Fortnite Week 6 Challenges Guide: How to Gas Up Your Car

by in Fortnite | Jul, 23rd 2020

Epic Games has released the Fortnite Week 6 challenges for players to complete. Or at least, it will sometime today as the company has not posted them yet. But going based on the leaks that we have, we have some interesting challenges this week like the gas up a vehicle mission.

Fortnite Week 6 Challenges List

What is weird is that usually right around this time (at the time of writing this), the Fortnite Week 6 challenges would be up for battle royale players in Season 3. However, that isn’t the case. They could be slightly delayed a bit today but likely still coming out today.

This possible delay is the fact that there is a new feature that should have already been in the game that is still missing, and it is necessary for the challenges this week. To understand that, let’s take a look at the Fortnite Week 6 challenges this week.

Since the actual challenges have yet to post, we are going to go based on the leaked missions this week. The week’s challenges have leaked early per usual for battle royale, so we already have a heads-up of what’s going to happen when they finally release. Since we don’t know the final list, we will share the leaked ones without leaving out any.

  • Deal 500 damage at Rickety Rig
  • Get three eliminations at Pleasant Park
  • Land at The Authority and finish in the top 25
  • Gas up a vehicle at Catty Corner
  • Catch a weapon with a fishing pole at Stack Shack
  • Search 10 treasure chests
  • Search 100 chests
  • Search seven ammo boxes at Salty Springs
  • Search seven chests at Lazy Lake

As you can already likely see, there are a couple of major problems with this batch of weekly battle royale challenges, making them the strangest ones this season. First and foremost, there is the fact that the leak includes nine missions instead of the usual seven we have had this season.

Because of that, likely, two of them are not real. It is pretty easy to pinpoint the two: the two treasure chest challenges that are vague and not specific. As such, we aren’t going to touch upon them. But the other issue is the vehicle one.

Fortnite Car Situation Is Complicated

The vehicle mission in Fortnite is a complicated one right now because of one simple fact: there are no cars in Fortnite at the time of writing this that you can use to gas up. This is also likely why we don’t have the challenges in the game for players to complete.

The Fortnite cars were supposed to be released in the game for everyone earlier this week when update 13.30 dropped on all platforms. The cars were even included in the update on the back end but held from being released fully in the game.

There is likely a problem with the cars that Epic Games is working on fixing before releasing these challenges today. However, we do expect the challenges to release today and with the cars in tow. But there is a slim chance that the problem persists and they aren’t able to be released today.

If this is the case, that is likely when another battle royale challenge would replace the gas up the vehicle mission this week. But we do fully expect that this won’t have to happen. As such, we will go over the remaining seven challenges that we have (minus the redundant ones) and let you know how to complete them this week for their rewards.

How to Gas Up Your Vehicle at Catty Corner

Of course, we will start this week’s missions with the vaguest and most interesting one of all: gassing up your vehicle at Catty Corner. Overall, the challenges this week are straightforward and easy to do as they are mostly repeats of the ones we’ve had, well, every week this season.

But the most unique one takes full advantage of the new cars that should soon drop in the game. To give you an overview of the cars, there are four categories that we know about currently: small cars, medium cars, large cars, and trucks.

They each have their stats like health, boosting, and even the amount of gas they can hold and use. Epic Games introduces a gas mechanic into the cars that are releasing this week, which will require you to manage the fact that you are only able to use them a bit at a time.

This is strange to introduce now since the current Choppa and motorboat and other vehicles in the past, like the Stormwing planes haven’t required players to use any gas or other fuel to power the vehicle. You could just fly it around infinitely so long as it doesn’t get blown up.

But Fortnite seems to be taking a page from the PUBG book of battle royale and introducing them as limited fuel vehicles. They may be so common on the map that just about anyone can use them, so reducing the number of times you can do this through the fuel could be Epic’s attempt to make sure these vehicles have a balance.

Regardless of the reason behind this massive change and interesting decision for the Fortnite cars, you will need one for this particular mission. First and foremost, you will need a vehicle if you are even going to be able to gas it up at Catty Corner.

Most likely, you will find the vehicles randomly spawned around the map. Only a handful will likely be available in each match. You won’t necessarily be able to predict where the spawn locations will be. However, many will likely spawn at named locations.

Since this particular mission is for Catty Corner in the southeastern corner of the island, it is best to head near there to find a vehicle. If you aren’t able to find one at the small named location of Catty Corner, then you might want to go to one of the other nearby locations like Lazy Lake and Retail Row to get one.

Then you will need to drive the vehicle to Catty Corner so that you can gas it up. Fortunately, all unused vehicles come with some gas from the start so that you can maneuver it around. Once you are there, look for a gas station or one of the new fuel can items.

Once you have the gas item, use it to interact with the car and refill it with some gas. That is all it takes to complete this mission, so long as you do so in the named location of Catty Corner. You could even bring the gas canister from another location and just use it here if you wanted to.

How to Deal Damage and Get Eliminations

For the next challenge, we have one that we haven’t seen in a while but is still one of the recurring challenges from the past. It is to deal 500 damage at Rickety Rig. That is a good amount that will likely take you a little bit to do. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it all in one match.

That is around five players with full health and no shields or two and a half to three players with full health and shields. That is a lot, especially for finding them all at one named location and a location that is a bit out of the way for most players in a battle royale match.

Your best bet if you want to get as much damage as possible in a match is to head to this location first, grab some gear that you can find, and just start dealing damage to any enemy that you see without a care in the world. Team Rumble is good for this, especially if the enemy side includes Rickety Rig.

Again, you don’t have to do all of this in one match, so take your time with this and try to get as much as you can in each match. Next up is the standard eliminations one, and that is to get three kills at Pleasant Park. Like the damage one, this is simple but could take you a bit.

We recommend landing at Pleasant Park first in each match you do for this challenge, gearing up, and trying to take someone out. You don’t have to get all three eliminations in one match, so just focus on getting at least one per match that you do. This shouldn’t take you too long to complete.

How to Finish Top 25 and Catch a Weapon

Next up is another standard quest in Season 3 and that is to land at The Authority at the start of the match and then finish in the top 25. If we’re honest, this is probably the hardest version of this mission as The Authority is potentially the most popular destination around.

And with other players trying to do this same task, you run the risk of actually having a challenge on your hands. But the catch is that you only have to land at The Authority in a battle royale match. You could just as easily land there and then immediately get out if you’re worried.

Then you can just hide somewhere, bunker down, and survive until there are only 25 players left, which isn’t too hard. The following mission is to catch a weapon at Stack Shack. This is a strange one as you might not know where exactly Stack Shack is on the Season 3 map.

The Stack Shack is a landmark location set on a tiny island where you guessed it, just a shack. We had it focused on in a previous challenge in chapter two, and it is back. You can find this shack on a tiny island on the border of A4 and A5 on the grid-based map.

That is also northwest of Holly Hedges in the middle of the ocean and southwest of Sweaty Sands. When you get here, all you need to do is make sure that you already have a fishing pole in your possession. We recommend heading to Sweaty Sands first to pick one up. Then come here and fish to your heart’s content until you collect a weapon to complete this mission.

How to Search Chests and Ammo Boxes

Last but not least, we have a string of three challenges that are all about chests and then one that isn’t. We will ignore the first two chests missions and focus on the last one: searching for seven treasure chests at Lazy Lake.

This is a standard mission type that we have. To do it, you need to head to Lazy Lake at the start of the match. We recommend the Team Rumble mode as you have fewer enemies to worry about, so less competition for finding the chests you need.

Try to grab as many chests as you can find in the businesses and houses here to complete your goal. Seven is a lot, though, so if you don’t find all of them, that is okay as you can pick back up in the next match that you do.

And lastly this week, you need to search seven ammo boxes at Salty Springs. Like the chests one, you should do this in Team Rumble and head to this location first to get as many as you can. If you don’t get them all in one match, just rinse and repeat in each match you do until you complete this task.

Fortnite Week 6 Challenges Rewards

The rewards this week for the Fortnite Week 6 challenges in Season 3 will be the standard rewards that we have had all season long. You will get 35,000 experience for each of the missions that you do, which adds up quickly for those of you who are trying to level up as much as possible before the season ends.


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