Fortnite Week 7 Quests: How to Mark Weapons of Different Rarities

by in Fortnite | Apr, 30th 2021

Epic Games has released the next set of quests for players to complete in Fortnite battle royale Season 6. The sixth season is continuing further this week with the Fortnite Week 7 quests. This batch of missions includes the Fortnite mark weapons of different rarities and more. 

Fortnite Week 7 Quests List

The seventh week of battle royale missions this season are here, and they include the standard selection of regular quests for players to do plus the legendary quest for the week. With this, we are more than halfway through this normal season unless there are some major delays in the end. 

We do expect that to be the case, though, as this week was just the release of the Neymar Jr. quests to unlock his secret battle pass skin, which is pretty deep into the season. If you aren’t already busy trying to unlock that skin, you now have the Week 7 quests to do, too. Here is the full list of the Fortnite Week 7 quests:

  • Get an elimination with a makeshift weapon
  • Get an elimination with a primal weapon
  • Get an elimination with a mechanical weapon
  • Fortnite mark weapons of different rarities quest
  • Collect five meat or pepper pieces
  • Consume three foraged items
  • Hunt two raptors down
  • Week 7 legendary quest: Damage opponents (five-part quest recommended for four players)

As you can see, this week is a bit odd. It is one of the worst weeks overall this season in terms of the fun for the challenges, but they are really easy to do. Most of them are themed around eliminations or getting damage, but they aren’t too difficult. 

Well, except the legendary quest, that is. This will be a set of missions, besides the legendary one, that could take you the least amount of time this season thus far. You might be grateful for that, too, since the Neymar Jr. skin has a quest where you have to complete 60 total weekly quests to unlock the second skin style. 

As such, we are here to help you out with some tips and guides to completing all of the Week 7 quests this week, including the Fortnite mark weapons of different rarities mission and more. Let’s go ahead and get started. 

How to Get Eliminations

First up this week, we have the first of several quests in Week 7 focused on just getting some eliminations. This first one is all about getting an elimination with a makeshift weapon. At this point, you likely already know about the makeshift weapons in Season 6. 

These are the base weapons at the core of the crafting system introduced this season. The makeshift weapons are the boring and foundational weapons for the primal and mechanical ones you can build. Fortunately, this does mean that you can find them everywhere.

They are all over the place as floor loot. It takes no time to find one of these makeshift weapons. So, it is just up to you to get an elimination with one of them. It doesn’t matter the weapon type, either, as it could be a makeshift pistol, shotgun, assault rifle, and so on. 

Once you have your makeshift weapon of choice, you can get an elimination and complete this quest. You only need one elimination, which isn’t much at all. As such, you can do it in any mode that you like, but if you are someone who struggles with eliminations, we recommend Team Rumble.

This way, you at least have some teammates, fewer enemies in total, and respawns in case you lose any of the fights. You can keep trying with the same makeshift weapon repeatedly until you can finally get the elimination. 

Furthermore, this same idea translates to the next quest on this list: eliminating a player with a primal weapon. The makeshift weapon is the base. There are two paths for it: the primal or mechanical paths. Primal weapons are the new ones this season that are a bit less accurate but have some heft. 

You can find primal weapons already on the ground or in treasure chests in Season 6, but they are a bit less common than the normal makeshift ones. As such, you may have to craft one yourself to do this task or take it from another player. 

To craft a primal weapon, you need animal bones that you can get from hunting down animals. Once you have any primal weapon of choice, eliminate someone in a match. 

How to Do the Fortnite Mark Weapons of Different Rarities Quest

From there, we come to the third quest this week that continues the same trend of eliminations. This time around, we need to get an elimination with a mechanical weapon. Now, these are the traditional shotguns and assault rifles that you will remember from past seasons. 

I’ve found that this season has been difficult to find the classic mechanical weapons on the island. You can find them in chests and stuff, but I always seem only to find primal ones myself. It is possible, though, but you may need to craft this weapon for this particular quest.

To do so, you need the mechanical parts rather than the animal bones used for primal weapons. Mechanical parts are found on cars and other vehicles like that when you destroy them. Once you have a mechanical weapon of your choice, it is just up to you to get an elimination with it. 

There is where the same general tips as the last two quests also apply. We recommend Team Rumble for those who struggle with eliminations since you have respawns and can work together with teammates to get an elimination if you need to. 

The next mission on the list is one of the most searched for this week: the Fortnite mark weapons of different rarities quest. The name is a bit odd and can be confusing for those players. Essentially, what this quest is asking you to do is to mark weapons in matches with different rarities. 

But the catch, in this case, is that you want to do it one after the other and not necessarily in different matches. The Fortnite mark weapons of different rarities quest asks you to mark the weapons you find on the ground or drop one. 

Marking is an important aspect of Fortnite in team play as it allows you to let your team know what is around them. You can mark enemies to warn, locations to suggest, or even items you want to give someone. Such is the case for weapons, too. 

In this case, you want to mark different weapons of different rarities, preferably back-to-back. You can either find a common weapon and uncommon, for instance, on the ground and mark both of them, or drop your weapons on the ground that are different rarities. 

If you don’t know how to mark, that is done on the controller using the left D-Pad button while staring at the weapon. This Fortnite mark weapons of different rarities quest is pretty easy in execution, but the name and style can be confusing at a glance, which is understandable. 

How to Collect Meat and Peppers

Next up, we have a couple of quests linked to one another. We need to collect five meat and/or peppers on the island. Let’s start with the meat that you can find in Season 6. This is found by hunting down animals that are on the island. 

You name it: chicken, wolves, boar, and so on will drop you some meat when you take them out. They are randomly found all over the island, but you can hone in on some, usually by heading to Weeping Woods. Take out an animal. They are likely to drop one meat piece. 

But you need five for this particular quest. If you want to also look for peppers to complete this mission, you will want to look for the food boxes in houses and restaurants. You may have seen these before and interacting with them will give you some food items, some of which can randomly be peppers. 

But peppers are not guaranteed in this case, so it can be a little more guaranteed and simpler to hunt down some animals for the meat items they drop. Once you have five, you are done. Keep in mind this doesn’t have to be in the same match, either, so take your time if you want.

That quest is then linked to the next one, potentially, as you need to consume three foraged items. These items include the produce you can find around the island, like apples, mushrooms, and peppers. Interact with them while you are holding them to consume them. 

So, you could find some peppers in the last quest only and then consume all of them. You would be done with these three foraged items mission at the same time. That is a great way to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, for this week’s quests. 

How to Hunt Down Raptors

The final normal weekly quest that we have this week is to hunt down two raptors on the island. Raptors are the first dinosaur creatures to join the Fortnite island, and they roam around pretty randomly. It is hard to find and pinpoint their locations as they can be anywhere.

Fortunately, they do roam typically in packs of two, so once you find a group, you can complete this quest if you take both of them out simultaneously. If not, you will have to continue the quest in another match and try to get another raptor elimination there. 

In my experience, I’ve found them more often than not near Weeping Woods and the central area of the island but not necessarily in the named locations themselves. Instead, I’ve found them more in the outskirts and plains between the named locales and off the main roads. 

The final quest this week is the legendary one. Keep in mind that this is only around until the next set of weekly quests arrive, so be sure to finish it quickly if you want its rewards. This week’s legendary quest is to damage opponents in matches. 

It doesn’t matter what weapon you use this week, how you damage them, or how many you damage so long as you meet the damage requirements for this quest. But there is a lot of damage that you will need to deal if you would like to do all five stages. 

The first stage of this quest begins with a whopping 2500 damage that needs to be done, but that increases for each stage by 2500 more damage until the final one is at 12,500. This is why it is highly recommended that you don’t do this on your own. 

Even with a squad of four friends together, everyone will still need to do more than 3000 damage each to complete the legendary quest in time. This is where Team Rumble comes into play. With respawns, you can keep coming back and dealing some serious damage over and over. So, we recommend grabbing three friends, heading over to Team Rumble, and just grinding out matches there until you’re done. 


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