Fortnite Wolverine Week 3 Challenge Guide: Where to Find Wolverine’s Trophy

by in Fortnite | Sep, 10th 2020

Fortnite players are now in the third week of Chapter 2, Season 4, and there is more content to do per usual. As always, a new week means that there is a new batch of weekly challenges for players to do, including the Fortnite Wolverine Week 3 challenge.

Fortnite Wolverine Week 3 Challenge

Per usual, there is a new Wolverine weekly challenge that you can do this season. Let’s go ahead and break the news that you are not going to get the Wolverine skin this week, but you can get a pretty sweet reward to make the effort a little better.

There are a few more weeks left until the official Wolverine skin is released as far as we know. In the meantime, there are other themed rewards that players will pick up through the various weekly challenges.

To do this one challenge, you will need the premium version of the Season 4 battle pass. Presumably, you already do if you are reading this challenge guide but worth keeping in mind if you are just now jumping in to do them.

Given that the V-Bucks are cheaper than they used to be, this isn’t nearly as bad as it used to be. With the paid battle pass available to you, you are then able to do the weekly missions. Here is the Fortnite Wolverine Week 3 challenge that you can do this week:

  • Find Wolverine’s trophy near Dirty Docks

The Fortnite Wolverine Week 3 challenge this week is just one as it was for the first and second week of challenges. It is pretty clear now that Epic will only have one challenge per week for players to do as part of the Wolverine weekly missions.

That said, the challenge this week is a little bit more confusing if you don’t know where Wolverine’s trophy is. Fortunately, that is where we come in to help you. We will go over everything that you need to know about where to find the trophy for the Fortnite Wolverine Week 3 challenge.

Where to Find Wolverine’s Trophy, Tips

First and foremost, we have one hint for this mission. The trophy is near Dirty Docks. It is important to note that the actual trophy isn’t inside the Dirty Docks named location, but it is near there, making this challenge simpler than usual.

So, when you head into your match, your best bet is to go ahead and land near or at Dirty Docks. This will allow you to quickly access the spot where the Wolverine trophy is found and grab it. Overall, this is a really easy challenge that you can do relatively quickly, but there are some tips that you should keep in mind when doing it.

You can easily do this weekly challenge in any game mode you would like, but our preference and recommendation are always the Team Rumble mode. It is a great one for most challenges out there like this one where you need the right amount of time to find a certain item.

Team Rumble will offer you the amount of time necessary to find this item before the circle closes since there is a good bit of time. Also, there are fewer enemies that you will need to deal with in that game mode, which is important for doing something like this.

The area that we are going to is a relatively small location. Many players will be doing this challenge as well this week. If you do it in a normal battle royale mode, you will likely run into other players and potentially get eliminated in the process.

You could also take some teammates with you as that would be a great way to do it safely and get it done together. When you arrive at Dirty Docks, you want to go to the very southern end of the named location and find the southernmost warehouse building.

When you head inside of here, you will want to go to the shelf that is nearby and find the Wolverine trophy for this challenge on the shelf there. Interact with the item and you can pick it up and complete this challenge immediately.

Fortnite Wolverine Week 3 Challenge Reward

All the Week 3 challenge required was for you to pick up the Wolverine trophy near Dirty Docks. After that, finish the match or leave it early if you didn’t care too much about finishing it.

When you get out of the match whichever way you’d like, you will be notified that you have finished the Wolverine challenge and get your reward immediately. The reward for this particular mission is not the skin you might have been hoping for, but it is the Wolverine trophy you picked up.

This item is a back bling item that you can equip on your character. It will, of course, be an excellent addition to your eventual Wolverine costume in the game, but you can go ahead and use it right now in the meantime while you wait for the skin to drop in a few weeks.


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