Fortnite Week 10 Challenges: Where Is Heart Lake?

by in Fortnite | Oct, 29th 2020

It is another week in Fortnite battle royale so you know what means: more season 4 battle royale challenges for players to complete. The weekly challenges this week are important because they are the Fortnite week 10 challenges, composed of the Fortnite Heart Lake mission and more.

Final Week of Battle Royale Challenges

Without a doubt, this week is one of the most important weeks when it comes to the battle royale missions in Fortnite as it is the final week of normal challenges that we know of. Every single season typically only has 10 weeks of missions for players and then that is it.

Once those 10 weeks are up, that is it for the normal missions and sometimes for the season as well. That said, the end of the weekly missions doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t get any more challenges at all in the future for season 4; they just won’t be the standard ones.

There could very well be event challenges or even overtime ones that we haven’t seen in a long time for season 4. Epic Games has yet to reveal what it is doing for the current battle royale season but it does look like it won’t be a season 3 case where the new season starts about a week from now.

It does look like we won’t get season 5 until later down the road as this season will likely be extended. We have heard that there is upwards of a month still left in this current season and that it won’t end until the end of November but that isn’t confirmed so stay tuned.

Fortnite Week 10 Challenges List

In the meantime, players have the final batch of missions this week with the Fortnite week 10 challenges. Anyone who is looking to get as much experience as possible this season before it ends should be sure to check out this latest group of missions and take them on.

Here is the full list of the Fortnite week 10 challenges this week:

  • Search for seven treasure chests at Upstate New York
  • Get three eliminations at Lazy Lake
  • Collect 200 metal from Slurpy Swamp
  • Catch seven fish at the Fortnite Heart Lake location
  • Eliminate an opponent by hitting them with a vehicle
  • Drive a motorboat from The Fortilla to The Authority in less than four minutes in total
  • Ride 20,000 meters in a vehicle (recommended for a full squad of four players)

There are seven missions this week, which continues and concludes the same cycle that we have seen all season long. The missions this week are better than the pretty lame ones that we saw in week 9 but it is only marginally better and doesn’t reach the highs of previous weeks this season.

Despite that, season 4 has been an amazing season and players who are interested in reaching the max tier in the battle pass should consider doing these missions. Given the uncertainty surrounding when this season will end, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to completing these challenges as fast as possible. Here’s how to do them all.

Where Is Upstate New York?

First off, the two initial missions this week are the usual ones that you would expect and have seen from past weeks. There is the treasure chests one and the eliminations one. But what is interesting about this first challenge is the name that we have for it.

Players are tasked with finding seven treasure chests at Upstate New York in Fortnite season 4. This location of Upstate New York may be surprising and strange to some players if you aren’t sure where this is. Yes, you did read that right: upstate New York is on the battle royale island.

And no, it won’t require you to visit the actual state of New York at all. What is odd about this first mission is that it assumes that you know what the location of Upstate New York is even though there is technically no named location that is called that.

I say technically because it is a named location but you will likely know it by its more common name of Stark Industries. That is the name that shows up on the main map but it also goes by Upstate New York for some odd reason. That is where you need to head to first this week.

You need to find seven chests there at Upstate New York, or Stark Industries, which is a lot. This is something that might take you a few matches so we recommend doing it in Team Rumble to have less competition. Try to grab two or three chests per match and it should only take you a few matches to do this.

The second mission this week is to get three eliminations but this time at Lazy Lake. The named location in the southeastern section of the map is fairly popular so you shouldn’t have too much of a problem finding someone to eliminate here. We recommend heading here first and trying to take at least one person per match you land here so you can quickly do this.

Fortnite Heart Lake Location

The third mission this week is to collect 200 metal materials from Slurpy Swamp. This one is something that you likely already do, which is collect materials, but you need to do it from Slurpy Swamp. At the start of the match, we recommend heading to this named location.

Your goal is to aim for the factory that is at the heart of Slurpy Swamp as that is where you will find metal materials. 200 is a fair number so it will require you to destroy a lot of the metal parts and buildings at the factory but you can definitely do this all in one match.

The fourth mission this week has to do with catching seven fish at the Fortnite Heart Lake location. This might strike you as odd if you don’t know this unnamed landmark location. Fortunately, it isn’t too hard to find this spot where you can catch fish.

Fortnite Heart Lake is a landmark location that is located just northeast of Stark Industries, otherwise known as Upstate New York, from the first challenge that we did this week. It is a small lake here that has some buildings around it as well.

When you arrive at Fortnite Heart Lake, your goal is a simple one: catch seven fish in this lake. You will need a fishing rod for this task and, thankfully, the buildings around the lake usually have plenty of them for you to take. From there, just grab the rod and start fishing away.

You need seven fish at Fortnite Heart Lake to complete this mission, which is a lot, but you can definitely do this in one match if you go ahead and set aside that match to be about fishing and not actually trying to win.

How to Drive a Boat From The Fortilla to The Authority

For the fifth mission this week, we have one that is actually going to be another elimination challenge. We don’t always get two of these mission types in the same week but this week is one of those special moments, whether you like eliminations or not.

The special eliminations mission is a specific one that asks you to take out another player in a specific way. In this case, you need to eliminate another player by hitting them with a vehicle of some sort. It doesn’t matter what the vehicle is but you just need to ensure that it is a car or truck of some kind.

The first part of this task is finding a vehicle, of which there are usually going to be some at the named locations around the map. You should specifically head to the named locations that are major towns like Sweaty Sands or Doom’s Domain where there are vehicles typically lying around.

You could also try the various gas stations that are scattered around the season 4 island as they are also likely to have a vehicle or two waiting outside of it. Speaking of gas stations, this is one mission where you will want to make sure to gas up your vehicle.

By default, the vehicles in Fortnite only come with a little bit of gas to get you going but you will need a gas can or pump to ensure that you are good to go for the long run. This is because you not only need to find a car or truck for this but you need to find an enemy as well.

And when you do finally find an enemy, you’re not likely to eliminate them on the first try. If they have full health or shields, it will probably take a few hits to actually take them out so you will need to make sure that you have the necessary amount of gas to take them out.

From there, we come to the second-to-last mission this week in week 10 and for the entire fourth season as a whole. This mission is also vehicle-related and has to do with driving a boat from The Fortilla to The Authority in less than four minutes in total.

The Fortilla is the southwesternmost named location on the map, found floating on the water there. The Authority, meanwhile, is the central named location on the map that is also known as The Ruins currently. Right now, the Fortnitemares event is happening and it has a slightly different name.

But depending on when you do this mission, it could be called either or but the objective remains the same of reaching that central location. When you jump into a match, head to The Fortilla first as this is a great place to find a motorboat for this challenge.

Once you have a boat, you have four minutes, which is plenty of time to do this as long as you don’t fight or get sidetracked. The route you want to take is up through Slurpy Swamp’s swamps on the northern side of it to the river that goes right through Weeping Woods and leads you directly to The Authority. Make sure to get close enough to the location to see the notification pop up that you’ve done this task.

How to Ride 20,000 Meters in a Vehicle

Last but not least in week 10 and season 4 in general, we have the group mission that is to ride 20,000 meters in total in a vehicle. 20,000 is a very big distance and you need to ride that amount, which means that you can’t be the driver of the vehicle in this case.

It is highly recommended both by us and by Epic Games that you do this mission with a team as you have to ride around rather than drive a vehicle in this case. The vehicle type doesn’t matter so you can drive around in cars, but make sure to watch the fuel level, or you could sail around in boats as well.

The goal is to simply get in a vehicle with your squad and ride around, progressing through the challenge together. 20,000 meters is a lot so you will either need to just dedicate whole matches to riding around or you will need to set aside a good amount of time for several matches to do this.

When you complete this mission and the others, you will find that you will receive the same amount of experience that we have gotten all season long. It isn’t a lot as usual but it is key to reaching tier 100 before the season ends whenever that will be. Stay tuned for details about when season 4 ends and season 5 begins in the near future.


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