Prime into your deck when it dies. As a 2/4, it probably won’t take long to die. However, if you draw it with Scavenger’s Ingenuity, it could be very interesting. Also consider Scavenger’s Ingenuity again, as you could draw Zixor Prime once it’s in the deck. But what does the “Prime” do? I’m glad you asked!

Zixor Prime (Beast Minion): Zixor Prime is. . . far more expensive than its predecessor, but that’s fine. It’s a 4/4 Beast for 8, with Rush. However, you summon 3 copies of this minion when it’s played (Battlecry). Now this is the card I want to pull with Scavenger’s Ingenuity! Summoning a horde of 7/7 Rush Beasts for the cost of one?! Oh yes, that’s a must-see. I like the idea of this card quite a lot. It’s a high-cost, but it gives a lot of value in that it summons 3 copies of itself. Since they’re copies, if the original was buffed before it came into play, they will be at the same power level.

­Mok’nathal Lion (Rare 4-Cost Minion – Beast): Want more copies of Zixxor Prime to be shuffled into your deck? This 5/2 can make that happen, and how! Not to mention, it’s got Rush, so it can immediately get a fun Deathrattle on the board. So, here’s what Mok’nathal Lion does. When it comes into play, you can choose a friendly minion, and copy their Deathrattle ability. So if you have Zixxor already in play but can’t seem to get rid of him, play Mok’nathal Lion, and send it off to die against something! The more Deathrattle cards we see in this set, the stronger this card’s gonna be. But right now, Zixxor and the Augmented Porcupine will be terrific with this. If you don’t have Zixxor, play this, target your Porcupine, and immediately get that sweet 5 damage randomly split between enemies. This is a card that really tickles the ol’ funny bone.

Beastmaster Leoroxx (Legendary 8-Cost Creature): Now, I’m torn here! He’s slow, that’s for sure. Beastmaster Leoroxx is an 8-cost that is also a 5/5. I think it will see a lot of play in Wild though. I do think massive hunter decks might have a great way to utilize this. But with some massive, giant, 8-10 cost creatures in hand, Beastmaster Leoroxx can do some vile things. Want to play King Krush for free? Beastmaster Leoroxx can do that! When Beastmaster Leoroxx comes into play, you summon 3 Beasts from your hand. So you hold all the biggest, meanest beasties in hand, and as soon as you get 8 mana, you make this bad boy show up. So I’m torn! His ability is useful, but that cost is pretty darn high. Making it too cheap would make it busted, though. I think this is a neat card, but I’m not sold on its usefulness quite yet.

Augmented Porcupine (Epic 3-Cost Minion – Beast): What a fascinating Deathrattle, this card has. A 2/4 when it comes into play means his special ability isn’t all that great, or so it seems. But consider that Hunter has a lot of ways to buff their beasts right now! When the Porcupine dies, his Attack will be dealt out randomly among all enemies. So the biggest you can make it, the worse this is going to be for your opponent. If you can get it to an 8 or 10, that’s going to be a giant bomb whenever it inevitably perishes. As you buff this creature, your opponent may feel reticent to kill it, knowing what it will do. Here’s yet another card that will be great with Scavenger’s Ingenuity.

Imprisoned Felmaw (Common 2-Cost Minion – Demon): It’s no beast, but Imprisoned Felmaw is quite nice. A 5/4 for 2, it’s a potential creature-destroying bomb. It lays Dormant for 2 turns, but when it awakens, it attacks a random enemy. This could be great (killing a low-health creature that needs to be killed) or awful (attacks a much stronger minion that murders it). Either way, it’s a pretty interesting card design. Even if it say, dies to a much stronger creature, it can put it just low enough to pick off with a handy hunter spell.

Nagrand Slam (Epic 10-Cost Spell): Sure, it’s a 10-Cost, but there are ways around that. This means that Kael’thas Sunstrider will be in the deck. Kael’thas makes your third spell for the turn cost 0 mana. So play two spells, then you drop this for nothing. Nagrand Slam is a spell that summons four ⅗ Clefthoofs, and they attack random enemies. The way that’s written means it can the player! If you clear their board, it’s 4 attackers that drop a total of at least 12 damage on their face directly. It’s expensive to play, but in all modes, there are ways around that. It works well with a late-game Quest, but I don’t know if more than one will be in a deck. More likely, it will see play in Highlander Hunter.

Pack Tactics (Rare 2-Cost Spell): Pack Tactics is going to be a “must-play” card for many Hunter decks. Especially, definitely, if you’re running even a few Deathrattle creatures. Pack Tactics is a 2-cost Secret Spell. How does your opponent trigger it? Whenever a friendly minion is attacked, this triggers! It will summon a 3/3 copy of whatever that creature was. Oh, man. Deathrattle Hunter will have a ball with this, that’s for sure. Your opponent thinks they’re going to get away from your Helboar early by killing it. Then it triggers the secret, and you get another Helboar, but it’s a 3/3 instead of a 2/1! What’s a Helboar? Stay tuned, that’s up right after this! This is just a delightful card for Hunter.

Helboar (Common 1-Cost Minion – Beast): Mmm. Helboar. I got so tired of seeing these in Hellfire Peninsula. But here, in Hearthstone, I’m glad to see them! It’s a 2/1 with Deathrattle for 1! And when it dies, a random Beast in your hand gains +1/+1! Imagine if you do this to the same card you pulled via Scavenger’s Ingenuity! Then you use Pack Tactics, let Helboar get attacked, and you get another one! However, Pack Tactics makes it clear that you have to be attacked, so don’t use that minion to kill something. There are some real quality common minions and cards just in general from Blizzard in Ashes of Outland, and this spoiler card, Helboar, is no exception. It’s a nice simple minion. Even if you aren’t going to trigger Pack Tactics or something with it, it’s a great way to make sure your other Beasts come out bigger, meaner than ever. A free +1/+1 for a Beast can’t be beat. Just, make sure you have one in hand!

Scrap Shot (Rare 4-Cost Spell): This card is already good, but when you combine it with cards like Hunting Party and Ramkahen Wildtamer to copy a Beast, Scrap Shot is an invaluable tool. If you already used a Beast that gained +3/+3 thanks to Scavenger’s Ingenuity, I think there’s going be some really big beasts coming through. I feel like we have a pretty clear picture of what the Hunter decks are going to look like in Hearthstone this year: Buff your Big Beasts, and Batter people with them. The “Deal 3 Damage” is also very ambiguous. Sounds like you can hit the player for 3 damage, and then buff a creature on top of that. Both of those for 4 Mana is quite valuable. Combine this with Zixor Prime, and you can have a very very easy OTK (One Turn Kill). There is so much possible damage in Hunter right now, and it’s going to use Scrap Shot to help make it happen. It’s pretty easy to scrounge through your deck for the cards you need as well! Hunter’s going to be a lot of fun to play in the Year of the Phoenix.

Mage Cards

Imprisoned Observer (Rare 3-Cost Minion – Demon): A ⅘ Demon for 3? Well, there’s a cost, of course. Yes, other than the 3 mana! This creature lays Dormant like 2 turns, but when it awakens, it deals 2 damage to all enemy minions! If your opponent is wild about those annoying 1/1 or 2/1 creatures, as soon as the Observer awakens, they’re going to melt under the infernal gaze of this fun new Mage demon! I love this card. It’s going to be a key component of Mage control going forward, I think. The ability to have that 2 damage pop up is going to force players to either be rash, or do nothing, and sit there and watch as their friends dissolve. Then you play another one (or two at the same time) and laugh as enemy minions sit under a ticking time bomb.

Astromancer Solarian (Legendary 2-Cost Creature): I love seeing “Spell Damage +1” in Mage decks. They can do so much ridiculous damage when you have a few creatures that synergize with that. What we have here though, is a 3/2 Spell Damage +1/Deathrattle, for 2 mana. If we can have both Solarians in play, that’s minimum +2 Spell Damage per spell we cast. Since this is Mage, and probably Control Mage, there will no doubt be a ton of spells to cast. But alas, Astromancer Solarian doesn’t shuffle Solarian Prime in until he dies. So, that’s not gonna happen. Let’s talk briefly about Solarian Prime though!

Solarian Prime (Demon Minion): We have another 7/7 for 7, but it has a much more useful ability, in my opinion. It gives Spell Damage +1, and its Battlecry is a doozy. “Cast 5 random Mage spells (targets enemies if possible)”. Sure, we have no idea what the spells will be, but I imagine there’s not a high chance of getting something that is worthless. I wonder if it will target the player if there are no minion targets for some of the direct damage Mage spells. This is one I want to see in action before I lay judgment upon it, but I like it conceptually at least. Perhaps this would be a fun card to use in Highlander Mage. As a deck that has tons of spells, it would be a pretty interesting way to just get way more value out of the deck. I think any control deck could do worse than using Solarian though.

Evocation (Legendary 1-Cost Spell): So, the theme of today’s Mage spells is “Not having creatures” or “Lots of darn spells”. So we’re going to start with the new Legendary spell for Mage, Evocation! For 1 mana, you fill your hand with random Mage spells. But at the end of your turn, discard them. This is likely to be a late-game bomb where you fill up with plenty of mana, and just obliterate someone however you can. This is an incredible card for Mage tempo, and even at the mid-game, you can do a lot with this. There are people that think this card is garbage, but I’m not one of them. I like the idea of this card, and it really walks hand-in-hand with the notion that Mages are pure, unadulterated madness and chaos. The only downside is if you don’t get spells that you can spam, or use efficiently. We’ll just have to see how it goes. But it’s not the only spell-related thing we see today!

Apexis Blast (Epic 5-Cost Spell): This is a nice, simple spell at the outset. “Deal 5 damage”. For 5 mana, that’s pretty awesome. But, there’s a secondary effect to talk about. “If your deck has no minions, summon a random 5-Cost minion”. Sounds to me like Blizzard is trying to support the “Oops All Spells!” deck for Mage, and I’m here for it. As a long-time player of Magic: The Gathering, one of my favorite decks I ran in tabletop MTG was creatureless control. It was all spells all the time. So I’m not going to downplay how useful this could be. What I wonder though, is if it takes into account the deck “having creatures” but they’re all not in the deck, or what the base deck has in it. This style of deck still needs other support, but between this and Evocation, they’re going this route. This might be a long-con, though! These cards might be for later expansions. Not every card is going to be for this expansion. Sometimes they’re thinking ahead.

Apexis Smuggler (Epic 2-Cost Minion): This card, however, can not be used with Apexis Blast! That’s because it’s a creature. There are a lot of really awesome cards about to cycle out in Hearthstone, so it’s time to bring in some new, neat stuff. This card feels like it would be right at home in a Secret-heavy control deck! Between this and Quest Mage, I think I love this. Apexis Smuggler has you Discover a spell each time you play a Secret! So, keep locking down the board with Secrets, get more spells, then when you’re ready, play Evocation and bomb the board and win. Oh yes, Apexis Smuggler is an interesting card. I think it’s going to see a decent amount of play.

Deep Freeze (Rare 8-Cost Spell): Now, I’m torn on Deep Freeze. I think what it does is lovely. Freeze an Enemy, and Summon two 3/6 Water Elementals for 8 Mana. It’s that 8 Mana that hurts the most. But late game, it’s not really going to matter. I could see it being fun with King Phaoris, just to make minions though. But for the mana cost, it really does a lot, so I’m not too disappointed. Instead of fixating on the cost of the card, consider how many things it does for the mana provided. You freeze a minion, and you get a pair of beefy elementals to hold your opponent at bay. I could see this being quite good in Wild, too. Control Mage is looking quite good, but not as good as the next card! That one, I really like it. This could be something used well with Incanter’s Flow though. That’s another one of the new cards we’ll be talking about!

Font of Power (Rare 1-Cost Spell): Now, it really sounds like Blizzard is pushing towards seeing “Oops! All Spells!” for Mages this year. Right now, I’m not certain if it’s going to be the must-play style for Mages, but they’re at least aiming that way. Font of Power is a 1-Cost spell, which lets you Discover a Mage minion. But, if your deck has no minions in it, you keep all 3 Mage Minions! Sure, you could run it either way, but to get the maximum usage out of the card, you have to be no minions in the deck. If Spell Mage becomes a thing and works, I’ll be happy and excited in equal measures, because I have pointed out before that I love control, spell-focused decks.

Incanter’s Flow (Common 2-Cost Spell): Incanter’s Flow is great in a few styles of Mage decks. Lowering the cost of your spells in the deck by (1) Mana is really useful. If only this spell cost 1 mana instead of 2, I think it would be much better (but that would also increase the cost I imagine). It’s slow, sure, but it’s an investment in your future. By “investment in your future”, it makes all future spells cost less. In a spells-only deck or control deck, this could be wild. Your 1-costs are now free! That’s instant value. Kael’thas and Vargoth will both really love this spell though. Make this your 3rd spell and play it for free! Oh, Hearthstone, you’re getting wildly out of control.

Netherwind Portal (Common 3-Cost Spell): Here we have another secret, and I’m not 100% sold on this one. It’s a 3-cost that triggers after your opponent casts a spell. In turn, you receive a random 4-cost minion. It’s not the best card, but I can see it being used. I could see this being used in creatureless decks, just to have some board presence to protect yourself. The downside to that deck style is if you don’t have board wipe/direct damage, you can’t really do much to defend yourself. So with that in mind, I like Netherwind Portal. Not the best, but far from the worst I think.

Starscryer (Common 2-Spell Minion): Starscryer is a pretty neat card, all told. I think it’s going to be used in a lot of Mage decks. This is essentially a Loot Hoarder with a higher attack, that tutors. What’s not to like? A 3/1 for 2 that, upon death, pulls a Spell from your deck. If you need another spell (and you’re a mage, you ALWAYS need more spells), Starscryer is exactly the card you need. I think it’s going to be a must-use in Highlander but will certainly see use regardless. Since it’s a 3/1, whatever you attack is almost certain to die. Your opponent is likely to not focus it down because of that way you get a free spell in hand upon death. So instead, use it to pick something off in the early game.

Paladin Cards

Lady Liadrin (Legendary 7-Cost Minion): In theory, I really like this card. I imagine we’ll get lots of new buffs and heals for our minions in this expansion, otherwise, why make this card at all? Lady Liadrin is a 7-cost 4/6, that gives you a copy of each spell you cast on friendly characters this game to your hand. So, I like that, in that you can double-up on spells you played previously, to keep buffing and healing your allies all through the game. If nothing else, that’s really cool. However, my main problem with this card is that it’s a 7-cost! That’s very slow for a Paladin deck. Unless Paladin gets Mana Ramp, that’s going to be hard to use except maybe as a late game bomb to buff and overrun someone. I do still think it’s cool, but it’s going to hard to use except as your win-con perhaps. At least, the later you wait to use it, the more potential spells you can get back.

Underlight Angling Rod (Epic 3-Cost Equipment): Mech Paladin is dead, long live Murloc/Dragon Pally! I like Murlocs anyway. I guess with this card, we see that Murloc Pally is back! This is a 3-cost equipment, with 3 Attack/2 Durability. Whenever your Hero attacks, add a random Murloc to your deck. I wonder if it will give you Shaman-only Murlocs too. There are some real bangers there. This is a new Fiery War Axe, only better, I think. This will at least be a one-of in the decks that come. There are a variety of buffs, and support cards you can use with/as Murlocs and Dragons, so I think there’s going to be serious value in this card.

Libram of Hope (Epic 9-Cost Spell): Here’s another one that says “Kael’thas or Bust”. A 9-cost spell that can really turn things around for a Paladin in need. You gain 8 life, and an 8/8 Guardian that has both Taunt and Divine Shield. It’s a high-cost spell but it has a lot of value and spells that build around it. You have Liadrin to cast a second copy of this, which is powerful, to say the least. Two powerful 8/8s and 16 life? That’s a serious value. It’s a card I’d like to see show up in my mid-game to turn the tide and see things start to go my way. It might be a fun control Paladin card too! Oh, on second thought, this is really great! You have the “Aldor” line of minions that lower the cost of your Librams for the rest of the game. So on second thought, this “Libram Paladin” deck might be pretty fun. With those Aldor cards in play, and Lady Liadrin on the way, you can do amazing things with this and the other librams.

Libram of Wisdom (Rare 2-Cost Spell): In Quest Paladin, I can see this being absolutely vile. When you cast this, it costs 2 and gives a minion +1/+1 and Deathrattle: Add a Libram of Wisdom to your hand! So if you have the Aldor cards in play, you could in theory, cast this for 0 mana every time. With Reborn minions, this could be hilarious and irritating. So you play it on a Reborn minion, it dies, you cast it again for 0, cast Libram of Wisdom on something else, rinse, and repeat. With it coming for 0 mana, you could easily give almost every new minion +1/+1 when something else dies. It’s not a new card, but it’s a fun card. Whether or not it sees major play, that remains to be seen. But I like it at the very least!

Aldor Truthseeker (Rare 5-Cost Minion): Here we have it, Blizzard built a deck practically from scratch for Paladin players. It’s hard to bubble-hearth, you know. That being said, I like the concept of it. Don’t know if it will be a Tier 1, must-play deck though. Aldor Truthseeker is my kind of card though. For 5 mana, you get a 4/6 Taunt that also has a Battlecry: Reduce the Cost of your Librams by (2) this game. Even if he dies, the buff lasts on. That means Libram of Wisdom is 0! I can only imagine it stacks with another copy of him, and the Aldor Attendant also. So in theory, your Librams could be -6! With that in mind, Libram of Hope is a 3-cost. In theory, at least. It’s a useful card to have to defend, and also provides real benefit to you. It will make that late-game Lady Liadrin a furious threat. Every cast of the Libram of Wisdom will come back to haunt the other player, and if it’s 0-cost thanks to Truthseeker, you can just do it over and over! Granted, you’ll still have to re-cast those spells, but if they’re librams, that’s going to be almost nothing.

Aldor Attendant (Common 2-Cost Minion): Remember the above “Aldor Truthseeker”? This is the weaker, common version. They still stack together nicely though. For 2 mana, you get a ⅔ that reduces the cost of your Librams by (1) mana the rest of the game. That’s what makes it so darn shiny. Apparently, there are people furious with this design though. Yes, the Librams are pretty expensive otherwise, but that’s the deck design I imagine. Built around reducing their cost, and using those creatures as a line of defense while you set up a victory/win-con. I don’t hate it. It’s a neat way to look at building a Paladin deck at the very least. We will need something new, with Mecha Paladin going away sometime in the near future. This might be it.

Libram of Justice (Common 6-Cost Spell): With the right spells and creatures to back it up, this is amazing. Libram of Justice turns your enemy minions health into “1” and gives you a ¼ weapon equipped. But that’s only half of why this card is so good. Combine this with Libram of Wisdom. If you have a steady source of creatures, you use Wisdom on one, kill a minion, and if yours dies, re-cast Libram of Wisdom, rinse and repeat. However, Lady Liadrin will not give this back, because it doesn’t target any friendly minions. However, this is a great way to set up for board wipe and give you another attack. I don’t know if I’d run more than one, but it’s apparently a very divisive card. I like it, at the very least.

Hand of A’dal (Common 2-Cost Spell): This is 100% a 5/5 must-use card for Paladins. Give a minion +2/+2 and Draw a card! For 2 mana, and it’s a common!? This card is in the running for “best card of the expansion”, and that’s a fact. This pairs nicely with your Libram cards/creatures, goes amazing with Lady Liadrin and doesn’t have to have creatures to lower the cost. This is just a great card all-around great. Sure, you could argue that “lol u need a creature to make it worthwhile”. I don’t really agree that makes it a bad card. It’s a 2-cost card! It’s super easy to put into play. Can’t a Paladin, if they really want, just… use their Hero Power to make a creature if they desperately want to put it into play? You can just hold this card until you have a really great minion to play, and then get another card out of it. So yes, Hand of A’dal is an amazing card and has a ton of value for not a lot of investment.

Murgur Murgurgle (Legendary 2-Cost Minion – Murloc): A legendary Murloc for Paladins! And it’s their Prime! If you thought Paladin Murlocs wasn’t going to be the replacement for Mechs, you’d be wrong! Murgur Murgurgle is a 2-cost Legendary, with 2/1 and Divine Shield! When that legendary dies, you shuffle Murgurgle Prime into your deck. This is a card that is again, pure chaos. So, let’s talk about what Murgurgle Prime does!

Murgurgle Prime: A Divine Shield 6/3 for 8. Divine Shield means it gets at least one free swing for 6, unless it gets silenced. When it comes into play, its Battlecry triggers, and summons for you 4 Random Murlocs. If that’s not nice enough, they also get Divine Shield. That means you could get some of those sweet Shaman-only Murlocs that buff each other! It could be anything. Since Murgur Murgurgle is a Murloc, you could summon another one of those! You could get Fishflinger, to get yet another Murloc. Okay, that’s it, this is my favorite Prime. Forget anything I’ve said before. On March 25, I found the best one, but that’s because I love some Murlocs.

Imprisoned Sungill (Rare 1-Cost Minion – Murloc): Ehhhh. A 2/1 that’s Dormant and just creates a pair of 1/1 Murlocs? At least it’s for 1 Mana, but it’s mediocre at best if you ask me. Unless Paladin will have some options to buff Murlocs easier, or at least buffing minions in general. With Coldlight Seer, though, you could do something with this. This gives you a ⅔ and a pair of 1/3s. While they aren’t tremendous, they’re neat. It feels slow, due to the Dormant. Getting this anytime other than the beginning of the game is really unfortunate. Dormant cards like this are miserable in the late game when you need your minions to immediately start offering value. You’re going to need to have Murloc buffing. Perhaps with Murgurgle Prime, this could be great. But without group-wide Murloc buffing, it’s a Meh card.

Rogue Cards

Ambush (Rare 2-Cost Spell – Secret): “Secret” cards boil my blood, but I won’t deny how great they are. This Secret triggers after your opponent play a minion of any kind. When they do, the Ambush triggers, and creates a ⅔ Ambusher with Poisonous. Your opponent put up a 7/7 Taunt that you need to get out of the way? Just Ambush them! A dagger in the dark does a world of good. This gives you a creature that you can throw away. This Ambusher exists to get rid of something that is going to cause you problems.

Blackjack Stunner (Rare 1-Cost Minion): So yes, Secret is going to be pretty key in Rogue decks going forward. This ½ for 1 has a Battlecry: If you control a Secret, return a minion to its owner’s hand. On top of that, the minion now costs (2) Mana more. So you set up that Ambush we revealed earlier, and then play Blackjack Stunner. This forces a key creature back to your opponent’s hand, makes it cost more, and makes it more likely that Ambush will trigger. Now, if that minion had a Battlecry, it will trigger more. So on that note, if you have the mana, you can consider using it on your own creature, just to make it appear again later and utilize its Battlecry. I don’t think that’s going to happen as often. But in the late game, it could be a fun way to surprise someone and sneak a very clever win out of nowhere.

Akama (Legendary 3-Cost Creature): Hey, it’s Akama! I remember you from Black Temple! Akama is a ¾ with Stealth, so right off the bat that is useful. However, like all Stealth creatures, he will lose the ability once he’s attacked. Stealth prevents the creature from being attacked or targeted by direct spells or abilities. He can still be the target of random abilities and spells though. When he dies, as is custom, Akama Prime goes into your deck. But what does Akama Prime do that makes him so great? Is he great at all?

Akama Prime (6-Cost 6/5 Creature): YES. A 6/5 for 6 that is permanently stealthed? Akama Prime is #value. The downside is that it costs 6 mana, and has no Charge/Rush. But consider this: Heistbaron. The idea that you can draw 3 cards, and make them cost 0? The chance of you pulling a 6/5 perma-stealth for 0 mana is 100% worth putting it into the deck. I’d like to see this take Leeroy Jenkins’ spot in the deck, but I think he’s dumb anyway. I really like Akama and this expansion’s attention to detail to the Burning Crusade/Outlands expansion. I wasn’t sure at first if I wanted the card to go in my deck, but after looking at my Gala deck, I changed my mind. Akama belongs.

Shadowjeweler Hanar (Legendary 2-Cost Creature): For 2 mana, this creature can produce again, say it with me, “Value”! Shadowjeweler Hanar is a creature you want to keep on the board as long as humanly possible. He’s a ⅕ for 2, that has a really awesome passive. After you play a “Secret”, Discover a secret from a different class. So if you discover and play say a Mage secret, you won’t pull another Mage secret. It would be Hunter, Rogue, Warrior, et cetera. This card has a high chance of simply chaining a near-infinite amount of counter-play, disruption, damage, or crowd control. You could, in theory, win off just this creature with the constant spam of Secrets. As long as you keep playing Secrets, you can keep getting more of them. Quest Rogue or Highlander Rogue might be a lot of fun with this card. I want this card, quite badly. Plus that art is 10/10.

Greyheart Sage (Epic 3-Cost Minion): It’s about time we saw more “Stealth synergy” for Rogues! It’s been a while since it’s been prevalent. Greyheart Sage is a low-cost source of card draw, provided you have a Stealthed minion. That means you have to hold that Stealth minion back until after Greyheart Sage drops. Why? Because this 3/3 gives you the ability to draw 2 cards! Since you can run more than one, that’s a lot of card draw. When you have Akama Prime, he’s always stealthed, so that mid-game/late-game card draw is going to be very serious. It will be much easier to get those combos ready to go with all the card draw Rogues are going to have access to. Definitely a solid card for 3 mana.

Bamboozle (Epic 2-Cost Spell): This is an interesting Secret to say the least. It features a Shaman mechanic, the ability to transform a minion. This Secret triggers whenever one of your minions is attacked. What I wonder though, is if the minion dies as a result of the attack, do they still transform? For 2 mana, that minion will transform into a random one that costs (3) mana more. That’s pretty good until you get something like Magtheridon. I’d like to see Secret Rogue be in the meta this year, so we’ll just have to see. The card is very random though, so I have no idea if this is going to get major play or not. The great thing about it though is even your 1/1 Lackey can become a threat! I’d like to play this mid-game though, and see something with a decent cost turn into something in the 7-10 range.

Cursed Vagrant (Common 7-Cost Minion): Cursed Vagrant is an okay card. With “Stealth Rogue” coming up as a potentially fun deck in Ashes of Outland, I don’t know that I’m going to want to run Cursed Vagrant in it. It’ sa 7/5 for 7, with Deathrattle. When it dies, you receive a 7/5 with Stealth. I do like the card though. It’s a 7/5 for a decent cost that gets a second 7/5 to use. Just because I’m not sure I’d run it doesn’t mean it’s not going to be great. I’m up to being wrong though. This feels like a card you might sneak one into a deck as a one-of to shock people when it comes out of nowhere. Everything else in the deck might tempo and curve neatly, but then this 7/5 shows up and stabs something right in the face. Simply being a Deathrattle card would make it useful.

Shaman Cards

Lady Vashj (Legendary 3-Cost Creature): Oh, Lady Vashj. I have so many fond memories of waiting on people in my guild to fish up your frustrating Fish Boss. But here you are, in Ashes of Outland in Hearthstone! Of course, she’d be in the Shaman deck (which I run!). Lady Vashj is a 4/3 for 3 mana, and gives you Spell Damage +1! I guess that perhaps Spell Damage Shaman may be making a comeback! That’s thrilling news for me. Lady Vashj, like our previous “Prime” Legendaries, has Deathrattle: Shuffle Vashj Prime into your deck. So, what does Vashj Prime do?

    Vashj Prime (7-Cost Creature): Spell Damage +1. Battlecry: Draw 3 spells. Reduce their Cost by (3) Mana. Oh. Yes. Shaman Spellslinging is back baby! I love this card, and she’s got some serious value without even spoiling new cards. There are so many ways that Vashj can be useful. I love her, and I’m so glad she’s in the Shaman deck instead of something lame, like Mages.

So, there you have it! Our “Prime” Legendary for Shamans is Lady Vashj, and she’s worth every penny.

Boggspine Knuckles (Epic 5-Cost Equipment): Oh goodness. This is very reminiscent of something I’m familiar with in MTG Arena. Blue/Green has a series of cards where you sacrifice or get rid of a creature, and get something that costs more. That’s what Boggspine Knuckles reminds me of. This 5-cost 4/2 equipment has real value attached to it. After your Hero attacks, transform your minions into random ones that cost (1) more Mana. That means you can do this twice at least. Looks like Shaman’s going to be playing some kind of horrifying ramp game, where their creatures just get more and more expensive (and likely to be much better). Now, these are random minions, so they could wind up having no real value to your deck or strategy. Or, you could get legendaries that you could not normally play. I’m very excited to see what this does. Is this our only “transform” card so far? Why, of course not! We have one more to talk about today!

Bogstrok Clacker (Rare 3-Cost Minion): Bogstrok Clacker is a 3/3 for 3, which is already decent. But when it comes into play, it triggers a Battlecry that has adjacent minions turn into random minions that cost (1) Mana more. So we’re doing it again! Do you know what this will go well with? A mid to late game Shudderwock! Just put him in play, make his pals bigger, and when Shudderwock comes out, he will trigger all Battlecries you’ve used all game again. So the creatures around Shudderwock will likely evolve even further. That’s the theme so far in Shaman, it seems: Evolution. It turns out Motorhead was wrong, Evolution is not a mystery.

Torrent (Rare 5-Cost Spell): Deal 8 damage for 5 mana to a minion! That sounds expensive until you read the rest of the card. It costs (3) Mana less if you cast a spell last turn. That does not sound like it will be a difficult trigger. So then it becomes 8 damage for 2 mana. This is an excellent way to spike down a terrifying legendary that’s going to cause you problems. There aren’t a whole lot of creatures that will easily stand up to that kind of damage, and worst case, hold two in hand and double-shot something.

The Lurker Below (Legendary 6-Cost Minion): You know the best part about The Lurker Below? I don’t have to spend a potential half-hour fishing just to make this boss show up! Shaman needed a good board bomb, and that’s where our colossal 6/3 fish boss comes into play. The Lurker Below has a Battlecry that deals 3 damage to an enemy minion. If the minion dies, it repeats this process on an adjacent minion, until it cannot anymore. Did your opponent put a 1/1 on the end of its board? Just start there and watch as creature after creature potentially dies. It’s a card that relies on positioning, and I like that being more of an important thing in Hearthstone. It could be fun in Quest Shaman too, for bigger things. This could definitely help you clear a board, and go for the win (or at least have a serious board advantage). Control Shaman is going to be wild!

Shattered Rumbler (Epic 5-Cost Minion – Elemental): Ehh. This is kind of a mediocre epic if you ask me. It’s not bad, but it’s certainly not as strong as other minions that do the same thing (or better). There’s a Warlock dragon that deals 3 damage to all minions but doesn’t have a condition placed on it. If you cast a spell last turn, when this card is played, all minions take 2 damage. As a 4/6 for 5, that’s still not a bad deal. In a control deck, this could be a very powerful card, especially if you’re running few-to-no creatures. This could also be great if you’re using something reliant on Deathrattle, like certain Murlocs. I don’t think it’s a bad card in the least, but it doesn’t strike me as “Epic.”

Vivid Spores (Rare 4-Cost Spell): For 4 mana, the minions you have in play can come back, just as annoying as ever! This spell gives your minions Deathrattle: Resummon this minion. So, the strategy seems to be to me, you build up an army of transformed, gigantic minions, and then cast Vivid Spores. That way, all those huge jerks come back after they have perished, allowing you to use them in a variety of ways. You can simply leave them in play and let nature take its course (if you’ll pardon the expression), or you can just attack away and kill all your opponent’s minions, and resummon them when they have served their purpose. I really like this idea though. It feels similar to Token Druid, combined with maybe Embiggen Druid. It’s not the best card in Shaman, but it’s sure going to be fun.

Marshspawn (Common 3-Cost Minion – Elemental): This is a nice, simple, useful elemental. When it comes into play, you Discover a spell, but only if you cast a spell last turn. What are the odds of that not happening? It’s a ¾ for 3, and that’s not too shabby either. It’s an all-around decent common. Nothing to write home about, but I like it. It’s a solid way to get another spell into hand, with god only knows what it’ll be.

Serpentshrine Portal (Common 3-Cost Spell): Serpentshrine Portal is the entrance to the old BC raid, Serpentshrine Cavern, which has a lot of fond memories for me. This is a pretty decent card that fits into several deck types. Vashj decks, Overload decks, you name it. When you cast Serpentshrine Portal, it deals 3 damage, and you summon a random 3-Cost minion. It Overloads you for (1) mana, which means you have one less mana the next turn. But you get a creature and deal damage for 3 mana. That’s pretty serious value if you ask us.

Totemic Reflection (Common 3-Cost Spell): Finally! Something to make my Healing, Taunt or Lackey Totem stick around a bit longer! 3 Mana nets you +2/+2 for a minion. But if it’s a Totem, you also summon a copy of it! There’s a lot you can do with this. You don’t have to target a totem with it, but it sure helps. Getting a double dose of healing totems can keep your minions in play much longer, or give you other utilities to work with. It’s a common, so it’s going to be easy to make and is likely to see a decent amount of play. I wish it cost 2 mana instead of 3, but I’d still run it in my Murloc deck. No matter what Totem you target with it, it’s going to be great fun.

Warlock Cards

The Dark Portal (Rare 4-Cost Spell): Did you think that Handlock was somehow just going to go away? Not in the least! Blizzard continues to tease the possibility of a powerful Handlock deck, with this first card: The Dark Portal! I knew this card would show up due to Outland. But I didn’t know what it would do! As a 4-cost spell, you draw a minion. That’s okay because you’re guaranteed something you can play, now or later. But if you have at least 8 cards in your hand, it costs (5) Mana less. Pull a legendary or rare or something, a demon that lets you do filthy, rude things, and play it for almost nothing. You may even be able to play an awesome legendary that turn. That’s all hypothetical because you must get those 8 cards or more in hand to start with. The danger of Handlock in my estimation is if you aren’t popping off and building tons of cards in hand, then it will feel wasted. But I think it could be a whole lot of fun in this coming meta.

Shadow Council (Epic 1-Cost Spell): Oh my Lanta. Remember how I said, “I think Handlock isn’t going anywhere”? Well, that was confirmed this morning. Shadow Council is a new spell in Ashes of Outland, that will reward you for having a much larger hand. This 1-cost spell replaces your entire hand with Demons, picked at random! Then, if that wasn’t scary enough, it will make them receive +2/+2! You’re going to get a gaggle of jerks that hopefully have reasonable costs, that will again, hopefully, trigger victory for you. I love cards like this, that produce unpredictable, but always exciting results. Since it doesn’t say you draw them from your deck, odds are that demons you couldn’t normally access will potentially show up. This card is going to be a blast!

Imprisoned Scrap Imp (Rare 2-Cost Minion – Demon): Okay, you have a 12-card hand, and then replaced everything in it with Demons. What would make this all the better? Why, if you had Imprisoned Scrap Imp on the board Dormant, waiting. When this 3/3 for 2 awakens from dormancy, it gives all the minions in your hand +2/+2. So the Demons that already had +2/+2 from Shadow Council now have +4/+4! This may be the best Dormant card so far. Galakrond Zoo is going to be ferocious, come Ashes of Outland. If you can pull off this delightful combo, you are going to flat batter people with very very big demons.

Keli’dan the Breaker (Legendary 6-Cost Minion): Did you want a Warlock Flikk Skyshiv? It’s a 3/3 instead, but it’s still just as good. Heck, it’s better! When Keli’dan the Breaker comes into play, you destroy a minion. If you drew Keli’dan this turn, you destroy all minions except Keli’dan! This is going to be a lot of fun in Handlock. Sure, it’s not consistent, since to board wipe, you have to draw into it, but that’s fine. You don’t have to destroy the board though! Simply playing it and destroying one creature is still a lot of value. At worst, you’re spending 4 of that 6 mana to destroy something. It’s unconditional creature removal, and what’s wrong with that? Sure, the board wipe is inconsistent, but this is a card that will undoubtedly see play.

Kanrethad Ebonlocke (Legendary 2-Cost Minion): Kanrethad Ebonlocke is a solid legendary for Warlock that would easily fit into Handlock. With this Legendary in play, your Demons cost (1) less! It also has the Deathrattle that shuffles Kanrethad Prime into your deck. They’re also a 3/2 for 2, that will offer in turn a 7/6 for 8. But what does Kanrethad Prime?

Kanrethad Prime (8-Cost Minion): When Kanrethad Prime enters the battlefield summons 3 friendly Demons that died this game. I’m sure people are tired of seeing demons come back from the dead. You can’t get Magtheridon back this way. Best case, he’d come back dormant, and would have to get rid of his minions instead. However, I wonder if when Magtheridon came back, if there’s no room for his keepers, if he would just take his awakened form. That’s just idle curiosity. All told, I like Kanrethad. It’s not the best of the Primes, but he’s pretty strong, and can bring back some really awesome pals to resume beating someone in the face.

Darkglare (Epic 3-Cost Minion – Demon): With all the buffs you can give your Demons, Darkglare can do such hard work. Darkglare is for card draw, at the cost of taking damage. After your hero takes damage (from any source), refresh 2 Mana Crystals. It’s not like it’s hard to get self-damage in Warlock! You can constantly harm yourself with a variety of spells, to get more cards, for potential greater rewards. I think this would be a great card to go with Malygos. I don’t know what combos would be utilizing this card, but I know they exist. We’ll keep our eyes out. Darkglare sounds like it could really do a lot of good in both Standard and Wild.

Enhanced Dreadlord (Rare 8-Cost Minion – Demon): This card does something I’m not intimately familiar with: a creature that, when it dies, brings back a very similar copy. This 8-cost demon is a 5/7 with Taunt, and when it dies, brings back a 5/5 Dreadlord with Lifesteal instead of being a 5/7 Taunt. The ability to heal yourself in a deck that’s all about dealing yourself damage to draw cards, I can see this being pretty useful, at least as a one-off.

Hand of Gul’dan (Common 6-Cost Spell): We’re going to see a pretty large amount of discard synergy/engines going away, when Rastakan’s Rumble cycles out fairly soon. Whether or not this will be the tool we need to make Discolock come back, we’ll just have to see. But when you play or discard this card, you draw 3 cards. One of the new cards can help you discard it, potentially. Nightshade Matron has you discard your highest cost card when she comes into play. You might be able to throw this away and gain 3 cards as a result of it. I just don’t like that cost. But fortunately, with more discard engines, you could avoid that, making it very valuable.

Nightshade Matron (4-Cost Common Minion – Demon): This is the one I was talking about! She’s a 5/5 with Rush, so she can attack other creatures when coming into play. Your Battlecry sees you discard your highest Cost card. Hopefully, it’s Hand of Gul’dan. As a 6-drop, that’s not too unlikely. That’s her whole big deal, and I think it’s a solid use for her. Plus having a 5/5 Rush is no disappointment either.

Unstable Felbolt (Common 1-Cost Spell): Many Warlock spells have some kind of drawback, when they’re as low-cost as this. Unstable Felbolt for 1 mana, deals 3 damage to an enemy minion, and to a random friendly one. It would be nice to see this target your Kanrethad! There are several ways to use this, I think. It could be a way to pop your eggs in Zoo Lock. We’ll have to see how it is used, but I’m not sold on this.

Warrior Cards

Kargath Bladefist (Legendary 4-Cost Creature): A 4/4 for 4 with Rush? You can trigger the shuffling of Kargath Prime nice and easy! Plus, I’m a fan of this kind of symmetry. Kargath Bladefist is a truly mighty orc, and while his first form is mediocre at best, Kargath Prime is a titan of unstoppable, bloodthirsty force. This is like, Warcraft 2 Kargath, and then shifting to World of Warcraft Kargath. From what I’ve gathered, these “Primes” are servants/lieutenants of the Rusted Legion. That’s what I get from the art, at the very least. So, let’s talk about what happens when you Deathrattle Kargath Bladefist and wind up with Kargath Prime.

Kargath Prime (8-cost Creature): Oh. Dear. God. Here’s your game-winner. This is your win-con for a variety of Warrior decks. Kargath Prime is a 10/10 with Rush for 8 Mana. Whenever this minion attacks and kills a minion, you (the Hero) gain 10 Armor! Do you want to be an impenetrable force of violence and bloodletting? Kargath Prime is going to make certain that happens.

Kargath Bladefist is going to transition into some dirty, incredible violence. One of the neutral cards is also going to help you bring those Primes to life, as well as get you a second shot at them into your deck. We’ll get into that very shortly.

Bulwark of Azzinoth (Legendary 3-Cost Equipment): A shield?! Not a sword?? However, this is one of my favorite Shields in all of World of Warcraft. It reminds me of better times when our raid lead could not pronounce “Bulwark” (Burwak). This card, when paired with Kargath Prime, is going to make a player virtually impossible to harm. Bulwark of Azzinoth is a 3-cost equipment piece that has 1 Attack and 4 Durability. However, it’s got a fun power. “Whenever your hero would take damage, this loses 1 Durability instead”. Just run cards to increase its Durability and laugh as your opponent desperately tries to break past it, just to then again break past your armor. You are a mountain. A wall. A titan of unbreakable armor.

Warmaul Challenger (Epic 3-Cost Minion): Is Blizzard trying to bring back Control Warrior? With Warmaul Challenger being one of our latest Hearthstone Ashes of Outland spoiler, I say “Yes”! When I saw this card, the very first thing I thought was “Armorsmith! Oh yes!” This is a 1/10 for 3 Mana. Yes, 1/10. It’s Battlecry is “Choose an enemy minion. Battle it to the death!” and that makes me think. Do they deal damage to each other until one is dead? That’s likely. So each time damage triggers for him, you gain armor, with Armorsmith in play. Since he’s a 1/10, Warmaul Challenger is going to have a pretty easy time being a control option. Find something important that needs to go away, like if it has Taunt or Divine Shield, and put it out of its misery. I really really love this card. Hearthstone’s doing a lot to draw my eyes to it for this expansion.


Bladestorm (Epic 3-Cost Spell): Sounds like Bouncing Blade is back, with a bit more range! This 3-drop Epic spell deals 1 damage to all minions. This will trigger again and again, until one dies. This is amazing for your high-cost, damage-triggering Warrior minions. It also can kill something, hopefully, one of your foes. This can trigger Armorsmith, and help with one of your new, expensive creatures – Bloodboil Brute. If you don’t have any damage-triggering creatures, you can make sure that something weak dies, right when you want it to. It’s an interesting card, to say the least.


Bloodboil Brute (Rare 7-Cost Minion): Pain Warrior is making a strong comeback this expansion. Bloodboil Brute is a 6/8 with Rush for 7, but we can make it a little easier to cast. For each damaged minion in play, this one costs (1) mana less. So in theory, you could play a pair of Bloodboil Brutes for 0, if you had the wounded minions on board, and a pair of them in hand. In Galakrond Warrior, as long as you have 3 minions in play, you can Invoke Galakrond for free and summon this on top of it. I absolutely think in that case, this bruiser could be incredibly useful.


Corsair Cache (Rare 2-Cost Spell): “Draw a weapon. Give it +1/+1”. There are so many great weapons that you can use this with! Ancharr, Livewire Lance! Does it work with shields with attack (Bulwark of Azzinoth)? I imagine so. Some people say it’s not going to be worth it, but I think they’re trying to nudge people into using the new Bulwark of Azzinoth. Blizzard is fond of trying to push new metas into the game and hoping they become popular. Even if I don’t think it’s going to be a popular card, I still like it. Quest Warrior could certainly make a lot of use in this card, as could Pirate Warriors. Whether or not it’ll be in major, competitive decks, only time will tell. I’ll come back to this.


Scrap Golem (Rare 5-Cost Minion – Mech): A Taunt and Deathrattle Mech? Oh yes. This is a ⅘ for 5, but when it dies, you gain Armor equal to his Attack. That means it’s a minimum of 4, but can in theory, grow much more. I like it for control warrior (RE: gain ludicrous amounts of armor, and laughing at your poor foe desperately trying to get through it).


Bonechewer Raider (Common 3-Cost Minion): Jeez, Pain warrior is getting a lot of love this expansion. I think it’s going to be one of the Tier I decks, so I’m keeping an eye on all of these cards. In particular, this latest find, the Bonechewer Raider. If there is a damaged minion on the board, it gains +1/+1 and Rush, making it a 4/4 Rush for 3. Oh yeah, Control Warrior and Aggro Warrior are going to be on the menu. I’m not sure which flavor I like more though. It’s so easy to deal 1 damage to something before playing this card too! ­

Imprisoned Gan’arg (Common 1-Cost Minion – Demon): Ready for another Dormant Demon? Well, we have one for warrior! After two turns, this minion awakens. As a 2/2 for 1, that’s not too bad. When it comes to life though, you equip a 3/2 Axe. Use that Axe to batter away at the other player. It will likely see use in Quest/Control Warrior. Imprisoned Gan’arg is a tremendous turn 1 option. On turn 3, he blossoms into plenty of violence for you to dole out.


Sword and Board (Common 1-Cost Spell): Ehhh. This is a nice, simple spell. Pay 1 Mana, deal 2 damage to a minion, and gain 2 Armor. It’s pretty solid, to be honest. I’m seeing lots of people bag on it as being a mediocre card, that does what other cards already did. It’s a good one, though. It isn’t complicated, and doesn’t have some weird trigger. Deal damage, get armor. Love that.

Neutral Cards

Kael’thas Sunstrider (6-Cost Legendary Creature): Oh boy, Kael’thas! I have a feeling this card will be in Shaman, Warlock, and Mage at the very least. Is he going to be the new “Leeroy Jenkins” (because he’s in every darn deck in existence)? I think so. I’m so glad he’s not going to cost any essence/packs too. Kael’thas is a 6-cost 4/7 creature that has an ability that’s going to make him an instant target. “Every third spell you cast each turn costs (0) Mana. Play your weak, low-cost spells, and then drop those mighty 7, 8, 9 cost spells afterward for 0! I think this will do well in Demon Hunter too. You can do a lot by casting spells to set up a 0-cost Outcast spell, giving the extra benefits without spending mana for it! Oh yes, Kael’thas is money.

***Important Note: Logging in starting March 17 gives you Kael’thas Sunstrider for free.

Teron Gorefiend (Legendary 3-Cost Creature): Oh boy, Teron Gorefiend, the first Death Knight! Once known as Teron’gor, he was the first to leap a Death Knight. He is a force of nature in Hearthstone too, and his Ashes of Outland spoiler is fantastic. He only costs 3 mana and is a ¾. His Battlecry destroys all friendly minions in play! But his Deathrattle summons them back with +1/+1 on them. So, get your legendary in play, and play Teron Gorefiend to kill them off. That shuffles the “Prime” into the deck. Then, once Gorefiend dies, because you will surely throw his life away in aggressive moves, you’ll bring back your creatures. That means you can shuffle a second Prime into your deck! If this triggers their Battlecries again, you can ruin someone’s day. Zoo decks, Highlander decks, lots of aggressive decks can make use of the First.

“I was the first you know. For me, the wheel of death has spun many times. So much time has passed… I have a lot of catching up to do.” – Teron Gorefiend

Mo’arg Artificer (Epic 2-Cost Minion – Demon): This could be a fun one to get in Shadow Council, Mo’arg Artificer! He’s a shiny 2/4 for 2, with an upside that is very much double-edged. As long as this demon is in play, all minions take double damage from spells. Yours and theirs, it sounds like. I like this because you could easily wipe your opponent out, but it can also harm you. This will be a fun card to slide into control decks, like Mage, Priest. Any deck that is going to play lots of spells to blast the other player, it’s going to really bop them in the face. It can cause backlash though, so be aware of it being able to harm your minions, too.

Al’ar (Legendary 5-Cost Minion – Elemental): Ehhh… here we have the first legendary that I think is mediocre, if not bad. It’s a 7/3 Elemental for 5 mana, with a Deathrattle. The bad part is “3”. Maybe if it were a 5/5 or a 6/6 or something. Al’ar, when it dies, creates a 0/3 Ashes of Al’ar, which resurrects this minion on your next turn. Do you know how easy it is to do 3 damage, then do 3 damage again? Spoiler warning, it’s not hard. Especially if it’s a Mage, Hunter, or heck, probably even Druid! Sure, it will keep coming back as long as you have the Ashes survive. I think this card would be much better if it had Rush or Charge too. Other than that, it’s a mediocre Legendary at the very best. I’m sure there’s going to be a deck that can use it, but right now, I’m not seeing what that might be.

Maiev Shadowsong (Legendary 4-Cost Creature): Now here is a useful legendary! Al’ar might feel wretched, but Maiev does not! A 4/3 for 4, Maiev’s Battlecry has you choosing a minion. That creature goes Dormant for 2 turns. Why is that so great? You can use it to trigger a creatures’ original Dormant ability perhaps! But there’s a lot of value here. Are you planning onboard wiping, but want to have a creature survive the apocalypse? Make it dormant! It won’t be targetable. Does your opponent have a minion you want to get rid of so you can win? Enter Maiev! This card can get rid of annoying Taunt creatures, prevent deathrattle triggers from proccing, or whatever big minion you’re sweating. Is your opponent using Teron Gorefiend? Put him to sleep for a few turns, and then just win the game!

Magtheridon (Legendary 4-Cost Demon): AHHH, MAG THERIDON! I still have the physical Magtheridon raid somewhere. He’s such an awesome encounter in Burning Crusade. But here, Magtheridon is a 12/12 for 4 though! He doesn’t come immediately into play though. Magtheridon is Dormant until a certain trigger happens. When Magtheridon is cast, his Battlecry triggers, giving you three ⅓ Warders. When they die, destroy all minions, and awaken Magtheridon. So you want to run him in decks where you can sacrifice these creatures, or having a way to board wipe them away. Or simply attack creatures they have no hope of winning. So it should be very easy to use him. I wouldn’t mind seeing him in Shaman decks or Warlocks. There are other ways to use him assuredly, but I think there will more than one Magtheridon deck on the table when this expansion goes live in April. This could be my favorite of the Ashes of Outland spoilers for Hearthstone yet!

Replicat-o-Tron (Epic 4-Cost Minion – Mech): I think that this will do much better in Wild, with Magnetic going away. The Replicat-o-Tron could be really fun with Paladin Librams too. Put Libram of Wisdom on something, and start making clones of the Replicat-o-Tron. Do you know what it also would go well with? Embiggen Druid! Get this in, buff it with your various spells, and start making your other creatures into whatever vile creation you come up with it. Better in Wild, but it will be really interesting in any deck that has lots of buffs (as long as they aren’t dependent of one minion type – demon, beast, et al). If nothing else, it’s definitely an interesting niche card. Not something we’ll see in every deck, that’s for sure.

Supreme Abyssal (Common 8-Cost Minion – Demon): Ehhhh. Supreme Abyssal is a 12/12 for 8, and that sounds like a great card. But it can’t attack Heroes! The downsides continue though. It also lacks things like Rush, Charge, Windfury, Taunt, or anything else that would otherwise make it useful. It could be okay in Galakrond Warlock, or as an option to beat up minions in a variety of decks. This is a card you use when you frankly have no other options as a high-cost beat stick. If only there was a way to sacrifice it to give its attack power to someone else. I genuinely hope that it will get buffed or adjusted in some way, but right now, it falls under “Pack Filler.”

Scrapyard Colossus (May not be correctly translated) (Rare 10-Cost minion – Elemental): Supreme Abyssal may be mediocre at best, but I like the Scrapyard Colossus. It’s a 7/7 Taunt Elemental for 10. That sounds expensive until you read its Deathrattle: Summon a 7/7 Felcracked Colossus with Taunt! For 10 mana, you basically get a reborn that comes back at full strength. This will be a fun Arena card, and I can see it being a fun pull for Conjurer’s Calling. I don’t know that it’s going to have a lot of Standard ranked play, but I still like the card as an idea. It’s a fun potential meme card.

Guardian Augmerchant (Common 1-Cost Minion): This card is amazing in every single deck. It doesn’t matter what you’re playing! If you’re running minions at all, this card is a must-run. Warrior, Paladin, Shaman, sure. Warrior might get the absolute most out of it. I feel like this card might get nerfed in some way. What we have here, is a replacement for the Town Crier card. For one Mana, you give a minion Divine Shield for the cost of receiving one damage! What makes this even better for Warriors, you have a lot of minions that synergize well with that damage. Plus now it gains Divine Shield! Guardian Augmerchant is 100% a 5/5 must-play for almost every decks.

Waste Warden (Epic 5-Cost Minion): Are you, or someone you love tired of Tribal decks? Sick of Mechs, Murlocs, Demons, and Dragons? Do you want to harm them, and just them? Well, Waste Warden’s here to fulfill all of your anti-Tribal needs! It costs 5 Mana, and when it enters play, it triggers a Battlecry: Deal 3 damage to a minion, and all others of the same type. This can backfire if you have that type of minion in play, but it likely won’t be too bad. Are you seeing lots of Murloc decks in your matches? Maybe Demons? Spike their Wagon Wheel with this card! You can also use this to trigger your deathrattles if that’s your fancy. If you’ve already battered someone down and really want to make those go off, you could do it this way. It’s not the most ideal use, but it’s possible anyway.

Blistering Rot (Rare 3-Cost Minion): Blistering Rot is a card that I badly want to love. In theory, you can let this spiral wildly out of control. It’s a bit more expensive than the older Ooze though. 3 Mana is a bit high for a ½, in normal cases. But at the end of your turn, you summon a Rot that’s got equal stats to this minions. So what you do is run it in Embiggen Druid or Libram/Buff Paladin, maybe even Priest. As long as you get a few turns to make that Blistering Rot as big as you can make it! The downside is of course, it’s easy to kill. If you have some Taunt in play, you can see if they survive long enough to make it worthwhile, but I don’t know if he’s going to be a fixture of buff decks. It’s a card that is a rather long shot but if it goes off, it’s going to be absolutely buck wild. Yeah, this is a card that I like, and want badly to love. I want to see it to be a major player. But only time will tell.

Infectious Sporeling (Rare 1-Cost Minion): Now this is a card that fulfills my need of “minions must be jeks.” Hello, Infectious Sporeling! When this ½ for 1 Mana damages a minion, turn it into an Infectious Sporeling. This can be used against you, but you can really spoil the day of a buff/big minion player. There are a few combos that immediately come to mind. The Rogue combo requires you to have already hit a minion with the Sporeling. You deal damage to something with it, then cast Betrayal. That will make the Sporeling deal its damage to the minions next to it, so those too, turn into ½ Sporelings. This is a card that you can’t really respond to, because if you attack it, the attacker becomes a Sporeling. You have to either use a spell or a weapon. That’s it! Or Silence, I suppose. This is going to be sleeper-OP. If you have a way to give it Rush, it’s going to be absolutely hilarious. The other way is for Warriors: Sweeping Strikes! Give it to the Sporeling and watch as he makes those 8/8s turn into 1/2s. He might perish, but it’ll be worth it. Find ways to keep it around with Divine Shield or buffs, and watch the chaos get sown.


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