Fortnite Storm The Agency Challenges Guide

by in Fortnite | May, 27th 2020

Epic Games has released the new Fortnite Storm The Agency event that is happening in the game right now. As the battle royale title nears the end of this current season, this added bit of content at the last minute is pretty surprising and certainly welcome for players.

Fortnite Storm The Agency Arrives as We Near Season 3

What is so surprising about the introduction of the Fortnite Storm The Agency event in update 12.61 is that we are right at the end of Season 2. This current season will be coming to an end next week most likely, so it is odd that we are seeing a new event with challenges like this one right now.

After all, previous seasons have seen the release of events like this one near the end of a season, especially if there has been a delay for the start of the next one, but it is rather uncommon to happen this close to the next season. It usually happens at least two weeks or so before the end of the season.

But in this case, Epic Games released a new event less than two weeks from the start of Season 3 and, in fact, nearly a week away. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue as it is great for players since they have more to do at the end of this season than they usually would.

The problem, though, in this case, is that players only have so much time to complete everything that the Fortnite Storm The Agency event has to offer. There is just around a week or so plus a couple of days to complete all the challenges and earn the rewards, which isn’t a lot of time at all.

Fortnite Storm The Agency Challenges List

Fortunately for you, that is where we come in. We are going to give you our complete guide to the Storm The Agency event that is happening in Fortnite right now before the end of the season. Some challenges come along with this event that you have only a few days to complete.

The reason that you would want to complete them, though, is because they have some amazing rewards that you won’t be able to get anywhere else. So, if you miss out on these challenges and their rewards, don’t expect to see them pop back up later down the line.

For starters, you can find all five challenges that are available in this event below:

  • Land at The Agency
  • Survive 10 storm circles
  • Open a faction-locked treasure chest at three different spy bases
  • Swim over five hatches at The Agency
  • Eliminate a henchman at three different safe houses

As you can see, there are only five challenges this week for this event, which is half of what we normally see for a weekly set of challenges. In that way, it isn’t too bad and the challenges themselves are relatively easy to do except for a couple of them. To help you complete these challenges, we have our tips for them.

How to Survive 10 Storm Circles

First and foremost, the very first challenge that you need to do in the Fortnite Storm The Agency challenges is land at The Agency. This is a relatively easy one and one that you probably need no help with. After all, the named location is one of the main places on the map.

Look for The Agency at the center of the Season 2 battle royale map and head there to land for some exciting action. Since this event is all about The Agency, there is no surprise that one of the challenges will take us there to complete them all.

The second challenge is another simple one that you likely already do in most matches: survive 10 storm circles. Now, it is nearly impossible to survive in 10 total storm circles in a single match, because many matches won’t even come close to having 10 circles at all.

Instead, this is one that you will need to do over time and try to survive as many circles as you can before the end of each match to get this done quickly. Your best bet is to survive for as long as possible. If you can get three or four circles done per match, this is one you can easily do in three to four matches in total.

For surviving, it is all about the same standard tips as always. If you are a fighter and know what you are doing to survive, keep doing just that. If you have problems making it past certain circles later in the match, we recommend laying off the fighting and heading to locations that are not super popular; so don’t go to The Agency too much.

How to Open a Faction-Locked Chest

For the third challenge on this list, we have a harder one that some players might not even know about. You need to open a faction-locked chest at three different spy bases. First and foremost, what is a faction-locked chest and how do you go about opening one of these treasure chests?

Well, the faction-locked treasure chests are unique ones that look quite different from the normal ones that we see around the map. They are only at specific locations (more on that in a bit) and look huge with a darker, more ominous aesthetic to them. And they give great rewards.

To open up one of these chests, you are going to need to disguise yourself as one of the henchmen. This is easy to do and involves visiting a phone booth at any of the spy bases. This will allow you to open them up and earn the rewards that you need for this challenge.

The spy bases themselves are the main locations that were added in Season 2: The Agency, The Shark, The Grotto, and The Rig. You may be able to do this at The Yacht, too, even with the Deadpool changes. Once you find a phone booth there, disguise and open up one of these chests.

There are several available at each location, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one if you head to the location relatively early in the match. That said, you need to open up one of these chests at three different locations for this challenge, so make you go to different spots on the map.

Where to Find The Agency Hatches and Safe Houses

This next challenge is to swim over five hatches at The Agency. They are relatively easy to spot in the water but how this works is that you need to swim in the water around The Agency so that you are swimming over the hatches that are located there.

As you need to swim for this challenge, it will involve going around the island where The Agency is located. All five of them are almost equal distance from one another in the middle of the lake of sorts that surrounds The Agency in a circle. So, all you need to do is swim around the named location in the large circle around it and you will be good to go for this challenge. Just make sure not to get attacked in the process by other players.

Last but not least, the final challenge that we have in the Storm The Agency event is eliminating a henchman at three different safe houses around the Season 2 map. This part is relatively easy as henchmen aren’t too hard to pick off, but you do need to make sure not to get overwhelmed.

The problem with this challenge, though, is the fact that you must take out the henchmen at safe houses, which limits the places that you can fight them at. You are not able to head to easy locations like The Agency or The Rig where you are likely to find henchmen aplenty.

Instead, you will have to head to more obscure locations. There are plenty of safe houses around the island, but the three that we recommend based on their locations and how easy it is to get to them are the gas station east of Frenzy Farm (check the bathroom behind it), the radio station east of Craggy Cliffs, and the gas station on the eastern side of Pleasant Park (again, check the bathroom behind it).

Take out at least one henchman at each of those three locations or any of the other safe house spots and you will be good to go with this challenge.

Fortnite Storm The Agency Challenge Rewards

With that fifth and final challenge completed, you have now done all of the challenges that are available as part of the Fortnite Storm The Agency event. As such, you are going to get five awesome rewards for doing so that are certainly more interesting than just some extra experience.

That said, you are going to get experience from this. Some of the items that you get from these challenges are experience for your level. This is great for those who are still catching up, though you only have a little bit of time left this season to get all of the Season 2 battle pass rewards.

For the rest of the players who don’t need experience, the reason that you want to do these challenges is for the other rewards. There are three unique cosmetic items that you can get from these challenges. You can get the Shadow Seal wrap, Steel Shadow pickaxe, and Shadow Stalker glider. These are all awesome rewards that you shouldn’t miss out on before the season is over.

Other Storm The Agency Items Are Available

Beyond the three main cosmetic items that you can get from the Storm The Agency challenges, there are some other items that you can purchase right now in the item shop for V-Bucks. These items go well together with the three free items, so they are at least worth checking out.

First and foremost, you can get the new Renegade Shadow skin that you can use to match up with the other free items that you get from the Storm The Agency challenges. The skin is nice, having a lighter version that is gray and a darker one that is black with a cool mask on the head.

In addition to the Renegade Shadow skin, you are also able to purchase the Blast Radius back bling that goes along with the skin and looks like a rocket of sorts. Lastly, there is a free item for everyone that they can pick up in the item shop that is the Invasion loading screen.

It is giftable for some odd reason even though it is free, but maybe for those players who miss out on it when it is around. These items are limited time only, so be sure to pick them up while they are available this season.

How This Ties Into Fortnite Season 3

The biggest question that many players in the community have right now is how does the Storm The Agency event play into the Doomsday event and end of Season 2? Well, this event is likely a sort of tease and segue into the end of the season.

For instance, what we know of the Doomsday event seems to hint that Midas is the big baddie of sorts for the season and will likely cause the explosion or whatever will happen at the end of Season 2 to kick off the start and changes in Season 3.

Midas is usually stationed at The Agency so this Storm The Agency event seems to imply that we are attempting to stop Midas from committing whatever act he is going to do against the battle royale island. However, I don’t think that this will work in the end.

Regardless, we will just have to wait and see to find out what will happen for the battle royale island at the start of Season 3. Thankfully, we don’t have too long to wait as the start of Season 3 will happen next week on Thursday, June 4.


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