Fortnite Week 9 Challenges Guide: Midas’ Golden Llama Location

by in Fortnite | Apr, 16th 2020

Epic Games released the latest challenges for players to complete in Fortnite battle royale. The Week 9 challenges are here now with players completing a bunch of different tasks that range greatly, including the difficult Midas’ golden llama challenge and more.

Fortnite Week 9 Challenges Are Hosted By Midas

The Fortnite Week 9 challenges are here this week and they are hosted by none other than Midas himself. The king of the spy agents and the leader of The Agency is one of the most important characters that was introduced this season for players to both fight and collect as a skin.

He is, after all, the coveted tier 100 character skin that you have to work hard towards to earn at the end of this season’s battle pass. We already knew that he would be the final of the five minibosses that are around the island and here we are with the final two weeks of normal challenges.

Though this season has been extended for a month longer than it was originally going to be, the weeks nine and 10 should go the same way that they were going to with Midas as the host of both of those weeks. Such is the case with this week and likely next week as well. This is welcome since it means that we can earn some sweet new skin variants for the golden king.

Fortnite Week 9 Challenges

But to earn the new Shadow or Ghost variants of Midas, you are going to need to complete most, if not all, of the challenges that are offered this week and next from Midas. It all starts this week with 10 new tasks for players to complete that are surprisingly pretty good.

You can find the 10 new missions this week below:

  • Search for chests in six different unnamed locations
  • Deal 300 damage to players with sniper rifles
  • Upgrade a weapon to legendary rarity at an upgrade bench
  • Search a llama, a legendary chest, or a supply drop
  • Deal 100 damage to a Choppa with a passenger or pilot inside
  • Collect five XP coins
  • Carry a giant pink teddy bear found in Risky Reels 100 meters
  • Search for Midas’ golden llama between a junkyard, a gas station, and an RV campsite
  • Gather 10 intel during Spy Games operation matches
  • Earn three survival, combat, or scavenger gold medals

As you can see, the 10 missions that are available this week as the first batch from Midas are awesome and varied. Some of them will be familiar to veterans of previous seasons and Chapter 1, but we haven’t seen many of them this season, like in the case of the Midas’ golden llama one.

Others are wholly unique like the giant pink teddy bear and 10 intel ones. As such, we are here to help players out with how and where to complete all of these missions this week, so that you can reap the sweet rewards. Without further ado, let’s jump right in and take a look at all 10 Fortnite Week 9 challenges.

Where to Find Midas’ Golden Llama Location

We are going to kick things off with what we believe will be the most popular challenge that players will need to do this week and that is the Fortnite Midas’ golden llama challenge. This particular mission can be a confusing one, especially if you didn’t play too many previous seasons.

Unlike the missions in the past few weeks, this is not one of those “visit three locations” types of challenges. There has been one of those in nearly every single batch of challenges this season, ranging from just visiting three locations to doing all of them in a single match.

But this particular mission goes a step beyond even those and revives a dead challenge type that we haven’t seen in some time. You need to find the point at the center of the three locations of the junkyard, the gas station, and the RV campsite.

These are three hidden locations around the map that you need to visit and find, and then figure out what is the point between all three of them. As such, you don’t need to visit all three locations at all for this challenge and can just skip to the puzzle solution if you want.

But to help out those who want the solution and the steps that get you there, we are also going to give you the locations of the three spots that are your reference points for this mission. Fortunately, there are some correlations between these three locations that make this not too hard.

For starters, all three locations are near one another so you won’t have to go very far to find the other two. This also means that finding the point in the middle of them isn’t that difficult either. And finding them, to begin with, is easy because they are all in the same general area.

You are going to find all three of them near the named location of Frenzy Farm, east of it. Starting with the first location of the junkyard, it is east of Frenzy Farm and is located across the large river that flows through here. It is a building with a bunch of junk and old cars piling up, but much smaller than Junk Junction in Chapter 1.

With that first point found and set in our minds, the second location is the gas station. We have covered this place before in previous challenges like finding the Shadow safe bases and the like. As such, this is the most obvious location and might be one that you already know quite well.

The gas station is also east of Frenzy Farm and, in this case, west of the junkyard across the river. Both the junkyard and the gas station are in the G4 square on the grid-based map of the Chapter 2, Season 2 island. With that, we only have one more point to find.

The third and final location is the RV campsite that is found north of both the first two locations, but still east of Frenzy Farm. It is in the G3 square on the map and is next to the water with an RV parked alongside a campsite. With this, we have our triangle of locations complete.

Fortunately, the area that we have to deal with in this Fortnite Midas’ golden llama challenge is rather small. It is easy to put them together and find the middle point to be a small building that is located just before the large bridge that crosses the main river.

This unnamed building is where we will find Midas’ golden llama. Enter this building from the road next to it and you will find the golden llama head on the wall. It is a head rather than a llama itself like you would find to loot around the island.

Once you have located this golden llama head, you can interact with it once you are close enough and that will complete this challenge. You don’t need to visit any of the three locations if you don’t want to and can just skip to this solution step if you’d like to save you some time.

How to Upgrade a Weapon to Legendary Rarity

The second challenge that we have to go over is to search for six chests that are in different named locations. One thing that has been a recurring theme this season has been finding chests each week. Typically, the missions are to “find so many chests at this location or this landmark” and so on.

However, this week, Epic Games is leaving it up to you and making it broader so that you can pick the places that you wish to go to. In this case, they have to be different named locations and there have to be six of them.

This isn’t to find six treasure chests around the map but to find six that are at different named locations. So, pick six of the more than a dozen named locations and find a single chest at each of them. This can be done across multiple matches so long as they are all different places.

Next up is to deal 300 damage to players with sniper rifles. This is a standard challenge and one that you likely already know how to do. Find a sniper rifle through chests and the like, and deal as much damage as you can. This doesn’t have to be done in a single match so take your time with this.

Now comes a more difficult one in that you need to upgrade a weapon to legendary rarity at an upgrade bench. Upgrade benches allow you to make a weapon better by making its rarity better and, therefore, its stats more powerful in the process.

In this case, you need to upgrade a weapon to the max rank that you can, which is legendary. This isn’t easy to do so we recommend that you start with the highest possible weapon you can find, like an epic or rare. Then you will need a ton of materials from all three material types, so start gathering that wood, stone, and metal.

Once you have enough, visit any upgrade bench to make the weapon legendary. We recommend Holly Hedges as it has an upgrade bench that isn’t super popular or hard to find near the garden center store at the center of the named location.

Where to Collect XP Coins

The next challenge is to search through a llama, a legendary chest, or a supply drop. This is another simple one that you are likely doing already on your own. Llamas are the pink and blue piñatas that you can interact with, the legendary chests are the blue ones, and supply drops are crates.

Find any of these on the map and interact with it to complete this challenge. Next up is to deal 100 damage to a Choppa helicopter with a passenger or pilot inside of it. This is one that we recommend you do Team Rumble in as you are likely to see lots of players flying around in the helicopter.

You need to deal 100 damage while someone is in it but the damage doesn’t have to be done all in one match. It isn’t a lot but you can still do half in one match and then the rest in another if you need to. Next up is to find five experience coins around the map.

These are glowing circles that you can randomly find and pass through to collect some experience immediately. These are like literally everywhere. But in this case, you are unlikely to find them at named locations. Your best bet is to look for them in the areas around named locations like forests, swamps, and the like. There are especially quite a few on the borders of the map all around.

Where to Find the Giant Pink Teddy Bear

Next up is another rather difficult challenge that we have to complete and it is to find the giant pink teddy bear at Risky Reels and carry it 100 meters. Thankfully, the game lets us know exactly where to find this teddy bear, so that part isn’t too difficult.

Risky Reels, for those who don’t know, is the unnamed landmark that was formerly a named location and is a drive-in movie theater. It is found west of Frenzy Farm. Here, you will find the pink teddy bear near one of the cars parked facing the movie screen.

From our experiences, there are typically around two of these giant pink teddy bears. Simply get close enough to it and you can interact with it to pick it up. Keep in mind that you are rather vulnerable in this case, so be sure to do this in a mode like Team Rumble where there are fewer enemies to worry about.

Then, all you need to do is carry the pink teddy bear at least 100 meters, so keep going until you see the notification pop up that you completed this mission and you will be good to go.

Now we need to gather intel during the Spy Games operation matches. How this works is that, if your team wins the round, you will gain one point of intel. There are five rounds necessary to win a match, so you could theoretically get five pieces of intel per match that you do if you win.

However, it could be much less if you lose. At best, you are looking at only two winning matches for this challenge but it could be more if your team loses any of them. As such, you just need to win 10 rounds in total to get the pieces of intel for this penultimate mission.

Finally, we need to gain three survival, combat, or scavenger gold medals. Medals are earned in each match for doing things like surviving until the end and so on. The gold versions are the third version that you can get of each and requires a lot more.

We recommend choosing between surviving, fighting, and scavenging for materials or chests and focusing on those in each match that you do. As long as you focus on getting one gold medal, it should only take you three matches to do this but you could do it in one match if you are really good.

Fortnite Week 9 Challenges Rewards

You won’t get a whole lot of interesting rewards this week as it is the same as previous weeks. You get 40,000 experience for each challenge that you do for up to 400,000 experience in total for all 10 completed. However, the special reward of Midas’ extra skin variant comes from completing most of these this week and then the challenges that will release next week, so look forward to that reward in the near future.


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