Frustrating Heroes in Dota 2 – Our Top 8 List

by in Dota 2 | Oct, 22nd 2018

Frustrating heroes can make Dota 2 feel unplayable at times. 115 heroes on the roster and they had to choose that one? Some of us go online after a long day and just want to have fun, but certain heroes seem designed around throwing a wrench in things.

8 Most Frustrating Heroes in Dota 2

We get it. Every character has strengths and weaknesses, so nobody should complain about a specific hero. After all, Valve is known for their world-class balancing. So many in the Dota community have voiced their frustration at these specific heroes that they can’t be ignored. To be blunt, some characters seem designed to piss players off.

In an attempt to save unknowing players from a storm of hate, I’ve created a list — with a little help from the forums — of Dota 2’s eight most frustrating heroes. Let’s make the world a better place, one hero selection at a time.


Frustrating heroes

Mana. You know the thing most characters need to attack, defend, escape, or do anything significant? Mana is crucial to your team’s efforts. Then there’s Anti-Mage.

Anti-Mage is designed to halt the enemies progress by draining mana, meaning no abilities and no spells. Many characters have similar abilities but are limited to small areas. Anti-Mage doesn’t have that restriction. The Dota gods made him fast and gave him a blink ability that allows him to teleport and cover multiple lanes.

Anti-Mage can farm, gaining strength, while safely staying out of reach of enemies and simultaneously blocking their ability to cast spells. He’s damn near untouchable. What a jerk.

Nature’s Prophet

Irritating Heroes

Even the name of this one sounds pretentious. Nature’s Prophet is a ranged intelligence hero that can do almost anything, including teleportation. Great… another teleporter.

Worse, he can summon giant trees known as treants that may be the most powerful summon in Dota 2. Treants are not to be trifled with and can be sent in waves, making them even more difficult to kill.

You would assume running away from the treants would be the best option. Too bad the Prophet’s alternate ability, Sprout, engulfs you in a circle of trees, preventing most heroes from escaping.

Nature’s Prophet needs to take a hike.


Frustrating heroes

“Try-hard” is a phrase thrown around way too often in gaming but in every stereotype, there is a glimmer of truth. Huskar is a unique character because choosing him doesn’t make you a try-hard; he is a try-hard in and of himself.

Huskar uses an ability called Beserker’s Blood to deplete his own health so he can deal more damage.

You may be thinking, “doesn’t that make Huskar easy to kill?” Maybe in team battle scenarios, but Huskar is one of the strongest 1V1 heroes in the entire game. I still have nightmares of walking peacefully down a lane only to have a Huskar leap from the jungle like a rabid, flaming Rambo.

This hero risks it all and is always prepared to kill himself in the process. To me that makes Huskar a simpleton and dying by the hands of a simpleton pisses me off.

Naga Siren

Frustrating Heroes

You know what’s almost as annoying as a try-hard character? A character that causes games to last two hours because she wants to slowly and methodically kill you.

Naga Siren loves methodically build her strength while slowly engulfing the entire map. She specializes in trapping groups of enemies. First, she uses her ensnare ability to hold them down; then she softens the trapped opponents with her Rip Tide.

Not boring enough? She literally puts enemies to sleep with the Siren Song ability, allowing her allies to steamroll over her enemies… at the speed of an actual steamroller.

Naga Siren is a disease, slowly killing hordes of creeps and destroying towers until the opposing team gives up. It’s frustrating to watch, which is why there is a common saying in Dota that “the only player who has fun in a Naga game is the Naga player.”


Frustrating heroes

Lycan is like a swarm of locusts that comes out of nowhere and annihilates everything in its path. Instead of giant grasshoppers, Lycan arrives with a clan of wolves capable of dealing massive amounts of damage.

What makes him one of those frustrating heroes is that Lycan specializes in covertly navigating the jungle and then ambushing unsuspecting victims. Lycan’s howl and feral impulse abilities turn his legion of wolves into a devastating mobile unit.

A Lycan attack often leaves you in the respawn thinking, “What the hell just happened?” Lycans are banned from tournaments. What else is there to say?


Frustrating heroes

Riki or Riki the Rat as I call him has to sneak around to get kills. He’s is only good at two things: attacking you when you’re not looking and running away. Never was there a more noob friendly hero.

The rat has permanent invisibility, naturally. If Riki required skill, he’d be a viable choice. Instead, his poor balance makes him a needlessly frustrating addition.

Worst of all is that Riki is actually powerful. His Cloak and Dagger ability deals a ton of damage when enemies have their backs turned. Coward.

Riki is far from being OP (overpowered), but dying to an invisible foe always stings.


Frustrating heroes

Imagine getting shot and finding out your assailant’s name was Pudge. What a stupid name. I’d be livid.

Pudge isn’t frustrating because of his name; he’s also the ganker of all gankers. Pudge players roam around the map, hiding in jungles and around corners. Because of his low speed, he has to rely on ambushing his prey. His signature ability is a Meat Hook, which allows him to snag an enemy and drag them into the undergrowth, never to be seen again.

In close quarters, Pudge can use Dismember and Rot to suffocate enemies. You might be thinking “what a horribly unbalanced character! Could this get any worse?” You bet! Pudge’s Flesh Heap only makes him more powerful after every kill. It’s embarrassing to get hooked by a Pudge, but once you’re caught you have to accept your fate. Once he’s got his hooks into you, he doesn’t like to let go.

Stupid, fat, and slow. Death by Pudge is the worst way to go.


Frustrating heroes

Name a trio worse than the Techies. I’ll wait. Techies — technically one hero made up of three goblins, trolls, or whatever they are — are universally ranked on top of the most frustrating heroes in all of Dota 2.

Techies can kill you from a different lane. They can kill you when you’re on the other side of the map. They can even kill you when they’re dead! The most annoying part of these frustrating heroes is that when Techies kill you, it feels more like you killed yourself.

Techies are sneakier than Ricki. They lay invisible mines like rat droppings and almost never face a foe head-on. These mines deal massive amounts damage and can be used to kill, block, protect, and most of all annoy. What a coincidence that the troll hero acts like a troll.

Some in the Dota community go as far as to say that Techies alter the very fundamentals of the game. Techies contribute little to team fights and force the enemy team to be passive in fear that they might run into a minefield. This forces the enemy to adopt a new strategy and often results in overly long games.

Techies are synonymous with suffering because nobody wins in a game with Techies. If they’re on you side, you have an ally who can’t fight. If you see one in the enemy barracks, I hope you’re ready to play the world’s longest game of minesweeper.

Valve, please nerf them. Nerf them to bits and pieces. I’m begging you.


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