Fortnite Season 10, Week 9 Bullseye Missions: Land on Different Bullseyes, More

By Cody Perez

September 27, 2019


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It looks like the 10th season of Fortnite is nearing its end as we are getting what looks to be the final batch of weekly challenges for players to complete this week. While we do expect some surprise challenges next week, it does seem like this season is winding down for sure this week.

Fortnite Bullseye Missions List: Normal and Prestige Challenges

This week, players have the Fortnite Bullseye missions to look forward to. Like every weekly missions bundle this season, this set is based around a specific theme and this particular week sticks to its topic even more obsessively than any of the previous seasons thus far.

With a name like the Fortnite Bullseye missions, it is no surprise that the group of challenges, for the most part, stick to the bullseye theme. This week is all about hitting a specific target of sorts like a literal bullseye, headshots, and so on.

There are quite a lot of headshot and sniper rifle-themed challenges this week, so be prepared for that. Without further ado, here is the list of all the seven normal Fortnite Bullseye missions that are available right now:

  • Land on three different bullseyes
  • Hit 50 weak points while harvesting
  • Get an elimination with a sniper rifle
  • Hit an easy firing range target
  • Complete the skydiving course over Fatal Fields after jumping from the battle bus
  • Hit 10 headshots
  • Destroy two loot carriers from 50 meters away

Of course, the challenges this week don’t end there. Like the other weeks this season, there are seven more prestige missions for players to complete once they have finished the normal missions. These are harder challenges, in general, and are sometimes related to the normal versions of them.

You can find the seven Fortnite Bullseye prestige missions below. We recommend that you do these as well since they offer even greater and more rewards for you to receive.

  • Hit five consecutive weak points while harvesting
  • Destroy a loot carrier from 100 meters away
  • Hit three headshots in a single match
  • Hit a hard firing range target
  • Complete the skydiving course over Dusty Depot after jumping from the battle bus
  • Hit three headshots with a scoped weapon
  • Land a bottle flip on a target near a giant fish, llama, or pig

With so many challenges available this week and not a ton of time left in this season to complete them, you’ll want to be sure to not waste any time at all in getting to them. Here is our guide to all 14 challenges available this week in the Fortnite Bullseye missions along with their respective rewards.

How to Complete First Normal and Prestige Challenges

The first challenge up is also one of the most important ones this season. It asks you to land on three different bullseyes on the map. This is a fairly straightforward and literal challenge where all you need to do is land on these bullseyes one at a time during three matches.

We have only found three different bullseyes, so you likely need to do all three of them. It does seem like there isn’t a way to land on more than one since it does seem to require you to do it at the start of a match so this will likely take you three matches to complete this.

Fortnite Week 9 Land On Different Bullseyes Challenges

To complete this challenge, players need to land on three different Bullseyes.

The first of these is found in the desert region just northeast of Lucky Landing and southwest of Moisty Palms. Even from far away, you should be able to see the large target symbol glowing and pulsing on the ground. All you need to do is approach it while gliding or diving from the battle bus and land on it directly.

Doing this should give you a celebration and a notification in the top left corner of the screen. If you see this happen, then you know that you did everything correctly as you should. The second of the bullseye locations is east of Frosty Flights and right outside of the named location.

The third and final bullseye location is in the snowy biome area, directly north of the newly melted Greasy Grove location that has made its triumphant return. Land at this location and you’ll complete this first challenge.

Now, the prestige version of this challenge has nothing to do with the normal one but is still worth doing. It requires you to hit five consecutive weak points while harvesting materials. Weak points are the circles that appear on the object you’re hitting as you are picking at it.

Those weak points allow you to destroy the object faster and you should always be going for those as much as possible. So, for this challenge, walk up to something slender like a tree and hit it once. This will make one of these weak points appear. Immediately hit it and another will appear.

Hit this one and yet another will appear. Keep this up until you hit five in a row and you will be done with this challenge.

How to Complete Weak Points Challenge

This next challenge follows up on the last one and continues the theme of the weak point. For this one, you need to hit at least 50 weak points while harvesting in total. With the last challenge, you’ll already have five of these done. Fifty may seem like a lot, but this can be done throughout various matches.

So, while you are busy doing the other challenges on this list, be sure to stop every so often and make some weak points along the way. Keep it up and you should be able to complete this challenge in just a few matches or so.

The next challenge requires you to hit a loot carrier from 100 meters away. That is rather far and will likely need you to use a sniper rifle if possible. If you are far away enough that you would want to use the scope on a sniper rifle, then this is probably meeting the requirements for this challenge.

The loot carriers are those flying supply drops that typically stick around hotspots on the map. Hot spots are the glowing yellow named locations that will appear in each match. Head to one of these locations and you will see these loot carriers floating around so long as someone else hasn’t gotten to them first. Destroy one of them from far away and you’re good to go.

How to Complete Sniper Rifle Challenges

The first challenge in this bunch is a simple one: get an elimination with a sniper rifle. All you need to do is defeat someone with a sniper rifle, be it using a headshot or not. Heck, you could even down someone in a particular match, pull out your sniper rifle and shoot them from point-blank, and that would count.

The prestige version of this challenge kicks it up a notch. You need to get three headshots in a single match. This is rather difficult, especially if you are someone who doesn’t like sniper rifles or have good aim. This can make completing not just one but three headshots an issue.

For this, we highly recommend that most players who aren’t snipers to turn on Party Assist for this particular challenge. What this does is allow your teammates to get involved and help you get those three headshots within the same match. It will still be tough, but at least you’re not doing it alone.

How to Complete Firing Range Target Challenges

For the fourth challenge, you need to hit the easy firing range target. To do this or the prestige version of this challenge, you need to know where to find the firing range in the first place. The firing range is in three different places.

Fortnite Week 9 Firing Range Target Challenges

To complete this challenge, players need to hit one easy firing range target.

The three firing ranges are found on the northern exit side of Lucky Landing, on the southern end of the mountain at Polar Peak, and north of Snobby Shores in between it and Haunted Hills. When you arrive at one of these locations, hop on the button you’ll see to make the targets stand up.

All you need to do for this challenge is to hit the closest target to you. But the prestige version of this challenge amps it up a notch by making you hit a hard firing range target. You’re good to go at the same three locations of the firing ranges, but you need to hit the furthest target from you this time. Do this, and you’ll complete this challenge.

How to Complete Skydiving Course Challenges

The next set of challenges are some callbacks to challenges from quite a long time ago. You need to complete the skydiving course over Fatal Fields are jumping from the battle bus. This is another challenge like the bullseye one where you need to do this at the start of a match.

You have to skydive through the four rings that are hanging above Fatal Fields. You will see them rather clearly in the sky no matter what time of day and you’ll have to be quick about the first one since it is high up.

Fortnite Week 9 Skydiving Course Challenges

To complete this challenge, players need to complete the skydiving course over Fatal Fields after jumping from the Battle Bus.

So long as you dive through the ring, you can still pull out your glider in between rings to help you guide your way carefully and slowly to the next set of rings. There are four rings in total that you need to do and going through all four in one go will complete this mission.

The same is the case for the prestige version of this mission where you need to go to Dusty Depot this time. Start a new match and jump out near Dusty Depot. There are four rings just like at Fatal Fields here, too, and you need to dive through all four of them.

Like before, use your glider between rings if you need to guide yourself more easily over to the others. Go through all four rings in one go and these two challenges are done and done.

How to Complete Headshots Challenges

The next two challenges is one that is very similar to two previous challenges on this list. You need to get 10 headshots in total for the normal challenge. That is quite a lot, especially for someone who doesn’t like to use sniper rifles, which is where Party Assist comes into play.

If you aren’t comfortable trying to get all 10 headshots on your own, have your friends help you out with this challenge and you can complete it together. These 10 headshots don’t have to be in the same match, so take your time if necessary.

However, the prestige version of this challenge does require you to do it all in one match. You need to land three headshots with a scoped weapon like a sniper rifle. Similar to the other three headshots one, if you’re not confident in your sniping abilities, turn on Party Assist and get some help from your teammates.

How to Complete Loot Carrier and Bottle Flip Challenges

The final two challenges in the Fortnite Bullseye missions aren’t related to one another but are relatively simple enough. The first is that you need to destroy two loot carriers from 50 meters away, a more accessible version of the 100 meters challenge from before.

Fortnite Week 9 Loot Carrier Challenges

To complete this challenge, players need to destroy two Loot Carriers from 50m away.

These two don’t have to be destroyed in the same match so you can do one at a time if you’d like. Fifty meters away isn’t too far either and can undoubtedly be done by just using an assault rifle instead of needing a sniper rifle or something like that.

The final mission is to land a bottle flip on a target near a giant fish, llama, or pig. Before we get into the three locations that you can go to, the bottle flip part needs to be explained. First and foremost, you need the bottle flip item emote unlocked if you want to do this challenge.

Fortnite Week 9 Bottle Flip Challenges

To complete this challenge, players need to land a Bottle Flip on a target near a giant fish, llama, or pig.

It is earned at tier 37 in the battle pass this season. If you haven’t reached that tier yet, you can’t do this challenge until you unlock it. Once you have it, you need to head to one of three locations. The first location is found just southeast of Lucky Landing right outside the town.

The second is found in the unnamed hot springs location that is just northeast of Lazy Lagoon. The third and final location is the giant metal llama that is found northwest of Junk Junction. Head to whichever location is closest to you and find the bottle flip target by them.

Then use the bottle flip emote until you have the bottle flip unto the target. Doing this will complete the challenge since you only have to do it at just one of the three locations. That concludes all the Bullseye missions for this week.

Fortnite Bullseye Missions Rewards

Like with the other weekly challenges this season, the Bullseye missions will net you rewards based on how many of the challenges you have done this week. You can find the rewards for doing the normal challenges below:

  • For completing one challenge: Get 10 battle stars
  • For two challenges: 10 more battle stars
  • Three challenges: 10 battle stars
  • Four challenges: 5,000 experience
  • Five challenges: 10 battle stars
  • Six challenges: 10 battle stars
  • Seven challenges: Vanquisher pickaxe

Then there are the prestige missions as well. As you complete them, you will receive some awesome rewards based on how many you’ve done. You can find the full list below:

  • One prestige mission: 1,000 experience
  • Two prestige missions: 1,000 more experience
  • Three missions: 1,000 experience
  • Four missions: Ultimate Knight spray
  • Five missions: 1,000 experience
  • Six missions: 1,000 more experience
  • All seven missions: Ultima Knight silver alternate color scheme skin

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