Fortnite Xtravaganza Overtime Challenges Guide

by in Fortnite | Nov, 19th 2020

Epic Games knows that Fortnite Season 4 has been going on for a long time now, longer than the swift end of Season 3, and has planned accordingly. We have some overtime challenges this season, known as the Fortnite Xtravaganza challenges, to tie players over until the end.

Fortnite Season 4 Will Continue for a Little More

The Fortnite Xtravaganza challenges are the latest ones to be added to the game this season. They follow up on the normal battle royale missions that we had for the first 10 weeks of the Marvel-themed Season 4. Typically, a season will only have 10 weeks of missions.

But when a season extends beyond its normally allotted time, Epic Games typically takes note of this and will offer players some things to do in the meantime while they wait for the next season to start. This is usually in the form of an event or some overtime missions to complete.

Such is the case with the Fortnite Xtravaganza challenges here to be the new overtime missions you can do this season before it ends. What is excellent about these missions is that they offer up a lot of experience and tasks to do for those still trying to reach tier 100.

You only have a little more time left before the end of the current Marvel-themed season set to end on Nov. 30. It could still go beyond that day, but if that’s going to be the case, we should hear about that any day now, so expect that to be the actual end date.

Fortnite Xtravaganza Challenges List Part 1

The Fortnite Xtravaganza challenges are broken up into two parts that Epic has released separately for players to complete before the end of the season. Both parts are already here, but we will focus on each batch of tasks one half at a time for this guide.

You can find a full list of the Fortnite Xtravaganza challenges for part one below:

  • Deal damage to opponents with shotguns (three stages)
  • Eliminate seven opponents with common weapons, seven opponents with rare weapons, and seven opponents with epic weapons
  • Damage opponents with the Choppa’s blades (three stages)
  • Catch 10 fish
  • Catch 10 fish with a pro fishing rod
  • Catch 10 fish with explosive weapons
  • Shoot a gas can thrown by a teammate before it hits the ground
  • Consume 30 foraged items

As you can see, there are eight challenges in general that you can do for the first part of the overtime event. Still, many of them divide up into multiple stages that have more difficult objectives increasingly for you to do. Fortunately, that is where we come into play.

We will give you some tips for these challenges to help you complete them in time for the end of the current season. Let’s get started.

How to Complete These Challenges

The first up that we need to go over is dealing damage with shotguns, which you are likely already accustomed to doing. There are three stages to this particular mission, with each one requiring you to deal even more damage with shotguns before the season ends.

First up, you need to deal 1000 damage to enemies with a shotgun, which is a lot on its own. You are looking at 10 opponents with only 100 health and no shields, 20 opponents with full health and shields, or a mix of the two.

That is a lot as most players won’t get 10 or 20 kills in the same match, so we recommend doing this in the Team Rumble game mode. With the ability to have respawns until the end of the match, you can maximize eliminations and get as many as possible.

Even still, you might not get as many as you need here and will likely need to do multiple matches to complete this task. That is fine as you don’t need to do this challenge in a single match at all. But when you do deal 1000 damage, you will need to do it again with higher steps the next time.

Next up, you need to deal 2500 damage with shotguns, which is more than double the previous step. The damage will carry over as far as we can tell from the past step, so you need to do 1500 more. That is a lot more since it is more than what you initially did. Team Rumble will be necessary here again.

The final step of this mission is to deal 5000 damage with a shotgun. This is 2500 more damage than what you did in the second step, so you will likely need even more matches than any of the last two steps you have done.

The second challenge you need to do is eliminate opponents with common, rare, and epic weapons. This is another three-part mission where you need to eliminate seven opponents with a common weapon, then another seven with a rare one, and then seven more with an epic one.

Seven opponents is a lot, but this could pair with something like the first mission by making sure to have different rarities of shotguns in Team Rumble. But it doesn’t matter what the weapon is so long as you take out seven opponents with each rarity type. Your progress should carry over from match to match.

The third challenge is to damage opponents using the Choppa’s blades in this three-part challenge. This is a tricky one as it first requires you to get your hands on a helicopter Choppa in the game and then proceed to damage opponents with the blades of it.

Fortunately, the stages are 50 damage, 150, and 250 damage. Those aren’t a lot, so this shouldn’t take too long to complete once you have a Choppa. Next up is to catch 10 fish, which is pretty easy enough on its own. Just head to some water, grab yourself a fishing pole and go to town.

But it gets harder from there as you need to then catch 10 fish for the next task with a pro fishing rod. These are harder to find, so you’ll need to look in chests and other locations for them. And then you need to catch 10 more fish in the next objective but with explosive weapons, so basically just blowing up the circles of foam that you find in the water 10 times.

The penultimate mission is to shoot a gas can thrown by a teammate before it hits the ground. This is a pretty self-explanatory one. Have your teammate grab a gas can and then throw it, and you shoot it before it hits the ground. You could even grab a friend and take turns completing this for one another.

And last but not least, you need to consume 30 foraged items. Foraged items include mushrooms, apples, and other items you’ll find on the ground that you can pick up and eat. Thirty is a lot so eat what you find in each match you do. This shouldn’t be too hard to do. We recommend places like Weeping Woods, where there are a lot of foraged items.

Fortnite Xtravaganza Challenges List Part 2

But even completing those missions doesn’t end the story with these Fortnite Xtravaganza challenges since there is a second part that Epic Games released this week. You can find the full list of the new overtime challenges that are available below:

  • Deal damage with SMGs to opponents (three-part challenge)
  • Eliminate Stark robots, gatherers, or gorgers (three parts to it)
  • Search 10 chests, 10 ammo boxes, and 10 supply drops
  • Collect materials (three parts)
  • Dance on all five colored bridges in a single match
  • Eliminate 20 opponents in total

There are only six missions in general available for this part of the Season 4 overtime event, but they more than make up for it by having multi-part challenges for almost every one of them. Plus, there is a challenge that you must do in the same match, which makes it more challenging.

Here are our tips for these six missions so that you can reap the impressive experience rewards that they offer.

Tips for These Challenges

Starting off the list is the SMG challenge, where you must deal damage in three different parts. This is very similar to the shotgun mission where you need to deal 1000 damage with an SMG, then you need to do 2500, and lastly, you need to deal 5000 damage to enemies with an SMG.

The tips for this task largely follow the same general method as the shotgun one, where you will need to try this in the Team Rumble mode if you want to do this as fast as possible. Since you have bigger teams and respawns available, you can keep going at it, taking out opponents left and right without having to worry about being taken out for good.

Without a doubt, there is a lot of damage that you must do in this challenge, so it is something that you will need to set some time aside to accomplish if you want that experience reward. The second mission in part two is all about eliminating NPC enemies.

You need to take out Stark robots, gatherers, and/or gorgers. This has three parts to it as well, with the first part being 10 NPCs, then 25, and then 50. 50 is a lot, so you should take your time with this. For Stark robots, you can typically find these at Stark Industries so head there for them.

As for the gatherers and gorgers, they are on your map towards the beginning of the match. Head there if you want to defeat them. Gatherers are pretty easy to defeat. They can infinitely respawn if the main enemy isn’t defeated, so we recommend gathering a team and taking them out together and trying to complete as much of this mission as possible in each match you do.

The next one is another multi-part where you need to find 10 treasure chests, 10 ammo boxes, and 10 supply drops. The first two are standard stuff that you are probably used to finding. The supply drops require you to look to the skies and be in the next circle but watch out for other players.

While you have to find 30 of these, you can do them across matches. The fourth mission is to find materials in the game in three parts: 1000 materials, then 1500, and 2000. It is a lot, but you are capable of finding 1000 materials in a single match.

Which material type it is doesn’t matter as they all contribute, so destroy everything in sight. If you don’t complete this all in one match, it is totally fine so do what you can. Next up is to dance on all five colored bridges in a single match.

It isn’t a hard task, but the time limit nature can make it challenging. We recommend doing this in the Team Rumble match. The first bridge is between Doom’s Domain and Craggy Cliffs/Stark Industries. The second one is between Stark Industries and Lazy Lake.

The third bridge is east of Misty Meadows, between it and the snowy mountains. The fourth bridge is between Slurpy Swamp and Weeping Woods. And the fifth and final colored bridge is between Doom’s Domain and Salty Springs. Dance on all five of them in the same match.

The final mission in this overtime event is to eliminate 20 opponents. It doesn’t matter what way you do it so long as you get 20 of them. It is one that you can do across multiple matches. You could tackle it at the same time as you do other challenges like the SMG one. Completing these missions will give you a ton of XP towards the battle pass this season.


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