Fortnite Week 8 Challenges Guide: Drive a Car From Retail Row to Pleasant Park

by in Fortnite | Aug, 6th 2020

It is Thursday, so you know what that means: Epic Games has dropped the latest weekly battle royale challenges for players to complete in Season 3. This week, we have the Fortnite Week 8 challenges that come with one or two surprises to keep players on their toes.

Fortnite Week 8 Challenges Are Here Alongside Cars

With the Fortnite Week 8 challenges launch, Epic Games has given us the next batch of missions to complete for valuable experience towards completing the battle pass before the end of the season. Since this is the eighth week, this means we only have two more weeks after this.

The season will likely get delayed if the first two seasons in this chapter are anything to go by. But that said, the normal battle royale missions are almost done regardless. You can find the Fortnite Week 8 challenges below, courtesy of the standard datamine:

  • Search through seven treasure chests at Frenzy Farm
  • Get three eliminations at Salty Springs
  • Complete the motorboat time trial at Motorboat Mayhem
  • Drive a Fortnite car from Retail Row to Pleasant Park in under four minutes
  • Collect 500 wood materials from Holly Hedges
  • Deal any damage to opponents from inside of a vehicle
  • Deal 10,000 damage to opponents from inside of a vehicle
  • Search for seven ammo boxes at Lazy Lake

The most interesting thing about this week is the fact that eight challenges have leaked and are likely in the game, instead of the seven that have been in previous weeks this season. But more importantly than that, this is the week where we finally got the Fortnite cars.

Four different car types launched this week after some major delays, from the trucks to sports cars. They are valuable to the battle royale metagame in their way.

As you can see, they will be a significant focus moving forward as they are the crux of not one, but three challenges this week alone. And then there is the unique squad challenge that players have as well. Without further ado, here’s how to complete all of the Fortnite Week 8 challenges.

How to Get Chests and Eliminations

Kicking things off is the first challenge, which is our standard treasure chest challenge. This mission is the usual one where players are required to find seven chests in matches, but this time at Frenzy Farm. The thing to note about this named location is that you are more limited than usual.

Seven chests are a lot. You could have a harder time finding them at this location than some previous ones. That is because the chests at Frenzy Farm are scattered around in random locations like barns, in the middle of cornfields, etc.

However, the best place to look for chests here is at the homestead mansion in the middle of the farm. There are many chests here, but that also means there will be a lot of competition. We recommend trying to grab one or two at the start of every match you do and keep it going in each match until you have all seven.

Next up is to get three eliminations, another standard mission that we get nearly every week now. This week, we have to go to Salty Springs and get three eliminations there. This week is harder than usual because there aren’t a ton of players who go to this named location.

Fortunately, this challenge will help with that, but it is imperative that you immediately land here as soon as you enter the match. Try to get one player per match that you do. It should only take you a few to complete this mission.

How to Complete the Boat Time Trial at Motorboat Mayhem

One of the most challenging Fortnite Week 8 challenges is the next one. You need to head to Motorboat Mayhem and complete the boat time trial there. There are a couple of things going on in this mission that we need to go over, and the first is that you need a boat.

Time trials have shown up in battle royale in the past. This one requires you to have a motorboat to begin and complete the mission. But before we can even get to that, what is Motorboat Mayhem? Well, it is one of the landmark locations that you won’t see show up on the map.

You can find this landmark spot near the Hydro 16 dam in the southwestern portion of the map near Weeping Woods and the like. The large lake here near the dam is the Mayhem area. You are likely to find a boat or two in this location to land here first.

But if you don’t have a boat near here, you may have to head to The Fortilla, Rickety Rig, and the like to find one and then bring it here. Your best bet is to do this challenge in the Team Rumble game mode to give you enough time and respawns to complete this in one go.

When you are ready, drive your boat through the time trial ring to begin the race. You need to do the ramp jumps within the time limit and complete the race. It isn’t too hard of a time trial to complete. We highly recommend you use your boost constantly to give yourself the most time to finish this race.

How to Drive a Car From Retail Row to Pleasant Park

This week’s fourth challenge is the first of three that deal with the new Fortnite cars in battle royale. As we mentioned, there are four types of cars that you can pick up and drive in the game. They include a sedan, sports car, pickup truck, and semi-truck.

For this challenge, you must drive one of these four cars from Retail Row to Pleasant Park in under four minutes. Four minutes is a lot of time. These cars generally go fast enough that even a long distance like that shouldn’t be a problem so long as you don’t get distracted or stopped.

But there are some ways that you can get around this challenge much faster. Your best bet is to grab the sports car and take it for a spin. Its speed will do you the best job of getting you from Retail Row in the southeastern corner of the map to Pleasant Park in the northwestern section of the island.

If you are unable to find a sports car, you can also do this with a normal sedan. We wouldn’t recommend trying this with either of the trucks. At the same time, though, you need to worry about managing your gas. When you get a vehicle, it will have some gas in its tank.

The problem is that that gas might not be enough to get you from one side of the island to another. We recommend grabbing a full gas can before you leave Retail Row or check out Catty Corner for a gas pump to fill up the can and leave Retail Row in your car.

This way, if you run out of gas on the way there, it shouldn’t be too long to fill it back up. If all else fails, you could stop by the pumps at Salty Springs to gas up your vehicle. As we mentioned, four minutes is enough time. However, you might be better off doing this in Team Rumble to maximize your time searching for gas cans and a car to drive.

How to Deal Damage to Opponents From Inside a Vehicle

Up next is a challenge to get 500 wood materials from Holly Hedges. You need to go to Holly Hedges and destroy as many trees as possible. That is a lot of materials, but there are also many trees found at this named location.

If you run out of time and/or trees there, you don’t have to get all of these materials in one match. So, you can take your time with this challenge. For the next mission, you need to deal any damage to opponents from inside of a vehicle.

For the most part, Epic Games mainly seems to be talking about the added cars this week. You can ride along with someone driving the car and shoot out of it to deal damage to opponents. If you are the driver, though, your only option is to run them over.

Fortunately, for this first of two challenges, you only need to deal with any damage. So, anything will do here as long as you are inside the vehicle when you do it. But the twist comes with the next part of this mission that shakes things up a bit.

Epic Games has once again brought out one of the squad challenges. You should queue up with friends and share the progress on this mission so that everyone can do it. Otherwise, you will have a hard time doing this challenge.

You need to deal a whopping 10,000 damage to opponents from inside of a vehicle. You can hit them with the car or shoot at them. However, you have to be inside the vehicle at the time of the damage. But the problem is that 10,000 is a lot, so we recommend doing this only with a full team of four.

No, you don’t have to do all of the damage in one match. However, having a full team of friends to work on this will help you do it as fast as possible. You will want to do this in the Team Rumble mode to allow for maximum damage in the match, but it will likely take you a lot of Team Rumble matches to complete this.

The optimal way of doing this would be to have all four players get in the same vehicle together and have the driver attempt to hit the other players in the match. The three passengers are shooting (with, hopefully, some good accuracy) at the enemies that you encounter.

And finally, this week, we have to search through seven ammo boxes at Lazy Lake. You need to go to Lazy Lake to do this usual ammo boxes challenge. Seven ammo boxes is a lot, so be sure to check in houses, under stairs, and so on. If you don’t get all seven in one go, that is fine as you can continue doing it in subsequent matches until you find all of them.

Fortnite Week 8 Challenges Rewards

This week, eight challenges have leaked for the game. Each of them will give you the standard 35,000 experience each. That isn’t a lot on its own, but add them all together, and you have a lot of experience that will get you towards the highly coveted tier 100 this season. There are only a few more weeks of battle royale challenges left, so be sure to count.


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