Fortnite Skye’s Adventure Week 8 Challenges Guide

by in Fortnite | Apr, 9th 2020

Epic Games released the Fortnite Week 8 challenges today for battle royale on all platforms across console, PC, and mobile devices. Players can jump in and enjoy the latest missions and their rewards, including the mysterious new one that requires players to find Skye’s sword in a stone five times.

Fortnite Week 8 Challenges Are Here as Skye’s Adventure Part 2

The Fortnite Week 8 challenges are here now as part of the Chapter 2, Season 2 content. Battle royale is expanding even more as we near the end of this current, well-received season and the start of Season 3. As always, there are new challenges to complete on Thursday.

The new challenges this week are the second part of the Skye’s Adventure missions that she has for everyone. Following up on the same format that has been used all season long, players will have new missions to do that are hosted by one of the five minibosses from the battle royale island.

Skye kicked off her tasks last week and this week is the final week for her missions. She has some rather interesting tasks for players this week since it is her final one as the battle royale host, and there are a lot of challenges that we have never seen before. Or, at least not in this way.

Skye certainly goes out with a bang this week with her unique missions and the rewards that you can get from them. More on the rewards later, but keep in mind that you will likely want to complete most of these tasks this week, especially if you are a fan of the Skye skin in the premium battle pass.v

All Fortnite Week 8 Challenges

To get all of the rewards this week, though, you are going to need to know the challenges that are offered in Week 8. There are a total of 10 new missions for players to do and they each come with their respective reward for completing them.

As always this season, it is rather hard to nail down what challenges are new this week. When you go to the battle pass headquarters room in the battle royale lobby and look at the challenges table, it can be hard to determine what exactly is new and old.

It isn’t like previous seasons where the missions were listed cleanly and clearly. Epic Games went for a more stylized approach this time around and, while it does look super fancy now, it is also hard to tell what’s this week and what was last week.

To help you out, you can find the full list of the 10 new challenges this week below:

  • Search for 10 treasure chests at landmarks
  • Eliminate three players with SMGs from within 15 meters of them
  • Hit five consecutive weak points while harvesting materials three different times
  • Fly a Choppa helicopter under the purple, red, and blue steel bridges
  • Stoke a campfire, consume a foraged apple and consume a foraged mushroom
  • Land at The Shark and visit The Agency all in the same match
  • Hit 10 pistol headshots on players or henchmen
  • Search for Skye’s sword in a stone five times in different high places
  • Block 200 damage with a Kingsman
  • Bounce on crash pads in three different matches

As you can see, there are a lot of challenges this week that are rather interesting and unheard of. From blocking with the Kingsman (what even is this?) to finding Skye’s sword in a stone in five different spots, there are some bizarre and unexplained missions in Week 8.

That said, you are not alone in figuring all of this out. We are going to give you our complete guide to the second part of the Skye’s Adventure missions this week. Let’s go ahead and get started with the most confusing and one of the hardest missions this week: finding Skye’s sword in a stone.

Where to Find the Skye’s Sword in a Stone Locations

Kicking things off, we are going to go a little bit out of order this time around and go over the hardest and biggest challenge this week: finding all five locations of Skye’s sword in a stone. Before jumping into the locations that you need to visit, there are some key details that we need to go over for this task.

For one, you are required to visit five of these locations and you can do them across multiple matches if you want to. Say, you are only able to visit one or two in your first match; that’s alright. You can then get the rest in as many matches as it takes you for this mission.

However, there is one requirement to this that you must remember and that is the fact that all five spots that you go to for the Skye’s sword in a stone challenge must be completely different. You can’t just visit one in one match and then visit that same place again in the next one.

That said, there are more than five locations in total that you can go to for this challenge. But to make it easier, we are going to give you our recommendations for the five spots that we headed to for this challenge and it would be great for you to visit as well.

For the game mode that you should do this in, we suggest that you do the Team Rumble mode (like always) because it offers more time, fewer enemies to worry about, and the addition of respawns compared to the other battle royale modes in Fortnite.

To start things off, we recommend heading somewhere in the northeastern/eastern section of the map like The Grotto where there is a Choppa helicopter nearby. This will go a long way towards helping you get all five spots you need in the same match.

The first spot that you should head to for the Skye’s sword in a stone challenge is near Steamy Stacks and Dirty Docks. It is right in between both of these named locations, south of the former and north of the latter. It is in the H3 square on the grid-based battle royale island map.

When you arrive here, what you will find is that the signature blue sword that Skye uses is thrusted into the rock and stuck there, very much like the tale of Excalibur. What you need to do is simply visit this sword and interact with it (if you still can) to complete the first part of this challenge.

You are going to do the same for the next four locations we visit as part of the Skye’s Adventure missions but in different locations. The second place that we need to visit is east of Craggy Cliffs. This spot is found on the borders of the F1 and F2 squares, right near the radio station landmark.

Do the same thing there and then you are ready for spot number three. It is east of Pleasant Park but just before the large river that splits the park from its neighbor of Frenzy Farm. It is on a hill there in the E3 square on the map. However, that isn’t the only Pleasant Park location for this mission.

There is another that we can go to that is on the other side of the named park town. This one is northwest of Pleasant Park and is right near the border of the C2 and D2 squares on the map. With that done, there is only one more location that we need to visit for this task.

The final location that we recommend that you head to is near The Shark and Sweaty Sands. It is southwest of The Shark and northwest of Sweaty Sands in the middle of the string of islands here. It is the westernmost island in this group and is home to the seashell village.

On the southern tip of the small island, you will find the final Skye’s sword in a stone location in the A2 square.

How to Hit Weak Points and Eliminate Players With SMGs

With that massive challenge out of the way, we move onto the next one, which is a little bit easier to grasp. You need to find 10 treasure chests at landmark locations only. This means no named locations this time around but only spots that have no names on the map itself.

These places include the Shadow safe houses, the radio station, military bases, the gorge, Flopper Pond, and so on. There are quite a lot of landmarks around the current map, so finding one shouldn’t be too much trouble. The easiest to find is the most famous: Risky Reels.

All you need to do is head to any of these landmark locations and pick up as many chests as you can. To do so, head to one as soon as the match starts to increase your chances of finding one easily. Thankfully, you don’t have to find all 10 in one match, so take your time with this mission.

Then you need to eliminate three players with SMGs from within 15 meters of them. This is a rather wordy challenge description that can make it a little bit confusing about what you are supposed to do. You don’t need to take out three players in a row with an SMG as it seems to hint at.

Instead, you simply need to take out three players (at different times, if you want) with an SMG when you are 15 meters or less away from them. That isn’t very far but, then again, SMGs aren’t that useful from too much farther away anyways. Your best bet is to head to a populated area in a game mode like Team Rumble, find an SMG, and try to get some of the weaker players at the beginning.

The fourth challenge on this list is to hit five consecutive weak points while harvesting three different times. We’ve had this sort of mission before and weak points are the glowing circles that show up when you are hitting something with your pickaxe.

You need to aim at them and hit them to count. But, in this case, you need to hit five of these circles in a row on the same item. Then once you have done that, you need to make sure that you do it for three separate objects like a tree, building, wall, and so on.

Where to Find the Purple, Red, and Blue Steel Bridges

This next challenge is another tough one that players have to do. You need to fly a Choppa helicopter under the purple, red, and blue steel bridges. To do this, you need to do two things first: find a Choppa to use for this mission and the locations of these three steel bridges.

You might already know them, though, especially if you did some of the previous challenges this season where we had to visit all five of the colored steel bridges. For the purple bridge, you can find this one going left to right in between Weeping Woods and Slurpy Swamp. It is one of the harder ones to find.

The second bridge is the red one, which is found also between two named locations. In this case, it is running north to south in between Pleasant Park and Salty Springs. The third and final bridge is the blue steel one, which is found in between Pleasant Park and the plains that connect to Craggy Cliffs and Frenzy Farm.

Because of the location of these bridges, your best is to find a Choppa that is close to one of them. In this case, we recommend heading to the helipad north of Holly Hedges, The Rig, The Agency, or the soccer field helipad at Pleasant Park. You don’t need to do all three in the same match so long as you fly underneath all of them with a helicopter.

Now we have a challenge that has three parts to it. You need to stoke a campfire first and foremost. This is done by simply interacting with any dead campfire that you find on the map to heal yourself. For finding camps, your best bet is to head to Weeping Woods as that has a lot of campfires.

Then you need to consume a foraged apple and a mushroom. Mushrooms are also found pretty often in Weeping Woods, so you can do both of these in the same match. But the apple is best found in the Orchard landmark, which is on the northern side of Frenzy Farm.

Next up, you need to land at The Shark and visit The Agency in the same match. This is a weirdly specific mission that dictates what you can and cannot do in a particular match. We recommend Team Rumble for this one to allow for enough time to do both activities.

You need to land at The Shark at the start of the match and you cannot land anywhere else. From there, you have to make it to The Agency in the middle of the island in that same match. They are pretty far from one another, but you can do this more easily with a Choppa. There is one at The Shark.

In Team Rumble, though, it is common for The Agency to be close or in the first circle, so that can make it easy to do then, too. Also, motorboats will help you out here as well.

How to Block Damage With a Kingsman and Bounce on Crash Pads

For the eighth challenge this week, you need to hit 10 pistol headshots on other players or on the NPC henchmen. Pistols aren’t very good weapons, which sucks in the case of this objective, but it isn’t too hard nonetheless; just time-consuming.

We recommend doing this with the NPC henchmen around the map since they are much easier to deal with and take out with headshots than other players. Grab yourself a pistol (and probably a lot of shield potions) and head over to one of the five new Season 2 locations: The Shark, The Yacht, The Grotto, The Agency, or The Rig. You don’t need to do all of this in one match.

The penultimate challenge is to block 200 damage with a Kingsman. First and foremost, what the heck is a Kingsman? Before we can even do this challenge, you need to know what this item is in the game. A clear reference to the popular spy agents movie franchise, these are a relatively new umbrella item.

They are of the legendary rarity and can be found in chests and sometimes in floor loot. You can also find them dropped from the NPC henchmen that we just went over. When you find one, equip it and then use it to block damage from other players or NPCs. This is done by holding the aim button on controllers, for instance.

You need to block 200 damage, which is a lot but can be done across multiple matches, so feel free to take your time with this one. To find a Kingsman umbrella, we recommend heading to one of the five new named locations in Season 2 as mentioned for the henchmen challenge previously.

Last but certainly not least, we need to bounce on crash pads in three different matches. These are floor traps that you can throw down that let you crash into the ground with ease and make sure that you do not damage yourself in the process.

To complete this task, you either need to be lucky enough to stumble upon someone who has laid one down for you already or you need to find one yourself for the mission. The former can happen but it is best not to base your entire objective on someone else doing it for you.

However, the best chance of this happening is in the Team Rumble mode since there are a lot of players that will stick around for the whole match due to the existence of respawns. Players are always building and laying stuff down in this mode, so the likelihood of finding a crash pad to bounce on is pretty high.

Otherwise, you are going to have to find the crash pad for yourself. This can be done by searching treasure chests, supply drops, and loot llamas around the battle royale island. Once you have found one, drop it down and then bounce on it for the first part of this challenge. The catch is that you must do this process at least once in three different matches to complete it and gain its rewards.

Fortnite Week 8 Challenges Rewards

The rewards this week will surprise no one, especially if you have done the previous weekly challenges in Chapter 2, Season 2. You will get 40,000 experience for each of these that you do for up to 400,000 experience in total that you can get if you do all 10 of them this week.

However, the rewards don’t end there, though. If you happen to do almost all of the missions this week that Skye has for you plus the majority of the ones that were released last week in part one of Skye’s Adventure, you will unlock a very special exclusive mission for paid battle pass owners.

This mission will allow you to unlock a special skin variant of your choice for Skye and they look pretty awesome, to say the least. It just depends on whether or not you want her to join the Shadow or Ghost side in this spy agents war. With her now done, Midas is the final host for the last two weeks of challenges.


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