Fortnite Wolverine Week 1 Challenge Guide: Where to Find the Claw Marks

by in Fortnite | Aug, 31st 2020

Fortnite Season 4 is here. It brings with it one of the most exciting battle royale seasons of all time. The fourth season of Chapter 2 is all about Marvel characters and the skins you can get for them. But to get Wolverine, you’ll need to do the Fortnite Wolverine Week 1 challenges.

Wolverine Is the Season 4 Secret Character

It was revealed with the new season’s launch that the secret character in Season 4 is none other than Wolverine himself. We thought that it would be Thor, based on the focus on him throughout the lead up to the fourth season’s launch, but that isn’t the case.

It looks like Epic wants to continue the trend of having a mutant hero as the secret character, much like what was done with Deadpool previously in Season 2. Like how that character was handled, players will only unlock Wolverine through the weekly challenges offered.

Even though other superheroes are in the battle pass tiers, Wolverine is for the challenges only. Players will have to complete them if they wish to unlock the Wolverine skin in the future and the alternate costume offered.

There are two different skin types that you can unlock for Wolverine. The first is the classic yellow and black look that fans of the comics will instantly recognize. On the other hand, the alternate costume is the brown and yellow one that isn’t quite as good as the original.

Fortnite Wolverine Week 1 Challenge

If you’re looking to unlock either of the costumes and the other rewards that come with the challenges, you will need to do the various weekly missions. With the new season’s launch, Epic Games also graced us with the Fortnite Wolverine Week 1 challenge.

You can find the Fortnite Wolverine Week 1 challenge below, with the general description of what you will need to do:

  • Find the three mysterious claw marks

And that is it! That’s right, there is only one Fortnite Wolverine Week 1 challenge this week that you need to do. A single challenge isn’t a whole lot compared to the two that we had each week in Season 2, but this particular mission will take you a bit of time.

It can also be quite confusing and difficult to do this mission if you don’t know where to look or go. You need to find three mysterious claw marks that have likely been left behind by none other than Wolverine himself.

It seems that we will be following the character throughout the season, leading up to how we can finally unlock the skin. Keep in mind that you will not be able to unlock the skin through the Fortnite Wolverine Week 1 challenge, as that will be a few weeks from now.

You won’t even be able to access the challenge and get the eventual reward unless you have purchased the premium battle pass for Season 4. Fortunately, it is a little bit cheaper from now on, now that Epic has reduced the price of V-Bucks by 20% on the various platforms.

Where to Find the Mysterious Claw Marks

You need to know to find the three mysterious claw marks for the Fortnite Wolverine Week 1 challenge. Interestingly enough, there are way more than three that you can find around the Season 4 island in battle royale.

They are all around the map, scattered in different locations and landmarks around a particular named location. So, no matter where you go in this specific area, you are likely to find these claw marks left behind by Wolverine. That said, if you are trying to get this mission done as soon as possible, there are some great places that we highly recommend you visit.

As noted by PC Gamer, Weeping Woods is home to three of the mysterious claw marks rather closely knit together. In this creepy forest, you can find one claw mark at the small house made out of wood on the northern side of the named location.

When you arrive here, you will find a mysterious claw mark made on the house itself on the western side of it. You can find this claw mark near the air conditioning units on the outside of the house. The second claw mark is, fortunately, not too far off from this one.

All you need to do if you are going from the first one is to head southeast of that wooden house, and you will eventually come upon a small pond in the middle of the named location. There are some rocks on the edge of the pond, and you will find a claw mark on one of the rocks here.

And last but not least, you need to keep heading southeast, and you can find the third and final claw mark for this Fortnite Wolverine Week 1 mission. In the central area of Weeping Woods, there is a campground that has an RV park near it.

There are several RVs parked in this location, and you need to find the green one on the edge of this area. You will find the ominous third and final mysterious claw mark that you need for this mission near the door to the RV. With that one found, you are now done with this challenge this week.

Your reward for completing this first of several challenges to come in the next few weeks is not the skin, but a Berserker Barrage spray that shows Wolverine himself in a cool pose.


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