Fortnite Week 13 Challenges: Dreamflower and Sunny NPC Locations, More

by in Fortnite | Sep, 2nd 2021

Epic Games has released the Fortnite Season 7 Week 13 challenges, with new missions for players to do for experience rewards. There are various quests this week, including the Fortnite Dreamflower NPC mission and a lot more. 

Fortnite Season 7 Week 13 Challenges List

In total, there are 18 challenges this week that players can do. That is many Fortnite Season 7 Week 13 challenges, mainly because of the Wild Weeks that are happening right now. These are essentially the overtime weeks that players can engage in.

Normally, with new seasons, they only last for around 10-12 weeks, but this one has already gone on longer than most. This is likely because Epic is not quite ready for Season 8. Clark Kent did not arrive in the game until what would be the end of a normal season. 

However, we do believe that we are nearing the end of the current seventh season. The new events, like the Fortnite Island Games limited-time event and others that started this week, will end soon. This tells us that we may have one (possibly two) more weeks of challenges left this season.  

As always, there are two sets of challenges this week in the Fortnite Season 7 Week 13 challenges, starting with the epic quests that are here. You can find the full list of them below:

  • Repair three IO equipment
  • Build 25 structures at Corny Complex
  • Destroy the IO intel
  • Get Marigold’s message from the dead drop
  • Visit five IO satellite dish bases in a single match
  • Get 10 headshots with weapons
  • Upgrade weapons twice to either epic or legendary each time
  • Wild Weeks quests: Deal damage with alien weapons (three stages)
  • Wild Weeks: Deal damage with IO weapons (three stages)

That is it for the normal quests this week, including the Wild Weeks ones that are also here, but there are still the legendary quests. These are here for only a week, but that time may also extend to the normal ones, as the season is coming to an end soon. You can find the full list of the legendary missions below:

  • Open the mission kit and then place the jammer outside an IO base in the same match
  • Leave the secret documents at a bus stop
  • Talk with Joey, Sunny, or the Fortnite Dreamflower NPCs
  • Leave an IO car at an alien biome
  • Deploy two pallets with cat food around the IO base

There are only five legendary quests this week, down from the usual six or so, but this is made up for the larger-than-usual number of Wild Weeks challenges. With so much to do this week and not much time left, now is the time to finish off grinding through the Season 7 battle pass and the Superman skin options. 

We’ve got you covered, though, with our full tips for how to complete the Fortnite Season 7 Week 13 quests this week. These include all of the normal, Wild Weeks, and legendary ones, including the Fortnite Dreamflower NPC mission and more. 

Week 13 Wild Weeks Quest Tips

Kicking off this list of challenges this week, we will start with our tips for the Wild Weeks missions this week. There are two sets of Wild Weeks missions this week, instead of the usual one that is long with multiple stages. 

First up, we have a mission to deal damage with alien weapons. Before you can do this, you must know what the alien weapons are, as they are different from some of the other new weapons this season. These include the Grab-itron, Ray Gun, and other weapons. 

To deal the damage with them, you will need to find them first. They are best found atop the Abductor ships that hover over different points of interest. You can also find them inside of the Mothership, but that will take up precious time that needs to be spent dealing damage.

That is because there are three stages to this quest. It starts with only 500 damage, which is enough on its own, but then increases to 2500 and lastly 10,000. We highly recommend you do this in the Team Rumble mode due to the amount of time and respawns you have with a full set of in-game friends. 

The other Wild Weeks mission is to deal damage with IO weapons this week, and the stages are the same. The first one is 500 damage, the second one is 2500, and the last one is 10,000. The catch this time, though, is that it must be with IO weapons in matches.

These weapons include the rail gun, pulse rifle, and others that the IO has released to stop the aliens this season. You can usually find these at the IO bases, like at Corny Complex and all satellite bases. We also recommend doing this one in Team Rumble and with friends to help you. 

From there, we come to the epic challenges this week. First up, we have one to repair three IO equipment. To do this, head to one of the satellite dish bases that the IO has set up around the island. We always recommend the former Stealthy Stronghold site and the one right by the Aftermath central location. 

When you arrive at these bases, there is some computer equipment that will be there that you can interact with. You need to interact with them to repair them. However, you need to repair three in total, so you may need to visit more than one base. 

Next, we need to build 25 structures at Corny Complex. This is simple enough and can be done in one match, but you do not have to. Make sure to have at least 250 materials to do this and then head to Corny Complex and build to your heart’s content; ramps, walls, floors, and so on will work here. 

Then we need to destroy the IO intel. To find this intel, you need to head to the Steel Farm location near the Corny Complex named location. From there, be sure to head east across the river to the silver building there. Inside, you will find some IO intel that you can destroy for this quest. 

How to Get Marigold’s Message

After that, we come to the next mission this week: to get Marigold’s message from the dead drop site. This is a really easy one, similar to the Dr. Slone missions we’ve had this season, but the only tricky part is figuring out where the dead drop site is located. 

This may seem familiar to players as we handled dealing with the dead drop sites earlier in the season. In this case, you will be able to find it at Weeping Woods. There is a dead drop that we have dealt with before that you can interact with to complete this mission. 

After that, we come to the next epic quest: visiting five satellite dish bases in the same match. This is tough since you have to visit five locations in the same match and the bases are all over the island. As such, there are a couple of ways that you can go about this. 

The first is to do it in any battle royale game mode and find one of the flying saucers early on in the match. Hop into the flying saucer and then fly around the island, visiting all five of the IO bases you need for this mission. 

The other option that is a bit less hectic is to do the Team Rumble game mode. Here, you have more time and can take your time finding a flying saucer or using a car to visit the IO bases. Just make that you visit five different ones and that this is all done in the same match. 

From there, we have a mission to get 10 headshots in matches. This is a total count and does not have to be done in the same match. The headshots can be done with any weapon, but we recommend a sniper rifle since it is a bit easier to land those headshots with the scope. 

Lastly, for the epic quests this week, you need to upgrade a weapon to either epic or legendary twice. It can be two different weapons, so long as you do it twice and that both times it is upgraded to one of those rarities. To do this, you need to visit the upgrade stations on the island and spend your hard-earned gold bars to do so. Keep in mind that it costs a lot to upgrade, so be sure to do those side quests for the NPCs to earn some. 

How to Open the Mission Kit and Place Jammer

Then we come to the legendary quests this week. First up, we have a two-parter that opens up the mission kit and then places the jammer outside an IO base. This has to be done in the same match, so get ready for a little bit of a trek. 

On the east side of the town, just hanging around on the sidewalk, is a mission kit that you can interact with. For the mission kit, first and foremost, you need to head to Lazy Lake. Do that and then immediately head to Corny Complex on foot or via a car. 

When you arrive at Corny Complex, you will find the jammer there that you can interact with. It will jam the communications of the main IO base at that named location, completing this task. Just make sure you do this in the same match, so you may want to tackle it in Team Rumble. 

Then you need to leave secret documents at a bus stop for the next mission. This is a pretty easy one similar to what we have done for the Dr. Slone missions this season, of which there is not one this week. Head to the bus stop west of Holly Hatchery and interact with it there. 

Fortnite Dreamflower, Sunny, and Joey NPC Locations

Now we come to the Fortnite Dreamflower, Sunny, and Joey quest. For this one, you need to talk to one of these three NPCs. It does not matter which one (you do not have to visit all three of them), so pick the closest one to your battle bus path.

When it comes to the Fortnite Dreamflower NPC location, you can find this character at the Flopper Pond landmark location. The Fortnite Dreamflower NPC will be hanging out at this pond near Holly Hatchery on the island. 

For Joey, you will find this NPC on the east side of the Dirty Docks point of interest. And last but not least, players can find Sunny at the Believer Beach named location. She is specifically found on the boardwalk near the titular beach for the town. 

After the Fortnite Dreamflower quest, we come to a quest to leave an IO car in an alien environment. To do this one, you need to find an IO car found at one of the satellite dish bases on the island. Head to any of them and pick up a car, then take it to Holly Hatchery, and leave it there to complete this mission. 

Last but not least, this week, we have a legendary quest to deploy two pallets of cat food around an IO base. To do this, head to Corny Complex and look for the large red barn in the middle where the IO base is found underneath it. 

Around the outside of the barn, there will be areas where you can deploy the cat food, for whatever reason. Interact with two of them, and you are done with all of the quests this week. 


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