Fortnite World Cup Changes We’d Like to See in 2021

by in Fortnite | Aug, 16th 2020

Epic Games has one of the biggest games in the world on its hands with Fortnite battle royale. This is a game that has achieved the extremely rare accomplishment of transcending the games industry and into pop culture, and the World Cup is part of that. But there are some Fortnite World Cup changes that we would like to see when it returns next year.

Epic Games Is Hosting the Next Fortnite World Cup in 2021

After the exciting and game-changing Fortnite World Cup in 2019, the community couldn’t wait for the next one in 2020. Fans and players alike were ready to see who would be the next Bugha, someone who was relatively unknown before the tournament and then a superstar.

But alas, the world had different plans for one of the most popular esports events in the history of competitive gaming. With the pandemic and all that happened this year, it is no surprise that Epic Games had to push back the second World Cup to 2021, instead of this year.

It was strange, though, how the Fortnite developer handled the whole situation. Instead of just outright telling the community what it was planning, it waited until it was obvious the World Cup wasn’t happening actually to inform everyone about the situation and the inevitable delay.

As such, players will have to wait another year before they can enjoy the second World Cup ever. Given how massive and popular the first one was, there is no telling what will happen when this highly anticipated event (hopefully) happens in the summer of 2021.

This Leaves Room for Necessary Changes

With the huge gap between now and the next Fortnite World Cup, there is a lot of time for Epic Games to iron out how it will all work. This leaves a ton of time and room for some necessary Fortnite World Cup changes to ensure that it learns from the first one and is the best it can be.

Though the first World Cup was exciting and revolutionary for the industry as everyone was paying attention to it, even those fans, sites, and companies that don’t care for the esports scene in general. Epic Games can capitalize on that fame even more next year.

Some important and crucial Fortnite World Cup changes could improve and make the whole experience better overall than in the summer of 2019. Two years to wait is a long time, and Epic has to deliver on that anticipation with a bigger and better event.

That is why I will go over the Fortnite World Cup changes that I would like to see with the second iteration in 2021. Some of these changes are more obvious ones that are just worth mentioning, while others might be more controversial. In no particular order, here is what I would like to see in 2021.

Fortnite World Cup Changes: A New Location

First and foremost, the first of the Fortnite World Cup changes is a pretty simple one. I would like to see the 2021 World Cup competition in a different location than the original one. In the summer of 2019, Epic Games hosted the inaugural event in New York City.

While that was a great location for the first event, it is now time to expand and go somewhere else. If this is truly the World Cup for the gaming industry, it should take cues from the actual FIFA World Cup and have each of the events happen in a different city.

Sure, it could happen somewhere like Los Angeles or Houston next, but I think it would be cool to embrace the world nature of the event and have it in another country besides the United States like in London, Vancouver, or even further out like Seoul and so on.

Fortnite is truly one of the worldly games that have become a phenomenon worldwide, and there are pro players who are just as diverse. It is time to embrace that and have the battle royale game’s biggest competition truly take to the world stage.

Willing to Go Fully Remote If Necessary

This next point is a controversial one that sort of contradicts my previous point but is necessary nonetheless. Fingers crossed for everyone in the world that the global pandemic and everything has died down enough to the point where we can have worldwide events like this one.

Hopefully, by this time next year, it is alright for events to happen in person, be it competitions, conventions, concerts, etc. Or, at the very least, that there will be a sufficient and safe vaccine that people can take to start enjoying some of life together again.

But there is always the possibility that life will still not be normal enough to allow for a major event like the World Cup that will bring thousands upon thousands of people who could get infected. If this is the case next summer, Epic Games needs to be more flexible this time around.

It was understandable that Epic couldn’t host the World Cup this year because no one expected all of this to happen, but now that ignorance is no longer bliss, Epic Games has to step up and be ready for the worst-case scenario.

The Call of Duty League had no problem going remote for the duration of its first season. Epic should be ready to switch to a remote World Cup if we are in a worst-case scenario. The qualifying rounds of it are already remote, so why not make the whole event like that?

What Epic could do is equip all of the qualifying players with the same equipment and require them to use it during the competitions, and have the camera on all of them to discourage cheating and make sure that they are all on the same page.

A Different Format

Those first couple of Fortnite World Cup changes were mainly surface-level stuff that had to do with where and how the World Cup would happen. Now, it is time to dig even deeper into the actual format of the massive event and what I would like to change.

Ignoring the Creative mode for a moment, I want to focus solely on the battle royale portion of the World Cup. The event was great, but the format of the competition felt wrong to me. I have never been a huge fan of the battle royale points competition system, as it lacks the oomph of other styles.

The tournament format is great, but it doesn’t work for a game like Fortnite focused on the last player or team standing and not just eliminating each other in various rounds or capturing objectives. So, while I’m not asking for a tournament format, I want to see something new.

I would like to see more of a focus on the actual battle royale format and have the last player or team standing be the ultimate victor. Of course, there are too many players in the event to make this happen, so the first part of the competition could be a points-based system.

If Epic Games and fans truly love that format, you could have the players and teams earn points through various matches until you determine the top 100 players (50 teams, etc). Those players will then be put into the ultimate battle royale match and compete until only one is left standing, and that is your winner. It is the best of both worlds and will be a crazy, awesome way of doing it.

More Game Mode Competitions

In addition to taking full advantage of the battle royale gameplay, I would like to see more game modes offered in the World Cup. The original only focused solely on the solos and duos modes. It is high time that squads get some love, too, in the second iteration.

Squads are by far, potentially, the most popular game mode in all of Fortnite battle royale, and it is a shame that it wasn’t included before. But now there is a chance for that mistake to be fixed in 2021. But squad isn’t the only game mode that I would like to see in the World Cup.

I could even see a Team Rumble competition happen. The Team Deathmatch-like game mode has become a staple in the battle royale game as a non-battle royale experience. While it would be difficult to have players qualify for this mode, it could be used differently.

Perhaps the Team Rumble game mode could be used for the pros invited to compete there. One of the Pro-Am competitions could have celebrities, and pro players gather together in massive teams of 20 versus 20 to see who will come out on top with the most points.

Dividing Controller and Keyboard Players

This final point could be more controversial than the others and cause the community to get upset, but it needs to happen more than any other change that I listed here. It is time for the controller and keyboard and mouse players to be separated from one another.

Throughout the history of video games, the age-old argument has been if the keyboard and mouse are truly better than controllers when it comes to online shooters like Fortnite. As a controller fan myself, I can say without a doubt that, yes, the keyboard and mouse is better than a controller.

However, there are situations like in Fortnite where the controller can be superior, like in the case of aim assist. Just mentioning that feature can trigger some players, as aim assist is the controversial means of bringing the two more on par to the point where controllers can be better in Fortnite at times.

Regardless of which one is better in Fortnite, there are some massive problems when you bring the two together in competitions. No matter how you look at each one or which one you prefer, there is no fairness in having both of them compete against one another.

So, I propose that Epic Games begin the qualifying rounds early next year by having each player pick their respective platform for their competition and only pick one per account. Also, they have to select whether or not they are using a keyboard, mouse, or controller.

Honestly, players on consoles should not have the choice and have to play with a controller, while PC players could have a choice between the two. But if they pick the controller, they should be grouped up with the console players and not the other PC keyboard and mouse competitors.

Then, when it comes to the World Cup itself, there should be two separate competitions for each of the different game modes. If solos mode is used again, there should be a solos competition for controller players and another for keyboard and mouse players, and so on for duos.

This is one way that the competition can be roughly more even than before and allow everyone not to worry about whether or not the controller player’s perfect aiming will kill them or if the keyboard and mouse player’s quick reflexes will spell their doom. It will then be purely about how good the player is with their selected control scheme.


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