Fortnite Week 8 Quests: Believer Beach, Lazy Lake Camera Locations

by in Fortnite | Jul, 29th 2021

It is that time of the week once more where battle royale players in Fortnite are granted some new challenges to complete in Season 7. The Fortnite Week 8 quests are here in Season 7. They include a whole new batch of missions designed to challenge you on the way to some experience rewards. 

Fortnite Week 8 Quests List

The Fortnite Week 8 quests are about as standard as they come this season, following the same general formula that has been used for the past seven weeks, including the Season 7 Week 7 missions. Through this, you likely already know what to expect from this week, as it is the usual stuff. 

The Fortnite Week 8 quests are divided up into two different main categories: the epic quests and the legendary ones. The epic quests are essentially your normal weekly missions. These are here until the end of the season, whenever that will be, so you do not necessarily have to do them this week. 

There are a total of seven Fortnite Week 8 quests that are epic. You can find the full list of them below:

  • Use four shield potions in a single match
  • Collect 750 building resources
  • Visit Coral Cove, Bamp Camp Golf, and the Unremarkable Shack 
  • Build 25 structures
  • Complete three bounties from the bounty boards
  • Set 15 enemy players or structures on fire
  • Use an emote in front of a camera at Believer Beach or Lazy Lake

And there you have it for the epic quests this week. On the other hand, we also have the legendary quests in Week 8 that are much more limited, only available for a single week until the next batch of legendaries arrives. You can also find the full list of these new quests this week below:

  • Get Dr. Slone’s orders from a payphone
  • Collect an access card from an IO guard
  • Plant wiretaps at three different locations
  • Interact with an IO operative’s computer
  • Mindwipe Bunker Jonesy, Swamp Stalker, or Human Bill
  • Talk with five characters to identify an infiltrator

While the epic quests this week are pretty standard, the legendary quests are difficult this week as they have many tasks that players may not immediately know how to do or where to go to do them. There are a lot of spy-like missions this week that players can do. 

That is where we come in with the locations of the Fortnite Week 8 quests that you should visit for each of them and the steps that you must take to complete each mission and earn their respective experience rewards. Let us get started with our tips for how to do all of these missions. 

Where to Find Base Camp Golf and the Unremarkable Shack

The Fortnite Week 8 quests begin with the first epic quest that asks you to use four shield potions in a single match. This is one mission where you will not be able to divide up the steps across multiple matches and will need to get it all done within a single match. 

To do so, you will need to use four shield potions in a single match. Typically, if you are going for the max shields in a match, you will either only need to use two large shield potions or two small shields and a single large one, and you will have the 100 shields that you need for the match. 

However, in this case, you need to use four shield potions in a match rather than two or three. Now, this is something that you might already do if you are liable to get into many fights and get somewhat damaged by enemies. You may already be used to using more than just three in a match. 

Regardless, your job here is to use four shield potions in a match. How you do that is up to you. It is rather easy to find four small shield potions. You could even use them all up, even if you do not need them, and waste some if you want to get this challenge done. At the same time, you could also wait until you get damaged to use more if you do not want to be wasteful. 

Next up, you need to collect 750 building resources. This does not have to be in the same match, though, so you can do this across multiple matches if you want since that is a lot of resources. The max of each resource you can have at once in a match is 999, so you are 75% of the way to a max resource. 

It can be tough to get that many resources in a single match unless you dedicate a lot of time to finding them or opening up chests and the like. That is why it is totally fine if you want to take your time with this one and aim for like 250 resources per match that you do. 

This week’s third mission is to visit Coral Cove, Base Camp Golf, and the Unremarkable Shack. These are all three landmark locations that do not have names on the map, so you will need to know the locations of each of them if you want to finish off this quest. 

You can probably guess where Coral Cove is found as it is rather easy to locate and is right next to the point of interest known as Coral Castle. As expected, you can find Coral Cove near there, but its location is just on the left side of Coral Castle on the large green island to the south of the other string of islands. 

Next up, we have the Unremarkable Shack and Base Camp Golf that you must find, both in pretty remote locations. These landmark spots can be found at the large island off the mainland northeast of the former Stealthy Stronghold, while the other one is southeast of Catty Corner on the snowy mountain. 

Remember that you do not have to visit all three landmark locations in a single match, which would be difficult anyway given their distances from each other, so feel free to aim for one or two per match that you do until you can visit all three of them. 

Next up, we have a mission related to a previous one where you need to build 25 structures. It doesn’t matter what the structures are or when you build them in matches, so long as you do it. This is a great way to use up some of the 750 resources that you must collect, so you can complete two challenges at once. 

Fortnite Lazy Lake and Believer Beach Camera Locations

The next mission that players can do is epic to complete three bounties from the bounty board. Yes, you read that right: bounties are still in Fortnite Season 7, even though they are not nearly as featured as they once were in previous seasons. 

The catch now is that you need to track down the bounty boards on the island to pick up these special missions. There are a few bounty boards on the island, near a gas station and Corny Complex that we know of at this time. 

All you need to do is head to the bounty board and accept a quest to take on one of the other players somewhere on the island. You only have a limited amount of time to take out that player, so the only choices you have are hoping that someone else takes out the player for you or hunting them down, but they will know when you are near them. 

The catch with this quest is that you have to do three bounties, which is difficult to do in a single match. As such, I recommend just aiming to get one bounty done per match that you do in battle royale. 

Next up, we have another structure-based mission where you must set 15 players or player-built structures on fire in matches. Fifteen is a good number for setting them on fire, so you may have trouble getting this all done within the same match. 

To set the items on fire, then you will need to use something like explosives or the fireflies, the latter of which I prefer to do. Interact with a group of fireflies and you will collect them in a jar. That jar can then be thrown to set other players or their structures on fire; make sure to set 15 objects on fire in total. 

Lastly, you need to do an emote in front of a camera at either Believer Beach or Lazy Lake for the epic quests this week. This one is a relatively easy mission but the catch this time around is that you need to make sure that you can find a camera to do this in front of. 

You can head to either of these locations and you will find a camera in the middle of the city. The gist of the challenge is simple enough: get in front of the camera and use any emote to get some experience. In the case of Believer Beach, where we completed it, you will find it on the boardwalk at the beach. 

Legendary: Where to Plant Wiretaps

From there, we go to the legendary part of the Fortnite Week 8 quests. First up, we have yet another mission to get orders from Dr. Slone at a payphone. We had this mission many weeks in a row. There is not much to say other than head to a payphone (like the Believer Beach one) and interact with it. 

Next up, we have a mission to collect an access card from one of the IO guards on the island. This is a pretty simple one, too, as you need to defeat any IO guard. They are guaranteed to drop an access card so long as you have this quest active on your account. 

For this quest, be sure to head to any satellite dish base on the map and take out one of the IO guards. My personal favorite, as mentioned before, is the former Stealthy Stronghold location since it is so easy to find and remember. Take out a guard there, pick up the dropped card, and you are done with this task. 

The third legendary quest this week is to plant wiretaps at three different locations on the island. What this requires you to do is interact with three specific locations. We have found that there are way more than enough locations for this challenge, so we are just going to mention three that are closest to one another. 

There is one that is found directly east of Weeping Woods and south of the Aftermath at the island’s center. The second one is actually in the southeastern corner of Lazy Lake. The third is in the southeastern region of Catty Corner, just above the snowy mountain. 

How to Mindwipe Bunker Jonesy and Other Characters

The following quest has you need to interact with an IO operative’s computer. This will require you to visit yet another one of the dish bases on the island, so pick whichever you like and interact with the computer at the base. You may need to take out some guards to have safe access to it. 

Next up, we have a legendary mission to Mindwipe Bunker Jonesy, Swamp Stalker, or Human Bill. Before we get to the locations of these three NPCs, we need to figure out what Mindwipe means in this case. Fortunately, this is a pretty simple task as it just involves talking with the character. 

Better yet, you only need to visit one of the three, so pick whichever you like or is closest to you. You can find Bunker Jonesy at the remote location south of the Apres Ski lodge that is southwest-ish of Misty Meadows. 

For Swamp Stalker, you can find this character on the southern edge of Slurpy Swamp near the coast. And the third and final one, Human Bill, is easily found in the northeastern corner of Steamy Stacks. Talk with any of the three and you are done. 

Last but not least, this week, we have a legendary quest to talk with five NPC characters to identify the infiltrator. This sounds like a lot, but, again, you need to talk with five characters. It does not matter which NPCs you talk to, so the previous quest to talk to Bunker Jonesy and the gang can even count towards this. 


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