Fortnite Week 10 Challenges Guide: Golden Pipe Wrenches

by in Fortnite | Apr, 23rd 2020

Epic Games has released the final batch of normal weekly challenges in Fortnite as of today, Thursday, April 23. The Fortnite Week 10 challenges are here with a slew of new tasks for players to complete. We have our guide for you in this final week in Season 2 for how to find the Fortnite golden pipe wrenches and so much more.

Epic Games Releases Final Batch of Normal Challenges This Season

With the release of the Fortnite Week 10 challenges today, this is the final batch of normal missions that players will have to do in Season 2. This may seem strange, though, since the season isn’t going to be ending anytime soon.

Despite the release of the Week 10 challenges that typically signal the end of a battle royale season, the season will not end in the next week or two like was originally planned. Instead, it will continue for more than a month after its initial end date until June 4.

With over a month still left to go in this season beyond what we are doing this week, there is no telling what Epic Games has in store for players to do and check out to fill the coming weeks that won’t have normal battle royale challenges to complete or even the awesome Deadpool ones.

Fortnite Week 10 Challenges List

With that said, though, the final batch of Fortnite Week 10 challenges are here. These are hosted by Midas, who hosted the week nine challenges as well. Midas is the leader of the spy agents that are at the core of the theme this season and so it is no surprise that he is leading the charge at the end of the normal weekly challenges.

As you might expect, this also means that there is a very special reward for Midas this week that we will get into later on in the guide. But before that, you can find the full list of the Fortnite Week 10 challenges this week below:

  • Eliminate players with a shotgun, assault rifle, and SMG
  • Search for chests in seven different matches
  • Eliminate three players or henchmen with a legendary or boss weapon
  • Heal teammates for 200 health with a bandage bazooka
  • Dance within 10 seconds of knocking down a henchman three times
  • Search for five different Fortnite golden pipe wrenches
  • Catch three fish while riding in a Choppa
  • Deal damage to players or henchmen at The Yacht and The Agency in the same match
  • Visit The Agency, the Hayman, and Greasy Graves in the same match
  • Deal 100 damage to henchmen while disguised

The final challenges this week aren’t the best that we have ever seen, as we think last week was much more interesting and unique, but there are some solid ones to do. Also, a lot of these are hard mode as this is the end of the season and have some difficult tasks, like finding the Fortnite golden pipe wrenches.

Without further ado, we are going to give you our full challenge guide to all 10 challenges this week, so that you can complete them with ease and earn all of the sweet rewards that are waiting at the end.

Challenges Guide: Find 5 Fortnite Golden Pipe Wrenches

Kicking off our challenges guide is by far one of the hardest and most interesting ones: finding the Fortnite golden pipe wrenches. This is a new type of item that was recently added to the game by most likely Midas himself who has that golden touch.

Similar to the golden llama head that we had to find last week for Midas, we need to find his golden pipe wrenches this week. But there are a couple of twists this week that make this much harder to do. For one, we aren’t looking for just one item but five in total.

Also, the Fortnite golden pipe wrenches have to be five different items, so you can’t just find one and then find it again in a different match and so on until you have the required five. As such, this can make this challenge a lot more time-consuming and challenging to do.

Thankfully, you have all the time in the world to do this mission as you can take your time and only get one per match if you want to. Oddly enough, there are only five of these wrenches around the map, to begin with, so your locations are set for where you have to go.

All five of the Fortnite golden pipe wrenches are scattered on the outer edges of the battle royale island, so be prepared for some long treks and multiple matches for completing this. You can help speed up the process, though, by doing it in Team Rumble and grabbing yourself a Choppa to move around the map with ease.

We’re going to kick off the locations of these Fortnite golden pipe wrenches with the northwesternmost one that is just northeast of The Shark that was recently turned into a prison named location. There is an island here where you can find Locke’s Lighthouse. Climb to the very top of the lighthouse and you can find this golden pipe wrench there in the C1 square on the grid-based map.

The second location is far away from the first one in the northeastern corner of the Season 2 island. This one is actually at Steamy Stacks, so the location is a lot easier to find overall. You want to look for building five on the east side of the named location and this pipe wrench is sticking out on top of a much larger, greenish pipe.

The third location that you need to visit is at Dirty Docks. When you arrive here, you are going to want to head to the west side of this industrial area. There, you can find an inlet of sorts that goes slightly underground next to a smaller building. The golden pipe wrench is found down here.

This fourth location is a bit more in the middle of nowhere and is in the D8 square on the Season 2 island map, southwest of Misty Meadows. Here, you will find the large Pipeman on the hill that is made out of, well, pipes. This king of all pipes is, of course, home to one of the golden pipes as well.

The fifth and final location for this particular challenge is north of The Rig and west of Slurpy Swamp in the B6 square. Here, you will find the landmark shanty town location where there is a shrine in the middle of town with the golden pipe in front of it.

How to Eliminate Players and Search Chests

Next up is to eliminate players with a shotgun, assault rifle, and SMG. This one can be a little bit confusing in its description, but basically, it is all about taking out three players with three different weapons. You need to get one player with a shotgun, another with an assault rifle, and a final one with SMG.

This is a standard one that you likely already do just playing the game normally. As such, just take your time with this and attempt to get at least one of these eliminations per match. The next challenge is another standard one that we’ve got every week.

It is to search for treasure chests in seven different matches. This is a pretty typical challenge but this one will require you to spend a lot of time in matches. You need to get one chest per match for seven different matches. Unfortunately, this will require a lot of matches to complete but is easy enough otherwise.

Next up is to eliminate a player or henchman with a legendary or boss weapon. This is a very specific task that requires you to first find a legendary or boss weapon. This part is the hardest section of the challenge as you might not know where the boss weapons are.

Legendary weapons are more standard, so all you need to do is head to supply drops and the like and you could find one there. But if you want a boss weapon, you are going to need to head to The Agency, The Yacht, The Grotto, The Shark, or The Rig.

There are five mini-bosses that you can find at these locations and they are the main spy agents. Watch out for all of the henchmen and aim to take out the boss there. This will let you loot the boss weapon off of them and use it to take out another player or an NPC.

How to Heal Teammates and Dance in Front of Henchmen

For the following challenge, you need to find a bandage bazooka and heal teammates for 200 health points. This can be done by checking treasure chests, loot drops, and the like. When you’ve found one, use it to heal your teammates for 200 health. You don’t have to do all of that in one match and can take your time with this one if you need to.

Keep in mind, though, that you do need teammates for this, so don’t do solo, of course. Team Rumble is one of the best game modes for this as you have plenty of time to find a bazooka and heal your many teammates. From there, we have a very unique challenge.

You need to dance within 10 seconds of knocking down a henchmen. When you fight an NPC, they will fall to the ground before being fully eliminated. Do that and then immediately do any dance emote that you want. This will complete this very strange but easy mission.

For this next one, you need to catch three fish while riding in a Choppa vehicle. This is another unique but odd mission to do. For starters, you need to get a helicopter vehicle and then visit one of the major rivers or lakes that are around the island.

You want to be the passenger in the Choppa, so be sure to grab a friend or two to help you with this. Of course, you could offer to take turns so that you can both complete this challenge. You’ll also need a fishing rod for this and lower the helicopter enough to fish for fish. You need to catch three, so be sure to stay there long enough to get three.

Where to Find Hayman and Greasy Graves

For the eighth challenge in this final week, you need to deal damage to players or henchmen at The Yacht and The Agency in the same match. This is a more challenging take on the normal eliminations mission where you have to head to both of these named locations in the same match.

And then when you get there, you need to deal damage to a player at both spots. You don’t have to kill them so long as you deal a little bit of damage to each of them. The hard part is getting to both named locations, which is best done by grabbing one of the Choppa vehicles at either spots.

For the penultimate challenge this week, we also have one of the hardest ones. You need to visit the three locations of The Agency, the Hayman, and Greasy Graves. This is something that we have done in similar challenges in previous weeks but the catch is you must visit all three of them in the same match.

Before we get into the three locations themselves, there are some tips that you must keep in mind regarding this challenge if you want to easily complete it all in one match. Your best bet is to grab yourself a Choppa as it can be tough to find and visit all of them.

It is also best to do this in a game mode like Team Rumble where you have more time to find these locations and visit them. Since the Choppa is best, we recommend that you go in the default order of the challenge itself. The Agency should be your first location.

You likely already know this place since it is a named location and one of the most popular locations to visit in the game. The Agency is the very center area of the island and the headquarters of all of the secret agents that are at the core of this season’s theme.

Head here and try to immediately jump into the Choppa before someone else does. Interestingly enough, you don’t need to land the vehicle and jump out of it for this challenge. We were able to just fly over the location in the helicopter and it worked for us.

Fly from The Agency northeast towards Frenzy Farm. In between the two locations is the Hayman landmark. It is a large man that is made out of hay. Once you see the notification that you have completed this part, you need to head southwest of The Agency in between Slurpy Swamp and Holly Hedges.

This one is hard to find as it is hidden by the forest but Greasy Graves is the burial ground of the remains of the Durr Burger head and the Tomato Town head. Fly over this location here and you should get the notification that you have completed this mission.

The final mission that you have to do this week is to deal 100 damage to henchmen while disguised. To disguise yourself, we recommend heading to a phone booth. Our favorite phone booth is the one at The Agency, which is on the northern side, down the outside stairs that go under the building.

Interact with the phone booth and you will disguise yourself. Then go from there around the named location until you find yourself a henchman. Then you need to deal at least 100 damage to the NPC or a group of enemies and you will complete this final mission for the normal battle royale challenges.

Fortnite Week 10 Challenges Rewards

The rewards this week are mostly standard, but there is one little surprise that you should know about. You will get 40,000 experience for each challenge that you complete for a total of 400,000 experience if you do all 10 of them that are new this week.

Also, if you do most of the missions this week and last week as well, you will unlock a special hidden mission that will let you unlock the Ghost or Shadow skin style for Midas. You will have to choose between the two skin styles, so pick whichever one you like more.

This will unlock a permanent new skin style for Midas who happens to be the coveted tier 100 unlock for this season. You will only benefit from this, though, if you do reach tier 100 by the end of the season. Thankfully, it is going on until June, so you have plenty of time to get this done.


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